tagIncest/TabooMom Goes Down Ch. 03

Mom Goes Down Ch. 03


Ronnie and Walt had seen enough. For the last hour or so they had watched Bianca and her children go at it like rabbits. Both of them needed to get in on the action.

Ronnie wasted no time.

"Biancaaaaaaaaaaa, oh Biancaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Ronnie was taunting the broken woman that continued to suck on her daughter's enormous lactating breasts. As she heard his calls, she was terrified that the thug would rape her. She'd do anything instead of having to endure that. In fact, she'd rather stay on her daughter's boobs than have sex with that man. Unfortunately for her, she had no say in the matter.

Ronnie grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her to the middle of the living room. She was screaming, begging him to stop.

"Please, you've done enough. I'll do anything. Just don't rape me! Please, I'm begging."

Ronnie wasn't in a sympathetic mood. "Sorry bitch. The only thing you'll be begging for is my cock."

With that, Ronnie took off his pants and Bianca saw his massive penis. It was huge, even bigger than her son's. There was no way she could handle him. Ronnie didn't give her much of a choice. With one thrust, he stuck his cock into the woman's overly moist vagina.

Bianca couldn't believe the size or girth of his cock. "ARRGH! AHHHHHH!"

The poor woman thought Ronnie was going to rip her in half. Ronnie continued to pump, faster and harder. The harded he fucked, the more Bianca's massive boobs flopped around on her chest. Bianca didn't know how much more she could take. She was not going to let this man know how good it felt to have him inside her.

Ron soon began to taunt her..."oh yeah, look at those heavy hangers! you like this, don't you momma!"

Bianca's body was once again betraying her. She never imagined feeling so good. Once again, any sense of shame or pride she may have recovered was quickly leaving her body. Years of pent up sexual frustration were leaving her body. She didn't care that her daughter and son were watching this. She didn't care that this man had destroyed her life. All she wanted was to for him to fuck her harder.


Ronnie began to laugh at this woman's downfall. "Sure thing you fat slut. Looks like you've learned your lesson."

With that Ronnie pulled his cock entirely out of her sopping pussy and slammed it back in with all his might. He shot load after load of his seed into the woman's hairy pussy. This was more than she could take. Bianca's eyes rolled clear to the back of her head. Her mouth was wide open and her body literally went into convulsions. The orgasm was so powerful that her toes curled. It was by far the most intense feeling she ever experienced.


Bianca had lost complete control. Julie had stopped sucking on her brother's cock in order to take in what was happening. This was the same woman who had put her down for years, insulted her, mocked her. Now she was on the floor, spread her eagle, her fat tits sagging down to her stomach and this piece of trash made her body explode. All Julie could do was smirk.

Ronnie wasn't done with Bianca. He climbed onto her stomach and shoved his massive cock in between her soft, fat tits. Bianca laid their limp. She was nearly unresponsive after the way he had banged her. It wasn't long before Ronnie's seed was sprayed all over her heavy hangers. Her boobs were covered in cum.

Julie was extremely horny. Watching her bitch of a mother degraded like this turned her on. She turned to her little brother.

"Whaddya say, Sean. Want another crack at it."

Sean had long since lost his self-control. His sister gladly spread her legs and he stuck his penis into her drenched pussy. The feeling was unreal. She clenched her brother's ass and pushed him further inside her. He leaned against his sister's massive tits and fucked her for all he was worth. Julie made sure her mother knew what was happening.

"Mmph, Mommy, Sean has some cock, doesn't he. Look at him fucking me, Mommy!"

Julie's taunts cut throw Bianca. The sight of her children having sex killed her but she was helpless. After all, she had used her son's body as a playground, who was she to tell them to stop.

Ronnie had finished with her but Walt needed a turn. Bianca's pussy had no problems taking on the less-endowed brother. Walt quickly went to work on the poor woman. He grabbed hold of her massive breasts and filled her with his seed. Bianca once again climaxed and thrashed her head about the floor.

Ronnie stood there mocking the woman. "Wow, I guess white trash turns you on, huh, you big titted sow!"

Ron then proceeded to stick his enormous cock into her mouth. Bianca nearly gagged on it but she knew she had to get him off or face the consequences. She closed her and worked her tongue up and down his cock.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Suck that dick. Oh man, you're a dirty bitch."

Bianca hated herself for what she was doing. Ron's insults actually turned her on even more. She sucked harder and faster. The man soon exploded in her mouth. He held the woman's head down so she was forced to swallow his cum.

"Suck it whore!" When he was finished, he hit her in the head with his enormous penis and roared with laughter.

Bianca laid there. Tired, depressed, humiliated, scared. She thought this was the worst things could get but it was only starting for her.

Julie approached her mom. Bianca thought she would try to console her. How wrong she was.

Julie was filled with hate. "YOU BITCH! This was your fault. You got me and Sean into his. You have to be so god damn mean to everyone! That's why these two did this! I HATE YOU! You think you're perfect!"

The girl grabbed her mom by the hair and slapped her across the face. Walt and Ronnie roared their approval in the background. Bianca could not believe this. Her daughter's slap stung on her face. Julie then threw her mom onto the couch. Bianca's boobs hung from her body.

"If you just treated people like human beings, none of this would have happened!"

Bianca was genuinely afraid of her daughter at this moment. Luckily for her, Walt and Ronnie wanted a piece of the busty girl.

Ronnie had to get that big ole ass. "SHUT UP! Stop your complaining and give me that ass!"

Ron grabbed the girl and dragged her to the center of the room. He positioned her doggie style and took hold of her hair...

"you can thank your bitch of a mom for this too!"

Ron slid his cock into the girl's pussy. Julie's eyes opened wide. She couldn't believe how big it was. It didn't take long for Julie to enjoy what was happening.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, yes, that's it."

She bucked her hips as Ron slapped her fat ass. It jiggled like jelly. Julie closed her eyes and licked her lips. She was loving this. And best yet, her mom was being forced to watch.

Bianca lay on the couch, her pussy being fingered by Walt...her own son back to licking her breasts.

She wanted to die.

And then..."Honey! I'm home!"

Her husband walked in.


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