tagFetishMilk Club Ch. 03

Milk Club Ch. 03


I apologize to those of my readers who have asked for and waited patiently for the next installment of this story. I have no excuse. Here it is. I hope it will be enough until Part 4 comes out in a couple of weeks. Yes, really!


I sat down with a bump. It was all happening so quickly, but I was really excited by the possibilities. I wondered what Ron would think but then I remembered how he was when we met those two Jamaican guys at Hedonism two years ago. Of course he wouldn't mind.

"Is that all he will do," I asked Natalie, "Just rub my belly?"

"If that's all you want him to do, then yes, that will be it." She replied. "He is a gentleman and he wouldn't jeopardize his standing here by doing something silly." She continued\, "So you are going to stay and see how its done?"

"Well, I guess so, if Ron really won't be home till 9:30." I replied.

"Give him a call on your cell just to check," offered Natalie as she sat at the dressing table, inspecting her face.

"Oh no, I believe you. It's just that things are happening so fast I might be a little confused!

"I understand completely," Natalie replied, "but just relax, no-one is going to make you do anything you don't want to do. You'll be fine."

My boss had a guest house at the end of the garden, just beyond the pool. Natalie told me that was where she entertained her 'guests'. It even had its own entrance on a different street to the main house. Most of her customers were only given the guest house address.

I felt a little happier now, knowing that Ron knew where I was. I felt completely at ease with Natalie and Heather, perhaps the wine had helped a little!

"Do you think you are ready for a strange man to rub your naked belly?" Natalie asked me. I remembered the trip Ron and I had made to Hedonism again. I had to admit to myself there was a certain fascination with the idea of a sexual encounter with someone you didn't know.

"Yes, I think so," I replied, 'In fact I might even get quite excited by the idea."

"Excited by what idea?" Heather had showered and had come to find us.

"Victoria is going to meet Alan with me."Natalie replied. I told her he would love to rub her belly while he suckled from me and she has agreed to give it a try. But I think we need to prepare her a little more."

"In what way?" her mother asked.

"I think she would look and feel a lot better without all that hair between her legs, don't you Mom?"

"Well, yes," Heather answered, "I know we feel sexier and the men always seem to appreciate it. In your case it does draw attention to your long labia and I know how some men find that very attractive."

"Yes," said Natalie as I continued to sip my wine, "I have actually thought that I might get my labia pierced, you know, just a simple gold ring in each one. Then I could hold them open as I walked toward someone seated in front of me. What a great visual that would be!"

"Oh yes," said Heather. And I must admit the idea turned me on too.

"Come on Victoria," said Natalie, "Your demon barber awaits!" She preceded me into her bathroom and picked up a razor and some shave cream. "Sit on the countertop for me." She helped me and my distended belly get up on the counter and I spread my legs as far apart as I could. Heather followed us in and helped by taking one of my feet and cradling it in her hands. I leaned back as Natalie took a pair of scissors and expertly cut my hair almost to my skin. She gathered it up and asked if I wanted to keep any of it. I told her I didn't have a use for it. Then she put foam in her hands and after she had warmed it a bit, she put in on my mons. With expert strokes she soon had all the hair removed. She rinsed off all the reaming foam and got out several creams to apply to my now nude mons. She gave me a hand mirror so I could see the results of her handiwork over my belly. I do think my pussy is prettier without all that hair in the way. The first thing she applied was Royal Jelly, telling me this would prevent those ugly little red spots that often develop when you shave your pubes for the first time. I didn't tell her that I used to keep myself shaved prior to getting pregnant, but it was not something I could do now my belly was in the way.

"I need to find you something to wear." Natalie announced. While she went to her closet, Heather touched the lips of my pussy, gently parting them.

"You do have a very pretty pussy," she said, "I hope to be able to get to know it a lot better."

"Oh I think you will," I said, "I don't think Ron would object."

Natalie came back with a silk robe and a pair of marabou slippers. "Here, try this on, Victoria," she said holding up the robe. I slid off the countertop and tried on the robe. It looked a little small. And, sure enough, when I got it on it didn't even cover my belly. Heather took the sash and tied it around me above my baby bump. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked a little obscene. My breasts were covered but my belly was completely exposed.

"You look wonderful."Heather exclaimed.

"Yes, a mother-to-be in the prime of life." Natalie added.

"You can see my pussy as I walk!" I complained.

"Exactly!" the two women chorused. Natalie had also brought a robe for herself and she carefully tied the sash on hers to actuate the size of her very large breasts. Sliding on our slippers, we were ready to meet our public! I was still nervous and I told Natalie so.

"As I said before, sweetie, you won't ever have to do anything you don't want to do, I will make sure of that." she reassured me.

Heather had left the room and came back with two fresh glasses of wine. She gave them to us and we left through the French doors of Natalie's room and walked around the pool. Natalie opened the guest house and ushered me in. It was as big as the house Ron and I had!

"We'll listen to some music while we wait," Natalie said, "What do you like to listen to?"

"Oh! anything." I replied.

"Heavy Metal, Rap, Opera, Country........which would you prefer?" I knew I was being teased and Natalie wanted something more specific.

"Do you have any Acoustic Alchemy?" I asked.

"Of course," Natalie replied. I only have the early stuff, I didn't like much of what they did after Nick died." I had to agree, the tracks I listened to in the car were from their first half dozen albums. She found one, put it in the CD player and she started to show me around the house. We had just made it to the kitchen when there was a ring on the doorbell.

Natalie looked the clock on the wall. "That's Alan," she said, right on time as always. Now I haven't told him about you yet, so be a love and wait here while I tell him." She grasped both my upper arms in both hands and planted a big kiss on my lips. "By the way,' she added, you look gorgeous......good enough to eat!" and she was gone to answer the door.

I stood in the kitchen and took another sip of my wine. My glass was half empty but I was heartened by the sight of another open bottle on the countertop. I decided to top up my glass as I listened to Natalie tell Alan all about me.

"No, Alan, she is not lactating yet. Just a bit of colostrum," I heard her say.

"Will she let me touch her breasts as well as her belly?" Natalie answered for me.

"Yes, but this is going to cost you a little more. It's a rare treat, a pregnant woman."

"Would another $250 be good?" I could hear Paul ask.

"I think she might go for that." Natalie replied. Then she called to me. "Roxie, come and meet Alan."

She has forgotten my name, I thought and then I realized what she was doing. She didn't want a customer of hers, even a 'special' customer like Alan, learning my real name. How clever of her! I put my glass down on the countertop and walked out of the kitchen. I saw them both standing by the sofa about thirty feet from me. I stopped and put my hand out on the wall as if steadying myself. I moved one foot sideways exposing my rapidly dampening cunt to Alan's gaze. I looked at the distance between us and flashed back to what Natalie had said earlier about getting her labia pierced. I though this would be the perfect time to pull my labia apart and give the customer a show. I had already given him a bit of a show so I dropped my hand and continued walking toward them. I held out my hand palm down and Alan took and kissed it. He also pressed some paper money into it as he kissed. I gripped the money and realized I had nowhere to put it. I would have to hang on to it.

Alan was the perfect gentleman; he then asked if he could touch my belly. I think my thighs must have been wet by now because, in spite of my nervousness, I was very turned on by this whole scene. Natalie suggested we all get comfortable and sat down on the sofa. Alan lay on his back with his head on her thigh, her large breast already squashed against his face. Natalie fed her large nipple into his mouth and he started to suck vigorously. I could see the grimace on Natalie's face as she asked him not to be so eager, there was plenty of milk for him. He slowed down and I moved a little closer. I was standing between Natalie's legs watching Alan as he suckled. He reached up to my belly with both hands and lovingly caressed it. I could see the large tent that had formed in his pants. Natalie saw me looking and reached out an arm to touch it. Alan moaned as soon as she touched him. I tucked the money I still had in my hand under one of the cushions.

He stopped suckling and moved Natalie's breasts out of the way. "Mandy," he said, can I fuck you when I've finished drinking? I'll make it worth your while."

"We'll see," Natalie said. I made a mental note to call her Mandy if we ever did this again. Alan went back to her breast which was still giving him a great deal of milk. She was still rubbing his cock and he was pushing up with his hips to meet her hand. She decided to unzip his pants and get his cock out. I thought that probably meant she had decided he could fuck her. I leaned over to help her and ended up undoing the waistband of his pants completely to allow his cock out. I was delighted to see it was a large, thick cock with a slight upward curve to it. It looked to be a good eight inches, certainly longer and thicker than Ron's. I had garnered a fascination with big cocks ever since that trip to Jamaica.

Natalie caressed his cock gently, maintaining its firmness, but never getting him close to point of cumming. After a few minutes she said we should all change positions as she thought that breast was dry and Alan should suckle the other. I helped Alan out of his pants and he stood up. Natalie moved to the other end of the sofa so Alan could lie the other way and suckle on her other breast. We went back to our positions, and Alan continued to rub my belly. I knelt down so he could rub and fondle my breasts too. Natalie used her free hand to pull on my arm and draw me closer to her. I scooted as close as I could and her hand went to my now sopping cunt. She slid a finger in and then put it to her mouth, licking off my juices. She nodded toward Alan's cock and I realized she was giving me an invitation to play with it too. I wanted to play with it alright, but I really wanted to feel that big thing buried deep inside me, I wanted to feel its warmth and its size in my womb. I stood up and put my hand on Alan's cock too. He saw me reach over and moaned his approval from the fullness of Natalie's breast. His hand caressed lower on my belly and then he touched my thigh. My juices were running down my thigh and I am sure he realized that right away. He immediately started to feel for my cunt and quickly found my clit. He caressed with his thumb for a moment or two then slid a finger deep inside me. That was it! I had to have his cock inside me. I moved away from him and his hand waved around trying to find me. I kept firm hold of his cock and straddled him on the sofa. It was difficult with my big belly as I couldn't see what I was doing. I aimed his cockhead right at my cunt and lowered myself onto his cock.

I sat down on him as hard as I could, driving his cock deep inside myself.. It felt wonderful! I started to raise myself a little from his cock and then my own weight drove me back down on his marvelous cock again. I had not felt this full since Jamaica, it was wonderful. I wanted it to go on forever, but Alan had other ideas. He started to buck up to meet me and soon had his own rhythm of thrusts going, so I just held myself above him, enjoying his cock as he pushed up toward me. Soon those thrusts became shorter and I knew Alan was cumming. He continued to suckle on Natalie as he vigorously fucked me. He felt for my breasts and found them, tweaking my nipples, something I have always loved when sexually aroused. I could feel wetness around them and looked down to see little droplets of colostrum on my nipples and on Alan's fingers. With all the attention Natalie had been giving to Alan's cock, he was not going to last much longer. With a few hard and deep thrusts, he let go of Natalie's nipple and grunted as he came in my cunt. I wanted it to go on, I loved having his cock fill me, he was making me cum over and over.

As soon as he had finished leaving his load inside me, I raised myself up enough for his rapidly deflating cock to pop out of me, I stood up and instinctively squeezed mt legs together, I didn't want his sperm to leak out on the furniture or the carpet. Alan got up, retrieved his pants and headed for the bathroom. I picked up my wine glass and looked at Natalie. She was smiling, but didn't say a word. Alan came out of the bathroom, walked up to Natalie, pressed some money into her hand as he kissed her on the cheek and left.

As soon as the door was closed, Natalie said, "Wow! That was amazing!" I didn't know what she was talking about so I asked her.

"Well, first of all, how much money did he give you?" I felt under the cushion and retrieved three neatly folded bills, a fifty and two hundreds. "Look at this," she said triumphantly and fanned out another six $100 bills. "Between us we just made $850 in less than half an hour! I need to give you two of these." She handed me another $200. "That's fair, you get $450, I get $400. He only suckled my breasts, so you should get more," she continued, sensing I was about to protest.

"And I can tell by the way you are standing that you still have a pussy full of cum. We need to deal with that! I want to taste it, I love the taste of cum." Natalie lay on the carpet right in front of the sofa as she gave me her instructions."Just straddle my head and lower yourself slowly onto my mouth. Here, give me your hands and I will help you."

"But it will all run out as soon as I open my legs," I told her.

"I know," she replied, " I'll be ready." I took her up stretched hands as I lowered my bulk toward her. We must have looked like a pair of dysfunctional gymnasts as we steadied ourselves. Natalie adjusted her position underneath me several times as I lowered myself. She was the only one who could see what was going on. I could tell from the 'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs' that Alan's cum was dripping from my cunt into her waiting mouth.

After a minute or two all the cum that would have dripped out of me would have done so. Natalie lowered me even further so her lips could touch my soaking wet pussy. I was still very horny, the quick fuck with Alan was wonderful but it didn't completely satisfy me. She snaked out her tongue and touched my clit and I came immediately. She lowered me completely, my wide open cunt covering her mouth and chin. She licked and sucked greedily from my pussy, making sure she got every last drop of Alan's emission. In the meantime, she also gave me several more wonderful little orgasms. I loved the way she tongued me, she was just as talented as her mother. I could have stayed there much longer but I was afraid my big belly and thighs were suffocating her, I leaned over to the sofa and sort of fell off her.

"God, Girl! You have the sweetest cunt I have ever tasted!" Natalie exclaimed. "I could eat you forever!" I helped her to a kneeling position and hugged her, both our breasts mashed against each other. I could feel wetness developing between us as we hugged.

I guess it was the whole situation I was in that had made me a lot more brazen that I generally am. I had done things today I would never have dreamed of doing without the comfort zone my bosses family had provided. I wanted to taste Alan's cum too, so I told Natalie. Immediately we kissed, a deep tongue twirling lover's kiss. I searched the back of her mouth with my tongue to taste the traces of the cum she had sucked from my pussy. Mixed with it was the unmistakable flavor of my own cum, a taste I had come to enjoy ever since I discovered the joys of masturbation.

"God, you are a great kisser too!" Natalie exclaimed. "We are definitely going to see a lot more of you!" She peppered around my lips with lots of little kisses. "And we have some business to attend to as well." I looked at her questioningly. "Come on, lets go up to the house, Dad should be home soon." We took our wine glasses with us and walked out of the guest house. Natalie took my arm as we headed around the pool.

"Did you like fucking Alan?" she asked.

"Well, it was over too quickly," I replied, "I still need more."

"Generally I don't fuck my clients," she went on, "although I have with Alan a couple of times. I think he is pretty safe; he is married with a couple of kids. Just has a fetish for big breasts and breastmilk." We reached the house and Natalie poured more wine. "I want you to consider working with me when you have had the baby." she said. "You can work from here, just and Mom, Karen and I do, using the guest house or hotel rooms to see your clients. We generally don't go to their house or offices, unless they are very special and we know them well. Instead of driving to Dad's office every day, you could just drive over here and bring the baby. Between the four of us, there will be plenty of attention and baby care and gallons of milk!" She chuckled at herself. "You will take home cash every, or at least most days and you will spend most of the day with the baby. What could be better?"

Heather walked into the kitchen; obviously she had heard most of what Natalie had said.

"So what do you think Victoria? Don't you think it will be the perfect setup?" she said.

"What if I don't make as much milk as I ought to?" I asked.

"Well, first of all, your doctor said you would have enough for two. Here let me show you something." Heather walked over to me and took one of my heavy breasts in her hand. With deft stroked she soon had a small pool of my colostrum in her hand. She was milking me and it certainly felt wonderful. Natalie walked up and started doing the same thing to my other breast. After getting some colostrum on her hand she lowered her head to my nipple and just suckled. She was very gentle and it gave me a wonderful feeling all the way down to my rapidly moistening pussy. Heather did the same thing; these two well-endowed milkers were suckling at my breasts giving me these intense feelings in my groin. I closed my eyes as these amazing sensations washed over me.

I was suddenly aware of someone else in the room and opened my eyes to see Bob standing there. Like the rest of his family he was nude. I could see one of the reasons Heather had been so attracted to him, his beautiful cock. It was longer and thicker than Alan's, he kept his pubic area shaved like the women in his family and that probably made it look even bigger. He was uncut and as he watched the lascivious scene in front of him, I could see his cock harden and the head start to peek out from the folds of his foreskin.

I reached out a hand toward him and he walked up to me. I took his almost erect cock on my hand. God! It was huge and hard and hot! I had really never had a sexual thought about this man in the few months I had worked for him, but now I wanted that huge cock of his in my cunt.

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