tagIncest/TabooMom Named Barbie Ch. 17

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 17


Chapter 17 - Son discusses mom's slut activities at the party with her

Getting Barbie dressed was no simple task either; he had to put her jeans on her as well as the sweater with little help from her. She slept the entire two-hour drive home. At her apartment she knew she needed to talk with Jay about the party but she just felt too bad, all she wanted to do was sleep.

Barbie remembered some of what happened after midnight, but her main concern was not so much about what he had seen, because she promised she would no longer hide anything she did from him; what she feared most was Jay's reaction to actually witnessing her allowing her body to be used sexually like the horny slut she is.

Jay could see the anguish on Barbie's face; he knew this was not the best time to address his concerns about what had taken place the night before. Jay could see she felt too bad physically to endure any emotional distress should the conversation turn into an argument. He just sat with Barbie on the couch until she fell back to sleep.

Her pussy had just barely recovered from being fucked, for the first time, by her son and rough sex after getting drunk in a bar the week before, thinking back the pain she experienced between her legs then was nothing compared to what she was feeling now. She was so sore that when she went to the bathroom it hurt to touch her pussy; it would still be red and swollen four days later.

It was late afternoon when Barbie woke again; she was not particularly surprised to find Jay gone. She was feeling better physically but still not 100%. After a long soak in the tub wondering what Jay's thoughts were about last night, Barbie called to see if he wanted to talk hoping he would answer his phone.

"Hi Jay, this is Barbie."

"Hi Barbie."

"I wanted to call and see if you are ok?"

"I am doing alright. How are you feeling?"

"Much better, thank you. We haven't had a chance to discuss last night; I think we need to talk."

"I agree, but I don't want to do it over the phone."

"I don't either, do you want to come over; or me come over there?"

"Not this evening, I have some things I need to do; I was thinking dinner tomorrow night, you can come here around 5:00."

"That would be great, should I bring anything?"

"Just you is all."

"Jay... Are you sure you're ok? Are we ok?"

"I'm fine; we will talk tomorrow, ok?

Barbie was hoping to get more information from Jay on his feelings about what she did at the party; while she agreed it would be better to talk face-to-face waiting until tomorrow afternoon gave her nearly twenty-four hours to worry, coming up with numerous conclusions for what Jay was thinking, none of them good. If it were not for still being exhausted from her activities the night before Barbie would have not been able to sleep.

The next morning Barbie felt much better physically, but emotionally she was a wreck dreading having to talk to Jay; she feared she had hurt their new relationship yet again. How much disappointment from her could she realistically expect Jay to tolerate? Her stomach was in knots she had worried so much, she needed to eat but just the thought of food made her sick.

The weather was cold, too cold for a dress; she did not feel like dressing up anyway. But despite the way she felt she knew she was expected to wear appropriate clothing to match Barbie's persona. After putting on makeup she pulled on a fashionable pair of jeans that fit snug on her hips and ass, next was a red and black checked flannel shirt leaving buttons unfastened well below the cleavage between her large tits. To add some spice to the outfit she went to her 'whore' closet for a pair of red pumps with five-inch heels.

Looking in the mirror Barbie felt she was dressed adequately, there was just so much a woman can do in winter to look attractive. She picked up her car keys, drew in a deep breath and left her apartment. Her fear of not knowing what to expect with Jay had her wanting to cry, but she fought back the tears knowing they would ruin her makeup.

She nervously knocked on the door at Jay's house, but when he answered she was stunned when he gave her one of his affectionate tight hugs and along with a kiss on the lips. To her surprise he did not seem upset at all; ironically his mood seemed to be quite the opposite. He led her to the kitchen where the table was set with salads, baked potatoes, and he was just taking steaks off the grill outside. Barbie was confused, this was not what she had expected at all; why had he gone to so much trouble to prepare a nice dinner when she had assumed he would be angry with her after her conduct at the party.

Jay placed a sizzling piece of filet on the plate in front of her; he had even been considerate enough to make sure her portions were appropriate for her. But despite his thoughtfulness Barbie was still too worried about their relationship to eat, she felt she needed to know if the beautiful meal was basically their last meal together.

"Jay, I need to ask you something before I can eat. Are we ok? I mean this is not your last meal with Barbie is it?"

She did not know how to react when Jay laughed, should she be angry, hurt or insulted that he found her very serious question so amusing.

"Barbie, we are ok, I love you and I think you are wonderful. Now eat before your food gets cold; we will talk more after dinner, we are fine, I promise."

What? That was probably the last answer she expected to hear from Jay. He acted as if she had done nothing wrong, that there was no reason for her to be so concerned about their relationship. Well, at least this had relieved her enough to eat, but the way he responded had her more confused than before she asked if they were ok.

Now it was Barbie's turn to help Jay with the dishes after the meal at his house, she was not only returning the favor but was also anxious to find out his opinion of what happened at the party. With the dinner dishes in the dish washer Jay offered her a drink but she was not ready for alcohol after so recently overindulging New Year's Eve; with a glass of tea they went to his living room to talk where they would be more comfortable.

Finally, Barbie hoped to find out Jay's thoughts on her actions the night of the party; as well as his reason for laughing at her question earlier. She could not wait any longer to begin asking the multiple questions she had for Jay.

"Jay, why did you laugh at my question earlier, I was being serious; after what I did at the party I was genuinely concerned about us."

"Barbie, I laughed because of how worried you were about us, while your concerns have some merit, it was so like you to let your anxiety blow those concerns up into something much more than they actually are. I have some questions about what happened too; while the rationale behind your actions could be considered debatable I don't feel our relationship was put in jeopardy the way you do."

"But Jay, you were there; you saw what I did; although I am not sure how much you saw, I feel sure you saw enough. How can you so easily forgive me for what I did?"

"Barbie, there is really nothing to forgive you for, technically you did nothing wrong."

"Now I am very confused Jay, I gave two men a blowjob, then had sex with three other men; all five of them were practically strangers. How can there be nothing to forgive?"

"Because for me, it is fairly easy; Barbie, do you remember the discussion we had outside, after your little performance on the dance floor?"

"Yes, and that is one of the reasons I am so worried about us. I broke the promise I made to you, I promised everything I do will be to please you, I am only allowed to be a slut at your request; otherwise I am to control my urges. And if I feel I am losing control I am to come to you. I feel that right after I made those promises I immediately broke those same promises."

"Well, if you feel you broke your promise that is definitely something we need to talk about. But loosely interpreting what I said that night, you didn't do anything wrong; allow me to explain. We will address each point of what you just said together.

You agreed that everything you do will be to please me, right? So what is it you feel you did that wasn't to please me?"

"I acted on my urges for selfish reasons; I let the slut in me control my actions."

"Ok Barbie, think back to our discussion outside; we agreed I like the fact that you are a slut, right? So I am ok with what you did; actually we agreed I was encouraging you to be a slut. Essentially what you did was what I wanted you to do; so it was to please me."

"I didn't look at it that way; I still think that is stretching what you gave me permission to do."

"I know that is stretching what I said; but nevertheless, your actions can be loosely interpreted as being within the boundaries of what I expect from you."

"Wow Jay, I'm not so sure if the situation was reversed I would be so understanding, but thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, I don't feel I was thinking about you when I did all those things."

"That's not the point, I didn't say you were required to always think of me when acting on your slut tendencies, what I asked was for you to come to me before you acted on those tendencies; I said your actions were to always be to please me. And I agreed I encouraged you to be a slut and that is what you did; so how can I feel you did something wrong when you only did what I encouraged you to do."

"You're really giving me a lot of leeway by saying that; I guess all that is left for me to say is thank you."

"I guess I am, but you are still learning; I recognize this is new for you, new for both of us. In the future I may not be so understanding, remember that."

"I will Jay; and thank you."

"Your second point, that you are only allowed to be a slut per my request; I have already partially addressed that when I stated we agreed I am not only ok with you being the slut you are, I want you to feel free to be yourself. We've already agreed I encourage you to be a slut."

"Again, that is stretching what I think you actually meant."

"Yes it is, but the truth is, you did not do anything I didn't agree I am encouraging you to do. Now, your third point; where you said if you felt you were starting to lose control to your urges you promised you would come to me."

"Yes Jay, I did. I promised anytime I felt my urges were taking control I would come to you. I would only act on those urges per your request, with your permission; and I don't remember doing that."

"Barbie, actually you did do all of what you just mentioned."

"I did?"

"Yes, again it is loosely translating what I said. Do you remember what you whispered in my ear before you went with Jim over to the crowd around the table?"

"Yes, vaguely; I think I said something about the slut wanting to come out and play."

"Right; and do you remember what I said?"

"Mm, not exactly."

"I said 'so let her play'. So, as for you coming to me when you felt your urges taking control, when you told me 'the slut wants to come out and play', you did what I had asked you to do."

"Seriously, you're giving me credit for coming to you when I felt I was losing control to my urges by simply saying 'the slut wants to come out and play'?"

"Yes, how else is there to interpret it? You told me what you were feeling and I could have said no, but I didn't did I. Just the opposite, I basically gave you permission to act on your urges, I said it was ok for the slut in you to play."

"I never thought those few words had such a huge impact on what I did and what you were actually saying. I didn't see them that way; and again, I am not so sure I would have given those few words so much meaning had the roles been reversed."

"Honestly, when I gave the slut permission to play, I never expected it would go as far as it did; but without stating any limits there was pretty much no restrictions on what you could or could not do."

"So, you're saying I did too much and you regret not putting limits on what I could do?"

"No, not really, I said I never expected things to go as far as they did, not that I had regrets; and I am saying perhaps had I known what could happen I would have added some boundaries. Let me ask you a question; do you regret anything you did?"

"Yes, a little, not so much because of what I did, more so because I was afraid I had hurt you, I was afraid I had hurt our relationship. I admit, what I did was pretty extreme; but when I was doing those things it was what the slut in me wanted to do. It was actually a fantasy I have had when the slut in me takes over; I had always wondered what it would be like to be part of a group scene, where I am a slut with multiple men I didn't know."


"Exactly? What does that mean?"

"I am saying that is exactly what it was, living out a fantasy. While I had never thought of that specific fantasy before the party; while watching I realized I was witnessing a fantasy come to life. But it was not only your fantasy; it was a fantasy for me too."

"Really, how so?"

"This may sound twisted, but I had never given that particular fantasy much thought until that night, I had no opinion one way or the other about that type of fantasy; I had only read stories about guys enjoying seeing their wife, or girlfriend, having sex with others. Not emotional sex mind you, not making love, but their partner being a slut; watching her losing all inhibition, letting herself go, enjoying sex for the single purpose of having sex for physical pleasure."

"Yes, that is pretty much what it was; and you're saying you are ok with that?"

"If you had asked me how I felt about it before it happened I would most likely have answered differently. But now that I witnessed it; yes, I am saying I am ok with it. Truthfully I am more than ok with it; I actually enjoyed it very much."

"Jay, I never expected this response; I fully expected you to be mad at me, that you would hate me for what I did."

"What happened was new for me, and I think we need to talk about what is expected, from both of us, should we be in a similar situation in the future; but no, I don't have a problem with what you did sexually at the party. I also want to add, I know how you are when you get horny and the slut comes out; you need to have sex. And until the night of the party I had stated we were just friends and sex between us was not necessarily an option; while I didn't say it wouldn't happen, I didn't say it would either. So, considering you were at the point that night you needed sex it would have been wrong of me to expect you not to do anything; especially after I basically gave you permission to play."

"Wow Jay, I can't believe it; all I can say is thank you" and she gave Jay a tight hug.

"You might want to wait before you thank me" Jay laughed. "I have a question, and it is referring to a time in our past I said I didn't want to go; but after what happened I think I am not out of line for asking."

"Ok, Jay, I told you to feel free to ask me anything and I would answer as honestly as possible."

"When you and dad were married, did you ever do anything like this? Were you and dad ever willingly involved with others in either a threesome or something else similar to what happened at the party; where either of you knew what the other was doing or possibly even watched the other having sex with someone else?"

"Jay, what your dad and I did is pretty much none of your business; but, I promised I would answer anything you ask. The answer is yes, it wasn't something we did on a regular basis; but we did have sex with others while your dad and I were together. With permission of course, we weren't sneaking around. The only time I had sex with someone else without Sam knowing was when we were separated."

"I was wondering, you seemed too comfortable having sex with guys you had no emotional connection with not to have done it before. Was it just you that had sex with others, or was dad involved too? Was it a threesome, another couple, or a group thing like at the party? Was it arranged or spontaneous?"

"Jay, I don't feel comfortable discussing my sex life with your father; I really don't want to go into detail. Please don't make me answer your questions, I will tell you anything else you want to know; but not this, please?"

"Barbie, I am not asking you to go into detail; you're right, that is none of my business. What I am asking is for you to tell me about your and dad's involvement with others while you were married; especially your involvement. Your refusing to answer could change my whole perspective of what you promised me; you promised I could ask anything and I don't think asking about your involvement with others sexually when you and dad were married is inappropriate, especially after what happened at the party."

"Damn-it Jay, why do you have to always be right? It only happened a few times, and looking back, probably if it had happened more we would have never separated. It started when we went out to eat with a couple we had been friends with for years, alcohol was involved and the other wife and I probably had too much wine. The conversation became sexually suggestive and I guess I fell for the other couples alternate intentions. It turned out the other couple had been swingers for years and we never knew it. You do realize the New Year's party we went to was a swinger's party, right? I recognized it almost immediately when I saw how the other women were dressed."

"I wondered what was going on, with me not having ever been to a party like that, or never having been around swingers; I simply thought it was a 'wild' party like the guys at college had said."

Barbie laughed "Well, that's what it was; you took me to a swinger's party!"

Jay also laughed "Well damn!"

Whether they ever go to another swinger's party would be a topic for another discussion.

"Back to what I was saying; the other husband had always been very flirtatious with me, and it was no secret he found me attractive. Your dad felt the same way about his wife; she was a bottle blonde, short but with breasts just as large as mine. Your dad was not so open about his opinion of the other wife; it was only something discussed just between the two of us. I wrote it off as innocent flirting; it is natural to find someone other than your spouse attractive; whether you act on those feelings and how you act on them is the difference.

Anyway, they asked us to go back to their place for more drinks. We played a board game that was popular at the time that requiring teams to draw pictures and their teammate guess what it was, I was partnered with the other husband and the short blonde was your dad's partner.

At their house the other wife was openly flirting with Sam same as her husband was doing with me; and since it was their home she went and changed, putting on a loose fitting short t-shirt with a slit cut down the front showing a lot of cleavage. She had also taken her bra off; all she had on was the t-shirt and thong panties. With her being short Sam couldn't help but look down at her tits while we played the game.

The rest of the details aren't important, but there was a lot of intimate touching and I ended up in their bedroom with the husband and Sam and the short blonde went to their guest bedroom. We spent the night at their house; after each of us finished we returned to our respective partners.

Of course I enjoyed it being the slut that I am, and Sam said he had a good time too. We talked about it with both your dad and I agreeing no harm had been done to our marriage; we wouldn't actively seek out others to have sex with but we agreed if the opportunity presented itself again we weren't opposed something happening.

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