tagIncest/TabooMom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 02

Mom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 02


Two days later, I received a text from Lisa asking me to come over the next day. I replied that I will try to make arrangements, as it was the day before I was going home and that I would let her know later.

Later in the afternoon, I texted Lisa and told her I could make it around noon time for a couple of hours. She replied with a big smile in her text.

I arrived at Lisa's and she greeted me with a big hug and kiss. I asked her what was going on for the welcomed reception she gave me.

Lisa sat me down in the living room and couldn't thank me enough for having sex with Jessie. She continued by saying that her relationship with Jessie has been exceptional since then. She then went on and told me that the two of them have been inseparable in bed and a whole new world opened up to the both of them.

I smiled and told her it was my pleasure. Just then, Lisa called Jessie into the room. I could not believe my eyes as Jessie came in wearing only a smile and nothing else.

Jessie walked over to me and took my hand and, as I got up, Lisa got up and held my hand and they took me to Lisa's bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom, I saw that Lisa set up a camcorder. I asked her about it and she smiled and said she was going to give me the disc of us as a Christmas gift.

They then sat me on the edge of the bed and put me between them. They both started undressing me while kissing me.

As Jessie was removing my clothes, I was removing Lisa's clothes and in a short time the three of us were naked on the bed.

We laid back on the bed, my cock standing straight up. Jessie started sucking my cock as Lisa kissed me.

Lisa whispered in my ear, "You like my daughter? Isn't she a good cock sucker? You going to make her a slut like her mom?"

I whispered back, "I am going to make your daughter a slut, just like I did you. You want me to do that, don't you?"

Lisa continued, "Yes, I want her to be just like me. I want to watch her getting fucked by two guys like you did to me. I want her to do everything you've made me do."

Just then, Jessie got on all fours, with Lisa joining her. I knelt behind them and lined up my cock to Lisa's cunt first. It didn't take long before I was pounding her cunt.

I could see Jessie playing with her mother's swaying tits. I pulled my cock out of Lisa's cunt and slid it into Jessie's cunt, which I started pounding.

Lisa managed to get on her back and started sucking her daughter's nipples. As I watched, I told Jessie I was going to cum. As I rammed my cock in her, she was fucking me back. I finally exploded in streams of cum filling her young cunt until it oozed out and down her thigh where Lisa started lapping it up.

I fell to the side completely spent.

I then watched as Lisa moved her mouth to Jessie's cum filled cunt. Lisa was sucking out my cum from her daughter's cunt as Jessie was writhing in pleasure.

When Lisa was finished, she mounted her daughter and ground her pussy into Jessie's. It didn't take long before both women were having multiple orgasms.

After the two of them finally finished, I joined them on the bed. Lisa and Jessie sucked on my cock and balls together. It was wonderful having mom and daughter pleasuring me.

As Lisa continued playing with my cock and balls, Jessie asked me, "John, how did you get my mom to do all these things?"

Lisa stopped for a second and told me to tell her everything, then went back to my cock and balls.

First, your mom loves to pose for pictures, as you know. I know she sent you some of her from the nudist resort. Your mom is an exhibitionist.

As I hugged Jessie, I told her how it all started.

Jessie, "I met your mother online and after several chat room talks, we decided to meet. We eventually wound up in a motel where we fucked. After a few meetings, we realized we had a lot in common. When I retired I moved to Georgia while my wife stayed in NY. Your mom visited me often for some great sex. One day I asked her to join n me at a nudist resort. We went and she went topless, then got naked so she could use the hot tub. Eventually, I moved to Florida and my wife stayed in NY. Your mom came down a few times and we went to a nudist resort there. Your mom took to the nudity."

Jessie said, "Is that where she did a threesome?"

I responded, "No, that came later. I met a guy and asked if he wanted to fuck your mom and he said yes. Your mom was reluctant but said she would do it for me. I made arrangements and we stayed at his house for a weekend. This was your mom's first mfm threesome. She did two more after that with other guys too."

Jessie asked me, "Why did you want my mom to do them?

I told her, "Jessie, your mom is really a sexy woman and I wanted to see her get fucked by others. I enjoy watching another guy's cock slip in and out of your mother's cunt and watching them cum on her. I love watching her blow other guys too."

I told her, "Now, Jessie, if you want to be like your mom, that is what you have to do. Is that what you want?"

Just then, I told Lisa I was going to cum. She started jerking my cock faster and just as I was cumming, Jessie placed her mouth near my cock as my cum shot up and into both their mouths.

We all relaxed and I looked at Lisa and said, "Lisa, is that what you want for your daughter, to be like you?"

"John," Lisa said, "if Jessie wants to be like me, that is fine. I trust you that you will guide her along like you did me. There is nothing wrong in enjoying sex and you have opened my eyes to a lot of its pleasures."

I looked at both of them and told them I would make Jessie like her mom.

I told them that my wife was going to be in NY for the first two weeks in July and I would make arrangements for them to come down and we could stay at the nudist resort for five days.

They both agreed and once we set the dates, I told them that we would have a great time.

Then, the three of us fucked one more time before I had to leave.

On the way out, Lisa gave me the disc of our get together.

I saw mom and daughter in an embrace as I left.

Look for Chapter 3

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