tagIncest/TabooMom's Home Movies Ch. 02

Mom's Home Movies Ch. 02


Thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed, for his invaluable help with editing and creative ideas.


As Ben was trying to figure out what he would do to save such a hot scene that was clearly too short to sell on the website, Tiffany sat there, in a sort of sexual shock, feeling Ben's cum slowly oozing over her skin, still holding her hands up like she was being robbed.

"Damn it!" Ben was angry with himself, but not for accidentally cumming on his mom. He was upset because there was only about three minutes of actual masturbation footage, and only a total of about six minutes to the entire video.

Although Tiffany screamed when her son ejaculated all over her, it was curious that she didn't move off the lounge, or start to clean the semen off of her body. She remained seated as if she'd been glued in place.

"Wow, that was really something. You ejaculated a lot!" She looked down over her body. "And so fast, too! Um, how many minutes was that?"

Ben sighed, looking over at his mom. "Something like six." Ben watched the cum run down her breast onto her top saturating the fabric at the edges of her new suit.

"Is that enough?" Tiffany looked concerned. Ben was wondering when she was going to get up and wash his sticky cum off of her body.

"Not even close. Sorry." Ben couldn't pry his eyes away from the sight of his mom's breasts.

"What does this mean?" Tiffany had expected the shoot to last more like thirty minutes, not six.

"It means that I couldn't hold back my orgasm. I lost control."

Tiffany reflected on what her son was saying, 'He couldn't hold back his orgasm because he was masturbating while looking at me. That is just so naughty! But how is he going to record videos if this keeps happening?'

She discovered that, despite how inappropriate the entire event was, she liked being an active part of the video shoot. She didn't like the fact that she found it to be the most exciting thing she had ever done, sexually, and she was surprised by the effect it was having on her. She was ashamed that she found herself wanting to do more scenes with her son. She had never been masturbated on like this and she found it incredibly arousing.

"What are we going to do? You can't charge very much for a six-minute video, can you?" Tiffany wasn't sure what the minimum was for the site, but she was certain it would be more than six minutes.

"I could masturbate ahead of time so it makes it more difficult for me to have an orgasm, but that would make me ejaculate less, and people like to see a lot of that." Ben nodded toward the semen on her body.

"Well you certainly checked that box," she joked, tentatively dipping a finger into the cum that pooled in her belly button. She pinched a thick strand and drew it up into a long, sticky line, fascinated. "Why don't we just wait until you feel more in the mood and try again in a little while?" Tiffany cringed after her suggestion, embarrassed that she suggested another recording session so soon.

Ben liked that idea. He also liked that it was her idea. He would be able to jack off in front of his mom again. He could still use all the filler shots and hopefully, it won't take too long for him to rejuvenate so he could at least achieve another erection.

"Okay. Good idea, Mom. I'll take a swim and try again."

Ben jumped in the pool, naked, and swam around, trying to exert himself in an effort to take his mind off of his hotter-than-hot mom. He did a lap and turned to repeat the process.

Tiffany followed him into the pool, though she waded in using the stairs instead of jumping in. As her thighs entered the water, Ben's cum rinsed off in wispy white trails. She waded in the waist-deep water over to the waterfall and leaned her semen-covered breasts into the cascading falls. She proceeded to shake her tits and rub her body to rinse off his spunk.

Ben watched from across the pool as his mom shook her body and enjoyed the refreshing water. He was hard again in no time.

As Ben was casually stroking himself below the water, he began to think of his situation much differently. He realized that this entire time he had been mostly looking at this "project" as a way to make money, rather than a way for him to be sexual with his mom. Tiffany's resistance was noticeably wearing down, albeit slowly, and Ben wanted to take advantage of this in as many ways as possible. Previous thoughts of finding a girlfriend, now that he was back at home from college, had been pushed to the back of his mind. Thoughts of developing a sexual relationship with his mom were now at the forefront.

'Fuck! I'm an ass. I can record video any time. I should be trying to get closer to Mom.' He thought about what was happening sexually right before his eyes and decided to change his approach to his video making efforts.

Ben lifted himself out of the pool and sat on its edge, bare-assed on the rough deck surface. His cock towered stiffly from his waist, but wasn't quite fully hard. Tiffany was still splashing under the waterfall looking in his direction.

"Hey Mom?" Ben waved her over, wondering if she would come toward him with his cock exposed as it was.

She didn't even hesitate.

Tiffany was hoping to steal a moment away from Ben to touch herself and get some sexual relief, but it didn't look like that was going to happen. She waded slowly through the water toward her virile, young son. Although hidden by her sun glasses, she never took her eyes off of his cock. He was seated on the edge near the deeper end and the water level rose on her body as she approached him.

Tiffany stopped a few feet away from her son and stood on the floor of the pool with half her body sticking out of the water. Her tits were bulging out of her revealing top. She seemed unaware that her nipples were nearly visible at the edge of the garment. Ben slowly grabbed his cock in his hand and began stroking himself right in front of her. His seated position brought his crotch to about neck level relative to his mom, standing in the water. She turned her head to pretend she was looking away while watching him jack off out of the corner of her eye.

After a few seconds, she gathered the courage to face him.

"It looks like you're... you've got an erection again," she observed.

"Not quite, Mom. It needs to be a little harder. I was really hard for the first part."

"Am I helping?" Tiffany felt a little embarrassed, but wanted him to say 'yes' so she wouldn't have to turn away. She swished her hands around in the water.

"Of course, Mom. Your body is so sexy!" Ben was already feeling his erection turn completely hard in his hand.

It only took a few more strokes for his cock to become fully engorged. In no time, he was ready again. As he sat handling his big dick, he was aware that an awkward silence had come over his mom. Not wanting to scare his mother off just when things were getting interesting, Ben decided it would be safer to try to record again.

Ben's overt sexual behavior was becoming normalized to the point where he could now just stroke his cock in front of his mom. He also saw that she was following his directions. He could do a lot with this information.

"Let's try again, Mom."

"Ok, sure."

Ben got out and grabbed a towel from the outdoor chest near the veranda. He tossed one to his mom as she rose out of the pool. They both took care to completely dry off and resumed the same position they were in prior to his ejaculation.

All Ben had to do was start the camera from where his lower body was near his mom's. He needed about ten minutes of jacking-off to save the video.

Tiffany settled onto her spot on the chaise lounge. "Is it going to be recording sound, too?"

"Yes, so remember, when you notice that I am coming, sit up, and yell, like you did before. Try to react naturally, oh, and don't use my real name, use, um, Bobby."

"Bobby? Why Bobby?" Tiffany asked.

"It sounds like a horny son's name, I don't know. It's not important."

After they dried, Ben took his place and began slowly stroking his dick. It was still very hard. He found it absolutely fantastic to be able to jack off while looking at his mom's body while she was watching him. His balls churned in that familiar feeling and he actually feared he would cum too quickly again.

He stopped masturbating, went behind the camera and shot some footage of Tiffany's tits as she lay in the chair for additional footage.

Back in the scene again, Ben pushed his cock out so the camera would see it posed just in front of his mom, who laid perfectly still, as if she were sleeping. He grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked it for a few moments, then switched to one hand, to reveal more of his penis to the camera. He moved to where he was in more of a profile position, standing parallel to her breasts. Ben looked over to his mom's face and she was, once again, watching him jack off. She gave him an awkward smile. A bird chirped pleasantly over the faint sounds of the fountain in the distance. Ben found the entire experience to be sexually surreal.

After several minutes of pumping his long, thick tool, he was ready. He estimated that his timing would now be closer to what it should be. He adjusted his feet slightly and slowed his strokes, aiming at his mom's tits again.

He sighed deeply as he came. A burst of cum shot across both of her tits as she lay there, "Aaah!"

"What? What is that?" She sat up dramatically and turned her chest toward Ben, lifting her chin up to keep her face out of the frame.

Ben grunted and added a second, smaller rope to the top of her cleavage.

"Oh my God! What the hell! Benny!"

He squirted a small, final line of semen on the top curves of her tits before he ran out of cum.

"I can't believe you would ejaculate all over your mom! Get in the house right now. You're in big trouble!"

Ben ran off in front of the camera and out of view as Tiffany sat up, sticking her chest out toward the camera.

"That son of mine," she commented, trailing her manicured nails through the streaks of hot, pale cum.

She pushed her tits together by pulling her elbows in. She turned slightly back and forth wanting to be sure the camera got a good view of the cum on her boobs as Ben silently returned to the scene watching her. The salmon-colored bikini top made a nice background color for the chunky white lines of cum oozing down her breasts.

"How was that?" she asked after waiting what felt like an appropriate amount of time.

"That was good, Mom. We should have a great video. When I edit, I'll have to see which climax scene is best, the first or second. What do you think?" Ben looked at Tiffany who was looking down at her son's cum on her body.

"I think the first one. You had a lot more semen the first time." As Tiffany watched her son's cum slowly run down her chest she was again reminded how deviant and sordid her situation had become with her son.

Ben added, "I like the 'Benny,' by the way. It makes more sense than Bobby and is just as effective."

It was still surreal, talking to his mother casually, naked, as she sat with his cum on her tits.

"Oh, good. So, I was alright?"

"Alright?" Mom, I could sell pictures of you in that bathing suit and make a fortune. You are one-of-a-kind hot."

"Oh, please! Let's have some lunch." Tiffany used her towel to soak up the cum on her chest and the two went inside.

Ben brought the camera and tripod in while Tiffany started lunch. He smiled, then shook his head realizing that he had just cum all over his mom's hot body twice and she was now making him lunch.

'A week ago, I would have never believed it,' he thought.

Tiffany was beginning to feel like she was wanted again. She missed feeling sexual and she now realized, without any doubt in her mind, that her son desired her sexually. It was an amazing feeling and she wanted more of it. As shameful and inappropriate as it was, it was gratifying to be lusted after; and because it was Ben, she felt it was somehow more acceptable to her than if it were another man. The reservations she had of helping him with his videos, while still very much on her mind, were slowly fading.

After lunch, Ben loaded the video and edited it. Tiffany's direct participation made it his best yet. He was able to edit the first, larger cumshot onto the longer footage of the second jack off scene. Although the sun was in a slightly different position in the sky on the footage he shot later, he decided it wasn't a big deal. The results weren't perfect, but it was a hot scene, nonetheless. It took him most of the night to get the recording to the point where it could be uploaded.

The next morning, Ben came downstairs wearing black soccer shorts and a white T-shirt. He brought his laptop to check the response from yesterday's video, "Mom Gets Sprayed." He was surprised to see his mom in her short robe with what appeared to be another bathing suit on under it.

"Good morning, Mom."

"Good morning, Benny!" She smiled at her son. Ben's dick twitched.

"What's the plan for today?" Tiffany was curious what her son was going to video.

Ben was delighted that his mom was thinking about recording today. He hadn't thought about what to do next.

"Right now, I want to see what sort of response we got from the shoot we did yesterday." Ben opened his laptop and logged on to the Hot Amateurs site. His mom sat next to him at the bar looking at the screen.

Ben gaped for a moment. "Ninety-two downloads, thirty messages. I charged thirty dollars for that too."

"That's great, right?" Tiffany looked at Ben.

Ben laughed. "After the website's cut, I will have made a grand total of five thousand dollars on all the videos combined. That's in about three days. Yeah, I would say that's great!"

"Oh, Ben! I'm so impressed!" Tiffany tried to be encouraging toward her son; however, she had an uneasy appreciation for her son's prosperity. After all, he was making money by selling pornographic videos, a fact that continued to make her uncomfortable. 'At least it's just the two of us.' She reassured herself.

"Thanks, Mom. You make it easy."

"What's that name in the upper right corner of the screen?" Tiffany pointed to the login information.

"That's my username: MOMCAUGHTME. Every member has to have one to join. All our videos are under that name."

Tiffany took delight in the fact he called them "our" videos.

"Well?" Tiffany was picking up the kitchen after breakfast.

"Well, what?"

"What's the plan today?"

Ben wanted to get closer to his mom with each video. What he really wanted to do was to have physical access to her tits, but he knew she wasn't ready for that yet.

"I want to do something different today. I am going to sit next to you on the couch while we pretend to watch TV. I'll be holding onto a pillow at my left side." Ben walked into the living room and sat on the couch in front of the TV. He modeled what he was saying as Tiffany looked on intently.

"I'll be in shorts, but will have my penis out masturbating. You will be sitting next to me in a revealing top and I'll video from a stationary position up and to my right side."

"Okay." Tiffany thought it was a good idea. It was the same "mom caught me" theme that seemed to be selling so well.

"The scene will start with me looking at your breasts in first-person perspective, then I'll join you on the couch. While you watch TV, I'll slowly and carefully take my penis out from the leg of my shorts. I start masturbating and you just sit there, unaware of what's going on. Act casual, you know?"

Tiffany nodded.

"Just before I'm about to have an orgasm, I will sort of shake the couch to give you a heads-up. You turn toward me and say, 'You've got to be kidding me,' something like that. I'll cum and you yell, or scream, or whatever and walk off toward your left. That ends the scene."

"What top should I wear?" Tiffany was standing up now looking down at her seated son. She observed his erection swelling in his shorts, a sight she was now accustomed to, but never seemed to tire of.

"Wear something you don't mind getting semen on." Do you have any tops that are very low-cut, but not lingerie or bras?"

"I think so." Tiffany left to search her closet.

While Tiffany was off to change, Ben brought his camera down, opened the shades, and turned on the lights.

He changed into a different, looser pair of shorts and a black T-shirt.

After a few minutes, Tiffany walked into the room. "How's this?"

Her huge, tits were pressed together and pushed up in a purple-colored, lacey, bustier top. It looked like lingerie to Ben.

"That's really hot, Mom, but we need something a little more realistic. Do you have a thin jacket, or an open-front sweater you can wear to partially conceal what you're wearing? Just so it looks like you're trying to be a little more modest?"

Tiffany returned in a thin, white cardigan with only the lower two buttons holding it together. Her large breasts spilled out of the top, plainly on display.

"Better." He rubbed himself over his shorts.

After stroking his dick in front of his mom while he was swimming in the pool yesterday, Ben decided he was going to make an effort to be more forward around her, just to see what she would do. She walked around and took her seat on the couch.

Ben regarded his mom, his hand overtly squeezing his cock over his shorts.

"The top looks great, Mom," he casually stood and pulled his shirt off, then stepped out of his shorts. To distract Tiffany, he kept talking, acting like this was perfectly normal.

"I think it might be a better view if you had your hair up," Ben gazed down at her and took his dick in hand. "Can you put your hair up, just to see what it looks like?"

Tiffany had her mind on the scene as Ben suddenly stripped. She watched him grip his penis and begin stroking himself proudly, his focus entirely on her. She found herself automatically complying with his request; her hands moving to hold her hair up as her eyes locked upon his thick tool.

Something didn't seem quite right about Ben getting naked. They weren't filming. Tiffany was about to object, but Ben looked like he was getting ready for the scene so she held back. She didn't want her lustful desires that had been steadily growing for her son to cause her to go too far with this recording commitment she made to him. She secretly delighted in his being naked and enjoyed seeing his beautiful cock in the flesh, but she wasn't prepared to admit this to herself.

Ben was nervous taking his clothes off when the camera wasn't running. He was both relieved and surprised when he noticed his mom seemed to be okay with his being naked. His cock swelled. He continued directing his mother.

"The curve of your neck looks amazing with your red hair and the purple top. Yes, let's have you wear it up," Ben stroked himself slowly.

Tiffany fetched a clip from her bathroom and returned to the couch. She fashioned her hair, suspending it with the clip as Ben looked on. After getting himself fully erect, he put his shorts and T-shirt back on, getting himself ready for the shoot.

"Okay, let me take the close-up footage. You just relax and I'll record the POV stuff from back here. It will look like I'm peeping on you."

Tiffany got into position on the couch. Ben moved behind her and pulled his cock out from the leg of his shorts so he could stroke it more. He thought it would add to the perverted nature of the shot if the camera was a little jerky. Ben looked down over his mom, slowly tugging his dick and holding the camera in the other hand.

Tiffany looked down at her cleavage, adjusted her breasts, then separated the sides of her sweater to expose another few inches of supple tit-flesh, busting out of her bustier.

"Perfect. Now, let me get a nice shot of your breasts." He stepped up behind his mom, holding the camera with both hands. Tiffany felt his presence behind her.

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