tagNonHumanMistress of the Fey Ch. 02

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 02


Brianna was still lying naked and hurt on the hilltop when Marian found her. Only she was brave enough to look for her friend up there, while the men searched more obvious places in the forest and, especially, anywhere outside of it. Marian suspected no one really cared for Brianna as she did.

Osgar, Brianna's father, clearly blamed his daughter for his wife's death during childbirth, and for that he never really cared for her. Brianna was not the most beautiful or the hottest girl in town, but that lack of protection made her ideal for any lustful disrespect, even abuse. She had, of course, six brothers, but they too put some blame on Brianna, and either took advantage of her or simply did not protect her from others.

She was, however, attractive, or they would have found other ways to punish her for simply being the ideal underdog. Her body was merely small, she was thin, her breasts were beautiful though they seemed smaller than they were, her waistline was gracious, her ass, finely drawn. Most men would dismiss her as skinny until they took a look at her butt, and it made them hunger for her body.

Marian was closer to the ideal beauty of the time. She was brunette, which was very unusual around those parts. She was big: 6'3'', 160 lb. sinfully distributed, and each of her tits seemed to have the size of her head. Brianna was very jealous of her friend's body, and the opposite was also true. Marian saw no advantage on being seen by every man and woman around as the perfect breeding wife. But she did take advantage of her size, beating up everyone who got in her way, being feared and respected by the boys since she was a child.

However brave she was, Marian was shocked with fear when she saw Brianna completely naked lying on some old rocks, on the hilltop. On her chest, just between her tits, Marian saw the strange symbol the forest creature had burned on her friend's skin. Neither of them paid much attention to the ramblings of Friar Theodore, but she remembered that symbol as something diabolical. The cursed site, the strange disappearance of her friend, and now this. It was all too much to ignore. The devil had to be behind all this.

None of that stopped Marian from helping Brianna. She would not be a coward like those loathsome men from the village. She took Brianna with ease from the rock where she had stood still for hours.

Feeling her muscles move again was very strange, but Brianna felt protected by angels when touched by Marian's warm soft breasts as she was cuddled by her savior. Marian took Brianna in her arms, putting her own cloak around her fragile friend.

"You'll be alright" Marian repeated trying actually to calm her own self.

"Marian?" Brianna finally spoke when they were reaching the forest to go downhill, "I had a dream."

"Come now, honey, it's alright," Marian tried to press her more tightly against her body, fearing Brianna's apparently frozen skin.

"Mommy thanked me," she said softly, "she said they needed me, and I was brave to give myself to them."

Marian immediately thought Brianna was hallucinating after being attacked. This time, they seemed to have ganged up on her, those cowards! Was one of Brianna's brothers involved in this? Marian kept her anger for later, though. Her sole concern for now was to take her friend to safety - to some place she could warm Brianna back to life, if that was still possible.

— —

When Marian got back to the village, no one seemed to know how to react. There she was, with Brianna on her arms, coming from the accursed hilltop just as she said she would. More than that, Brianna was obviously naked under Marian's cloak. Who was to blame for that? Their first answer was Brianna herself.

Although it took most of them only seconds to place blame on the victim, the violent look from Marian's eyes kept their mouths shut. By themselves, no one would cross Marian, who seemed to have developed a murder lust while she came back from the forest wondering what had really happened to her dearest friend. Marian held the whole village responsible even without knowing what happened, while they managed to hold Brianna herself responsible.

Coll came right out in front of the small mob formed by everyone who tried searching for Brianna. He was a young, strong man of 30, blond with a dispersed beard and cold blue eyes. There was an animal quality to his whole demeanor that few men around would challenge. Marian, however, was a known match to him.

With Coll was Osgar, his father, whose fighting spirit dwindled after his wife's death, 19 years ago. His eyes popped from his face showing he spent most of those years drinking. His most threatening aspect was the clear marks of battle he still wore proudly. This was a man who knew war intimately. Old age and drunkenness did not seem to have conquered him completely.

Right behind them was Friar Theodore, a slim redheaded man whose wit and discourse had conquered allies among the most savage souls of his flock. He married piety and malevolence in just the right way to maintain his status as the religious leader of the village, mastering in practice what the Holly Church had bestowed upon him in theory: the divine mission of shepherding those souls.

They placed themselves as if Marian had the moral duty to explain what happened before making any attempt to put Brianna down and attend to her properly. This infuriated Marian even more. There could be no words for the utter disrespect she felt for her own village, so she just kept walking. One by one, they felt her silent anger, about to burst into uncontrollable violence if tested, and they gave way.

Marian asked her own mother, Kyna, to take care of Brianna. They had some differences between them, and her friendship with that poor girl was one of them, but she knew her mother would not turn a blind eye to anyone in need.

Her house was similar to that of Brianna's, as were most of the houses in the village. It was, however, significantly smaller. There lived Marian, Kyna, Gilmore (Kyna's senile husband) and Jack (Marian's much younger brother, who was about to turn 9). In there also lived their two goats. Just outside, on the back, they had some chickens and rabbits.

They laid and covered Brianna in Kyna's bed. The mother felt the girl was now feverish. As they tried to figure out what had happened in order to know how she could help, people were gathering around Osgar and discussing the whole situation. They were pretty sure none of them had done anything to Brianna, and they all saw how fast Marian had found and brought her back, so she could not be blamed for anything. But did Marian do anything the night before, having no trouble to find Brianna now and bring her back? It seemed unlikely, for everyone knew how much they loved each other. The whole discussion only made stronger the more ominous possibility: something unnatural happened on the ancient ruins of the monastery.

Eventually, Friar Theodore came to Kyna's home. Both women welcomed him with a disapproving stare, which made him question everything he had just discussed outside with the others. There seemed to be no doubt in the women's eyes that someone, probably a whole gang, had raped Brianna and left her to die in the forest.

"What happened?" he asked, staring at Brianna and avoiding Marian's cold look.

"Now you want to know that?" she towered over the thin priest, "never before?"

"What are you talking about?" the Friar looked at her from the height of his respectful title.

"I'm talking about every time you ignored what they did to her," Marian came walking to him with her breasts thrown up, which had the effect a man would get from a muscular chest plus an intimidation by embarrassment: it's impossible to ignore such big breasts from a tall woman. Marian then aggressively pointed at Brianna, "Look what it came to!"

"You're making very serious accusations, young girl," the Friar responded unafraid. "Who are you accusing? Or is this just the ramblings of a woman?"

"I'll show you my ramblings," she yelled, lifting her closed fist.

"Marian," cried Kyna, "control yourself!"

The daughter obeyed, and tried to calm her heart again.

"We discussed the events of this night," the Friar came back to his point, "and found no one to be in the woods with Brianna since yesterday morning."

"No one is responsible?" Marian asked with scorn, "Why am I not surprised?"

"No one did this!" The Friar insisted, "but obviously something did!"

"What the hell do you mean?" asked Kyna.

"Precisely!" Theodore had a sad smile to the irony he saw on her language. He turned to Marian and asked "did you not find her on the forbidden ruins of the monastery?"

Marian had no answer. She was shocked the men from the village were about to blame ghosts for their lustful crimes.

"You expect us to believe some dead nuns came back from the dead to rape Brianna?" Marian was about to strike him.

"I expect you to know your place!" Theodore took a step back and opened the heavy curtain that served as the house's front door. "Let them take her to the house of the Lord!"

In came Osgar along with all his six sons. Marian put herself in front of Brianna.

"She needs praying, Marian," Friar Theodore explained.

"Relax, Friar," intervened Coll, with a smirk, "I think Marian wants to play."

She knew she couldn't contain all seven men alone, not if she wanted to protect Brianna at same time. The Friar would not be a threat in a fight, but even he could lift Brianna up and take her as Marian tried to manage all the rest. And Osgar, this morning of all times, seemed to be sober. Maybe he really cared for Brianna deep down, and her disappearance had kept him away from alcohol since he woke up.

"I want no trouble in our house," Kyna stated, for Brianna's brothers as much as for Marian.

"She needs help, not praises to God," her daughter argued.

"You blasphemous whore!" cried the Friar, although still not coming one inch closer to Marian.

"I took a good look before, Marian," Kyna said very calmly, "I don't know what happened to her save from signs of what you already guessed. But they would not be here facing us nor searching for her during the whole morning if they were really to blame."

"If not them, who else?" cried Marian.

"You have no right to hold my daughter hostage," Osgar finally stepped up, "Let me take her to the house of the Lord, and if there is anyone to blame but the Devil, we'll find out!"

It was strange to hear Osgar's sober voice. Marian could sense nothing but true concern in it, so she let them pass. Coll was still mocking her with his eyes. She faced him the whole time, eager to set straight all their long lasting hate for each other. He was the one who caught Brianna up, and he provocatively kissed his sister's forehead right in front of Marian, before leaving through the back entrance, heading for the church.

— —

Coll felt how hot his sister was through the thick cover he had kept around Brianna when he took her out of bed. Soon he was eager to take his own cloak off, as if they weren't in the middle of the winter. He was vividly aware of her skin, the only softness he enjoyed in life, was right underneath that wooly blanket.

His sister looked so fragile, sweating and moaning, her pink lips slightly apart. Coll was viscerally aware she was in fact naked, and he had never desired her more. He felt like taking her in the middle of the village, in front of everybody. Then he suspected something unnatural had really happened to her. He had always desired her, even their brothers could not deny they knew it, but she was never so intoxicating before.

That evoked his sense of property. Who, ghost or not, had taken his sister, that soft tender pale body that belonged to him?

Revenge kept his lust in check just long enough to get her to the church. His brothers stayed behind, either trying to talk to Marian to find any clues about what happened or simply avoiding Brianna's presence. Perhaps they felt she had just shamed and disgraced their family.

Only Osgar and Theodore accompanied Coll to the church. Just when they got inside, Brianna moaned a little louder. They could not tell, but she felt a strange discomfort, one strong enough to wake her up a bit. She looked around and saw the blurred vision of her brother. She got scared and tried to move, but she had no strength yet. Through the effort to get rid of his arms, so feebly he didn't even understand her intention, Brianna's eyes moved about.

She would never have guess that this was the church she knew since she was born. All she saw were simple paintings on the wall showing a man with his bare chest, strong soldiers and pleading, kneeling women. It looked as if they'd continue to tear the long haired man's clothing, revealing his skinny but muscled body, and the women seemed eager to blow the soldiers.

Her brother passed by a statue of a woman with her belly and breasts visible under her carved on her garments, a beautiful hood delineating her gentle face. She imagined the naked body under her clothing, before realizing it was the same image of the Virgin Mary under which she prayed when she was little and believed in her power.

She couldn't understand what was going on, but images of the night before came back to her. She remembered the fire, the deer, and the voice she took as her mother's. She could feel the nuns grasping her whole body and that demon cumming fire inside her. Suddenly, she was aware of her body, and then she knew where her pain came from. Since the moment they stepped inside the church, she was burning from her low belly down to her cunt. Something was suffering inside her, and she felt the only way to stop it was to get out of that sanctified building.

Brianna began to fight harder for her freedom, and Coll could not contain her anymore.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked, half to his sister and half to the other two.

All her energy went to her arms and legs. She was unable to speak and push at the same time, so she'd only mumble her desire to get free from there, but not one of them understood her.

"Hold her, Coll," Osgar complained, coming closer.

"Here," intervened the Friar, "put her on any bench."

As they did so, laying her body right under the Virgin Mary's gaze, Coll tried to contain her upper body, while Friar Theodore got a hold of her ankles to dominate her legs. As soon as he touched her, the Friar felt a forgotten pleasure: he immediately was turned on. His cock came to a full hard on, and he felt as if anyone could see it, even though Osgar was completely worried with his daughter's state and Coll had her body and his own arousal to focus on.

"Control your sister!" the Friar cried to Coll, "there's no way I'll manage to hold someone so young and strong!"

Friar Theodore had to get up and lose her legs, worried sick about the effect she had on him. Coll almost lay on top of her whole body in order to contain it, but she was already getting tired and giving up on fighting her strong brother, half aware of where she actually was. Brianna gave out a cry, a weak cry, and then lost her mind in exhaustion again. The strange thing that hurt her inside and needed to get away from the church was also draining most of her energy.

The Friar was now sure that she had accepted an unnatural relation with Lucifer during her disappearance. He was eager to get a hold of himself before taking any action or saying anything else. Still, his mind could not forget the touch of her ankles and his cock still seemed about to explode.

"Do not let her do or say anything if she wakes up," he told Osgar and Coll while grabbing a cloth and shoving it inside her mouth. He then stormed away to his chambers.

Now on top of his sister, lusting even more for her, Coll could barely wait to get rid of his father and be alone with her. It took effort not to fuck her even with Osgar right there. He put his hand on top of Brianna's mouth so the cloth would keep gagging her, but this dominating gesture made him sweat in excitement.

"Father," Coll spoke with his eyes fixed on Brianna, "please, find the others and tell them she's not waking up."

Osgar looked at Coll, relieved. His son couldn't notice it, since he was intently containing himself, but Osgar was also afflicted by the strange and supernatural lust that took hold of both men who had touched Brianna. This lust was not as violent on Osgar as it was on them, but he was slowly getting anxious. Her body seemed to be subtly teasing him, though he knew not how. Osgar was not aroused yet, but he could sense and fear his own desire growing for his daughter. When Coll expected an answer, he saw his father merely turning away and rapidly walking down the aisle and out to the village. The door slammed shut behind Osgar.

Coll leered at Brianna, fragile and powerless. He could finally savor it. Trembling in anticipation, he helped her blanket slip open, revealing her tight bosom. He had always thought that, beautiful though they were, her breasts could be a bit bigger, but the strange thing was that now they did seem fuller. It could not be, and actually looking at them they most certainly weren't, but Coll could not dismiss the fact that his desires seemed to have been granted. Her tits were more attractive now than ever.

He touched them, felt them in his hands, played with her hard nipples. They were never like this when he had fucked her before. She was never aroused by him. There was only resistance, but this time there was no response at all from his sister. He had her. His hand slid down her body caressing her, leaving Brianna completely naked as he brushed the blanket aside. When he came down to her cunt and touch her, he could feel immediately the strong scent from her pussy, as she got completely wet from the most subtle touch.

However, it also made a strange mark appear. On her chest, right in the middle, between the top of her breasts, he saw a five-pointed star. As it revealed itself completely, he was drawn in by the image. He had seen that symbol before. He could remember clearly the last time it happened: there was one star like that among his mother's effects when he helped his father burn everything that belonged to her and throw out whatever resisted the fire. He was eleven years old when she died, and he still remembered the time before that, when she offered a simplified explanation for the item. She said it was God and Goddess joined together, the whole meaning of like.

Coll had no time to think about it, for it was immediately followed by a female evanescent form lifting herself from his sister, as if her spirit became independent from her body. Only the ghostly form he saw was clearly someone else. Her firm big tits would put Brianna to shame, her stomach was strong, her neck was delicate, her hair was of a strange green shade and flowed down to her knees.

Coll got up and drew the dagger he had with him, as he felt the whole church suddenly become icy cold. The strange woman smiled to him, as he lost himself in her green shinning eyes, which seemed to emit a thin fleeting vapor. She was translucent no more, and she was completely naked, a more perfect body than he had ever imagined. She walked confidently towards him as if he was unarmed. The woman actually stared at him like one would face a scared mouse. He did back down until he hit the base of the Virgin Mary's statue. The creature smiled defiantly at the female figure and then faced Coll again.

He was a violent 30 year old man, one who spent most of his life in battle or taking violently, not only Brianna, but other girls from the village who had no strong brother or cousin to protect them. Not to mention when they had plundered enemies and raped their wives. Even so, Coll felt like a virgin when this strange spirit said to him "I see it, boy."

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