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Millions Corrupt


They say power corrupts. They also say that money is power. I'm going to tell you that the correlation is true as well. Money corrupts.

I was in my early forties. I played the lottery on occasion and on one of these occasions, I won. I mean I WON! I didn't win a 9-figure jackpot; it was only 8 figures, but it was large enough that after signing for a lump sum disbursement and Uncle Sam taking his, I STILL had 8 figures. Well, I did until my wife of 22 yrs divorced me. She took her half and went to live in some art community. I was still financially set.

I called several different financial advisors and found four I liked. I started an account with each of them with a million and a half and told them I'd be evaluating their performance quarterly. While I wasn't the biggest investor for any of them, none of them was turning down the chance to manage a million and a half dollars. I told them that I didn't care what they did as long as it was legal and as long as my pile grew. I didn't EVER want to go back to work for someone else again. All of my financial managers performed adequately and my money steadily grew for the next six months so that I was able to live on the growth and not touch the principal even after they took their fees.

In the meantime, I finished writing a novel I'd started a few years before and was pleasantly surprised by its success. I bought a decent sport-luxury sedan and moved to a condo in Florida where I began to write a second novel.

I was in decent shape for my age. Let's be clear: I was maybe 15 pounds overweight for my 6 foot average frame and I wasn't going to be winning any bodybuilding contests, but I was in decent shape. I'd started losing my hair in my mid-30s and gave up on fighting to keep it. I shaved it all and grew a pretty decent VanDyke. I liked playing most sports: basketball, soccer, volleyball. I'd even been a coach and referee for all three at various times in my life. I was pretty active and wasn't ashamed to be shirtless at a beach. Which was a good thing in Florida.

It was September when the convergence of circumstances gave me an idea.

While on a trip to a nearby beach for the Labor Day weekend, I was sitting on my beach chair enjoying a novel by one of my favorite writers and watching girls go by. With no wife to berate me for ogling scantily-clad lovelies, I looked all I wanted. Oh, how I love bikinis! any color, any pattern, any size (but the smaller, the better). There were college girls strutting their stuff up and down the beach and some of them were certifiable hotties. The beach began to get crowded and soon two girls found the small patch of sand next to me and laid out their things.

One was a beach-bronzed brunette in a white slide top bikini that barely contained her lovely full tits and a pair of side-tie bottoms to match. She had black straight hair that was cut to just over her shoulders. She looked at me and flashed a brilliant smile,

"Beautiful day at the beach. What are you reading?"

I turned the book so she could read the cover.

"That's a good one! I love Richterman." she said.

"It's the first of hers that I've read. I like it so far." I said.

The other girl was a dishwater blonde about 3 inches shorter than the brunette. She was wearing a brilliant blue strapless tube top and a color-coordinated thong with string sides. Her top was nearly see-thru it was so thin. Her nipples were on display through the unlined material as she laid back on the other side of the brunette. The bottoms slid up and gave her a slight camel toe.

My dick enjoyed her show. It twitched in appreciation.

Both girls reached into their bags and pulled out bottles of tanning oil. The brunette poured the oil on her belly, set the oil on the towel beside her, and began to rub the slick stuff around her torso. The blonde dumped some oil on her chest and began to rub it in, sliding her hands over her top as she did. The oil caused the already thin fabric of the tube top to cling to her tits like it was painted on. Her nipples and aureolas looked almost bare. My attention was diverted to the brunette who was now running her hands under her top to oil her boobs. I caught her looking at me out of the corner of her eye as her hand (deliberately?) lifted the fabric of her top enough for me to see a nipple.

My cock was at half mast and I decided to read some more of my book before I embarrassed myself.

I read another chapter. The book was good. The scenery was better. I paused to watch the two girls coming back up from the water. They were stunning. The swimsuits did little to hide their charms and their tits bounced happily as they jogged back to their towels. The blonde smiled at me as she adjusted her top. She stood on the end of her towel facing me and with both hands lifted her hair off her neck. Her boobs rose within the confines of her top. It slid and she had to catch it. The brunette laughed at her predicament and looked at me to see if I'd noticed.

"Sophie's such a tease!" the brunette giggled.

"Oh, I don't mind a good show every now and then, teasing or not. Old guys like me have to be thankful for whatever we can get." I laughed.

Sophie laid down on her towel as the brunette dried herself, rubbing herself with a towel from her bag. The brunette dropped her towel in her bag and kneeled down on her towel. Like a cat stretching, she lowered herself to her stomach on her beach towel.

The day slid by and the beach started to empty. It was four o'clock when the girls started gathering their things. I thought it was probably time for me to go too, so I got up and got ready to leave.

"Are you girls local?"

The brunette laughed, "No, we're making the most of our last long weekend before school starts."

"Where do you go?" I asked.

"USF" They chorused.

"Are you staying nearby?" I asked.

"We hope so. We haven't gotten a room yet."

"Uh-oh, it's a busy weekend. I hope you find something." I said.

"You think we might not?" Sophie asked.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but this is a relatively small town and it's a busy weekend like I said. Why don't y'all look for someplace to stay and meet me for dinner just in case?"

"Dinner sounds good." the brunette said, "I'm Kelly, by the way."

"Okay, Kelly and Sophie, I'll meet you for dinner at the restaurant on the pier riiight...there" and I pointed it out, "Say, 6:30?"

"Perfect," they said.

I went back to my suite and straightened up a bit before taking a shower and putting on shorts and a polo.

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes ahead of time. I got a table and sat facing the door so I could see when Sophie and Kelly came in (if they did). They were about 5 minutes late, but they were in beach cover-ups. I stood and waved them over to my table.

"You were right!" Kelly said as they slid into the seat opposite me, "None of the reasonable motels have any rooms! We're going to have to sleep on the beach or in the car..."

"That's absurd! And dangerous. I can't let you do that! I have a suite down the road here a half a mile. I've got a couch and I imagine we could get a rollaway from the front desk..."

Sophie smiled coyly as she said, "I don't know...we don't even know your name..."

"Oh," I laughed, "I guess you don't...I'm Magnus Storm."

"MAGNUS?" they both asked.

"Yeah, a family name. Most of my friends just call me Storm, but I hate to lead off with that. It sounds kind of pretentious."

"What do you think, Sophie? Can we trust a guy named MAGNUS?" Kelly asked.

Sophie giggled and said, "Do we have a choice? It's that or go home. I don't want to go home, Kel."

"Alright, Mr Storm, we will accept your offer, but we insist on splitting the cost of the suite with you." Kelly said.

We ordered and ate dinner. We talked about the girls' majors and backgrounds. I told them about my divorce and about the book I'd written. Small talk mostly. When the check came, I picked it up and Kelly and Sophie protested sweetly that they'd pay for their own, but I told them it was my treat.

We went outside and I pointed out my car and told them they could follow me to the hotel. They got in their mid-sized Japanese sedan and we were off to my suite.

I could not believe my luck. I had two complete babes on their way to my hotel with an arrangement to stay for the long weekend!

We parked in adjacent spaces at the hotel and I helped them with their bags. When we got to the room, I opened the door and stepped back to allow them into the room first. They were pleased with the rooms. I walked to the middle of the sitting room and laid their bags on the floor.

I walked through the rooms turning on the lights and telling them where things were. Sophie said,

"I call dibs on the shower!" and she grabbed her toiletries bag and closed the bathroom door.

"We really appreciate you sharing your place with us, Storm." Kelly said as she plopped down on the sofa and grabbed the TV remote. She laid back into the sofa as she surfed the channels looking for something to watch. I went into the kitchenette to get somethng to drink. I offered, "Kelly, you want something to drink?"

I was surprised to hear her in the doorway, "What do you have?"

I turned to look at her. She'd removed her cover-up and had a beach towel wrapped around her. No straps were visible above the towel. "I have diet cokes and rum, but I doubt you're old enough to drink rum."

She reached up and untied the towel. She opened it to reveal a pair of perfectly-shaped natural tits. "Do I LOOK old enough?"

"I suppose you do..."

She laid the towel on the counter and reached for the glass in my hand. I gave it to her. She knocked back about half of the liquid in the glass and handed it back to me.

"I love rum-and-cokes." She turned and walked back to the living room. "It's a little warm in here."

As far as I was concerned, it was going to stay that way. Her tits were some of the most beautiful I'd ever seen. Soft tear-drops hanging just right on her chest. Her nipples were the size of half-dollars and had nubs like pencil erasers in the middle. Her tan was dark all over except for a small triangle of lighter skin just around her nipples. The effect was mesmerizing. I watched her ass as she left and wondered if I'd get to see more of it later.

Sophie came out of the bathroom followed by the steam the shower had generated. Her hair was wet and she had the bath towel wrapped around her. It was just long enough to cover her butt. She looked up to see Kelly parading topless through the living room.

"Ooh, you little slut." Sophie laughed.

She grabbed a hair dryer out of another bag and sat on the sofa as Kelly grabbed toiletries and walked into the bathroom.

I leaned out of the kitchenette and asked, "Sophie? You like a drink of some kind?"

"Whatcha have?"

"Rum and coke?"

"Hmm, are you trying to liquor-up two college girls, you dirty old man?"

I laughed, "Would it work?"

She said, "I'll take the rum and coke."

I poured her one and took it to the sitting room. She took the drink from me and held a finger to her lips. She walked to the bathroom door that was standing half-open. She turned and beckoned to me. I walked over to where she was standing and she pointed to the shower. The glass shower doors were wet and the ripples in the glass doors distorted her image slightly, but the image of Kelly turned me into an enthusiastic voyeur nonetheless. Sophie positioned me near the door frame so I could watch Kelly. Sophie looked around my shoulder and whispered, "She loves being naked."

"Lucky me." My cock agreed with me.

Sophie squeezed in front of me as she positioned herself to see through the crack in the door. The smell of shampoo and clean skin right under my nose was further exciting my little Magnus. I took half a step back as not to poke Sophie in the back.

Kelly shampooed her hair. She conditioned. While she allowed the conditioner to work, she soaped her tits, belly, ass and legs. I wondered if the carpet matched the drapes so-to-speak. Or...maybe no carpet at all...I love a smooth pussy.

Sophie turned her head to look up at me and I smiled down at her. She took the opportunity to push back into me. Her warm little ass cradled my upright member between her cheeks and she wiggled it back and forth.

"Ooh, MAGNUS suits you very well." Sophie cooed.

The shower stopped running and we hurried away from the door back into the living room. My cock was pushing uncomfortably against the front of my shorts. Sophie sat indian-style on the couch facing the TV causing her towel to part, flashing her pussy at me. She eyed my shorts and mimicked "Did I do THAAAT?"

I nodded. "You did, and I liked it."

Kelly came out of the bathroom topless in a red lace thong, a towel wrapped around her head. Those tits and that ass... I couldn't help the grunt of appreciation.

"You like what you see, cowboy?"

"I do. You have an unbelievably perfect body, and I'm pretty sure you know it."

Kelly laughed and took the end of the couch closest to me. She rubbed her hair with the towel and her tits bounced around on her chest like two puppies wrestling on a bed.

Not to be outdone, Sophie stood and took her hair implements over to her bag. With her back to me she bent at the waist and mooned me her pouty pussy lips framed by her two well-shaped globes. Having put the things in her bag, she held her position until she caught my eye and winked at me.

My dick was stone hard.

She slowly straightened, turned and sauntered over in front of me. She brought her hands to the towel and untied the knot. Sophie stood in front of me gloriously naked. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Kelly's but no less spectacular. She grabbed my foot and uncrossed my legs then hopped into my lap with her legs draped over the arm of the chair. She wrapped her arms around my neck and wiggled her ass against my straining cock.

"Magnus, I think we need to discuss the sleeping arrangements."

"Well, I thought I'd give the two of you the king-sized bed, and I'd take the couch..."

Sophie licked my neck, pressing her lovely tits against my chest. My dick tried to enter her pussy through my shorts.

Kelly stopped drying her hair and stood up. Sophie twisted in the chair and straddled my lap pressing her pussy against my cock as she pulled my polo shirt over my head. When the shirt cleared my head, Kelly had moved to the side of the chair.

She looked over Sophie at me and said, "We'll take the king-sized bed, but we'll share it with you."

"Come on, Sophe, let's take the man to bed."

I was enjoying the exquisite pain of the hickey I was likely getting and the warmth of nubile breasts mashed against my bare chest. I was momentarily disappointed when Sophie pulled back, though the view of Sophie naked with her legs astraddle mine were a new reward.

She slid off me and stood. The two beautiful girls held out their hands to me. I took their hands in my own. They pulled me to my feet and pulled my arms around them. We walked to the bedroom. I had a handful of tit in each hand. Kelly's hand was down the back of my shorts and Sophie's was down the front, her thin fingers wrapped around my cock, her thumb spreading my copious pre-cum back and forth over the bulbous head.

At the foot of the bed, Sophie moved in front of me and Kelly moved behind me to tag-team my shorts. Sophie popped the button and pulled the zipper and Kelly pulled on the cuffs. My boxers followed.

Sophie stood and crawled into the middle of the bed and laid on her back with her legs spread, inviting me to join her.

I knelt on the edge of the bed and laid face down in her shaved pussy.

I love to fuck. But eating pussy is a close second. Sophie pulled her knees up and spread her labia and I dove in. Her pink was delicious she dropped her head back to the bed and moaned her approval.

Kelly moved up to the top of the bed and propped herself up on the pillows. She positioned herself so I could watch her. She still had the red lace thong on and she pulled it to the sid to expose her pussy. She licked the fingers of her other hand and shoved the middle two in to the hilt. She watched me eating Sophie's pussy and rubbed her clit.

Sophie was leaking pussy juice. I shoved a finger in her and attacked her clit with my tongue. She arched her back and I was encouraged to shove a second finger into her box.

Kelly was jackhammering her pussy with her two fingers and pulling at her nipples.

I was massaging Sophie's g-spot and flicking my tongue on her clit. I reached up and pinched a nipple and she came, her abdomen heaving and her legs shaking. I crawled up over her and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth while she came down from her climax.

Kelly pulled me off of Sophie up to the pillows then straddled my face. I pulled her thong aside and shoved my tongue up in her already dripping cunt. Kelly leaned back and I had a great view of her tight stomach and soft tits above her juicy pussy.

I couldn't see Sophie, but she grabbed my cock and wrapped her slender fingers around it. Kelly was pushed forward as Sophie knelt beside us and took my dick in her mouth. Heaven. Eating pussy and having your cock sucked. I was in sensory overload. Cum was boiling in my balls—in a hurry to be blasted out in or on one of these babes in my bed.

Sophie slicked my cock with her mouth and straddled my hips. I was tongue-fucking Kelly as Sophie's pussy slid down my aching cock. It wasn't going to take long. Kelly was panting and rubbing her clit as I continued to thrust my tongue into her cunt. Her juices were dripping down my chin.

Sophie was fucking me with a slow grinding motion that promised to send me into orbit. Her hands came around and began massaging Kelly's tits. She laid her chin on her friend's shoulder and looked at me with a contented smile on her lips.

I began thrusting up into Sophie and we both knew the climax was near. Sophie turned to Kelly and whispered in her ear "Cum, you slut."

Kelly screamed and squirted girl cum on my face as she fell off to one side shaking.

I got a glimpse of Sophie's little body squirming on my dick and I lifted my hips off the bed and erupted inside her. I nearly blacked out from the intensity of the release. Sophie laid on my chest while my cock pulsed inside her and our combined juices leaked out from our joining.

Somehow, we crawled into the bed and passed out...

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