tagFetishMilk Club Ch. 01

Milk Club Ch. 01


Having a baby isn't all that it's made out to be, at least for the first time Mom-to-be who doesn't know quite what's going to happen.

That's how it was for Ron and me. After five years of marriage we had decided to start a family and I really didn't know what I had let myself in for.

The first mistake I made was getting pregnant at Christmas time. That meant I was at my biggest during the long, hot days of summer, in a house with no air-conditioning. So I started going to work in flowing shift dresses, a tremendous change from my usual business attire. Even maternity pantyhose had become uncomfortable around my over-swollen belly, so I dispensed with them. Panties were the same, they were either too tight on my large stomach or they didn't cover it, so I got rid of them too. I actually felt a lot more comfortable without these undergarments and wondered why I had ever bothered to wear them.

I was also having a terrible time trying to find a bra to contain my overflowing boobs. Before I got pregnant I had been blessed with a pair of very sensitive 36DD's, which gave both Ron and I a great deal of pleasure. But since my fifth month they had started to grow and it seemed they weren't ever going to stop. The largest bras I could find in the stores were EE cups, and they just pinched my over-abundance so much, I decided to have some made. I called a custom bra maker. The lady was very nice but told me it would take three to four weeks to make me a bra. If I wanted that long I would probably need an even bigger size! I dumped the idea. I figured that I would be taking maternity leave in just six weeks and then it wouldn't matter. Ron and I never wear clothes at home, and that's where I would be.

My doctor had told me that even though this was my first baby, my milk glands were growing at such a prodigious rate that I ought to have no trouble at all feeding the baby and would probably be able to feed another as well. With all the attention my new-found glory was receiving, not only from Ron but also from other men, I was beginning to appreciate my new-found glory. With all the attention they received especially from the creams I had been using, my boobs had never felt so good. They had never been softer to the touch, nor so sensitive. Merely brushing against my nipples would make them stand out, and boy, did they ever stick out! My aureola were much darker too, and larger, a marked contrast to the milky whiteness of the rest of the breast. My Montgomery glands were far more noticeable, erect constantly and tipped in white, they too contrasted well against the darker skin of my aureola.

I went to the office braless the following day for the first time. I didn't know if anyone had noticed that, for the past few weeks I had not been wearing panties or hose, but when I was sitting at my desk, my boss Bob, certainly seemed to notice my braless state.

When your tummy gets as swollen as mine, and you have to sit down, your thighs press the bulge upward, even if you sit with your legs apart. And when you have tits to rival Milena Velba in size, they in turn get pushed upwards and tend to spill sideways because of their immense weight. I found myself sitting with my tits half under my arms! In itself that was OK, but my upper arms rubbed against my nipples as I typed and did those nipples ever react! I was trying to deal with this problem when Bob called me into his office.

"I have a couple of things we need to talk about." He said without looking up. "Sit down while I finish this."

I sat, my arms folded across my chest to hide my embarrassment. I waited patiently, hoping my nipples would soften before he was ready.

Bob had always been very kind to me. In a small company it is always good to be able to get on with everybody, and even though I had been hired as Bob's personal secretary, a position of power in the company, I had seemed to earn the respect of the other employees. I felt I got on well with Bob and I liked him as a person. When I started the job only six month's previously, I had told him I was pregnant and would need a couple of month's maternity leave. As a father of three, he understood fully, then went on to tell me that since the birth of their first daughter, his wife had not been back to work.

"Yeah!' I thought to myself. "You own this place and don't need the bucks like Ron and me."

He finished what he was doing and got up. Walking over to the temperature control, he adjusted it. The air-conditioner had been roaring away and he turned it off.

Clearing his throat, he said, "Victoria, is it too chilly in here for you?"

"No thanks, Bob. I'm fine."

"Well, er..." Bob fumbled for words. "I couldn't help noticing..." His voice trailed away. Yes, he really had noticed my big nubs poking through the cotton dress.

"What I mean is..." He stopped again. "Look, Victoria, I'm going to get my wife Heather in here to talk to you. Girl to girl sort of stuff. Do you understand?"

I glanced down at my chest. Damn nipples were still sticking out a mile. "Sure," I replied, "Love to talk to her again." I had met her socially several times in the six month's I had worked for her husband and greatly admired the woman. She was a very stunning redhead, tall and slender but with a bosom my newfound glory could almost rival.

"It's obvious," Bob went on, "that you are getting a little. . .shall we say, 'uncomfortable' now that you are so close to term..." I was surprised at his use of the correct word. "...And I think my wife Heather can help you. Why don't I arrange for the two of you to have lunch today?"

"That would be great." I replied. He picked up the phone and made the arrangements.

"That's settled then," he announced. "My wife will be here just before noon for you. The other matter can wait till after you've spoken with Heather."

I thanked him and returned to my desk.

Just before noon, in walked Heather. She was every bit as good-looking as I remembered her, red hair framing a fair-skinned face. She wore a simple button-through dress, tightly belted, accentuating her more than ample bosom. The hem line was just above the knee and the collar was turned up at the neck. She stopped at my desk.

"Hello, my dear," she said. "Just let me say 'Hi' to Bob and then we'll get something to eat."

She walked into her husband's office and, against the light from the windows, I could see the outline of her slender legs through her dress.

I ran to the bathroom as fast as my big tummy and jiggling breasts would allow. By the time I returned, Heather was just leaving her husband's office.

"I've got this!" she said triumphantly, waving Bob's gold card, "Let's really have lunch!" She emphasized the word 'really'. I grabbed my purse and followed her. Putting her arm through mine as we crossed the parking lot she said, "I know how you must feel. It's been nearly twenty years since I was last pregnant, and I know how uncomfortable that was. She unlocked the Mercedes and we got in. "I thought we'd go to 'La Dolce Vita'," she continued, "I hope you like Italian food?"

"Oh, yes." I replied.

"Although at this time of day we might have to wait, but I'll see what I can do about that." Turning to look me up and down, Heather asked, "When are you due?"

"September thirtieth, give or take a day or two."

"That's less than two month's away," she replied, then added, "And of course this is your first?"

I nodded.

"Well, you chose a fine time to be pregnant, at your biggest during summer! I had my first in February, that's Natalie. She'll be twenty-four next year. Karen was born in April, she'll be twenty-two next year and my youngest is James, he was twenty last January. But I must tell you why we are doing this. Before Bob called me this morning he had told me about you dilemma. He thought you might need a little 'motherly' advice and help. He didn't want to talk to you himself as he maintains that very proper image at the office, but he did want to help. Hence me! I had the same problem with Natalie. As you have no doubt noticed, I too am fairly well endowed..." She held a hand under her bosom, "...and I had a tough time. Couldn't find a bra to fit, and you obviously have the same problem!"

"Yes, I do." I assured her.

"What size did you wear before?" she asked. "36DD." I told her.

"I thought so!" she replied. "That husband of mine has always been a tit man and I bet that had something to do with why he hired you!" She added hurriedly, "I'm kidding of course, but Bob really is a tit man. You ought to see his mother. . .all bosom, and proud of it. Big boobs must be in Bob's genes as Natalie and Karen are both bigger than I am!"

I tried to remind myself as I silently listened to all this that I was with my bosses' wife, but it was getting progressively more difficult.

"After lunch, we'll run by the house," she continued, "and see if I have anything in the closet that might fit you."

We turned into the tiny parking lot behind La Dolce Vita and parked. Heather unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress, revealing the tops of her creamy white breasts and quite a lot of cleavage. As she swung her legs out of the car she paused and undid the bottom two button of her dress, showing a bit more of her slender legs.

"Helps get a better table." she explained as we walked toward the restaurant. I wished that I hadn't been so big, as before I was pregnant I would have copied her.

Putting her arm through mine as we walked, I could feel it pressing against my boob. I could feel my sensitive nipple stiffen with the movement of her arm and wondered if she knew. Heather was so gorgeous, so sensuous and she seemed to be so different from her husband. Bob always gave the impression of being very straitlaced and formal. His wife was anything but!

As we entered the restaurant the maitre d' walked up to us.

"Ah! Mrs. Allison," he started, "so nice to see you again. I'm so sorry, will you mind a short wait?"

"Alright, Alphonse," Heather replied, "I need to use the little girl's room anyway!" and she marched off to the rear of the restaurant with me in tow.

Inside the ladies room, she pulled me in and locked the door. It was a small room with just one stall and a hand basin. I leaned against it as Heather turned toward me, unbuttoning more buttons of her dress.

"Victoria, there's something I must tell you." she said, unbuckling her belt and letting it drop to the floor. She pulled the top of her dress open wide to reveal a very sexy lace bra with a front closure.

"I..." She started very deliberately, "I...am a cow!"

"I feel like a cow." I said, patting my stomach.

She pulled a cotton pad from inside each cup and, dropping them on the edge of the sink, started to unfasten the bra. Pulling it aside, she revealed the two most perfect breasts I had ever seen, topped by nipples which I couldn't believe. They were almost an inch long and as thick as my ring finger. Her large aureolae were crinkly, dotted with Montgomery glands, and they were so large they covered an area about the size of the diameter of a coffee mug on the end of each breast.

"I am a cow," she reiterated, grasping each breast in her hands, "I am a milker!" she exclaimed, squeezing her breast hard and sending several jets of warm milk in my direction. I gasped in astonishment as she squeezed again, this time the jets of milk hit the wall.

"Ever since Natalie was born I have been making milk," she explained.

"I thought you couldn't get pregnant while you were breastfeeding." I replied.

"Old wives' tale," she countered, "I've been doing it since I was eighteen, that's over twenty-three years."

I picked up the pads Heather had put on the basin. They were damp.

"I wear those for two reasons," she told me, "firstly to soak up any excess milk, and secondly to hide the size of these."

She took the tips of her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and stretched them away from her body. If they were nearly an inch long before, they were double that length now, and drops of milk formed on the end. Releasing her nipples, she took one breast in both hands and turned the nipple up toward her open mouth.

She suckled herself for several seconds, then, releasing the nipple slowly through her teeth, announced, "Tastes good!' Stretching her breast toward me, she asked, "Want some? I've got lots. And I need to get rid of it before we eat."

She sensed my reluctance, but persisted.

"I would hate to see all this good stuff go to waste." she said, stepping closer.

I bent down toward Heather's proffered breast and could smell her milk as I know babies can. I took the long nipple gently between my lips and sucked. I was obviously being too gentle as Heather urged me to suck harder. I had the entire length of her nipple in my mouth, it felt like I was giving head to a small penis.

My stooped position was uncomfortable, so I knelt on the cold restroom floor. As streams of her delicious milk flooded my mouth, I felt Heather's hands caressing my boobs through the material of my shift. With deft fingers she quickly found my nipples and in seconds they were as stiff as they had ever been, I was finding the whole situation so erotic.

"Oh, my!" said Heather, "You do have delightful nips. I'm sure they'll get a lot bigger when your milk comes in and your baby starts to suckle them."

She continued to fondle my breasts, feeling their weight and gently massaging them as I continued to suckle at her breast. Then she suggested that I drain her other milk-laden pap and offered it to my eager mouth.

The taste of mother's milk is almost indescribable, so sweet, far sweeter than cow's milk, but not as thick and not as white. I understood immediately why both babies and adults like it so much.

I tried to take both Heather's nipples in my mouth together and suckled greedily at the increased amount of her creamy emission I could savor. But sucking on two nipples simultaneously had its problems as a considerable amount of milk was dribbling down my chin. When I felt it drip onto my clothes I stopped, and let both Heather's nipples slip from my mouth.

Taking a paper towel from the dispenser, Heather dried my clothes, telling me not to worry as mother's milk doesn't stain.

Taking one of her breasts in each hand she said, "Help me, Victoria, we need to empty these a bit more before we can go and eat."

Lifting a breast to her own mouth, she squeezed more milk down her throat. I took the other and squeezed and sucked until I thought there was no more left. She took it from me and put it to her lips. She sucked for a moment and then released it. "Just checking." she said with a smile, "I couldn't have gone out there as full as I was."

I realized that Heather had deliberately come to the office with milk-laden breasts in order that we could play out this little scenario. Perhaps Bob had set the whole thing up, with me as the unsuspecting player in the drama. If this was so, I really didn't mind as Heather was more than delightful and I was really enjoying her company and her obvious intense sexuality. It was hard when your stomach stuck out as much as mine did, to feel sexy, but Heather was managing to get me turned on in a way that I had never before experienced. Although I felt like a blimp beside her, I was sure that after the baby was born I would no longer feel that way, and I could be as svelte and sexy as she now was. There was a great deal about my own sexuality I could learn from this woman and I was determined to learn while I still had the opportunity.

Heather slipped her arms out of the dress and removed her bra completely. Putting it in her purse, she started to button her dress.

"Could you put the pads in the trash?" she asked as she buckled her belt. I did so as she looked at herself in the mirror and decided she needed more lipstick.

When she was ready, we sallied forth into the restaurant and almost immediately were met by Alphonse. He seated us in one of the booths at the rear of the restaurant.

"You favorite table, Mrs. Allison." he commented.

"Thank you, Alphonse." she replied, sliding into the booth.

I sat opposite her and we both started to look at the offered menus. Heather put hers aside almost at once saying she knew what she wanted. I was not familiar with the menu and continued to read.

"How is the swordfish today?" Heather asked the attentive Alphonse. It was plain she was a frequent and much-liked customer.

"Excellent, as always." he replied.

"Then I'll have it," Heather countered. "And you, Victoria? Made up your mind?"

"I'll have it too," I replied, unable to make up my mind.

The conversation over salad was easy, Heather making it that way in spite of the obvious difference in our ages. I looked at her as she spoke to me, every once in a while stealing a glance at her beautiful bosom. She was right, without a bra her nipples were easy to see, their outline causing a definite ridge behind the fabric of her dress. I am sure she was aware of my glances as she also looked me up and down as we talked.

"How long have you two been married?" she asked.

"Nearly six years." I replied.

"That's good," Heather said, "Bob and I were only married a little over a year when Natalie was born. I sometimes wish we had waited."

"Ron and I thought we had waited long enough," I told her, "but I really wasn't prepared for this!"

"We live and learn."

Our swordfish had arrived and the conversation was sparse as we ate. The wine Heather had ordered was a sweet white wine, perfect for fish and to my taste exactly.

"Would you ladies be interested in our dessert tray?" It was Alphonse.

"Just coffee for me." Heather replied.

"And me."

The coffee was there in an instant, with the cream and sugar a moment later.

"What do you take in you coffee?" Heather asked.

"Cream and sugar, please." I replied.

"Oh, good!" was her response. "Let me do that for you!" With one hand she quickly undid two buttons of her dress while picking up my coffee cup with the other. Holding the cup under her bosom, she glanced out into the restaurant. Assured that no-one was watching, she directed several jets of her own milk into my coffee cup.

"The management doesn't like this," she explained, "bringing your own food into the restaurant." We both laughed. "You have to be very careful too," she continued as she picked up her own cup. "You have to make sure all the milk goes in the cup, yet you have to watch out that you don't burn your nipple. It takes a lot of practice!" She directed a jet from the other breast into her own coffee cup and covered up.

"Of course you won't need sugar." She informed me. Buttoning up, she went on, "I had to do that! It only takes an hour or so for my milk to come in again and without a bra, I didn't want to walk out of here with big wet patches on my dress." Heather paid for lunch with the gold card and, leaving a generous tip, we left.

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