tagIncest/TabooMerriam's Adventures Ch. 01

Merriam's Adventures Ch. 01


Let me know if you like this story. There are more installments to the series.

Merriam's Adventures in a Small Town

Consoling the Widow

"My condolences, Ma'am," the driver said, as he looked back through the window between the back and front seats of the limo. "It'll take us about forty-five minutes to get to the cemetery. I'll make the ride as smooth as possible."

"Thank you. Take your time," Anne Daniels said, pushing the button that raised the solid panel, closing the two compartments off from each other. Between the solid panel and the extremely darkly tinted windows, they were completely isolated from the rest of the world. "Well, we're all alone now. So how ya doing, sis?"

"I'm doing ok," Merriam Richards replied, as she sat in the middle of the back seat of the stretch limousine between her two daughters Leslie, aged twenty-one and April, aged twenty.

Merriam had been married for a little over twenty years to her husband Donald. The two girls had been born early on in their marriage. In fact she had been pregnant with the oldest girl Leslie when she walked down the aisle. And their sex life became almost non-existent after the birth of their youngest daughter April a little over a year later. Now he was dead.

"Hell," Anne continued with a big smile, "in a couple of days you'll be doing great."

"Oh, please," Merriam said. "My husband just died."

"Personally I'm glad the bastard's dead," Anne announced.


"I can't believe you stayed married to the slimeball, as long as you did," Anne said.

"He was my husband," Merriam said, as Leslie laid her head on her mother's shoulder and rested her hand on her knee. On the other side, April was doing the same thing.

"Husband, hell," Anne spit. "For the past fifteen years he's hit on just about every woman in town, except you."

"He even hit on me," Leslie agreed, squeezing her mom's knee.

"I know he slept around some," Merriam agreed.

"Slept around some?" Anne said, incredulously. "He died in a car wreck coming home from an all night liaison with his latest bimbo, for god's sake."

"He was still my husband," Merriam reiterated. "Those marriage vows meant something to me, even if they didn't mean anything to him."

"Well, I still think you're better off without him," Anne said, finally. "I mean you're only forty years old and still a hot piece of ass. It's time for you to get out there and have some fun."

"I have fun," Merriam said, defiantly. "Um, Leslie, dear. What are you doing?"

She had just noticed that her daughter's hand had worked its way halfway up her thigh taking the hem of her black dress with it. Then she noticed that April's hand had done the same thing on the thigh she was stroking. The girls had worked their hands up high enough on her legs to get above the top of her self-supporting stockings, until they were resting on her bare thighs.

"We're consoling you, mom," Leslie answered, sliding her hand further up her mother's smooth leg until she was gently stroking the wet spot of her panty covered pussy.

"Well, stop it," she said, reaching down and trying to push the girl's hand away. "I know how you like to console me. I thought I was going to wake the neighbors up this morning when you consoled me."

The girls were not to be denied. They had both been away at college and had come home to be with their mother in her hour of need. The girls and their mother had been lovers while they were still in high school, and had wanted to stay home to continue their affair with her, but she had insisted that they continue their education and made them go off to school. Now that they were home, they planned to get as much of their mom as they could.

"Oh, come on, Merriam," Anne said, enjoying the show. "Just relax and enjoy."

"I am relaxed," she said, trying to push the girl's hands away, unsuccessfully. "I'm always relaxed."

"Relaxed hell," Anne continued with a big smile on her face. "When the Sheriff showed up to let you know about the accident, you peaked out the window, saw the squad car, and thought he was there to arrest us for what we were doing in the bedroom."

"It was a natural mistake," Merriam said. "We live in a small town." She tried to push the girl's hands away again. And, once again she met with absolutely no success. "Please stop, girls. We're going to a funeral, and I need to look like the grieving widow, not like the prom queen after she just got laid."

"Don't worry," Anne said, still smiling. "We'll make sure you look the part, won't we girls?"

"Oh, yes, auntie," April said, pulling her mom's leg up over her lap to match what her sister had done.

"I really don't think we should... Oh, my... wa... what are you doing?" she stammered as Leslie pushed the crotch of her mother's panties to the side and pushed two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

"We're consoling you," Leslie repeated.

By that time April's fingers had also found her mother's pussy, and she began to slide two fingers into her hole as well. By now Merriam's legs were spread as wide as they could be stretched, so that they were over her two daughters laps, giving her sister Anne an excellent view of what the girls were doing to their mother.

"How many fingers do you have in me?" Merriam gasped, laying her head back on the seat.

"Only two," April said, smiling.

"That's two per girl, sis," Anne added.

"Oh! My! God!" Merriam gasped, as the girls began working their fingers deeper into their mother.

The girls began to fingerfuck their mom using the two fingers each had in her. Their combined fingers ended up being two fingers tall by two fingers wide. This was the equivalent of a pretty decent cock or dildo moving in and out of her. As she became wetter, the girls were able to increase the depth of their thrusts as well as the speed. Soon they were pounding palm deep into their mother's twat. Merriam was grunting and rocking her hips up to meet each thrust. She was rapidly rising toward a very strong orgasm.

As the sisters worked their mom's cunt, they started doing something they hadn't done in a long time. They pushed all the way into their mother, with their fingers together. But, as they pulled out they spread their fingers wider, and separated them from the other's fingers, so that they were slowly spreading their mother's cunt wider and wider. At the same time they had been massaging her clit with their thumbs.

Merriam was so excited that she did not notice the girls had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up, letting her massive tits bounce free. The girls were now aggressively suckling on their mother's tits just as they had when they were babies, only this time they had teeth. The older woman had placed her hands on the back of the heads of her two girls, stroking their hair as they sucked and bit her towards orgasm.

"Oh, GOD!" Merriam, screamed, burying her face in Leslie's hair to try and muffle her pleasure. "I'm cuming."

Merriam let out an unbelievable groan of satisfaction, and shuddered. She arched her back so that the only parts of her body still touching the seat and floor were her shoulders and feet. The girls pressed their thumbs firmly against their mother's clit, increasing the power of her orgasm, as they held their mother's pussy fully open. In this position Anne had a perfect view up her sister's cunt all the way to her cervix. She was definitely enjoying the show now.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, the girls relented and pulled their thumbs off of their mother's clit and she slumped back onto the seat, gasping for breath. She was close to passing out from the force of her cum, and her juices were flowing freely from her still open pussy, pooling under her ass on the seat. The girls continued to work their fingers in and out of their mother's cunt, but much slower now.

"Damn," Merriam was finally able to gasp, after a couple of minutes. "Now I'm all wet and I'm not going to be able to hide the fact that I just got my brains fucked out. What kind of widow am I going to be?"

"Don't worry, sis," Anne said, with a smile. "I told you we'd take care of you. Girls?"

"Sure thing, auntie," the girls said in unison. They then reached into a bag on the floor and pulled out some soft hand towels and proceeded to wipe their mother's pussy till it was dry. Unfortunately the stroking of the towels only served to start getting her excited again.

"That only helped a little," Merriam said, with a frown, her legs still hooked over her daughter's laps. "That dried me off, but it started my motor again. I'm still going to look like the prom queen, and I smell like a whorehouse at rush hour."

"Not to worry," Anne said, getting up from her seat and crawling towards her sister. "Girls."

The girls nodded, pulled their fingers out of her pussy, and grabbed their mother's legs securing them across their laps. Then they both reached their other arms around her head and placed their hands over her mouth. She looked at the three women with a little bit of panic in her eyes, especially when she say the wicked gleam in her sister's eyes as she came closer.

"Here we go, sis," Anne said, as she knelt right in front of the woman. "Time to make you the epitome of a grieving widow."

With that she reached for her sister's still exposed pussy, grabbed her fat juicy labia, and sensitive clit and gave them a really hard pinch and twist. Merriam's eyes flew open in pain and disbelief as she let out a blood-curdling scream, which was muffled by the girl's hands. Immediately tears formed in the corners of her eyes and began running down her cheeks.

True to her word, ten minutes later, after a quick sprits with a feminine hygiene spray, Merriam and her family stood at the graveside. She was the image of the classic grieving widow with red puffy eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks. And, every step she took only served to reinforce that image as more tears streamed down her cheeks, as her sore pussylips rubbed together. The only nontraditional part was the fact that her pussy had started flowing again and her juices were running down the insides of her thighs, making them slide easily against each other as she walked, reminding her of how her labia got that way.

"Such a shame," Reverend Davis said, as he stood next to his wife after the service was over. "She's such a young woman to be a widow. She obviously loved him. Look at the tears."

"Yes, it is a shame," replied his wife.

"Oh, by the way," he continued, as they walked toward their car. "I have to go to the church this evening for a board meeting. They want to go over what we can do about the leaking roof. I may be there really late. I hope you didn't have any plans for tonight."

"No, not really," his wife replied, looking over her shoulder at Merriam. "I was planning on going over to the Richards' home and consoling the widow and her family this evening."

"That's very sweet of you," he said, as he went around to the other side of the car and got in.

"It's the least I can do for them," she said, licking her lips, as her husband's head disappeared into the car. "It's the least I can do."

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