tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMating Call of the Phoenix Ch. 08

Mating Call of the Phoenix Ch. 08


Jubilee was hella looking forward to getting her driver's license. Then maybe her own car. The X-Men were loaded, after all. Surely one of them could spring for something gently used? None of the boys she was interested in owned a car; most could barely get their hands on the family car. So where was she expected to lose her virginity? The park? Under the bleachers?

A car was more than just transportation. It would be privacy, comfort, and her debut as a sexually mature woman, long overdue. Nothing curtailed dating like having to wear a lame X-Men uniform.

But first, she needed a license. So she was eager to take her driving test. Perhaps too eager.

She settled behind the wheel and drove off okay, making sure that her jean cut-offs, already short enough to allow the white squares of her pockets out from under the hem, further rode up her slim, shapely thighs. She knew Scott was a stiff, but he'd never been hit with someone as charming as her before.

He didn't respond at all, his red sunglasses glazing right over her, making him look as stern and strict as a five-star general. Shame. He was pretty handsome, and tall as well.

He stopped looking stern pretty fast. Unfortunately, it was because he looked worried—like they'd really been that close to that parked car. And so Jubilee drifted a little ways out of her lane; it wasn't like there was any oncoming traffic to run into!

When he asked her to parallel park, she didn't even try. Like she said, you never had to parallel park at a mall, and where else would she be parking?

And c'mon, it wasn't like anyone was on the sidewalk...

"Pull over," Scott told her, and she did, mounting the curb with one wheel to leave the car lopsided.

"Did I pass?" she chirped, giving him the dazzling smile that never failed.

Scott shook his head. "If you're old enough for breast implants, you'd think you'd be old enough to know how to drive!"

"Hey, these are not implants!" Jubilee insisted, clutching her breasts inside their thin sleeveless tee, the bra revealed by the near-translucent white material so risqué that only having her yellow coat atop it made the look anywhere near acceptable to the prudes Xavier hired. "They're my secondary mutation!"

And her new mutant power was getting Logan to notice her, she thought happily...

"Is that why you were asking Emma where she got her boobs done?"

Jubilee gawked. "That is—how'd you know about that?"

"Emma tells me all sort of things," Scott said, with a queer half-smile. "But apparently she hasn't told you how to drive. Get out of the car. You're not taking the test again until you've learned a few lessons."

He got out with her, coming around the car to open the hood. Jubilee joined him, looking with bewilderment at all the parts inside. There seemed to be a lot more than just the engine in there! Oh, yeah, there must've been the gas tank too.

"Before you can drive a car, you have to know how to get a car running and keep it running. Why don't you name some of the parts in here?"

"Uh, the, uh—"

"Point them out as well, please." Scott crossed his muscular arms across his sculpted chest, his pecs revealed by his tight black shirt, his biceps revealed by the torn, abbreviated sleeves of the garment. He must've worked out a lot, Jubilee realized. "I'm sure if you've been paying attention in Forge's class, you'll at least be able to make an informed guess."

Jubilee bent over the engine block—not that she knew what that was—scrutinizing the car parts as if she were about to develop a secondary mutation for car repairs. "Oh, that's, uh, that's what powers the windshield wipers!"

"The carburetor?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, the carburetor! I knew that!"

"And where would you go to change the oil?"

"Uhhhh... duh, you'd just go to the gas station and put more in the tank! You must think I'm a real idiot, Mr. Summers!"

Scott kneaded his temples. "How about you just tell me where the windshield wiper fluid goes?"

"Yeah, sure—easy!"

She bent further over the car's engine compartment, and Scott's gaze traveled up her bare, suntanned legs. Her cutoffs were riding so high he could almost see her underwear. And Jubilee, perhaps unthinkingly, squirmed and got them up just a bit higher. Now Scott could see where the crotch-band darted between her legs, to the side now, the back of the cutoffs swallowed up by the crack of her ass while the crotch pressed firmly to her groin. Her sex was on display now, uncovered by the denim cutting so tightly into her body that it slipped from her pussy entirely and instead pressed between her pubis and thigh. The reason he hadn't seen any underwear was that she was wearing none.

She might not've known how to drive, but she looked like she knew a lot of other things...

Scott grabbed hold of the back of her pants to pull her back, and Jubilee squeaked in automatic outrage as he jerked her back up, his hand momentarily pulling her pants away from her buttocks like she was hawking Coppertone. Biting her lip in sudden, fierce arousal, she was met by glacial indifference as Scott moved past her without a second look, slamming the car hood down with masculine force.

"Get back in the car," he said. "You still need to learn your lesson."

Jubilee's toes curled. She'd always had a thing for Logan—so rugged, so manly, dripping with experience and unchecked savagery and the barest moments of control. But she was starting to think Scott was a lot like that—violence and dominance and raw need seething away under tight control, even tighter than Wolverine's, his pretty-boy exterior not nestling a lack of testosterone but hiding an excess of it. She knew what to expect from Logan—knew what he'd do if she ever fully managed to tempt him. But with Scott, she had no idea. Only an inkling that she'd managed to stir his hidden lust and was left with no idea what she'd be the recipient of.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked, as Jubilee winded around to the passenger seat. The door was locked. "This is the driver's seat. This is where you need to know the controls."

Jubilee came around to his side of the car. The door opened in front of her. "You don't really think my boobs look fake, do you? No one thinks Psylocke's look fake. I think I could pull off a unitard too..."

Scott stared into the rear-view mirror as she approached—those almost unencumbered breasts jiggling with each step. Sometimes he liked having an excuse to wear sunglasses all the time. Like Emma had said: And to think she assumes you're looking at her face.

He pulled her into his lap as she came close, Jubilee gasping. She could feel something like a length of pipe underneath her, hard, uncomfortable. He shut the door after her with a resounding clash.

"Now, I assume you know where the steering wheel is?"

"Yes, Mr. Summers," Jubilee said, surprised and browbeaten by his sudden forcefulness, the sudden fact of his cock between her asscheeks. It was swelling, getting harder. The shock of it stunned her into silence. Even Logan would never be like that with her! And he shouldn't, he was a teacher! But if it were a boy her own age, she would've loved finding out he has something so big... she guessed this was bad, but it didn't feel bad...

"Where's the turn signal?" Scott asked, and Jubilee showed him. "Good. Now where's the gearshift?"

Jubilee reached to the lever on the other side of the steering wheel; Scott clucked his tongue. Close to her ear, it snapped loud enough to make her jump. When she came back down a few inches, his cock seemed to stab into her bottom. It was not just growing, but standing up!

"That controls the windshield wipers," Scott said. "Reach down to your thighs."

Jubilee lowered her hands, further and further, not sure what she was reaching for. The lower she reached, the bigger Scott seemed to grow, like his cock was eager for his touch. It swelled so much it actually separated her cheeks, pushing their tight buoyancy aside with its hefty thickness. She could feel his cockhead, warm even through layers of fabric, brush against her asshole. The disturbance was like a spark inside her, a sharp feeling of raw sensation that penetrated to her bowels, her sex...

"It's right here," Scott said, taking her right hand and positioning it on the lever between seats.

Jubilee looked down at it. "I thought that was the parking brake."

"No, it's the gearshift. Get a good grip on it."

"I do," Jubilee assured him.

"Are you sure? Move your hand up and down. Make sure your grip's comfortable."

Obedient, feeling his manhood actually protruding into her anus in a condom of his pants and her cutoffs, Jubilee rubbed her hand up and down the gearshift. It surprised her that Scott wanted to fuck her. He was used to girls like Psylocke, Jean, Emma Frost! Having him going for her was a real boost to her ego. As she rubbed the gearshift, Jubilee leaned over it for a better grip, wiggling her ass around on Scott's lap. He groaned deep in his chest as her supple asscheeks rolled about to either side of his erection.

"You've gotten very mature," he said to her.

"Hey, thanks!"

"Maybe you'd better get off my lap. You're a big girl now. It has a bit of an effect on me."

Jubilee bit her lip and, flustered, shuffled out into the passenger seat. Scott was still a born leader—not fussing about what had happened, nor seeming to be embarrassed by his natural reaction to having a girl's warm ass on his prick. Jubilee resolved to be as adult as he was being.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Summers. I didn't mean to give you a hard-on."

"Of course not!" Scott laughed, with a suddenness that was almost hysterical. "I'm not Wolverine after all."

Jubilee blushed deeply. "I don't—he's not—I really wasn't trying to tease you, honest!"

"But you're a very desirable young woman. I find you attractive. That's not the way you should feel about a student. Let's forget the whole thing."

"Alright," Jubilee said, sharply confused by the sudden shift in his affections. She'd started thinking that it'd be kinda neat to have Scott kissing her, to feel him through her clothes, to let him do things to her that she couldn't quite imagine. She'd thought that would be nice, in a way even Logan wasn't...

"Now, do you know where the clutch is?" he asked her.

"No," Jubilee admitted, the circumstances rendering her bashful rather than overconfident.

"Why don't you go look for it?" Scott suggested, and taking her by the back of the neck, he shoved her face down into his crotch.

She could smell his cock. Hell, she could taste it, it was right up against her face!

"Pay attention to how I work the pedals," Scott said as he drove them away, one hand on the wheel, the other holding Jubilee down against his groin.


It was maddening... having his cock so close but not quite being able to touch it, taste it. He just drove, almost ignoring her except to reiterate how to control the vehicle, every turn, every pump of the brake, every shifting of the gears making his cock shift against her cheek. She actually licked at the inside of her mouth in desperation, touching with her tongue where his erection pressed inward.

They drove for what seemed like miles—Jubilee could hear traffic, other cars dopplering past them, honking horns, squealing tires, hissing brakes. The thought that she was surrounded by people, all blissfully unaware that she was being corrupted in just another car, her head in a teacher's lap, his cock under her nose... it made her clench.

No wonder Scott had so many women. Had he done this to Emma once, to Betsy? Just... decided on them and then taken them? She didn't know how they could've resisted. She didn't know how she could.

Scott asked calmly, "Can you smell my precum?"

"Uh-huh!" Jubilee murmured. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh—"

"That's how your throat's going to taste when we're through."

Then, still completely casual, Scott rolled down the window and leaned out, interacting with a touchscreen before swiping a credit card through a reader. Jubilee heard the distinctive gear grinding and wet motion of a car wash starting up. She tried to get up, but Scott shoved her back down, rubbing her nose in his erection as he eased the car forward, stopped it in place, and put it in park.

"Please... please can I suck your cock now?" Jubilee asked.

"Almost," he said in the same conversational tone as before.

The machinery surrounded the car hummed and throbbed and whistling, spraying them down with presoak chemicals, but Jubilee barely noticed as Scott started slapping her ass, driving her down between his spread legs and almost facefirst into the pedals. She struggled to right herself and he reached down to her, not to help, but to grab hold of her shirt and rip it off her. Jubilee fought against him—not to get her shirt back, but to claw her way up into his lap and thrust her breasts into his face.

"God, you've got some nice fat tits," Scott whispered huskily, pushing them together with a hand on either side of her cleavage. "Been staring at these big fat tits for a while. Almost as good as Emma's. Only a matter of time until I fucked them, just like I do Emma's..."

"You're a dirty old man!" Jubilee gasped.

"And you're a nasty little slut," he said. "Can't help myself around a nasty little slut like you. Have to fuck you, because you want it so damn much. You'd probably cry if I didn't take my cock out and plow you, right?"

Jubilee's ears were burning. She couldn't believe how Scott was talking—he'd always been so reserved, but now he was pawing at her breasts, talking so dirty... her ass still ached where he'd smacked it, which she kinda liked...

"Dirty old man," she repeated, holding back a giggle.

For the first time, she had a clear, unobstructed view of his cock—like a thick branch running from the twin tree trunks of his legs, pushing out from his groin and forming a solid ridge under the canvas of his khakis. God, it wasn't even like a penis, too big and hard and long for that—more like some barrier of sandbags constructed along the otherwise clear expanse of his muscular thigh. It was the fucking Les Mis of barricades in his pants.

"Maybe not that old," she said, putting her hands on the proof of her words—his hard cock. She squeezed it and there was barely any give in its blood-gorged heft. "Fuck, so many girls would love to have a prick like this in them!"

"I don't want them." And Scott leered at her, his cock twitching before her eyes. "Not right now, anyway."

"Jerk!" Jubilee cursed. Then she cooed. "You don't need anyone but me."

"Let's see. You may have the tits, but who knows if they'll pass the taste test..."

The brushes came down, clattering at the exterior of the car, filling it with a viscous whirr as Jubilee spread herself against in Scott's lap, facing him this time, his hidden cock holstered against her pussy. He buried his face in her tits, Jubilee purring to indicate her pleasure as he ran his tongue from one hard-capped globe to the other.

"Ooooh, Mr. Summers!" she heaved. "That's so nice! Kiss my tits! Kiss 'em good!"

Scott was doing to Jubilee what he'd dreamed about doing for months, ever since she'd gotten her 'secondary mutation.' He'd sat behind his desk in class and watched her with a hard-on, secretly thrilled by the fear that he would have to stand up with a huge tent in his pants.

Now he didn't need to worry about that. He pulled his zipper down, and Jubilee squealed with delight as his cock came out, proving even firmer and larger and more ready than she could ever have dreamed. It was right behind her pert buttocks, and she almost broke her neck swinging her head around to look at it. A moment later, it was in her soft hands.

"Not quite seeing you on your knees, gagging on all eleven inches," Scott taunted, watching from behind his sunglasses as Jubilee, astonished, mouthed 'eleven?' "But who knows if there's room in that throat for all of this? Maybe we should have you go down on Logan first."

She kept reaching behind herself, feeling his cock out blindly, almost not believing what her eyes and now her hands told her about his heft, his length. Her fingers gently caressed his stiffness, cupped his huge balls, and Jubilee trembled in almost fearful anticipation as she realized she couldn't cover his full erection with both hands.

While she leaned back, he held her in place, his arms around her back, his mouth riding over the beauty of her breasts, sucking a nipple between his teeth, gently grinding it in his jaws. Sensing that she liked what he was doing, Scott bit down harder, and Jubilee's moan filled the car.

"Ohhhh wow, you're hard!" she prattled. "Nice and hard! Are you gonna put it in me? How are you going to fuck me, teacher? God, tell me! I need to know! Fuck me, please, my pussy's so hot, put your cock in my hot pussy! Fuck me, teach!"

Sliding his mouth between her giant tits and lapping at the sweat there, Scott ignored her pleas. He had lusted over her beautiful pair for a long time and now he was going to enjoy them.

"Of course I'm gonna fuck you," he laughed, grabbing hold of her ass and groping it playfully.


"As soon as I have these big tits all nice and wet."

"Fuck, yes!"

"I'm going to fuck these tits," Scott said, pushing the mounds together so hard that the two fat nipples almost touched. "These big, beautiful tits."

"Yes!" Jubilee gasped, in almost worshipful awe, as she felt her body responding to the very thought of Scott fucking her that way. "How?"

Scott smiled. His tongue was circling her nipples, his stubble grinding through the wettened softness of her curves. It covered his face with the sticky dampness of his own saliva, nasty and grimy, but he liked the thought that Jubilee was similarly slimed.

"Gonna throw you down," he told Jubilee. "Put my cock up between your tits. You have the important job. You have to hold your boobs together while I fuck them."

He pushed Jubilee's tits together again, even rougher than before, and Jubilee fell back against the steering wheel, prompting a shrill honk from the horn. Scott ignored it as he sucked both nipples into his mouth at the same time, finding them covered with little goosebumps of pleasure. Jubilee sighed explosively, three times in rapid succession, unable to keep her body still as his flashing teeth scraped over both sensitive nubbins. Her shifting body set off the car horn again, so Scott leaned back, yanking Jubilee's body along with him so she was once more in his lap, pulled tight to his mouth.

"That sounds so awesome!" Jubilee giggled. "I've never even heard of doing it like that!"

"With your new tits, I think you'll be hearing it a lot."

Jubilee moaned obscenely, pumping her hips forward, driving her pussy against Scott's belly. She could feel the hard lines of his abdominal muscles, pressing into her even more sharply than his belt buckle. God, he was so cut... "I hope so! It sounds so awesomely kinky and I really like kinky! I want you to do everything to me! Fuck me every way you want! I'm ready for anything! Crap, I'm so ready!"

"Good," he said. "Because it's time for the other half of the lubrication."

"Other half? What other half?"

"We've gotten your tits nice and wet," Scott explained patiently. He was finding it easy to be patience while he explained the facts of life to young Jubilee. "Now what else needs to be wet for me to fuck your tits?"

"Your cock!" Jubilee cried triumphantly. "Your cock needs to be wet!"

"That's very good, Jubilee. You're absolutely right."

"I'm gonna use my mouth, baby," she cooed, licking her lips to get them wet for him. "I'm gonna get your cock all wet with just my mouth!"

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