tagIncest/TabooMommy's Panty Boy Ch. 04

Mommy's Panty Boy Ch. 04


(I meant to complete this chapter a couple of years ago, then got distracted. But, finally, here it is. It contains both mother-son and mother-daughter activity. New readers might want to read the first three chapters to see how the major characters got this way. This chapter, like chapters two and three, will be told by Alisa. This is also a very long story).

After mom and I had had sex with each other a few times, I told her about my friend Janet and her son.

"So would you like to meet them?" I asked her. "I know they'd love to meet you. I've told Janet at work how sexy you are and her eyes lit up. She's having a party at her house this Saturday and is really hot to introduce you to her son and to all the fun stuff they do."

"Of course I'd love to, honey, but you know your sister is coming home from college this weekend so that's going to kind of tie our hands."

"Oh, don't worry about sis," I said. "I bet she's as horny as you and I are. But I'll talk to her first and see if she might be up to something like that. You just leave Alice to me."

Alice is 18 and in her first semester at college. She's freckle faced, a tad shorter than I am, and even flatter than mom and I, if that's possible. After she came home that Friday night I began talking to her about sex. Asked if she was dating anyone. "No." Asked if she ever got horny. "Yes, my girlfriends and I talk about it all the time."

By Saturday morning I was asking her how she masturbated and what she thought about when she did it. It didn't take me long to figure out that sis's mind was as dirty as mine was, though she was terribly inexperienced having been fucked only once by a guy and never having tried a girl—though she admitted to have masturbating about it a couple of times.

"Say, Alice?" I said after I had figured her out.


"This friend of mine at work is hosting a hen party tonight where everybody dresses up real sexy, and then we all kind of model for each other and compare outfits and all that. And maybe there might be a porn movie or something, and maybe lots of dirty talk. It'll be lot's of fun. Mom and I are going and you're invited too."

"It does sound like it might be fun, but with mom along . . . ."

"Oh don't worry about mom," I said. "She's cool. Real cool, you'll see." I purposely didn't tell her that mom and I had been having sex, nor did I tell her about Janet's son and about how wild this party was going to get. I wanted to leave a bit of a surprise for her. I wanted it to shock her and then see what happened.

After an early dinner we all got dressed and then mom drove us over to Janet's. We had all decided on going with the "little girl" look, beings that we were all flat and the tiny petite types. We put our hair up in pig tails and wore the tiniest skirts sis and I had in our wardrobes (we gave mom one of sis's since she didn't have anything that revealing). These skirts were so tiny they showed a touch of our panties in both the front and the back which I thought was super sexy. On top we each wore tight-fitting T-shirts so our nipples would show when they got hard.

Before leaving the house we all looked each other over. In pig-tails, skimpy skirt and tight T-shirt mom looked as young as sis and I. We three could have passed for triplets. "Ummmmm, we all look so sexy," I said "I could almost masturbate right now."

Sis turned bright red from my talking that way in front of mom, but mom just laughed and said. "Don't spoil all of your fun now before the party starts, you naughty girl you."

That made sis relax a bit and she laughed too, thinking that mom was just joking.

Getting in the car I opened the passenger door and motioned for sis to get in first. I got a huge thrill out of watching her skimpy dress slide up exposing her panty covered crotch, and I did not disguise my interest either. She turned red in the face again, but I saw her fight to hold back and smile—and lose.

I climbed in beside her trying to flash her as much panty as I could, then settling into my seat I let my leg press against hers. Then mom climbed into the driver's seat, and to my delight sis turned to watch mom's legs and peek at her panties as her skimpy skirt hiked up.

I put my arm around sis and kept my leg pressed up against hers as we drove over to Janet's. We all three had on the same perfume and it filled the car with lilac sweetness. And I was getting hotter by the moment as my eyes darted back and forth between my mom's exposed legs and panties and sis's exposed legs and panties and my dirty mind began to fantasize about all the hot fun things that were likely to happen this evening. Oh, to see sis climbing between mom's legs and sucking her pussy, I thought, how fucking hot that'd be.

I don't know if sis was beginning to get similar ideas, but I knew that mom was. Her face was flushed and her nipples were already erect and poking out through her T-shirt like a couple of little fingers by the time we arrived at Janet's.

While we may have thought that we were really sexy with our "little girl" looks and skimpy skirts, Janet was absolutely stunning. She came to the door with nothing on top except a white bra with holes for her nipples to stick out—and they were already erect.

Below she wore heels, hose, white garter belt, white panties, and a diaphanous blue summer skirt that started near the bottom of the garter belt and came to just below the knees—but was thin enough that her white panties and garter straps showed though.

Janet led us through her living room where there was another mother-daughter team already there whom Janet had met through the internet. She introduced them as Gretchen (the mom), and Suzan (the daughter). They both wore one piece, tight-fitting black silk dresses that fit from the shoulders down to mid thigh. Underneath they had on white garter belts, and nylon stockings. The outline of white panties could also be made out underneath their dresses, but the way their dresses were molded to their breasts indicated that they were not wearing bras. And what breasts! Suzan, though only the age of sis and I, was quite well developed with firm, apricot sized tits. But her mom, oh my! She had a pair of giant cantalopes that just defied gravity the way they stuck out from her body like a couple of cannons. I began to drool imagining what it'd be like to bury my face into her bare bosem.

There were two couches in Janet's living room, and she had arranged them in a "V" formation so that they almost came together at one end leaving an open space at the other. Mom, sis, and I sat on one couch with mom taking the end nearest the bottom of the "V," sis took the middle and I sat at the other end. Gretchen and her daughter sat on the other couch facing us, with Suzan taking the end nearest to mom. I had already told mom that Gretchen and her daughter were already into mother-daughter sex like we were, and so it was a thrill for both of us to watch them sit so close together—and so close to in front of us that we saw plenty of white panty as they sat and crossed their legs. It was also hot seeing the way that they looked at us in our skimpy little girl skirts since I knew that Janet had also told them that mom and I were into the mother-daughter thing. They also knew, like Janet, that Alice didn't have a clue and so the whole evening was going to be a big surprise for her.

While feasting my eyes on Suzan and her mom and how sexy they looked crossing their legs so close right in front of us, I also cast an occasional glance at sis and was happy to see that she seemed as interested in looking up their skirts as I was.

Janet started the party by putting on some light rock music and then striking some sexy poses for the rest of us. Janet moved back and forth between the two couches as she struck her poses allowing each of us opportunity to finger her dress and/or run our hands up and down her nylon enshrouded legs.

The way the "V" of the couches was situated, mom and Suzan were almost touching knee to knee, and so when Janet moved up between them they rubbed their legs against Janet's nylons while fondling the hem of her dress. And I thought that was real sexy.

Then Janet sat down on the couch with Gretchen and asked Suzan to model. Suzan started off modeling for Janet and Janet got pretty bold the way she ran her hands up and down Suzan's silk-encased body, taking time to briefly fondle Suzan's butt.

Then Suzan modeled for her mom and her mom was even bolder than Janet was. Not only did she fondle her daughter's ass, but briefly pressed a hand against her pussy pushing her dress in, then she ran her hands up and down her daughter's legs, caressing her nylon stockings, while letting her hand slide up her daughter's skirt a bit.

I glanced at Alice to see how she was taking this and she seemed fascinated, like she couldn't take her eyes off of the action. I caught mom's eye and gave her a wink.

Suzan then came over to our couch to model in front of mom. Mom was as brazen with Suzan as Gretchen and Janet were, perhaps even more so as she let her fingers toy with Suzan's garter straps, running her thumbs and forefingers up and down the straps on both legs and in so doing letting her hands go up under the hem of Suzan's skirt.

"Ummm, such a sexy, sexy, skirt," mom said as her hands were running up and down Suzan's legs and playing with the hem of her skirt.

And all the while Suzan swayed her hips back and forth, almost as if she were dancing and a look of pleasure coated her face.

Then Suzan slid over to stand directly in front of sis. At first sis was afraid to do anything. She just stared at Suzan's crotch right in front of her face. Then mom and I each took one of her hands and placed them on Suzan's thighs and made her rub her hands up and down.

"Feel how nice and sexy her nylons are," mom said, "and feel how tightly her dress fits around her ass." And we moved sis's hands around to Suzan's ass.

"And just feel how firm her butt cheeks are," I said.

"Y-y-y-yeah," Alice whimpered.

Then Suzan shifted over to my side of the couch and I fondled her as enthusiastically as mom did and looked sis in the eye as I did so.

Mom put her arm around sis and whispered into her ear. "Look at how much Suzan likes us all fondling her like that. See, you can even see her nipples growing with each touch and sticking out through her dress real sexy like."

That brought a blush to Alice's face, and I took advantage over her shock at mom's words to let one of my hands run up one of Suzan's garter straps, and up under the hem of her skirt. I briefly touched her panty-covered cunt with my pinkie finger causing a sudden exhalation of breath to escape her lips. I looked sis in the eye and flicked my tongue at her provocatively.

When Suzan returned to her seat next to her mom her mom opened her arms and said, "that was so sexy, sweety. I think you got us all turned on with your modling."

"Thanks mom," Suzan said, turning her face to her mom's. "It turned me on too. I get so hot when everybody is fondling me like that."

Then they kissed, giving each other a bit of tongue. And I remembered the first time mom and I sex-kissed like that, the way fire exploded all throughout my body. And, remembering that feel, the same fire exploded throughout my body again from just watching Gretchen and her daughter kiss like that.

Glancing at sis I saw that her face was bright red, her mouth was open in shock, but her eyes were glued to the action.

"Now it's your turn, mom," Susan said as they broke off the kiss.

First Janet and Suzan fondled Suzan's mom all over as she swayed her hips back and forth in front of them. I leaned over to whisper into sis's ear. "Look how Suzan is feeling up her mom, isn't that sexy?"

"I-I-I-I guess."

Then Gretchen stepped over to our couch and we all three began fondling her at once. I noticed though that Alice was still a bit shy and tentative only running her hands up and down Gretchen's nylon enshrouded legs. Mom and I looked at each other, then we each grabbed one of Alice's hands again and moved them up Gretchen's body and made her fondle Gretchen's huge tits.

"Just feel how huge and firm these tits are," mom said. "Wouldn't you just love to be able to bury your face into these babies?"

Sis just blushed but she made no effort to remove her hands from the woman's tits.

"Boy, I sure would," mom said. "That's a huge fantasy of mine, to be able to suck on another woman's tits and call her mommy at the same time."

"G-g-g-gosh," sis mumbled.

"All three of you can call me mommy anytime you want to." Gretchen said, then she giggled and moved back to her seat on her couch.

That was the signal for mom to get up and go over to the other couch to model for Janet, Gretchen and her daughter. Watching all three women run their hands all up and down mom's body was a thrill. It also made me hotter than hell. I glanced at Alice and saw her lick her lips. I put my hand on sis's thigh and whispered in her ear. "See how much fun mom is having? Look! They've got their hands all over her, feeling her erect nipples through her T-shirt, and see there are hands up her skirt feeling her pussy and her ass. Doesn't mom look sexy the way she's squirming in pleasure?"

"Uhhhhh, I-I-I-I guess."

Then mom came over to our couch to model for us. Alice looked, but was afraid to touch. Mom's skirt is so short that when she stood in front of us we could look right up to her panty-covered crotch. With sis looking on I fondle the hem of mom's skirt for a second and then lift it up to expose more of mom's panties. "See how wet mommy is?" I breathed into Alice's ear. I could even smell a hint of mom's tangy horniness wafting up from underneath her skirt and knew that sis could smell it too. After all, mom's crotch was only inches from sis's face.

Alice's mouth opened up as if she wanted to say something, but no words came out. I grabbed a hold of sis's hands and they were trembling so. Gently I lifted them up and placed them on mom's stomach and made her rub mom's T-shirt up and down a bit. And then I slid her hands all the way up to mom's tits and made her rub mom's erect nipples tenting her shirt.

"See how erect mommy's nipples are too," I breathed again into her ear. "They're all turned on just like yours and mine."

"See, it's okay to play with mommy's tits, just like Suzan is playing with her mommy's tits." On the other couch, only a couple of feet away from us Suzan had her arm around her mom's shoulder and both hands on her huge mounds fondling away while her head was turned to watch the action with mom and us. And Janet, sitting on the other side of Gretchen had stuck her hand up between Gretchen's thighs to rub her pussy. In the meantime Gretchen also had her hands on both Janet's and her daughter's pussies.

Mom turned around then and stuck her ass in sis's face and began playing with her own tits while watching what the other three women were doing on their couch. I took Alice's hands then and stuck them up under mom's skirt and made her fondle mom's ass while mom swayed back in forth in pleasure.

"See how much mommy loves this? Don't her panties feel sexy on her ass?"

"Y-y-y-yeah," sis managed to say.

Then it was my turn to model. First I modeled for Janet, Suzan, and Gretchen and all the time while they were fondling me I looked sis in the eye. She blushed throughout but was unable to take her eyes off of the action. Mom, seeing sis's interest put her arm around sis's shoulder again and let her hand rest on her tit.

I came over to mom and sis and as I danced and modeled for them mom made sis fondle me just like I'd done with her when mom was modeling. But this time sis needed less encouragement. She was starting to get into it and soon her hands were doing some exploring all on their own. And I thought it was delightful feeling all four hands on me at once, hands of my mom and my little sister, while the other three women continued to watch and fondle each other.

When it was sis's turn to model, we all scooted forward on the couches so that all five of us could all fondle her at once. Five pairs of hands were all over sis at once, fondling her legs, her butt, and her tits, and even her pussy which was quite wet by now. And, there was so much going on that she didn't know whose hands it was that were up her skirt at any given time. Was it my hands? Was it her mommie's? Or one of the other women? Sis's eyes glazed over and we got afraid that she was ready to cum she was so freaked out by all of this—and we didn't want her to come just yet. So we stopped and had her sit down between mom and I again.

Up to this point all the action had only been suggestive teasing touches and mild gropping, and so far Suzan had taken everything in stride, and in fact had gotten quite turned-on by it all. But now it was time to take it to the next step.

"Wendy?" Would you please come out here now?" Janet yelled to her son Wendell who had been hiding in another room waiting for this moment.

Wendell came out dressed in nylon stockings, garter belt, heels, and a slinky white dress that clung to his body and came down to just below his balls and butt so we could all see the tops of his stockings and parts of his garter straps.

"It seems that my son Wendell has a real fetish for his mommy's panties," Janet said. "I caught him one day masturbating with mommy's panties." She slapped him playfully on the butt. "And that turned me on so much that it kind of started everything off for us. Since then I've learned how much he really loves dressing up in all of mommy's sexy clothing." She stroked his sleek ass while smiling at each of us women. "Isn't that right sweety?"

"Yes, mommy."

"Then why don't you show our guests here how much you love dressing up in mommy's sexy things by giving mommy a nice, big, sexy kiss."

Janet grabbed his face between both hands and at first she just flicked her long, sexy tongue at him. Moving closer she teased her tongue across his lips. This made his cock start to grow real huge and the tip of it began to poke out from underneath the hem of his skirt. It turned Janet on too because her nipples grew even larger as they poked out through the holes in her bra.

Then Janet mashed her son's mouth to hers, and soon she was fucking her son's face with her tongue. We could see the huge bulges in Wendall's cheeks billow and contract, billow, and contract, as his mommy tongue fucked his mouth out. And now his cock sprung to its full erectness lifting up the hem of his skirt, bulging, throbbing as it seemed to try to find its way up his mommy's skirt as well.

I glanced at sis and she looked like she was really fried. Her face was bright red, her eyes bulged out of her head and seemed to give off a bright blue glow. Her nipples poking through her T-shirt were harder and more erect than ever.

"Isn't this hot?" I whispered to sis

"Y-yeahhhh." She nodded slightly while licking her lips.

"I told you there might be some porn here tonight."

"Better'n a fucking movie," sis said with a giggle.

Janet broke off the kiss with her son. "Ummmmmm," she said. "Such a nice big hard cock you've got for mommy." She wrapped her hand around his engorged tool and pulled him by his cock over to Gretchen and her daughter. "He really loves to be played with," she said.

Gretchen and her daughter fondled his nylon enshrouded legs and his ass and took turns toying with his hard on. Janet played with her erect nipples while watching the action.

Janet then turned him around and pushed him over to the three of us, his cock bobbing up and down in front of our faces with each step he took. All of our hands were all over him. Sis was especially fascinated with his erection, pushing it this way and that and watching it bounce and vibrate when she let it go.

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