tagIncest/TabooMom & the Neighbor

Mom & the Neighbor


My mom would be standing by the balcony for a long time watching me gardening, downstairs. She was a house wife who had grown a little plump. She had big boobs one could make out as she stood at the balcony they hung down. Her ass was big and round. It looked so juicy. I used to wonder everyday at the same time she would come into the balcony from her bedroom. At times she would have a pained expression and sometimes her eyes would be closed.

I was to join my new job after my graduation and this time I spent gardening. I remember the time when I was in the garden. I thought it was a good time to go drink water as all that digging had made me thirsty. I was planting a new hedge. I didn’t look up just slinked away from under the view from the balcony.

I went into the house from the back straight to the fridge, got the water, gulped it down fast and was about to return out when I thought it would be good to peep down from the balcony to see how the newly planted hedges looked. I came up to the door to my parents room, the balcony was on the other side. I was stunned to see what I saw.

My mom was standing as usual looking out form the balcony. Our neighbor, Mr. Kumar was kneeling down behind her. He had picked up my mom's sari and pulled down her panties which were lying bunched up at her feet. My mom had her legs spread, Kumar had his hands on her ass cheeks and his face was buried in her ass crack. The sari was resting on his hands where he was holding on to her ass cheeks. He was pressing her ass as he licked her ass and cunt running his tongue all over her crack. He would pull up the sari time and again as it fell on to my mom's ass.

All this couldn’t be seen from down as the balcony was more than waist high. I had seen Kumar come and go into our house as he was our neighbor and would always come to ask for things. My father also knew and would always get angry when he came, he used to say this guy should buy his won stuff sometimes instead of borrowing from us. And now he was borrowing my fathers wife too.

Kumar was busy licking my mom's cunt, from where I was standing I could see my mom gripping the balcony wall very tight. Her legs were spread and her milky fat thighs had Kumar's saliva dribbling down. Kumar moved back a bit and shoved his finger into her cunt hole. He was finger fucking her, he would take out his wet finger and insert it into her fat ass hole. He did this a few times till he had his whole finger buried into her ass which he made wet with her cunt juice and his saliva.

While all this was going on it wasn’t as if my mom wasn’t participating in the action. She would push her ass out more so he had more access to her cunt. I guess he was also missing squeezing her big tits but then that would be too dangerous. Now the time had come for her to get fucked. Kumar moved back and unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock. His cock was big and black, he was having a hard time as he had to bend down so as not to be seen and then he had to reach my mom's cunt too. I think he had a lot of practice as after a short struggle he came up behind her.

My mom jutted out her ass and with one had held her sari to her waist. Kumar get a good position and started rubbing his cock into the wet slit. When he had got his cock head wet, he slipped into her waiting cunt. Now I couldn’t see my mom fully as he covered her but she was wide enough for me to see that Kumar was holding her fleshy waist as he thrust his black cock into her meaty cunt. I was so shocked to realize now that as I saw my mom standing in the balcony everyday actually she was getting fucked. And no one would even suspect that she was getting a cock into her cunt while out in the open. Very clever indeed.

Kumar meanwhile was going slow with his thrusts as they didn’t want to have too much shaking and grinding I guess. After a while of fucking her cunt, Kumar pulled out his sticky wet cock from her dripping pussy. He then shoved his cock into my mom's ass, I couldn’t see it but she let out a painful groan as he shoved it up her ass.

He now started fucking her wildly, holding on to her waist for support. After a few minutes I saw Kumar’s ass clenching. It was time for him to shoot his load. He certainly did, he rammed his cock into my mom for the last time and just held it there till all his cum was into her ass. He had cum into my mom's ass. He bucked and shook as he emptied his balls into her. He waited there till his limp cock plopped out of her ass. He then sat down to dress himself up, my mom was still holding her sari up, she didn’t want to soil it with is cum. I saw the cum dripping down from her ass, there was a lot of it.

Now was the time to run. I moved back still wanting to see more but it would be bad to get caught. My mom while holding her sari moved back a bit form the balcony and went straight to the bathroom. Kumar was all dressed up and he sneaked out from the back door. I went into the other room and then after Kumar I too sneaked out to get back to the garden. I would always take a break from now on. It is good to quench your thirst.

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