tagBDSMMaster Finds His Treat

Master Finds His Treat


Having decided to go to a costume party for Halloween and having no partner at the time to take you, you decide to wear a combination outfit...It starts with one stocking black and one white one going up your short legs. The classic schoolgirl skirt plaid only yours is red plaid to attract some attention...On top you wear a tight gold belly top a water filled pushup bra beneath to accentuate your lovely B-cup breasts making them look at least C. To top it off you have on a little princess tiara and little black high heels.

You walk into the party and look about the room and go to the bar to get a drink...something yummy and fruity the bartender mixes you a Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice drink topped with a cherry. You ask how much and he only smiles at you and leans over the bar to whisper...nothing if you'll dance with me when I am done in a few minutes for the night. Looking up at him with your big brown pretty eyes you just smile and say "Sure..." Oh could it be another long boring party is or someone going to light that fire inside you and quench it all in the same night? The bartender is cute but not quite what you are looking for in mannerisms. But you think to yourself he was very calm and sure of himself maybe more lies beneath.

You wonder around the party paying no particular interest to anyone or anything. Just looking here and there. And then it happens...upon wondering upstairs you find a room with windows looking into it and a girl on her hands and knees on a table with her young tight little ass and pussy exposed...her ass already red and you soon see why...A man stands beside her with a long leather paddle in his hand. He lifts it and swings with a baseball home run hitters proficiency. Thwack!!!! Ohhh, you hear the girl and yourself cry out simultaneously. You envy this girl...so naked and exposed being paddled harsh for anyone to view. You feel yourself grow moist between your thighs and your nipples ever sensitive starting to harden.

"Hello, babydoll" someone says from behind you causing you to give a slight scream. So entranced in watching the girl that you didn't realize anyone had walked up behind you. You turn to face the man but your head is held still. No lil one do not turn around. His command is swift, in a low controlled tone so much so that you do not hesitate to obey. You stand firm in your place your heart quickens its pace even more than when you had witnessed the paddle strike the girls ass. Suddenly all is black..."Do not fight My pet...Allow yourself to use all of your senses minus site tonight." The man ties the silken black sash around your eyes and moves your top off your shoulders...kissing his way down your neck across your shoulders...lifting your skirt to rip away the panties. Leaning into you he whispers that soon you will replace that lil girl on the table and he will take great pleasure in reddening your tight little ass. Emphasizing the word ass he grabs your kneading the flesh.

Your mind reeling not sure if you want to continue with this unknown stranger but to excited to withdrawal yourself from his manner of speak and touch thus far. He take you by the arm and leads you into the room...you hear the other man speak to this One who has lead you here. "Master...forgive Me I didn't know you were outside the room...surely Sir you have quite the beauty with you in that one." Your heart quickens again realizing he must be speaking of you. "Yes, Lord Damien, she is quite the beauty W/we shall see just how well she adjusts to being teased and trained tonight. Leave this one here with Me and return to get her in about an hour or so. Go down and entertain the guests and only summon Me if truly needs be."

"As you wish Master!" You hear the man close the door behind him as he leaves...Thinking silently to yourself that somehow you have managed to bestow the highest ranking here...The Master of the Manor or so to speak. for the Lord seemed quite high up himself before as you watched him wield the paddle, yet he succumbed to the Master quickly obediently and without question. These thoughts derail your senses for your pussy is already leaking its nectar and you are not listening to the room just the thoughts that travel in your own mind for now.

THWACK!!!! the leather paddle cracks across your ass. Stinging sending a wonderful sensation all over your body...If you weren't aroused now you definitely will be for your nipples are hard again in an instant and your clit is throbbing and erect. "That is for not paying attention slut!" the Master says loudly. You hear the girl get down as He commands her to sit kneeling on the floor and to finger her gaping little pussy until she is ready to cum and then to stop...only to be ordered to start again. "You may not cum until I command it...either of you two little whores tonight is that understood."

"Yes, Master," you both reply in unison. You smile inwardly to yourself thinking how easily that slid off your tongue and knowing that this girl is also amazed with the Master. You softly admire her for she is being allowed to see Him,while you have yet to gaze upon His face.

His hand takes your and then his hands fall to your waist as he lifts you up and places you on the table and pushes your face down onto the table and raises your ass high in the air. You long to feel His touch again as His hands withdraw form your body and your skirt is pushed up over your hips and your buttocks and sex feel the cool change in tempature slight as it is due to your heightened state of arousal... Not even thinking you are already wiggling your supple lil ass in the air awaiting His spank with hungry anticipation. "You will count, My pretty little hungry slut...count the spanks out loud, between your tears and cries for mercy. " He sounds so sure of Himself that you are a bit freighted but nonetheless agree with passion. "Yes, Master as you command so shall it be." You are so proud of your little self for speaking the right words that when the first crack hits your ass it sends shockwaves up and down your body... your pussy twitching uncontrollably and your ass wiggling and trying to elicit more spanks. "One, my Master," you cry out. a thin veil of tears coming from your eyes although you are unsure whether it is from pain or excitement.

Suddenly an onslaught of spanks arrives you count them as quickly as you can as the Master spanks hard...He alternates just enough to send the sting out across your ass. He hits high on your right cheek then low just beneath the swell of your buttocks. then low on the left and high and then one squarely center on your ass. You are amazed at the control and proficiency at which this Master has already claimed upon your body. He stops the spanks and commands the girl to come and rub your bottom with oil and lotion. She does so quickly and without thought. Neither of you is bi...but in this situation you are sure that either of you would do as He commanded.

"Touch her lil fire!" His command comes you don't know if fire is her name or if He sees the moisture on your thigh but nor do you mind. Your pussy pulses with need to be filled your clit throbbing for just one touch. She seems to hesitate when you hear a sharp smack and she cries out. Suddenly her face is pressed to your sex...LICK her soaked little cunt good fire or the rack will await you and Lord Damien will be quite displeased that you let His Master down. He may be forced to join you on the rack if you cannot do as I ask and quickly." You hear her whimper "please no My Master I will do mmmmfffffph." you feel her tongue upon you spreading your quivering lower lips. You are repulsed at the thought of another woman's tongue upon you yet your body betrays you for blindfolded all you feel is the touch.

Just as you feel all the pressure about to be relieved she stops...He has pulled her away you think. and then it happens...Paddle her fire W/we shall see how she responds to your spankings...if she is just a horny little cumloving slut that craves the paddle and cock...or if only a Master's wielding of the paddle does it for her. Hating the thought of this knowing that your pussy and body will respond to any whom hold the paddle...Though you know its worthless to fight. So you just softly mew and wiggle your ass. your hair is grabbed and head lifted slightly and then the feeling you long for hits you. The big hard cock of this Man/Master who has claimed you for the night pursed at your lips. "Suck it, My sweet little beauty and we shall see just how good you truly are." He speaks slowly softly yet with so much authority that you wouldn't dare refuse Him even if you didn't long to taste His cock.

But...you do and you snake your tongue out licking the head against your lips. Sucking in just the head forming a perfect lock with your lips. Dipping your tongue into the slit and tasting his precum. MMM you moan sending little vibrations across his cock. His big hands cup around your breasts and you realize His hands have bypassed your blouse and bra only your naked nipples press into His fingers as He twists and twirls them. "Yes My pet suck on My flesh as it were your last meal. The last cock you will ever be allowed to suck." His words send you into a fever. Your head bobbing as you stroke Him with your lips, tongue and hand. Wanting to taste his seed. To finish Him quickly and expertly in hopes He will fill all of your holes...

You gag once or twice as He thrusts all of His length into your throat. But then you just bob faster. "Now fire!" and then it starts...the hard thwacks of the paddle. Not quite as hard as He had done but efficient enough to elicit little moans and cries around his cock as your ass is on fire again. "I'm going to cum" you hear him say. And with that you work faster sucking up and down going into a cocksucking frenzy, wanting His cum, needing His cum, needing to be used enjoyed and to taste the fruits of your labor. And then it happens he start to jerk inside your mouth and you suck hard letting your mouth fill up with His cum. You feel it dribble down your lip just a bit as there is too much to swallow in one mouthful. As he withdrawals you look up where you hope He is standing and open your mouth showing Him the very seed He placed there before Tilting back your head and swallowing it all.

You are lifted from the table and the blindfold removed and before you you see the bartender...Oh My god you think. Silently...He takes your hand and walks you out of the room... Leading you to the Master bedroom he removes your top and leaves the tiara and skirt on. He removes your bra, and bends down and bites softly on the hard nipple. You realize He has yet to speak since telling you he was going to cum. But no matter the words will flow when He is ready you think. You feel a metal hoop in His tongue swoop and tease your engorged nipples. His hands spreading you awaiting thighs...His head drops from your nipples to your clit as he sucks long and hard upon your clit swirling his tongue around it as you did the head of His mighty cock. He prepares you just this much and then slides you up so your golden locks fan out against His pillows.

He spreads you wider than before and rubs his cock up and down the length of your exposed pussy... before slamming it in. "UGH! " you cry out as you arch your back and push against Him. Lifting your legs over His shoulders. He leans down and kisses you before plunging to the hilt deep inside you. He whispers against your lips,, "you are Mine forever now I have claimed and captured you no other would dare touch you now even should you refuse My claim."

Your heart lifts your body pulses as He finishes the sentence you realize yes this is My Master for now and until He tires of Me. And you arch against him as he drops your legs back to his waist. His big hands cupping your superb lil ass and lifting you holding you at that exquisite angle where all he must do is plunge deeply into your awakened sex. You open your eyes and flutter your sweet eyelashes at Him. "Take Me Master, use Me for your pleasure allow Me to kneel and serve you. I am your until you decide to release Me" With that He tells you take your hand and place it upon your clit and the other shall tease the hard buds of your nipples My pet." You feel his hands slowly release your ass but only long enough for Him to thrust deep inside and reach beneath the pillow under your head. He removes something before slowly withdrawing from you nearly leaving your body. leaving just an inch and the head inside you He reaches for your neck to clasp a light blue leather collar with the name MVassago's_babydoll upon it. You wonder how He knew...so sure of Himself...

As you think and your heart pulses with joy your clit throbs between your fingers...He is buried inside you again in a flash pounding deeply holding your legs straight up his chest His cock sliding deep inside your wet little sheath. Cry out My pet let the guests hear your joy...He lunges over and over possessed with the need to cum deep inside you. Your need being just as great you pinch and pull your nipples and arch against him squealing and moaning...rubbing your clit with speed and fever...You feel him swell inside you and start to pulse and then explode...you feel the waves of cum being released into your body as He fucks you harder still. It feels as if He is splitting you open...

The warm seed flowing into you claiming you as His own, the collar about your neck the sting still upon your ass the taste of his cum still lingering on your lips...it all pushes you over the edge as you shake and cry and cum loudly... Your body writhes as your legs quake and his Cock still pulses deep inside you... He withdrawals as you slowly return to your body and senses. His hands slip around you as He lies beside you and He whispers that " I knew you would come here this Night My pet for the invitation you received was the only one for this party." All the other guests are either My Lords and Ladies of the Manor or there submissive playtoys...Each Lord and Lady were allowed one guest and You were My only one. " Months of preparation went into claiming you and you should know that I have watched you for a while...at work when you didn't know...walking through the library...the books you checked out I made sure to read... I wanted to know that you were worthy and needing before I lay claim."

I will allow you to walk out now but if you don't you shall have all of your items from home Moved here. and your life will be only to serving Me...I give you a moment to think about this before you decide. Alas your decision was made the minute the blindfold had been removed earlier after your spanking. Your reply was only to slide down Master Vassago's body and slide your mouth to His cock once it was revived you pull away with an audible plop as his cock leaves your mouth and to kneel face down on all fours wiggling your ass back at Him. Offering Him whatever He chooses...

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