tagIncest/TabooMom's Milkshake Mustache Ch. 2

Mom's Milkshake Mustache Ch. 2


Janice was still confused for the events at her new friend Betty's home. But she found her way home at 12 noon as she always does. Janice Roberts prepares lunch for her young son on his lunch hour. In their new subburban home that he bought with his first signing bonus.

"Your favorite Joey", she spoke to him with her back to him. Standing at the stove wearing her bright red sundress which hugged her slim waiste and round hips.

"Thanks Mom. Boy am I tired; two-a-days are pretty rough", he mentioned.

His first training camp for minor league baseball. He had been scouted right from highschool and given a bonus to sign. Janice was very proud of him and thankful for the beautifull new home. He had promise to take better care of her than his late father who strugled to maintain his hardware business. And Janice knew that her son would succeed. So driven, so dedicated, and so athleticly gifted. But Joey's devotion to sports was single-mindedness and he never showed interest in schoolgirls.

"Hello, Yeah its me. I am eating now". Janice listened to him speak on the phone.

"Well fine. You can come over. Ahh no, not then. Morning, at 8:30... Well thats the only time, take it or leave it... Good then, bye"

Janice was excited but cautious that Joey had made a rare date. She would not pry. But why the morning?

"Joey, you dont have to wait untill I go to your father's store to let a young girl come over. You know that I would like to meet your young girlfriend", she fished for information.

"It's not that mom. I will be tired tonight and I don't have practice tomorrow, that's all". But Janice was suspicious. Just why did he need her out of the house?

It was three hours later and Janice was in the bath.

"Oooh... oh god...ungh", she cried as she fingered her pussy in the tub. It had been too long for her, since her husband had died in fact. They had married early and he was her first and only lover. She loved him so much that she would see to it that his ill-concieved hardware store would have a chance. She loved him so because any financial problem they had would vanish by night with their hot and passionate love-making. It was ironic to her, that now that she had a bright financial future, she but had to make herself orgasm alone. To make matters worse, today, she was interrupted by the car pulling up to the house.

Janice had thrown her sweats on quickly to answer the door and was alarmed to find her Joey being caried to the door by team trainers.

"It's OK Mrs Roberts", they said. "Just a bruised groin that needs these heatpads for tonight. He will be fine in a couple of days Mam". Once in his bed the trainers left and Janice showed concerned. Joey begged her not to worry, but Janice was motherly emphatic about caring for him.

"With the way you take of your little mother, ofcourse I am going to", she insisted. "Now tell me exactly what they told you to do and you just lay back and relax", she ordered, as she fluffed his pillows for him.

Joey reluctantly told her the treatment plan and while she prepared the pad in the kitchen, he was nodding to sleep.

"Joey, you'll have to take off your pants". "Come on now boy, I am your mother and I have seen you naked before". Joey balked with embarrassment, but complied. In his bathroom he removed his jockstrap and cup, and put on haines underwear.

"Joey, I seen that boy that you hung with this summer. That Jenkins boy. Right? Do you still shoot hoops with him?

"Yeah Mom, thats my boy "B". But I have'nt seen him lately. His car is there, but he never comes out. Ohch Mom. Carefull". He ordered as she pulled up to his leg. They spoke a minute and she learned that Billy was very close to his mom, that he was with her all of the time.

"Maybe they would come for dinner", she mused. But no reply from Joey for he was quick to sleep. Momemts later while placing the pad on his groins she became startled when she realized with each attempt to secure the heatpad, she was needing to push his privates out of the way. And each time she did, it was heavier than before. Janice could not help focusing on it and "My God!, its getting hard". Janice blushed, shame of herself for staring. She became more ashamed when she shuddered with sudden wetness between her coco colored thighs. She thought not to continue. "I am a grown woman, and I am only doing this...". Janice lost thought when she notice the stretching of his undies, and stretched and streched. It began to taut his pants to show definite contour of her teenage son's penis. It wasn't fully aroused and yet it was already as thick as his fathers. "Ohh my", she wispered with shaky voice. His cock was huge. Janice was dazed. She thought maybe he was dreaming of his new girlfriend. "He must realy like this girl".

Janice would loosely apply the pad in order to leave his room as fast as she could. She could hardly explain to herself why she could not do a proper job of it. She locked herself in her bath, undressed, and fell asleep in the tub with her fingers buried in her cunt. Several hours later she woke feeling quite releaved. She remembered dreaming of her husband and this pleased her a great deal. She was confused however, that after their orgasm, her husband seemed to be younger than she was. She also remembered short dreaming of Betty, that she was a very beautifull woman, almost sexy. Almost sexy, because Janice had never seen a woman that way before. Not in a dream or otherwise. As she dried off, she wondered what else entered her dreams, why was there a burning question in her head, that dominated her sexual sensense? She grabbed some navy blue sweats and was on her way to Betty's before she even comprehended.

It was after 10:00 and she was knocking at the door of a woman she barely knew. What would she say?; she needed a drink she would say. No answer came but both cars were there. She hoped that Billy would be sleep. Around back of the house the porch light was on and Janice saw the ceiling of the lit room thru the large patio door. She senced that someone was there. But a 6 ft wooded fence blocked her view. Janice knew that she should not be back there and was just about to leave.

"I dont believe you Billy. You are going to make your own mother do this. Its just disgusting". Janice heard the voice over the fence. The patio door was partly open. "Do what?", Janice thought. "Please Billy, dont make mommy do this. Its sooo big".

Janice knew that it was wrong to easedrop. Then she notice chopped woodlogs for a fireplace, lined them in steps, and began to scale the Jenkins wall. She could hear more speaking but the male's voice was too low. She was petrified of what she was doing as she lowcrawled across the lawn.

"Billy, you are such a nasty boy, just let mommy stroke it for you, please". Janice wandered what would she do if she witness a rape taking place? What young boy would do a thing like this? Janice nearly crawled thru the patio door when her eyes shocked her senses. She stopped when she clearly heard the boy's voice.

"... your pussy last night and this mourning. You have me drinking your hot juices two to three times a day. Now I had a hard day at school today and I am going to bed. So go ahead suck on sonny's big cock now, and eat up my fucking nut".

Janice could barely breath with that. And the ovious fact that this was no way close to a rape taking place. The arogant teenaged boy was in the recliner with his legs spread and his mother, Janice's new sophisticated freind, was on her knees between them. Janice had a quarter angle of them, mostly the back of Betty's wavy haired head. Betty's face was hidden, but her body spoke high energy enthusiasm and hot eager lust. There Janice's gaze locked; on the darken silksmooth asscheeks reflecting the moon. They were perfectly round, pouting proudly from the full hips that hid a slim waste. They contrasted the pink one-piece lace wear that rested on the top of Betty's big assglobes and settled into the crevice of of her butt, just hiding the tight pucker of her anus. Janice saw, and then smelled the straight folds of thick pouty pussy lips that pouched out behind full thighs that were firm on down to Betty's knees. Janice reached for her own pussy, with the site of Betty's ass, pussy, and thighs, without even seeing Billy. Janice was so cosumed with guilt, feeling this way for a... a woman. But "Damn!", even her feet were sexy to Janice. An electric bolt rocked Janice's body causing her cunt to liquidfy. She recovered in time to see Betty shift her upper body to the left while turning her head. A pretence of shock and horror could not mask her animal-like hunger for the cock inches from her face. And ohhh what a cock.

Janice eyes cold popped when she seen the boys cock. The biggest she could imagine and growing stiff rapidly. Betty's hand looked puny at the base of the cock, which stood 12 inches and thick. With its veins pronounced, it looked mighty from bottom to top, where the mushroomed crown was as big as Betty's fist. Janice had only kissed her husbands penis, having never done more. As Janice listened to the boys command, her opinion had changed. Anything that big into a woman's mouth, would be rape!.

"That it. Grab my cock and shove it down your throat. Suck it nice and hard and make it cum".

"OK you little bastard. I'll suck this big fucking cock for you. I'll suck it long and hard just as you want. But your nasty fucking cockjuice goes on the carpet. You're not going to blow your hot tasty nuts down your own mother's troat; and fill her belly with warm thick slime, are you?

"Yes mother. I am".

And with that, Betty plastered her full lips, slightly parted, on the huge cockhead of her son's hot dick. Janice jaw dropped. Even with the prelimnary dialogue, she was not prepared for this. Hot pussyjuice outmatched the hand that tightly gripped her cunt, seeping thru her fingers and streaming her thighs. She was mad with lust while she watched Betty's lips sucking and smacking at the huge cockhead. Then Betty's tongue plopped loudly against it, swabbing it with swirls and licks that shone saliva over the spongy prickmeat. Janice was hacking at her pussy now as she watched Betty mouth the teenagers cock. Betty worked her way down the cockshaft in similar fashion as she did the head. His whole cock was drenched in spit. It pulsed and throbbed luridly now, signaling demand to Betty. Janice could see thick perl white leakage running down the tip. She had never seen a cock in the act of cumming and it froze her in time. But Betty's head blocked it and when it removed, the boy's cock was clean. Janice loins rocked with orgasms at the knolege of cockjuice being eaten. The fact that it was a repugnant idea to her only 15 minute ago did not delay her cum. It was the biggest cum of her life when alone and she knew she would see jail time after her throaty moan gave her away. Luckily...

"Ohhh God. Ahhh yes momma. Suck it off now". He had moaned at the same time as Janice did, only louder. His cock was leaking heavily now and his mother was kissing his pisshole repaedily. She seemed to be playing with his pre-cum, letting strands of it attach her lips to his cock, and then catching it with the swirl of her tongue just before it would fall away. She was driving her son crazy with this but even more crazy was Janice. Janice could see that how ever perverted sucking cock and eating cumjuice was, Betty was a pro at it. She made it look so good that Janice wished it was she who played in hot cocksap before savoring the taste.

"You are a naughty little boy you know", she teased while gripping her boy's boner.

"Your cock is going to cum and your would'nt even warn me... you would just blow your hot fucking nut all over mommies pretty face". But her son was in agony and he couldn't reply. He would have, but he didn't want to. It was always best when between his mothers hot sucking lips. But he couldn't tell her. And he didn't have to.

Betty eyed the huge fuckmeat. She teased it 'till thick white cum bubbled from the pisser. She raised up 'till her head was over the bulbous head of his cock. She open her mouth as wide as possible. She knew she would have to. Janice was still cumming as she watched Betty shove her mouth onto the huge cock, cheeks puffing, a deep slurp, and then the gagging.

"Unghh", "Ahhg", "Ulmmp", "Ahgg". She had force over half the boy's cock into her mouth. With the plump head passing her tonsils, she began sucking with her throat. She devoured his cock, and crushed his cockhead with her throat. She jacked his shaft with her fist to meet her lips.

Billy held back long as he could with honory. But then he shoved his hips at her face and groaned. With that his mom sucked harder and started bobbing her head on his dick. Only 2-3 inches. Not the top 3, the middle 3. Each plunge of her head forced the prickhead down her throat, gagging, splurting, and sucking each time. To Janice, the woman was trying to chok herself to death on her own sons fuckstick. Getting that much cock down your throat was nearly impossible, and Betty was able to keep it there.

The more Betty caught her boy's rythemn, she would pull more of his cock from her mouth. Billy balls churned and quivered; he was going to blow. His mother was fucking the full 8 inches that she could swallow. Her tongue would grab at his hot cockcrown coming up, and her throat would torture it on the down stroke. Billy's cock exploded violently in his mothers mouth. Hot thick cum rocketed the back of her throat and filled her belly with slime like a fine cognag, rich and hot. He was having a huge cum. He knew it, his mother knew, and even Janice knew it. She never seen it before, but his cock bucking in his mom's mouth could dislocate her jaw. Janice saw Betty's throat working, swallowing continually, but each lurch of his cock came before she finished.

"Ulmp", "gulp", "burrrp", "ulmp,ulmp, ulmp", "gulp". Then the cheeks of the horny cocksucking mother bellowed, and cream lined her outer lips. It started to line his thick cock with each bob of her head. Cum bubbled from her lips and squirted from the corners. Janice could see a mess of cum on his cock and ball. He was still lurching. And she saw Betty sucking right thru it. And Betty gave her best effort. But it was not the first time that she would finish before her son. He was just to much for her right now. Her mouth "Plopped" from the meaty cockknob and rich cum ran luridly from her lips. Betty was belching and coughing, spitting up cocksapp. She stayed with his cock however, she knew what was coming. Janice however was caught cold however. Billy's balls were not empty, and hot nut fired from his cock and coated his mom's face. A second one followed.

"Ohh yes mom! That how I like it", he bellished. I have never had a cunt come close to your mouth...shit!" Billy felt sorry for her though. She was still on her knees, each breath she took, she belched up cum. Coughing it up, and would later be shitting it out. She wanted to thank him for the compliment, but she couldn't talk. Billy came to her recue with mouth-to-mouth, giving her his air, and siphoning cum out with his own mouth. He volunteered this only once before, to clean her up before leaving a restaurant restroom.

Janice could not beleave the lewd depreavity of mother and son couple. So sick that she could never imagine. She noticed Betty's pussy had soaked her thighs with cunt cream and the carpet beneath Betty was puddled. Two shamefull people that she could never have to her house for dinner. Not withstanding the fact that Janice was so weak from orgasms, she was still at the Jenkins backdoor long after they had left the room.

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