tagGroup SexMom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 04

Mom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 04


With a couple of hours to go before the party, Lisa and I sat Jessie down and told her what to expect.

We told her the first thing she will have to do is have sex with anyone that is chosen and it must be done on front of everyone.

Then, usually, she will be escorted to a room to wait for people to have sex with her, men and women and she can't refuse anyone or any request.

Again, later she will be put on display in the main room and is expected to fuck everyone in front of all the guests.

We told her one thing she must do is have sex with her mom in front of the group.

We told her that if she ever wanted to stop, just say "chocolate" as the safe word and we would stop everything.

With that, we finished our chat and got dressed and ready to go.

It wasn't long before we got to Diane's house. Diane welcomed us in and introduced us to the guests. Some of the guests we already knew from the previous parties we had attended.

After a short time, Diane got everyone quiet and introduced Jessie to the group. There were at least five couples there who welcomed us and Jessie, in particular.

Diane told everyone that this was a very special night because it was the first time a daughter of a member was going to be performing for the group in hopes of being accepted into the group. Everyone applauded.

The first thing Diane told Jessie to do was to undress. With that, Jessie unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was now standing in her bra and g-string. Within a minute, she unsnapped her bra and allowed her tits to fall out of their confine. She threw her bra to one of the male guests. She then slid her g-string off, revealing her smooth pussy. She handed her g-string to another male guest. She was now completely naked in front of everyone.

Several guests came to her and felt every part of her nakedness then went back to their seats.

Diane told the guests to get naked as the party was going to start. All the guests got naked and ready. Lisa and I joined in and removed our clothes as well.

As Jessie waited, Lisa pointed out that Jessie was already wet as she saw evidence of it on her thigh.

Then Diane called Lisa up and told her to get on her back on the rug. She told Jessie to make love to her mother. In an instant, Jessie was on top of her mom, grinding her pussy into her mother's.

Then Diane told me to fuck Jessie's ass as mother and daughter were doing 69.

I knelt behind Jessie and lined my cock to her asshole and started slipping it in her ass. I could feel eyes watching.

As Jessie and Lisa were eating each other, my cock was now fully inserted in her ass. I started fucking her tight ass, picking up the pace with each thrust.

The guests started chanting for me to cum in her ass. In no time, I told them I was going to cum and then I shot my cum deep in her ass.

As soon as I stopped cumming, a male guest got up and replaced my cock with his. In no time at all, each male guest took turns fucking and cumming in Jessie's ass.

Cum flowed out of her ass and into Lisa's mouth as the two kept at it.

Finally, both mom and daughter exploded in orgasms and Jessie collapsed next to her mom.

Everyone voiced their satisfaction of Jessie's and Lisa's performance.

Diane helped Jessie get cleaned up and after a short rest for Jessie, she was ushered into a room with just a bed. Jessie was told that guests would be coming in to be serviced by her.

Lisa and I knew that Jessie would be safe in that room as it was basically a room to fuck newbies in.

While Jessie was in the room, Lisa and I saw guest after guest enter and leave, even though we were fucking other guests.

At one point, Lisa had a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and she was jerking two other cocks. I knew it was going to be a sight when they all shot their loads all over her.

Just as the guys were about to cum, Jessie emerged with a smile on her face. She gasped when she saw Lisa on the floor with all those cocks.

She watched as the five guys all exploded at almost the same time, either filling her cunt and ass and mouth with their cum and cum shooting all over her tits and face.

I pulled Jessie to me and asked her what she thought of her mother now.

Jessie looked at her cum covered mom and said, "John, my mom is amazing. Now, more than ever, I want to be like her. I want to do everything she does. I want to thank you."

I called Diane over and said, "Diane, after the guys rest up, Jessie wants to put on a show. She wants all the guys to do to her what they just did to her mom. This will be her first time with more than one guy.

Diane looked at us and said, "John, so far Jessie has been terrific. Everyone that went into the fuck room, came out pleased and satisfied. I am sure she will do well just like her mother just did. However, before she does that, she will have to come with me and the other women for a cleansing."

We both told her that was fine and Jessie went off with Diane as I watched the five women follow them.

As they left, Lisa came over and was pretty much cum free. I told her that Jessie was going for a cleansing. Lisa laughed, knowing what Jessie was in for.

About fifteen minutes later, Jessie entered the room sopping wet from head to foot. She came over to us and told us that she had to lay in the hot tub and each woman stood over her and peed all over her. She said it disgusted her at first but after the second woman did it, the wet warmth felt good. She said that she even drank from Diane as she squirted her pee right into my mouth.

Lisa smiled and said she went through the same thing but didn't say anything to her because she didn't know how she would react. Lisa then hugged and kissed her daughter.

Diane called Jessie to the floor and told the men that Jessie never had more than one man at a time and she wanted to change that tonight and to make her mom proud of her.

She continued by saying that Jessie would like all the men, including me to come up and to give Jessie what she wanted and would remember forever.

I went to the center of the room and laid on my back. Jessie straddled me until my cock disappeared into her cunt. She leaned forward and one of the guys slid his cock in her ass. She leaned back and another guy stood in front of her and she managed to get his cock in her mouth. Then she started jerking off two other guys.

Lisa watched with a big smile on her face.

It didn't take long before the men started saying they were cumming. Then, each guy started shooting their cum in her ass and mouth. My cum filled her cunt and was dripping out of her and onto my cock.

The guys she was jerking off shot their loads on her tits.

She finally fell off to the side. Lisa went over to her and kissed and hugged her.

By now, it was late and the party broke up. Diane said that Jessie is welcome anytime and that she was just like her mom.

The three of us got dressed and headed back to our room for some much needed rest.

Look for Chapter 5

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