tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 15

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 15


Warren felt his cock harden as he watched the church choir perform. His eyes were drawn to a young, mousey-haired brunette who sung like an angel. Looking virginal and sweet in her white robes, his eyes lingered on her slim childlike body. Time for an experiment he thought, as practice ended and she left the vestibule with a friend.

Analiese was talking with Siena when Elder Mitchel approached the girls. "Would you join me in the office please young ladies," he said, motioning to the administration area. Feeling a little scared and wondering what she had done wrong, Analiese followed the Elder.

Siena couldn't understand why she had been asked to wait in the office foyer. She waited patiently while her best friend was ushered into the Elder's office. A shiver ran down her spine as the big oak door closed with a foreboding clunk. "Oh God, this can't be good," she pondered as thoughts of the Elder's stern reputation swirled in her head.

"What is your name child?" he asked as his eyes undressed the girl.

"Analiese, Elder," she replied with a halting voice. She couldn't recall feeling more intimidated in her life as the Elder went to his desk and pulled out a tub of some cream. "Anal Easy, how perfect," he said, deliberately mispronouncing her name.

Analiese cried out in terror as the old man grabbed her around the waist, sticking his cream covered fingers up her cassock and rudely probing at her bum. Her body shook with fear as the man forced his thumb into her back end. Tears flowed and her mouth widened in a silent scream as she felt rough fingers forcing into her womanhood.

Warren watched as the girl's tears flowed but her body started to respond to the powerful aphrodisiac he had smeared lavishly across her virgin holes.

Analiese cried out and plunged her hands between her legs as her sex exploded. Her fingers slipped easily into her soaking pussy as she masturbated frantically, trying to douse the fire between her thighs. Her shame was compounded as the Elder roughly pushed her over his desk and raised her cassock and pushed his cockhead against her virgin bum hole. "Anal Easy," he whispered in her ear as he drove his cock into her bottom.

"Arrrgh!" she cried as the horror of her violation conflicted with the most intense physical desire. "Oooh fuuck that feels good," she moaned as his horrible cock hammered her bottom.

Warren rejoiced as the girl was still frantically frigging herself while his cock slipped in and out of her tight bum. Unable to control himself as her bum muscles milked his cock, he quickly came with a grunt. Slipping the girl off his tool he pushed her into the corner and called her friend.

Analiese sobbed uncontrollably as she watched the awful man force himself on Siena. Her pussy felt amazing in her fingers and she realised she was aroused by watching Siena being sodomised. Cumming hard she stared, openly shamed by her lust as her friend's anal violation caused a pang of jealousy to touch her sweet heart. "Oooh God I want his cock so bad," she thought, creaming herself again.

Warren pulled out of the shaking blond and stared down at her friend as she knelt down and pushed two fingers into her cum-slippery arse. "This stuff is fantastic," he thought as he contemplated a certain Senator that he would love to show the error of her policies. The thought of having her voting for the church's agenda because she was addicted to having his cock in her black arse was exquisite.

The thought caused him to come hard in the blond's arse. Grunting he pushed her off and wiped his cock on her dress. He pulled both girls up and slapped their hands away from their pussies. "Thank you ladies, now get out!" he bellowed. "If either of you mention this I'll rape your mothers, your sisters, your whole damn family," he roared at their sobbing forms.

Siena grabbed Analiese by the hand and they fled from the church. Stumbling into the wooded area behind the church, they fell to the ground crying and moaning.

Analiese hated the man but the burning between her legs continued unabated. Siena had landed spread-eagled and Analiese plunged her head between the blond's legs, eliciting a deep moan from her friend. As she slipped a finger into Siena's bottom she felt hands on her own upraised bottom.

Siena wriggled with pleasure and opened her eyes in time to see a pretty Chinese girl rubbing Analiese's bum. She stared with fascination and longing as the girl slipped a writhing worm into her friend's rectum. She felt Analiese shudder between her thighs as her deep ragged breaths warmed Siena's dripping pussy.

Mei smiled warmly at the two girls. "That pig will never hurt you again my pretties," she cooed as she slid the second bum worm into an enthusiastic Siena. Flicking a sweaty strand of hair from the young blond's flushed face, her own pussy ached. Both girls' hands were buried deep in their robes and they shuddered as deep anal orgasms shook their slim bodies. Siena looked up at the new girl with gratitude as the gift wriggled inside her bottom, causing her to cream herself constantly. She looked at Analiese who was moaning and squirming next to her with a look of total joy on her face.

Mei held the girls for hours until they eventually fell asleep in the warm sun. "That bastard must have smeared them with buckets of the stuff," she thought as her two new friends continued to cum in their sleep.

The bum worms finally wriggled out and the girls slowly roused themselves from their slumber. Siena looked at the spent worms with sadness. "Oooh that was so weird."

Analiese cried openly, "That horrible man did awful dirty things to us and made us like them. Oh God Si, I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop diddling myself while he raped you," she blurted out. "I'm a whore. An awful dirty whore," she sobbed.

Mei hugged the girl and felt her own eyes misting up. "It's ok honey. He rubbed you with a powerful aphrodisiac and being a clumsy pig he used way too much. You couldn't control yourself so please don't feel bad."

Siena took her friend's hand. "It's ok Ana, it's not your fault. I feel so icky as well. I feel bad because he was horrible but I liked it. I liked his stinky cock in my bum," she said shamefaced.

Mei held both girls and this time she did cry. "He perverted something that should have been beautiful and made it selfish and degrading. I promise you I won't let it happen again," she said with steely resolve.

She wiped the tears from their pretty faces and smiled. "You girls need to come with me. I have friends who will care for you until this is sorted. They will help you come to terms with the feelings you just experienced."

Analiese wasn't convinced. "So they are going to fuck us," she said forcefully.

Mei smiled at the girl. "Only if you want them to or find someone who makes you happy. Honey, these are my friends. No one will force you to do anything you don't like."

Siena pointed at the bum worms. "Do they have them where we are going? They're so gross but......I sort of liked having one up there."

Mei patted her bottom. "Yeah baby and lots of other cool stuff to make you cum like Christmas."

Siena turned to Analiese. "Your call chick but I'm intrigued."

Ana gave an imperceptible nod and Mei pulled out a small white device and a portal opened. "Easier than the big white dildo but not as much fun," she thought. She helped the hesitant girls into the light and wondered what other techno tricks the Ashiri had to show them.

The girls appeared in a flash and stumbled into a large room. Sarah threw her arms around Mei and kissed her. "Thank God you're safe babe. I was so worried."

Analiese stared openly as the history teacher at her school kissed Mei like a lover. Her pussy tingled as the two shared an intimate moment. "OMG they are homos," she thought. Surprised by how the thought caused a physical reaction in her body she flushed and turned away.

"Wow, the Ashiri built this for us?" Mei asked in surprise as she surveyed the big comfortable room. John and Meggie sat on one of several comfortable sofas. They were staring into each other's eyes and snogging while David, Lisa and Evelyn were cooking something in a designer kitchen in the corner.

Jasmine laughed. "They built the damn world. You think a house is difficult for them? Mirial says they will build us anything we can imagine."

Evelyn replied from the kitchen, "My goddess is rather talented but it is so good to be in the company of humans again. I haven't cooked in a century."

Analiese and Siena stared at each other in confusion.

Mei called out to Lisa and they took the girls aside to explain.

Siena stared open mouthed as a small Chinese girl wearing nothing but an apron explained the world, how she fell in love with her friend's father and her passion for anal sex.

Analiese noticed Siena was as blown away by this strange place as she was. Lisa was gushing about how great her friends and the Ashiri were. Analiese found herself unable to focus on Lisa's words. The girl's bare pussy was poking out from under the apron and she found her eyes drawn to the mound. Her heart hammered in her chest and she unconsciously licked her lips.

Sarah noticed the girl's fascination with Lisa's body and smiled wickedly.

Siena found her pussy crying like a river as Lisa mentioned her dirty love of bum sex. The girl enthused about it like it was the most natural thing in the world and Siena squirmed in her seat. The experience with the bum worm had excited her with its forbidden pleasure.

Mei turned to the group. "I have to brief the Ashiri but these young ladies obviously have some needs. Lisa can you take Siena and introduce her to Knobby. Sarah, babe, can you take Analiese to bed before her eyes bore through Lisa's pussy."

Analiese started to protest but when Mei kissed her she felt herself melt into the girl's arms.

Tweaking her nipple Mei whispered in Ana's ear, "If you like Asian girls I'm the one you want. Sarah's going to warm you up and when I get back I'm going to blow your pretty little mind."

Siena faced Lisa while Ana was led away by Sarah. "Who's Knobby?" she asked in confusion.

Lisa smiled. "The best fun a girl's bum can have and you girl have a bum that looks like it likes to party," she said, smacking the blonds tight butt.

Siena moaned and her pussy quivered as the girl continued. "And if you like older guys my man's been checking out your attributes since you arrived."

Analiese looked at Sarah with a stunned look on her face. "OMG did she just offer Si a fuck with her boyfriend?" Sarah looked into her eyes and kissed the startled girl. "Yeah, just like Mei offered me."

Analiese almost came as she let Sarah lead her to one of the bedrooms.

Mei looked at her friends sitting around a big granite-topped table. "Fuck me, we have a conference room," she laughed.

Saiera and Mirial merely nodded but Kaitlyn spoke up. "Like Jasmine said these guys can do anything. I suspect Evelyn calling Mirial a goddess was more about her performance in the bedroom but the description is apt. The Ashiri technology is so far ahead of us it is like magic."

"So how can a bunch of religious nut jobs and bigots be any threat to you?" Jasmine said in confusion.

Evelyn rose from her seat. "Because my crazy beautiful lover won't defend herself. It's not just Ashiri tech that's so far beyond us, it's their morality. Mirial would rather die than hurt another being."

Kaitlyn felt tears well up in her eyes and looked at Saiera. "Don't you dare. I just found love and it may be dumb monkey emotions but I can't lose you. I want to be like Evelyn and wake for the next hundred years with love in my heart and your cock in my arse."

Saiera looked at her new lover and smiled. "This would be my preferred morning routine also. You must understand we aren't suicidal, just unprepared to use violence or coercion. Our psychological make up won't allow us to even contemplate it."

Mei sighed in exasperation. "Well I can confirm Kaitlyn's story. Warren Mitchel is an evil pig of a man masquerading as a Christian. Sarah and Lisa aren't with us because they are helping two sweet young girls forget this bastard raped them. Fortunately he covered them in so much concentrated cum their pussies are still buzzing so they are rather receptive. Sarah and Lisa will show them some good loving and hopefully they will wake up feeling nice and horny and happy.

Jasmine looked around the room before starting to speak. Her eyes locked on everyone in turn as she voiced her feelings. "I have never been happier or more contented in my life. This world our sexy friends have created is beautiful at every level and I feel an intense emotional attachment to the place and the people. I have come to love you all. It has been such a short space of time yet I feel I have known you all my life. This is the power of this place. To make us closer, more caring, more carefree."

Tears flowed openly down her cheeks as the emotions temporarily overwhelmed her. "I would give my life to protect the Ashiri, to keep this place safe for you all and for others who must know and experience this world."

Evelyn put her arm around the doctor and smiled. "I too feel this way. This place makes us better. It heals our racial madness, our need to gain something at someone else's cost. We must protect it, for ourselves and for others to come."

Amy's giggling in the background lightened the mood. "Yes, others must cum here. We need more boys. Lots of boys."

Jennifer looked at Amy. "If you're nice I might share mine," she sighed. "Jasmine is right, this place does change you. A month ago I would have been so scared of losing Michael the thought would have made me so jealous. Yet now I see more clearly, I know in my heart he is my love and sharing that love with people I care about seems right. That and it makes me hot thinking about it," she said, winking at Amy.

Mei stood up. "I think we need to get some rest but I agree we must fight to protect the Ashiri. I have an idea but need to think it through some more. Let's adjourn to the morning."

The conference broke up and Mei took Jennifer by the arm. "My plan involves you honey."

Jennifer gulped as Mei explained but nodded in assent. "I will do what's needed Mei," she said, kissing the girl's forehead. "You changed my life and I will always love you for that selfless act. Now I guess it's my turn."

Michael joined her and held her hand. "Turn for what babe?" he said smiling.

Jennifer hugged her boyfriend. "Tell you later. I think we have a horny little shadow," she said as Amy loitered by the corridor.

Michael felt his cock harden. "Are you kidding me?" he said to his lover.

Jennifer couldn't keep the grin from her face. "You're such a good man Michael but it's hard for boys to hide their feelings when we're naked all the time," she said, running her hand up his cock.

Michael stuttered, "Jen I never... would never.... she's cute but.... I love you...."

Jennifer couldn't help herself and broke out laughing. "Silly man, I know you love me and she is cute. Cute and horny for you my handsome man. Bring her to bed. Our bed mind. I said I'd share you. That means I want to watch."

Jennifer woke the next morning feeling wonderful. Michael and Amy were snuggled up in bed and she had woken on the big arm chair where she had watched their sex games the night before. Amy had proven to be an absolute tiger in bed and Jennifer wasn't surprised that she had worn herself and Michael out. What she was surprised by was how hard she had cum watching them and masturbating.

Leaving them to sleep she opened the big doors to the morning sun and walked down the stairs and out onto the lawn. Her pussy ached as she thought back on Michael's lovely cock impaling Amy. The girl's squeals of joy had turned her on as much as the look on Michael's face as he came in her tight bottom.

Jennifer turned as she found herself beside the river that flowed past their new house and into the lake at the lawn's edge. "God that's beautiful," she thought, admiring the view as a small fluffy creature shuffled out from the bushes. "Aren't you cute," she said as she bent over and stroked its soft white fur.

The creature mewed as she gave it a good scratch and then rose as the aromas of cooking bacon wafted across the lawn. "Evelyn's up early and cooking," she thought as her tummy grumbled. "Smells good. Sorry little fella, gotta go...oooo," she said as the fur ball raised itself up on its hind legs and licked her pussy.

Jennifer turned back and giggled as the fur ball stood with a dopey look and a long tongue lolling out of the side of its mouth. "Cute and friendly," she moaned as its tongue made another pass across her enflamed sex. "Ooooh, cute friendly and talented." Her legs widened and she rubbed her small breasts. Closing her eyes she fantasised about Michael fucking Amy and her thoughts turned to Siena. "Ooooh I bet you'd like my man's cock in your slutty little bottom," she moaned as her fantasy and the furry creature's wonderful tongue drove her to a crashing orgasm. Sinking to her knees she was only vaguely aware of the creature yelping and scuttling back into the bushes.

As she opened her eyes she realised why her little friend had run. Rising from the lake was a froglike amphibian. Jennifer shuddered as it approached her with its manhood erect. She shivered as its long tongue licked across her breasts, leaving them slimy and aching. "Ooooh, someone likes human girls," she said as her eyes locked onto its long flanged cock. Green and slimy, it was covered in hard lumps and Jennifer found her pussy wondering what such a strange tool would feel like inside her. The creature's big eyes looked at her expectantly and she squirmed as it licked her breasts again. "Oooh, that feels nice you dirty frog," she said, pushing her small breasts forward for more. Jennifer moaned deeply as naughty possibilities flooded her mind. "Oh well, probably time I lost my creepy monster virginity," she thought as the amphibian continued to lick her nipples. "Oooohh, bad froggy," she cooed as she sunk to her knees and positioned herself. She giggled as she remembered Mei's first description of her. "The princess and the frog, how ironic. I wonder if the Ashiri cooked this critter up specifically for me. It would be Saiera's type of humour," she thought as its cockhead pushed into her sopping pussy. "Ohh froggy, oohhh yeeess!" she cried as the knobs and ridges of its strange cock touched her in places she had never felt before. "Oooh fuuuuuck me you bad froggy, fuuckk me ooooh!" she cried out as hard rippling orgasms crashed through her slim body.

Siena stretched languidly and smiled at Lisa and David. "Oh what a night," she said as her hand slipped between her legs. "God I'm still soaked. Wanna go again?" David laughed as Lisa took Siena's hand and licked his cum from her wet fingers. "Easy girl, you nearly rubbed his cock off last night....and the bum dog's a bit knackered too," she said, looking at the stone dog lying on its side by the bed.

Siena pouted. "Oooh but it felt sooo good. I love you guys."

Lisa hugged the sexy young blond. "You love fucking which is lucky considering how cute you are. Everyone and everything here is going to want a piece of sexy Siena."

Siena giggled. "Oooh I hope so, I'm so horny. I just have to cum again... please."

Lisa rolled her eyes and looked at David. Her gaze met his hard cock and she gave in. "Oh go on. Give little miss slutty here her morning cum," she said smiling. "I'm getting some breakfast."

Siena already had her legs spread and moaned as David entered her. Lisa watched as she wrapped her slim legs around David's back and felt her own pussy ache. "Oh I love this place," she thought as she followed the smells of breakfast.

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