tagInterracial LoveMine Ch. 10

Mine Ch. 10


The rest of the guests entered the room in various states of undress. Narissa had a sinking feeling that she knew what was about to happen. Jake walked into the room with hands in pocket. He casually leaned against the wall while the guests eyed her naked body. "Touch what you want, except the pussy. That belongs to me. No kissing her mouth either." Jake instructed.

Before Narissa realized what was happening, hands were all over her body. She cringed, turning her head away only to meet with the icy stare of Jake's eyes. While some participants were finding amusement with the bound female in the center of the room, others began to make out with each other. This was an orgy! Oh dear lord, she thought to herself. Just when she thought that Jake could not be more depraved he sunk a little lower. She looked around the room. A couple was rubbing each other's bodies, while two women next to them were kissing.

Something that struck her as odd was a man standing in the corner of the room looking a little uncomfortable with the goings on around him. He looked at her with....what? He looked a lot like he felt sorry for her and Narissa turned away from that look, feeling embarrassed. The lustful glances she could stand, but the pity she could not. She felt ashamed enough as it was.

Narissa desperately wished that her body wasn't so responsive. The revolting Herb was sucking roughly on one of her nipples, while Olga was playing with her ass. Sally Depree sucked hungrily on Sergei's long rigid dick. Narissa closed her eyes as another participant, a female, began to suck on her other nipple. The attention that he body was receiving was heady.

Olga slipped a finger into Narissa's ass causing her to gasp. Jake often stimulated her asshole and she found it quite enjoyable. While Olga worked her finger in an out of Narissa's ass, a cock was being rubbed against Narissa's body. Her pussy was dripping wet and she so badly wanted to be fucked.

She looked over to see Jake still standing against the wall. His cock was hanging out of his pants and Sonny was working her mouth up and down on it. Narissa's heart plummeted. In some weird sense she felt betrayed. Why was Jake letting that woman do that to him? Although Jake's dick was hard, he seemed to be bored. As Sonny continued to fuck Jake's cock with her mouth, Jake watched Narissa, and she watched him right back. Narissa was so busy watching him, that she didn't realize that Olga had removed her finger. The finger was replaced by something much thicker and longer. Her anus was so wet from her cunt juices that Sergei's cock slid right in.

"Oh" she sighed. Sergei's cock was large, but not as large as Jake's. No one could fill her ass or pussy the way Jake could. "Fuck my ass please." She begged. She wished that her hands were not cuffed so that she could play with her clit. She wished that Jake hadn't made her pussy off limits. She wished.....that it was Jake inside of her. Sergei began to pump furiously into Narissa's ass.

Narissa was so hot that she felt that she would burst at any moment. Her tits were super sensitive from all of the licking and sucking. When Sergei's seed was shot up her ass, he was quickly replaced by Herb who had been eagerly waiting his turn. Herb was not large at all. He was actually on the small side but he pumped away at her ass with an intensity that made up for his lack of size.

When Herb hit her spot, she bit her lip roughly to stifle a scream. Narissa glanced over to where Jake stood. He had such a stormy look on his face that all pleasure that she felt was gone in an instant. Sonny was still working on Jake's cock, but Narissa could see the angry rise and fall of his chest. His nostrils were flaring and the look in those green eyes could kill. Narissa wasn't aware of it, but her bottom lip quivered in a pout.

Jake seemed to lose it at that moment. He shoved the unsuspecting Sonny away none too gently. He stalked over to the table and told Herb in no uncertain terms to get off. Jake then turned to Sergei and Olga who were screwing wildly on one side of the room. He spoke to them sharply and Olga rushed over and unlocked Narissa's restraints. When she was free, Jake picked Narissa up and strode out of the room with her.

"I wasn't finished!" Herb whined.

"What's gotten into him?" One man asked.

Sonny who had literally fallen on her behind glared angrily at Sally who was laughing at her in glee.

"Missed out again, honey?" Sally teased.

"Shut up you fat bitch!" Screeched Sonny.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Upstairs Jake took Narissa to his bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and fell on top of her. His mouth crushed hers. "You're mine." He growled fiercely as his tongue dove into the dark caverns of her mouth. Narissa was hot all over, even more so than she had been downstairs. Only Jake could make her feel this way.

"Please fuck me Jake." She pleaded, spreading her legs apart for him.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you alright." He answered, while ripping his clothes off, needing to feel her naked skin against his. When he was also naked he flipped her over and she instinctively went to her knees. Doggy style was one of their favorite positions. He rammed his cock into he wet box.

"Oh Jake!" She squealed in delight. His balls slapped against her round black ass. Jake fucked her like a man possessed. He grabbed a handful of her hair and with each thrust, he drove himself harder and harder into her cunt.

Narissa knew that her pussy would be sore in the morning, but she didn't care. "Fuck me harder." She begged, needing to feel him deeper inside of her. Only he could bring her to this height and in that moment she knew that she would never be free of him and she was no longer sure that she wanted to be.

"I'm coming!" He yelled, gripping her hips as he came inside of her. He turned her around so that he could pull her on top of him. 'I was so jealous watching them touch you angel." He said after catching his breath. He gently stroked her hair. Green eyes locked with brown. "You must know that I can't let you go." He said softly.

"I know." She leaned over and kissed his lips. "I don't want you to let me go." "You belong to me, don't you angel?"

"Yes." She answered snuggling into his warmth before drifting off to sleep.

* * * * * * * * *

Jake should have been ecstatic. Narissa was his and she had finally admitted it, so why did he feel so empty inside? The satisfying feeling that he thought he would have was missing. He left Narissa sleeping soundly so that he could make his lunch appointment with Tim. He left instructions with Olga and Sergei that Narissa could have free reign of the house. Narissa had been punished enough. A wave of guilt suddenly washed through him, but he quickly shook it off.

This led Jake to his next line of thought. Olga and Sergei. They were becoming a bit of a problem. He knew that the both of them overstepped their bounds at time, but he was getting fed up with them, especially in their handling of Narissa. That hand mark that had been on Narissa's face the night after the party had not come from him. He would never strike his angel in the face.

Tim had warned him about hiring those two, but at time, they had suited his needs. When he was looking to hire people to run his house, they were ideal. The background check revealed that the Chekovs defected from Russia due to unsavory business practices that got them in trouble with the KGB. When they came to America, they changed their names from Vladimir and Natalya Bolshoy to Olga and Sergei Chekov. Jake's detective was very thorough. They had been perfect. They would turn a blind eye to his practices and they shared a lifestyle similar to his. Now Jake wondered if he should fire them. It really wasn't their fault. They were who they were and he had known that from the beginning. It was just that they seemed to take more and more for granted the longer they worked for him

Tim was waiting for Jake when he arrived at the restaurant. The two men got down to business as usual. Tim gave the rundown and Jake listened half-heartedly. Jake didn't seem to notice the edge to Tim's usually easy going voice. "Jake are you okay?" Tim asked noticing his friend's distracted expression.

"I've got a lot on my mind I guess." Jake shrugged.

"Oh yea? Are you thinking up new ways to torture your sex slave some more?"

Jake threw his friend an icy glare. "Don't talk about Narissa like that."

"I meant no offense to her. Besides, I wasn't the one dragging her around with a leash. Do you know how degrading that looked? Is that your new thing now?" Tim asked. Tim had known Jake since college and the ladies had always flocked to his friend. They would do anything Jake asked them to do. Tim had never quite embraced Jake's lifestyle although he did occasionally attend a few of Jake's parties. He was a man after all, and after his divorce, Jake's parties were a way for him to get some action with no strings attached. Tim knew he owed his friend a lot. It was through Jake that he made such a comfortable living, but after seeing that naked girl in a dog collar and leash, Tim wondered if Jake had gone too far this time.

"She loved it." Jake finally answered.

"What the hell are you talking about? That girl looked miserable."

"Did she look miserable when she was being pawed and screwed in front of everyone?" Jake asked through narrowed eyes. Tim was such a pain in the ass, he thought.

'Yes. As a matter of fact she did."

"Oh? And you would say that someone begging to be fucked in the ass is miserable?" Jake sneered.

"Jake, what the hell is wrong with you? You never use to be like this. Yes, I saw her begging for it, but there was this look in her eyes. She looked so sad. I don't know where you found that girl but she's not like the other girls you've had before."

'I know and that's why I want her and she wants me too. Just last night she was telling me that she didn't want me to let her go." Jake bragged.

"Maybe so Jake, but did you have to humiliate that poor girl the way you did? The girl was eating from a goddamn dog dish and you let that flea-ridden mutt of yours eat from the same dish. The poor girl was crying for Christ sake."

Jake gave Tim a long hard look before he spoke. "Rusty is neither flea-ridden or a mutt."

"You are an asshole Jake Daniels. Have you no shame for what you're doing to this poor girl?

"That poor girl is living in the lap of luxury. She has jewels, furs, and she gets wined and dined in the finest restaurants. I would hardly call her a 'poor girl'"

Tim shook his head. Could this cold stranger sitting before him be the same man that Tim had thought was his best friend? "Jake," Tim began uneasily, "Sonny told me that Narissa told her about some strange kidnapping plot. Now, I know Sonny is not known for her truthfulness, but when I saw that girl last night.....What have you done Jake?"

"Tim, I don't pay you to probe into my life."

"Don't you dare grandstand with me you cocksucker. I'm also your friend. Is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"Don't play games with me Jake, I'm not one of your women. Is it true?" Tim demanded.

"It's not kidnapping if she wants to be there." Jake finally responded.

"That's not what I asked. Did you take that young woman against her will?"

"Will you go to the police?"

"No." Tim sighed heavily, not liking what he was hearing. "I wouldn't do that to you, but surely you must know that you have to let her go."

"Like hell I will. She is mine!"

"Do you hear yourself? She's a human being, not a toy. You may be rich but you can't have everything you want."

"She wants to be with me." Jake countered.

"Jake, we've known each other for over twenty years. Now as your friend, I am asking you to do the right thing. You have to let her go. Her body may respond to you but I saw the look in her eyes and the wounds on her back. You once told me that you never left marks. Why should she be any different when out of all the women you've been with, she's probably the least deserving of that treatment." Jake didn't answer. He stared sullenly ahead. 'Jake are you listening to me?"

'What do you know about it? This is the first time you've even seen her."

"I have eyes."

"She's mine.", was Jake's answer.

"I see. Well I guess this is it then."

Jake finally made eye contact with his friend. "What are you talking about?"

"You've finally crossed the threshold of insanity. You know, when you became interested in this lifestyle, I didn't think it was such a big deal. But when you acquired your wealth, you developed a God complex. At times you've treated me like I should kiss your ass every second of the day because you gave me this job. I am grateful and I show my appreciation to you by doing a damn good job. I'm tired of it Jake and on top of that, you've been using and discarding women since I've known you but now it's become much worse. I've kept quiet over the years out of respect for our friendship but this time you've gone too far. You've destroyed that girl. What's going to happen to her when you get tired of her? I've known you for a long time Jake, but I'm not going to sit back and watch your downward spiral into hell. You disgust me. Fuck you, and fuck your job. I quit." And with that Tim stormed off leaving Jake to pick up the tab.

Jake watched as his friend of over twenty years walked out of the restaurant and out of his life. Tim didn't know what he was talking about. How could he let his angel go when she belonged to him?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Narissa was worried. Jake had been gone for three days. She hadn't seen him since the night of his party. Olga and Sergei weren't much company. Every time they came near her, she would blush in embarrassment remembering what that had done to her at the party.

Her heart was torn. She wandered aimlessly around the house missing Jake but on the other hand she wondered how she could feel this way about him after all that he had done to her. Stockholm Syndrome perhaps? She had read about it once. Maybe that was it, but she didn't care. Her body craved his. Since he had been gone, she would toss and turn in the middle of the night rubbing her clit to relieve the ache. Where was Jake? She received the answer to her question the next morning.

Narissa woke up to find Jake sitting on the side of her bed. "Jake!" She exclaimed in excitement, scrambling to her knees and hugging him tightly. "I've missed you." She showered kissed all over his face.

He grabbed her and returned her kiss hungrily. His tongue explored the sweetness of her mouth. She tasted so good. "Good morning angel." He pulled away from her.

"Jake what's wrong?" She asked noticing his appearance for the first time. He was usually immaculate in his appearance, but this morning he looked haggard. He had four days worth of stubble and his beautiful green eyes were bloodshot. Jake caressed Narissa's cheek. She looked so beautiful, he thought in awe.

"Angel, I've done you a disservice."

"What are you talking about?" Narissa's heart sped up. She knew whatever he was about to say, she wouldn't like.

"I'm letting you go." He said softly.


To be continued...

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