tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMatchmaking Trap Ch. 04

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 04


Donny (or "Donna" as she was now called) found his new life a tad frustrating, to say the least. She was not permitted to cum at all until the change was complete. It was agreed by her new owners that she was going to be happier and more fulfilled as a woman than as a man, so she was being gradually feminized. NO male behavior was allowed during the transition, since that would mentally reinforce the idea that she was a man instead of a woman. This included ejaculation.

That was not to say that Donna wore a chastity belt or any such nonsense. In fact, this made it more stressful for her, since she could physically make herself cum, but had to restrain herself. She was not to play with her dick or anything. This did NOT prevent her from being aroused or stimulated by Deanna or Roberta. At times, it took ALL of her willpower to keep herself from cumming and being punished by Chad for doing so. Her new life had its drawbacks for sure.

There were SOME benefits, though. She no longer had to act tough, which she knew that she wasn't. When she lived as a man, she found certain things humiliating, such as getting pushed around by another man. Now she could let a macho guy like Chad control her without embarrassment.

Another advantage was not having to worry about impotence or the size of her cock. That four inch weakling would not fail her again. She could have sex with Deanna and not feel inadequate, even if she was frustrated by not being able to cum. She also engaged in "lesbian" intercourse with Roberta, which turned out to be surprisingly pleasant.

One thing that she feared was that she would have to sleep with men at some point, despite the reassurances from the 3 people who now controlled her. Donna was NOT interested in guys and wanted only to service the 2 women in the household (they had all eventually moved back into Roberta's house, where Chad had assumed complete control). Increasingly, however, she had been shown a LOT of gay porn by the group and heard suggestions that she might actually enjoy it if she gave it a chance.

In the meantime, Donna found her body changing. The female hormones eroded any resemblance to a man, aside from her "manhood". Her hips widened, shoulders narrowed, body fat increased, and muscles shrank. Her voice softened and more curves appeared around her waist. She found herself watching more "chick-flicks" and female-oriented TV.

Chad, Roberta, and Deanna had even pooled their money to get her breast implants. Chad generally didn't like such things, but there was no alternative for a "she-male" such as Donna. She NEEDED some breast enhancement to be more feminine.

Ultimately, she both dreaded and desired the final change: the replacement of her male genitals with female ones. She knew that the surgery would hurt like hell, but she also wanted to get the transformation over with at last! She would FINALLY be allowed to cum (when her privates had healed enough, that is)! There would be no more torture or teasing by denial of sex. She would even get to penetrate Deanna again, albeit with a strap-on instead of a real cock.

All of this planning was soon altered, however, when Deanna persuaded (not forced, as that would be breaking her word) Donna to experiment with men one night. She offered to take her out to a bar and pay for the drinks herself, at least until some guys decided to buy them some booze.

With any luck, some men would accept her proposition of "blowjobs only" with Donna, while Deanna would "go all the way" with them. Chad had no problem with this, as he was busy fucking Roberta that night and wanted to eventually enjoy Donna's favors. The only difficulty was that guys at the bar might suspect that something wasn't right when one of the girls didn't completely put out, while the other one did. They decided to explain that away by saying that she was having her period that night. Most men shied away from fucking a girl when she was "on the rag".

Well, they met some guys, alright. There were two in particular, a tall German named Erich and his American business partner called Justin. The former was handsome in a more classic sense, with blonde hair and blue eyes. The latter had a darker complexion and jet-black hair. Nevertheless, he was suave and exotic, which appealed to Deanna in about the same way that Chad's swarthy look turned her on.

Erich offered to buy Deanna and Donna drinks. Deanna accepted on behalf of them. She clearly took charge of her girlfriend. She ordered margaritas for both, which the German gladly covered. He was apparently the wealthier of the two men.

What she didn't know was that he was part of a ruthless crime syndicate in the former East Germany. It had started as a black market enterprise to survive the Communist era and grown rich since then. Justin was not so nice, either. He was involved in a radical Puerto Rican terrorist group seeking independence for that island. They worked together on crimes and split the profits. They were simply enjoying a little R and R that particular night.

Naturally, these were NOT the sort of men who would necessarily go along with an agreement such as Deanna intended to propose to them. She was playing with matches and about to get burned. Neither Justin nor his German gangster friend were the sort to balk at force when it meant getting laid. After all, they were criminals anyway. What was one more crime?

"So, you ladies want to fuck, senoritas?" Justin finally asked them with surprising candor.

"Well, I want to fuck. Donna here is having her period. I don't think that she feels QUITE so sexy tonight," Deanna explained.

"So, what will she do? Watch?" Erich demanded in his guttural Prussian accent.

"I think she might be persuaded to do a little more than THAT, buddy," she answered him.

"Meaning what exactly?" the German probed.

"Let's just say that she will help you get ahead," Deanna informed him.

"Ah, a fellatrix, then?" the terrorist asked for clarification.

"Precisely. She will suck you off, while I let you fuck me. You can take turns using me and her, or simply take one of us for each of you," the real woman offered, while her transsexual lover giggled at their secret.

"Very well. We will accept. I will treat my German guest here to the full thing, as is only proper for a host. Meanwhile, I will content myself with oral sex. I'm a little too jealous by nature to share a woman," Justin agreed.

"Okay, that will work for us," Deanna accepted.

Everything went fine for a while. Justin and Erich took Deanna and Donna back to their hotel room and ordered them to undress. Donna balked at completely disrobing, at which point Deanna reminded the men that she was menstruating. They still seemed to believe the claim and let her keep her skirt on.

At first, both of the women fell to their knees and sucked the guys' cocks. Deanna thoroughly enjoyed this experience, as she had not been with too many real men aside from Chad. Most of her other sexual activity had been with Roberta and Donna. That was satisfactory most of the time, but this was a pleasant change for her. The taste of the German's thick cock delighted her a lot. It had more texture, at least partly due to the fact that he had a foreskin, unlike Chad or Donna. That didn't mean that she preferred Erich's meat, but it was a good dose of variety.

She was also happy that the gangster kept his dick clean. She had heard that was more difficult for uncircumcised men, but it was not impossible. His 7 inch manhood was delicious enough to affect her pussy, which began to be drenched. The smell of her sex demonstrated to the German that she was eager and ready for a more thorough penetration.

"Get on the bed, so I can fuck your soaking cunt, slut," Erich commanded her.

Deanna didn't hesitate to obey him, planting herself on the bed with a thud. She assumed the missionary position, lying on her back, but the German criminal roughly turned her onto her belly. He then shoved his cock inside her pussy, brutally entering her. While it hurt when he thrust so deeply into her, he was smaller than Chad's meat, which had already been in her. She was wet enough to accept him anyway.

In fact, the feeling of such a forceful invasion of her sex excited and aroused her completely. This was precisely the sort of man who turned her on the most: a powerful and domineering guy with few inhibitions. She loved being ravished by such a strong fellow.

While this happened to Deanna, Donna busied herself giving Justin a blowjob. The radical was getting more excited by this experience, as was the she-male. However, the man started to wonder about what it would be like to fuck this babe's tight hole. After all, a woman's period didn't make her ass bleed.

"Take off your skirt and bend over, slut," he finally instructed Donna.

"No, I'm on my period. I don't fuck when I'm on the rag," she refused.

Deanna would have added her objections, but she was too busy getting her pussy reamed by Erich's hard manhood. He made sure that she didn't try to stop now by pinning her to the bed. There was no way that he would let her interfere with his "comrade" getting laid.

In spite of herself, Deanna found this roughness so stimulating that she came at last. Encouraged by that fact, the German pounded her cunt longer, determined to spill his juice inside her. He slammed his meat into her several more times, until he emptied his balls into her sex.

Even though she was satiated, Chad's fiancée still didn't move to rescue her ex-beau. She was too exhausted at the moment to do more than watch with mixed emotions as Justin, impatient with Donna's hesitation, pulled out of her mouth and removed her skirt.

As the transsexual hadn't worn panties that night, it was obvious to everyone in the room that something "extra" was present. The fully erect dick, at its unimpressive 4 inches, was a proverbial "smoking gun". Both men stared for a second and then grinned at each other. This particularly frightened Deanna and her old flame. What did those grins mean?

"Bend over the fucking bed, bitch. This is your LAST warning!" Justin screamed at Donna.

"You still want to fuck her?" Deanna inquired, stunned at this decision on the terrorist's part.

"Yes. She still has THAT hole available and I want to fucking get laid! You deceived us! For that, you should be punished too, but Erich here doesn't have more than one load a night. Your penalty will be to watch your friend here get it up the butt, with no lube by the way," the Puerto Rican announced.

"Well, you broke the agreement," the lady complained.

"You're one to talk about dishonesty! Next time you want to go out with a she-male, let the men concerned KNOW that she is a tranny! You never gave us a chance to decide if we minded! You need to be taught a lesson, you sanctimonious tramp!" Erich declared.

"Hold her down, amigo," Justin told his friend.

The German gangster was happy to do what his partner asked of him. He even removed his belt from his pants and used it to restrain the woman as her paramour prepared to take a cock up the ass. To make sure that she didn't squeal, a sock was shoved into her mouth. Erich then pulled out a Luger and pointed it at her head.

"Shut up, spread your cheeks, and let my friend here enjoy you! Otherwise, I will blow this cunt's head off!" the mobster threatened Donna.

The tranny obeyed, since she still loved Deanna and didn't want her to die such a gruesome death. The initial thrust of Justin's cock was worse than she feared, since there was no lube. The she-male felt as if she were being impaled on a stake like the victims of Vlad Tepes. It made her half-wonder if the man was gutting her like a fish. The feeling reminded her of the scene in Braveheart where Mel Gibson's character was disemboweled by the English during his execution.

There was no attempt by the revolutionary to be gentle with her. He brutally ravaged her, taking her butt hole with no compassion or mercy. The more furiously he rammed her, however, the number she became to the agony and the more she relaxed enough to appreciate the pleasure of the dick in her backdoor. Even so, she was certain that her ass would be too sore to use for a few days.

Erich laughed as he watched his partner bugger the poor transsexual so roughly. She was being raped and sodomized, but she actually liked it now. That hardly shocked him, though. Things like that happened in Berlin a lot these days, especially in the "leather culture" of gay men's night clubs. He ran a few of those establishments, though solely for profit and fronts for his criminal activities. Sadomasochism was quite a popular lure for his businesses.

"Your friend loves it up the ass. I can tell that she delights in the pain and forcefulness of the act. She is what patrons of my bars would call a 'bottom'. That suits her, especially given where she is taking it right here! She loves to be hurt and controlled. I hope that she finds a man who can give her what she wants. In the meantime, however, it's Justin's job to punish her," the German taunted Deanna.

A moment later, the terrorist finally shot his load into Donna's butt. The two men laughed as they cleaned their dicks and got dressed again. Even though the she-male was still hard, they made her put her clothes back on, then untied her lover and told her to do the same.

"We are done with you sluts! I hope that you have learned not to trick men in bars when it comes to sex. In the future, honesty would be the best policy," Erich joked.

"Si. Comprehende, muchachas?" Justin broke into his father's native tongue.

"Comprehende, senor," Deanna agreed, glad that her 2 years of high school Spanish weren't wasted.

"Good. Now, get out, both of you! Vamos!" the Puerto Rican commanded them.

Without even protesting that Donna needed to cum, the frightened pair left the room and hurried back to the bar. They weren't very drunk, so they got in the car and raced back home. They both feared that the two men might change their minds and decide to kill them. They seemed a LOT more dangerous than at first and neither lady would put murder past them. The hard-on stopped being a problem by now, since the she-male's fear caused her to go limp again.

The event had nevertheless taught them something else, which they agreed to mention to Chad and Roberta. Donna didn't need to be a complete female to attract men. A tranny like herself still had something to offer them, while being able to help the man of the house satisfy his favorite women. Donna would hopefully get to keep her cock and even cum on occasion, although that would be up to Chad's discretion. Of course, the she-male would probably have to earn it by servicing the Master's cock, but that wouldn't be an issue anymore.

Provided that Chad didn't murder the two rapists and end up in prison, the future should be just fine, Deanna thought. Now if I could just find a new skirt to replace the one in which I peed on myself during the assault. Chad will want sex after hearing about this and he won't want his fiancée smelling like piss. I don't mind sharing him with Roberta, but I will NOT let her have him to herself on this night or any other. Once we're done with that, I'll propose a meeting of the minds and try to give Donna back the privilege of cumming.

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