tagInterracial LoveMe & The Bear

Me & The Bear


After watching the porn shoot I had felt deeply unsatisfied. It made me want to participate, but I felt there was something missing.

A few days later there was a shoot for the video agency with a part for me in it, ‘shy foreign girl’. I was unexpectedly nervous about appearing on camera, and my very brief acting scene had to be re-shot several times. When the sex came it was as bland and mechanical as I had feared, and although I gasped and moaned my way through it my heart just wasn’t in it. I won’t bore you with the details, but I left feeling angry and unsatisfied before the end of the filming.

When I got back to the hotel I called the agency and told them I was sorry, and that I just couldn’t do it. The language barrier was the problem, and it was immense. The people I was fucking just didn’t seem real, somehow. They were ciphers, ghosts, and they passed in and out of my life with no emotional substance to them whatsoever. I was surprised by how much that mattered to me. The agency suggested I take a little time off and I agreed. By the time I got off the phone I was almost in tears.

There was a knock at the door, and when I opened it Bear was standing there looking uncomfortable in a suit, ready to go down to dinner. We looked at each other for a moment, and then he held out his arms. I wailed and fell into them, and he picked me up as if I were no heavier than a paper doll, and carried me over to the bed. He sat on the bed next to me and stroked my head with his big hands, making gentle shushing noises until I calmed down. Then he bent down and kissed my forehead and stood up, as if to leave.

I quickly leant up in one elbow and cried ‘Don’t go!’ He nodded, and took off his jacket, slinging it over the ugly red lamp in the corner. He climbed onto the bed next to me and spooned me, stroking my sides and pulling my back to him. The affection made me feel better.

‘What’s the matter, babygirl?’ He asked. I shook my head. ‘Come on, tell big old Bear about it.’

‘It’s just… It’s just that I…’ I burst into tears again. Bear once again made concerned shushing noises, and I turned round to hug him from the front, wrapping my arms around his neck, as I had no hope of getting them around his body.

Bear was huge, only about the same height as me but about three feet across at the shoulders. Think the Hulk scaled down, and a rich chocolate brown instead of green. He used to do competitive weight lifting, and he was in the commonwealth games and everything, but then he got injured in a bar fight. People were always trying to take him on, ‘cos he looked so big. They were trying to prove something. He was a big softie, and people took advantage of that. So he was forced to take up self-defence, and now he trains people in it as well as doing odd jobs here and there when a situation calls for a show of strength. Like escorting girls for the agency.

Close to him like this I could feel his erection through his trousers rubbing up against the waistband of my skirt. Even in this situation, trying to be as caring as he could, Bear was unable to stop himself from being turned on by being close to me. The thought made me feel a little better, and I sniffed and smiled a little. I pulled back and looked at Bear.

‘I guess I’m just feeling a little unloved, is all,’ I said.

‘Hey, you don’t have to feel that way, girl. You’ll always have me,’ Said Bear.

I pulled a face. ‘Don’t.’


‘Don’t say that. You’re just doing your job.’

‘Am I?’

‘Well, aren’t you?’

Bear paused. ‘I… That’s not strictly true.’ ‘What do you mean?’

Bear smiled sadly at me. ‘The agency didn’t actually ask me to come over, honey. I just… Well, I guess I missed you.’

I sniffed again. ‘Really?’

‘Yeah. I haven’t liked to say anything, I just… You know.’

‘Does the job not bother you?’ I asked.

‘I knew what you did when I met you. And I’ve done it myself, remember? I don’t think I could be with just one person any more than you could. It’s just… Well, I guess I just see you as my special girl.’

‘That’s nice.’ I nuzzled close again. ‘I promise not to get jealous if you don’t.’

Bear chuckled. ‘Deal.’

‘And no bringing people back to the flat unless they’re to share.’

I felt Bear’s heart beat a little faster. ‘Definitely deal.’

‘Good.’ I felt good; better than I had in weeks. I pulled back again and looked into Bear’s dark brown eyes. ‘Now kiss me,’ I said.

He bent over and kissed me wetly, hungrily pushing his large tongue into every corner of my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and put my hands on his cheeks, feeling the soft coarseness of his well-trimmed beard, breathing in his masculinity. We stayed that way for several minutes, rolling around on the bed and I ended up on top, Bear’s hands cupping my ass cheeks to keep me up level with his face.

I stopped for breath and sat up, and then moved back so that I could undo his fly. Bear never wore underwear and his huge cock immediately jumped out at me. I put a hand around it, or as much of it as I could, and fell forward again, our tongues caressing each other, our breathing ever more rapid. Suddenly there was a tearing sound and we disengaged for a moment, panting. In his excitement Bear had torn the back of my panties. ‘Finish the job, then’ I breathed. Bear gave the smallest of nods and ripped my panties in two, throwing them to the floor.

Now there was nothing but fresh air between my cunt lips and Bear’s throbbing penis. I sat down on it, enjoying it’s size against my the length of my clit, and then leaned forward once more to kiss Bear, my tongue already hanging out in expectation. We kissed for a little while longer with Bear’s cock twitching and jumping at my belly, before I sat up again and lifted the monster up and gently eased it up into my dripping vagina.

As usual I held my breath as I eased it inside, and Bear put his hands under my ass again to gently lower me down, pulling my cheeks apart as he did so to widen me a little more. I had slid around two thirds of the way down before the head hit my cervix, and I winced a little and pulled up and then forward, resting the front of my cunt on his naval.

With Bear’s assistance I began gently to rock myself backwards and forwards, and had done so for less than a minute when Bear made a soft gasping noise and I felt a wave of hot cum bursting inside me. I had mixed feelings of delight and disappointment at the time, but I managed to rock backwards and forwards a little more until I came softly myself, a wave of pleasure shooting it’s way up my spine. I bent forwards and kissed bear again, on the lips.

‘Thank you,’ he said.

‘You’re most definitely welcome,’ I said. ‘Anytime.’

‘I’m sorry it was a little quick.’ ‘That’s okay,’ I said. ‘Want to go again?’

He laughed. ‘Okay,’ he said. ‘Just give me a minute.’

I nodded and rolled off him onto the bed. He staggered to his feet and into the bathroom. I busied myself removing all my clothes and checking my reflection in the mirror. My mascara had run horribly and I used some cotton wool and moisturiser to clean myself up. I brushed my long hair and wiped some of the worst of the cum off my thigh. I couldn’t resist having a taste. Mmm. Our cum mixed together beautifully.

Bear emerged from the bathroom naked, and came and stood behind me at the dressing table. I spun around and delicately kissed his hanging penis, before standing to kiss him once more. He picked me up effortlessly and carried me back over to the bed. I ran my free hand over his glistening pectoral muscles and down his rippling stomach, followed the thin path of hair from his naval down to his pubic hair, and down to his already thickening penis.

I loved Bear, and I loved this cock. It was beauty itself. I have never understood how some people ridicule the shape of the penis. A good, hard penis is the most gorgeous, sensual, strong thing in the world, and the one in front of me was the best I have ever seen. I’ve seen bigger, and thicker, and straighter since, but this one was and always will be my favourite. I watched it for a moment slowly coming back to life, my hot breath spurring it on. I gave it a lick, and it twitched. I giggled.

Bear grabbed my legs just above the knee, and twisted me around so that my groin was in front of his face. I knew what he wanted and hoisted one leg up and, as he moved his head forward, wrapped it around his neck. His tongue delved down into my snatch, lapping up our combined juices. I’ve not met many men who are prepared to do this, but Bear was exceptional in many ways. Bear’s head was turned away from my clit and so I only got occasional lapping against them, but that was fine by me, it left me able to concentrate on my the other end.

I took Bear’s semi-erect cock in my mouth and held it there, swallowing occasionally, my eyes closed in rapt concentration, enjoying the feeling of it growing and moving against my tongue, my lips, and the roof of my mouth. As it grew I had to move it backwards out of my mouth, to avoid gagging on its length. Finally I held just the head, like a whole plum in my mouth, and it twitched and bucked like a young colt.

I let it free and Bear released me so that I could slide around and lie on the bed the right way up. Bear climbed on top of me and I spread my legs as wide as I could. Even with a mixture of my normal cunt juices, Bear’s saliva and our cum inside me Bear had to really push to get himself inside me. Finally there was a noiseless popping and he was in in a rush, making me gasp.

Bear began to slide himself back and forth, slowly at first, then picking up the pace to match my screams and my breathing. ‘Oh, god!’ I cried. ‘Oh, god! Oh, god! Ohhh, yes!’

I screamed as though I was being murdered as I came, my cunt involuntarily tightening around Bear’s cock, the already tight passage made even more so by the rush of orgasm, the delicious pain making my eyes water. I grabbed for Bear’s head and kissed him again, letting the pain and the orgasm subside before releasing him again. Again Bear began to slide in and out and pretty soon I came again, though this time I had the foresight to put one of Bear’s big hands across my mouth to stifle the scream.

Soon Bear began to groan and I could tell he was close to orgasm himself. I lifted his hand from my face to breathe ‘In my mouth.’

He nodded understanding and, still gasping, rolled off the top of me. I moved down the bed and knelt down, his cock in both hands my hands, and took the head in my mouth. Sucking gently, I rocked backwards and forwards, sure any moment of a spurt that didn’t come. I looked up and I could see that lying on his back wasn’t making it easy for him to come. I rolled back over and hitched back up the bed until I was sitting up against the headboard. ‘Fuck my face.’

Bear was on top of me in an instant, his hands around my head pulling me gently onto his cock. Slowly he began his rhythm again, this time in and out of the back of my mouth. He was being too gentle, and I grabbed his ass with my hands and began to pull him into me, hard, making myself gag with each stroke. I may be weird, but that’s the way I like it. Bear got the idea and was now pushing harder on his own, leaving me free to remove a hand from him to finger myself roughly as he fucked my mouth and throat. Then he came, making cum bubble from my lips, wave after wave of it, and I sucked hard to remove every last drop. Bear removed himself and I lay there with my mouth open, playing with myself, gasping for breath with his cum still in my mouth and rolling back and forth on my tongue.

As soon as Bear had got his breath back he pulled my hand away from my cunt and inserted three fingers up there himself, fucking me harder and harder until I came for the fourth time that night, and I was forced to swallow his cream to stop myself choking. We kissed again, and snuggled together, falling asleep quickly from sheer exhaustion.

I didn’t feel so alone anymore; I had Bear, and he had me. We have both slept with so many people since, both apart and together, that I have long ago stopped counting. But we never drift apart, never break up. We did once consider marriage, but we both decided it would be a farce. But he is mine, and I am his. Unconventional, perhaps, but my life, as you may have gathered, has never been what you might call ordinary.

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