tagFetishMeeting Chad Ch. 01

Meeting Chad Ch. 01


I had this fantasy about water sports, and thought about it all the time. I really wanted to experiment with pee, more precisely I really wanted a guy to pee all over me. I imagined the urine splashing against my face and drenching my hair, the warm feel of it pouring onto my naked body. This fantasy made me so hot and so wet that I would always cum just about instantly fingering my pussy and thinking about it.

I met this guy Chad on line in an adult personals site. He claimed to be as kinky as I wanted him to be, willing to try anything at least once. After chatting with him on line for a few days, and hearing what he was into, I decided I really wanted to meet him. We arranged to meet at a little restaurant just around the corner from my house. As a special surprise I sat on the toilet and peed in my panties so they were nice and wet for him. I put on a flimsy skirt and a nice shirt, got ready, and left to meet Chad.

He had already arrived by the time I got there and as I walked up to him he stood up and gestured for me to sit beside him in the booth. As I sat I made sure to lift the back of my skirt so my pee soaked panties were right on the seat. We ordered drinks and chatted for a few minutes. I felt his hand on my leg and I took it and moved it up under my skirt. He let out a little moan when he felt my soaking wet panties. Immediately he said, "Let's get out of here, now..." As I stood up from the bench seat I turned to look at it – the place I was sitting was all wet with pee...

He followed me to my car and I drove us back to my apartment. We barely had made it through the door and Chad was kissing me and squeezing my nipples under my shirt. I felt his hand on my pussy and moaned, it felt so good. I pulled him into the bedroom and we undressed each other, slowly, enjoying it. We laid down on the bed together and started to slowly kiss each other and feel each other all over. My cunt was so wet, so hot that it ached, I really needed to cum bad. He sensed this and sat up. I was lying on the bed, legs spread, dripping juice down onto the bed. Chad told me he had to take a piss and was I ready for it. Oh my God, I wanted it so bad. I begged him for it... "Please, please, piss right onto my clit, make me cum..." I gasped as the hot stream of piss hit my pussy. It was so hot and felt amazing. I had my legs spread as far as I could and was holding my pussy lips open, letting the piss hit me right on the clit. As I started to cum he sprayed me right in the face and soaked my hair, I had his piss in my mouth, dripping out of my hair and all over my face... Mmmmm it was so good. As he laid back down with me and slid his hard cock inside my cunt I came again, my cunt clamping down hard on his cock and making him cum as well, shooting his hot load deep into my hole.

We just laid together for awhile, holding each other and knowing we had found something special, we each had finally found someone who enjoyed the same kinky things. After a little while he started to gently suck on my nipples, teasing them with his tongue. His mouth felt so fucking good, my nipples were hard as rocks. He started to finger me at the same time, first one finger moving in and out of my cunt and then another. As he finger fucked me he bit down on my nipples and it felt so good.

"Please, fill me up... put in another finger," I begged him. He was now fucking me with 3 fingers, sliding them in and out of me slowly. I was loving every minute of it. As the fourth finger slipped inside me he moved down on the bed so he could watch what he was doing to me. I could see that his cock was rock hard again as he pushed his four fingers in and out of me. I felt him trying his thumb and after a minute or so it slipped up inside of me too. I had Chad's whole hand inside of me and I couldn't believe it. He was mumbling, "Yeah, take it, bitch, fuck my arm you slut... Yeah, yeah..." I wanted his whole fucking arm to be inside of me, I was pushing down as hard as I could on his arm, I felt so full and it felt fucking great. I started to cum again as I rode his arm and as I was cumming he twisted his hand around inside of me. Oh my God, it felt so fucking good!

Slowly he removed his arm from my cunt and stared in awe at my gaping hole. As he was watching my pussy twitch his cock started to jerk and he started to shoot a load of cum right into me by leaning over me a bit. As he finished he got down between my legs and gently licked his cum out of me. His warm tongue felt wonderful as he cleaned me...

More to come, if you like it, that is...

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