tagIncest/TabooMIL Seeks DIL Help with FIL

MIL Seeks DIL Help with FIL


I am Sunita, aged 23, married to Ashok who is 24 and has his own business, which requires him to travel a lot. I am fair skinned and have light blue eyes and 5ft3" in height. My husband is as tall as me and we make a good couple. Ours was a love marriage as we knew each other from college and since there was no opposition from both our families, we were married as soon as we completed college.

Based in Bangalore, I come from a middle class family, which was not very orthodox, but my dad was a disciplinarian. I was the youngest amongst our family and having 2 elder married brothers. Each one of us had our own separate room and my brothers stayed with their wives, in rooms adjoining mine. Though pampered, I was never allowed to take excess freedom.

But growing up in a house with two robust brothers, just 2 - 4 years elder to me, at times I was privy to erotic moans and a few thuds & bed squeaks, when their love making crossed limits at night. At times, I came across a used condom in their waste paper baskets, which was hurriedly disposed off. I was always very curious about the moans and the condoms, but things unfolded clearly only after my marriage. Their wives were young and matched them in their sexual needs. During the day, they were perfect daughter-in-laws and all of us shared a perfect relationship.

Both families knew about the close relationship between me and Ashok and the families having known each other, consented that we marry after our college education was complete. I was a frequent visitor to Ashok's house before marriage, as his elder sister Latha and I were good friends.

Ashok's family was small and he resided with his parents and sister Latha, who was a year older to him. She got married about 6 months prior to our marriage and went to stay in Mumbai, where her husband was based. She was very pretty to look at and her husband too was handsome & fit.

My husband Ashok had a natural physique and was fair and muscular. After marriage he kept me happy in our sexual escapades, but he stuck to the customary missionary style. I had small pointy, 32" breasts, but they were stiff and cone like. He loved to maul them and eat them. Right from before our marriage, during his travels, if he came across a lingerie shop. He would pop in and buy some sexy lingerie to present to me on marriage. He had a beautiful choice of nighties, panties and bra's stacked in the cupboard. I was surprised because he never asked me for my breast size, but they fit me perfectly. His choice was front opening ones.

But what is more important here was that my in-laws were in their prime fitness and the husband & wife looked liked individuals in their early thirties though their age was 43 & 41 respectively. My father-in-law Sunil, looked very handsome and was almost 6ft tall, fair and had a very hairy chest & back. My husband had a very smooth hairless chest & back. I could see my father-in-law's hairy chest, when he wore a sleeveless vest or he came out after his bath. The mother-in-law Ashwini, had a figure to die for. She was also tall and very fair. She sported her 36" taut, round breasts with pride. She too had a sense of great dressing - in-house and outside.

I was very surprised after my marriage and shifting to their house, that the father-in-law wore shorts and my mother-in-law wore T-shirts and short skirts at home. They also told me to wear what I like as there was no taboo of dressing in their house. I thought that it must be because of having a daughter who liked wearing such clothes.

Hence I too started to wear skirts and a loose shirt or a T-shirt. My husband also liked me in skirts and loose shirts as it did not hamper his fondling in the privacy of our room. Initially we did seek pleasure in hurried fondling or a quickie, just before he left for work or when the parents were busy in bath or cooking.

The house was a Row-house type and was one-storied. There was total privacy from any prying eyes from outside. The ground floor had a kitchen a dining room, a huge sitting room and a self sufficient guest room and a verandah that went half way around the house. The first floor was where we had our bedroom next to that of my in-laws. The store room was close by and the rest of the area was a private terrace, accessible from our bedrooms. A very convenient stairway connected these two levels, from the dining room.

My sister-in-law had come down, with her husband for our wedding and they had stayed over for a week after that. As a new bride I did not notice it initially, but I realized that my sister-in-law and her husband disappeared in their room very often and when she came out her hair was tussled or her husband would be sweaty. It was only later that I realized that their flat being very small and him having his parents living with them they had no or little privacy and they could not get enough of sex there. And here they were free of any prying eyes and fornicating like rabbits.

They left after a week. My life became a routine as I adjusted to the house works, and soon after we left for our honeymoon. In fact I never realized how beautiful sex was until my husband took my virginity lovingly and we hardly came out of the room during those days, except for food. We hardly slept and our nights were spent fondling, kissing and fucking. He had a 5" penis which for me filled me to the brim. I had my most wonderful orgasms and we came together many times. We had decided that we would start our family after about 3-4 years and I was on the pill. Sex was uncontrolled.

We slept in our birthday suits and Ashok asked me to suck him. I had not expected it and did not want to do it, but after seeing his morose expression, I decided to try it out. I kissed & licked the head of his penis, as he guided himself slowly into my mouth. Not knowing what to do and fearing that my teeth would bite him I waited with an open mouth and Ashok pushed and pulled his penis over my tongue. After sometime I got used to his penis and started to suck him. It was then that he shot his salty load into my mouth and I pulled away. I swallowed his sperm. Some sperms trickled down onto my stiff breasts and he pulled me up to suck my breast and his sperm. This was my first experience at giving a blow job. After that he was charged up and he laid me on the bed and fucked me like a bull.

We returned home after a fortnight, fully satisfied & tired as hell; and then he had to catch up with his job. This would now happen regularly, as his business was spreading to different states in India. He would be gone between 5 days to two weeks or more. The addiction of sex that I had got after our honeymoon left a vacuum that led me to masturbate with my fingers, during Ashok's absence.

It was then that I realized that there was a marked change in the habits of my father-in-law and mother-in-law, who would leave the hall and go to their room very often, during the day. I also realized that she got up late in the mornings and looked a bit tired. Thinking that she could be sick, I decided to ask about her health. The next day morning after breakfast, I asked her.

"Mum, you are looking very tired" I said, "Are you feeling ok?"

"Oh perfectly fine! Just a little tired" she replied. Did I see a smile playing on her juicy lips? I must have been mistaken. "So how was your honeymoon? Hope you two were busy?" she asked with the smile playing up again.

I blushed. "Come on Mum. You don't expect to tell you that!"

"Hope you'll enjoyed the nightly experience?" she said.

I was a little taken aback as she was asking about our sex; but at the same time I liked her open behavior. I shook my head affirmatively while looking down.

Just then my father-in-law called her "Aashu, can you come up for a minute?"

"Coming" my mother-in-law replied as she hurried up to the room.

She must have been up there for about 45 minutes and when she came down she had a glow on her face. Her hair looked disheveled. Did they just have sex? This question played in my mind. They were young; and now they were tension free. But I let the thought die.

But as the days passed by, their disappearances to their room increased; and one morning I caught my father-in-law (FIL) kissing my mother-in-law (MIL) passionately in the kitchen by pulling her arse onto himself and kissing her. They did not realize that I had come down after my bath. I was turned on totally. I slipped out and went back up to my room, as I felt myself getting wet between my legs. I slipped two fingers and let my urge pass. I missed my husband's pounding. I was very inquisitive now to know what they were doing in the room and decided to check it out one day.

The very evening, he called out to her, as we were in the kitchen. She excused herself and went up. I waited for a few minutes and knowing that they would be locked up for about an hour, I crept slowly to their door. Surprise of surprise, the door was not locked, just pulled shut. I put my ear to the door and was shocked to hear moans and sounds of kisses. The bed creaked keeping in tune with his strokes or so I guessed. After some time, the creaking stopped as I heard him say "I am cumming".

Oh my God! Her in-laws were actually screwing their hearts out; and that too without closing the door. I was totally turned on but in the absence of my husband I had to rely on my fingers to satisfy myself. The next thing I heard floored me. "Now clean me up dear. Let you tongue seek every drop". My mother-in-law was going to suck my father-in-law and clean him. She was going to blow him.

I was totally turned on but slowly retreated below to the kitchen and picked up the vegetables and went out to sit in the hall, below their room and carried cutting the same.

After sometime, I saw my MIL coming out of the room and straightening her hair and dress. She did not see me immediately. I too did not show as though I had seen her. She came down and saw me busy with my work and went into the kitchen. After some time I saw my horny FIL coming out. He was perspiring and one could see the tell tale signs of after sex.

I decided to now play the cat and mouse game with my MIL, but remaining well within limits. When she came out, I asked "What happened?" She blushed in return but did not answer. "Hope everything is ok?" I pushed.

"Everything is fine. No problem." She replied. But I guessed that she knew that I had an inkling of what was going on.

"Anything that I should know or do?" I pursued my questioning.

And she continued "I will tell you when the time comes. Maybe I will need your help." I was confused with her reply.

As I had said, my room is next to theirs and I was planning to peep into their room. I could not control myself as my husband still had a week to return. But I had a surprise that unfolded that evening. Our rooms are fitted with air-conditioners and this days they were important due to the exceeding heat outside. Something happened and there was a crackling sound in my in-laws room and the machine caught fire. They put off the electricity and called an emergency electrician to disconnect the defective machine.

At dinner, my mother-in-law asked me, rather requested me. "Dear, as our air-conditioner has broken, can we share your room?" I was caught totally unaware and said yes. I could not even suggest that they sleep in the guest room as there was no air-conditioning there.

As reality dawned, I did not know how to come out of this situation. Would this horny couple be able to control themselves on my bed? But I had to take a chance as I had agreed. We ate silently, each one immersed in his own thoughts. After dinner, my MIL helped me to set the bed. Our bed was indeed king size and we would be comfortable.

That night I decided to wear a sober nighty and also my bra & panty. I did not want to give a wrong impression to my in-laws. As the clock ticked 10pm, we retired to my bedroom. I took the left side of the bed and my MIL slept in the middle. My FIL in law slept to the extreme right.

I put off the lights and it was pitch dark in the room. I slept on my side, with my face away from this couple. Nothing happened for the next maybe an hour, and sleep overtook me. It must have been around midnight when I felt a little activity behind me on the bed. There was rustling of clothes and then before I could realize, I felt them moving. They must have felt that I was in deep sleep and FIL came over MIL.

I heard some whispers as my MIL requested him to stop. But an "Oohh...UUfffff" sound from her told me that he had penetrated her. For the next few minutes, there was no movement. Maybe they wanted to make sure that I was really asleep. I felt a hand, most probably my MIL's slowly touching my back, where the bra strap crossed behind me. As I felt her hand, I suddenly felt a thrust which made her hand grasp my bra strap.

I could feel him humping my MIL and involuntarily she grasped my bra strap pressing my tiny breast onto my chest. The bra straps were cutting into my sides, as my FIL desperately pounded my MIL and I too was moving jerkily with every thrust of his. I was in the most confused state, but did not show that I was awake. My vagina was leaking like a mountain spring. My mind wanted to turn around and see my MIL getting pounded; and in the pitch dark they would not even notice.

But here I was with my bra strap in my MIL's hand and passing on every thrust of my horny FIL's prick into my Mil's cunt. I was getting jerked at every thrust of my FIL. I was almost at the point of an orgasm due to my highly excited state when I heard a light moan and the thrusts suddenly increased and then they remained without any action. I heard my FIL muttering "Uuuhh, uuuhhh", as my MIL mewed her moans and shivered with pleasure. At that moment, I realized that he was cumming into her receptacle and my horniness made me cream between by legs. I too felt a shiver and was sure that my MIL, who was still holding on to my bra strap subconsciously, or so I thought must have realized that I was in controlled excitement.

I felt her hands slipping from my back, but not before slowly moving it on my back. Was that a signal for me or was it a natural reaction? I was not in a position to find out. I could feel my cum seeping down my thighs, through my panty, which was soaked. Luckily I had a light blanket covering up to my waist and was confident that no one would notice.

That night I felt the clothes rustling and bed creaking atleast once more, but I had my sleep creeping up. I wondered as to the stamina of my FIL and the capacity of my MIL to bear his robust thrusts. I was really amazed at the daring of my in-laws and openness to fuck on my bed, right next to me their daughter-in-law, hardly a month after my marriage. I was not unfamiliar to this house as I visited it much before my marriage, but this freedom to copulate on their son's bed was frightening as well as sexually arousing; more so due to the absence of my dear husband. Weird sexual thoughts were creeping into my mind.

What would happen if he had to mistake me up with my MIL and ride me? What would it be to be fucked by my FIL, and that too in the presence of my MIL? What would be my reaction? I was getting wired thoughts and I did not know when sleep overtook me.

The early morning alarm woke me up. As I grew out of my sleepy haze, I suddenly realized the couple next to me. I did not turn back and went to the bathroom. I was feeling horny and in the private confines of the bathroom, slipped my fingers between my legs to find a very soggy panty. My nighty was wet and had a spot near my left thigh. I removed my panty and threw it in the bucket. I brushed, freshened up and came out to find a new dress before this horny couple got up. My small breasts and the area under my arms, where the bra strap lies were sore as they had been biting into my sides from my Mil's pulling. The bra cup had pressed my taut breasts and they were very sensitive. I decided to remove the bra and let my titties swing happily. Not that they would swing like my MIL, they were nice, pointy and taut, which Ashok liked very much to suck & play with. The bra joined the panty in the bucket

I came out and found that they were asleep huddled under a single blanket like a newly wedded couple. The time was 7 am. I changed and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The maid would be coming any time. I closed the door of my bedroom as I left. I did not want the maid to get wrong ideas.

After some time the maid came, she finished her work and left after about an hour & half. A few minutes after the maid left, my MIL came down yawning due to lack of sleep. She had freshened up but her wayward hair was a sure give away of her nightly adventures. I could not see her in her eyes as I was feeling shy. What would I say to her? Had a good fuck?

She broke the ice by wishing me a good morning as though nothing had happened. I felt that it was normal to screw like rabbits on someone else's bed, with that person around! I was surprised at her natural composure. Was she a hardened sex-maniac or a nymphomaniac or was she an obedient wife, fulfilling her husband's unquenchable carnal desires? But I left it at that.

The morning went by as usual and after breakfast, FIL declared that he had to leave for some work. We were now the two of us in the house. I told my MIL that O would have a bath and come. I then left and went up to my room. I picked a fresh change of bra, panty and a dress and went to the bathroom. I decided to use the loo as the water heated and sat on the potty. The clothes basket in which I had discarded my soiled bra & panty was disheveled and the clothes inside were not in the same position.

I pulled the basket closer and was shocked to note that my panty was missing. But there was gents underwear added to the clothes. It was not my husband's brand. The bra looked crumpled. When I lifted it up, I was that there was a glob of whitish opaque liquid in one of the cups. I looked closely and got a shock of my life! It was definitely spunk or sperms inside. And then it dawned on me - my FIL had masturbated into my bra. Could he also be responsible for my missing panty? And why did he leave his underwear here. I had a shiver of erotic wanton lust. My father-in-law was marking me, like the animals do to mark their territory, by pissing on trees & stones.

Would this not be incest? Did he want to ride his daughter-in-law and impregnate her? Would he want to cheat on his own son? What was it that I was doing that he was getting attracted to me? In fact I was now getting horny and was getting to like the idea of being crushed under my FIL. Was this because I was missing my husband? Must be! I was at a peak and used the opportunity of sitting on the potty with my legs spread out to thrust my fingers and masturbate furiously.

Then a wicked thought crept into my mind. If my father-in-law had masturbated into my bra cups, why should I not orgasm into his underwear? I decided something more aggressive, what if I wear his underwear and then masturbate. I did not waste time and since I was not wearing any underclothes, I pulled up his underwear up my smooth legs. It sat on my waist a little loose and I rubbed the cloth where his pennies would rest, onto my vaginal lips furiously and in a few moments I gushed out the largest of my cum which stained the penis rest area of his underwear. I had taken revenge. But where was my panty? It was a mystery of my missing panty.

As the warm water from the shower slid down my hair and made its way over my shoulders, it burned me under my armpits. I realized that the MIL's adventure with my bra strap had made the skin on both sides near and below my boobs a little tender, with all the pushing & pulling. I completed my bath, left his underwear in the same basket and tied a towel over my small breasts, covering up to my thighs, where I had worn my lacey panty. I thought of wearing my bra, in the bedroom, after I had dried my body.

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