tagMatureMonica Ch. 1

Monica Ch. 1


After being divorced for about six months I started dating a beautiful intelligent woman named Marie. She's two years younger than me and lives only several miles from my house. After dating her for a short time we started having sex on regular basis. Our sex life was fantastic, much better than when I was marriage. Each time we had sex we started with oral stimulation and moved on to different positions, than the ultimate I would dump my semen into Marie's mouth, ass or cunt; after she experienced multiple orgasms. We discussed what each of us liked and disliked and worked on improving an already great experience. My sex life was the best it had been in years and had no desire for any other women.

Since my children are living with their mother I have the freedom to come and go as I please, with no responsibility to be home every night. Marie still had her 18 yr. Old high school daughter, from her previous marriage, living with her, so most of the time I stayed overnight at her house. When Marie had to leave town for two weeks on a business trip, so she asked me to stay at her house and take care daughter for the two weeks that she was away. With a young attractive sexy daughter she was concerned about her staying alone for that long of a time. After driving Marie to the airport, her daughter, Monica and I went home to cook dinner and settle in for the evening. Monica had a date plan for later that night and since Marie wasn't around I decided to go to bed early and catch up on my resting. I left Monica with the instructions her mother had given me, telling her to be home before 1 a.m. and went to bed trusting Monica to keep her word.

I curled up naked in Marie's bed, the way I always slept, and fell into a deep sleep. It wasn't until early the next morning when I was awoken by the warmth of a mouth locked around my penis stroke it up and down and the flick of a tongue in the slit on the head of my erect cock. Out of a reflex action I started thrusting my hips up to meet the mouth that was pumping my cock. Realizing that Marie was out-of-town, after dropping her off at the airport the day before, the only other person in in-house was her daughter, Monica. The reality of this fact forced me to open my eyes and I looked down to see Monica's young beautiful face pumping my cock.

I knew that I had the stop her, but the pleasure was more than I could bear and I wanted her to finish the task that she had started. I tried to say stop but my little head, that was locked in her mouth was controlling my body. The more she sucked, the more I thrust my hips forward and the less I wanted her to stop. Just at last-minute as I realized that my cum was starting to build up my cock shaft, I forced a screamed out in an attempt to stop Monica; but all that came out was moaning cry, "Oh my god, I'm cumming!" With that I shot my full load of warm sweat sperm into the back of her throat. Letting her suck the last of my semen from my erection. As she finished she dropped her head onto my stomach smiling up at me. Still recovering from my climax I smiled back at her, asking her, "Why"?

Monica didn't say a word as she moved up the bed, placing her head on the pillow next to mine. She continued to smile as she brought her mouth over mine and we locked in a deep passionate kiss. We pressed our tongues into each other's mouths as we explored the pure lust that existed between us. The sweetness of my sperm was strong in her mouth and I savored the experience of sucking the residue from her. Her erect nipples were pressed into my chest and I reached around to caress her breast with my hand. The firmness of her 18 year-old breasts drove my arousal even higher as I started to kiss my way down her head and neck setting her nipples as my goal. Monica arched her head back making her breasts push forward as I circled each nipple with kisses and pulled each nipple into my mouth sucking them like a baby longing for milk. With my lips stilled locked onto her breasts Monica leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "I need you inside me, I need your cum."

Her instructions were clear. I started caressing her smooth taught abdomen as I kissed my way down to her crotch. When my mouth reached her vaginal area, I used my tongue to spread her labia open. I continued to slide my tongue back and forth, pushing deeper with each pass. Monica started moaning passionately as I moved my tongue deeper until my entire chin was pressed into her spread labia. Her vaginal secretions flowed into my mouth as they covered the lower portion of my face. It had been a long time since I had explored such a young tight vagina and I knew that the experience I was about to have was going to change my life forever.

With a gentle push Monica swung her body around until we were in the '69" position. She pulled my erect cock into her mouth and continued her blowjob. We were both writhing in our passion and need to consummate the act that we were moving toward. As though we were reading each other's minds Monica move onto her back and spread her legs around my body so my erection hovering just above her wet and willing cunt. Slowly I guided my cock until the tip was pushing her labia apart. I wanted to ram myself into her cunt and feel her warmth and tightness as quickly as possible, but I knew that our pleasure would be better served if I slowly worked my cock into her as I continued to suck on her nipples. After several minutes, the tip of my cock was pushing it way in through her cervix, entering her young womb.

Slowly we built up a rhythm working our way towards our mutual climaxes. Each time my cock slid outward Monica pulled it back in using her legs that were wrapped around my back. When I was getting close to my climax I pulled out and rolled onto my back. I needed to see Monica's young body riding on my cock. Monica moved over top of me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I reached up and cupped her firm 'B-sized' breast in my hands, watching her perky nipples pointing up, as only young firm breasts can. She moved her hips in a circular motion as she rode my cock up and down, as her light brown hair swung over her shoulders. Each time she started down I rammed my cock deeper into her eagerly waiting womb, piercing her cervix with easy. We kept up our pace while Monica achieved climax after climax. When my climax was imamate I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down onto my cock, driving my hips up, slamming my cock into her as deeply as possible. With six short choppy strokes I empty the contents of my sperm fill balls deep into her young womb. Monica collapsed on top of me while my erection slowly softened and slid out of her cunt, followed by a stream of our combined love fluids.

When we regained our composure I rolled her to my side and stared into her sky blue eyes. I asked the same question I had asked earlier, "Why"? She looked straight in the eyes and told me she had wanted me every since I had started dating her mother. She continued to tell me how she would masturbate in her bed every time she heard her mother and I making love, hoping that some day she would have my cock inside her. "We have two weeks to continue our love making until your mother returns and then we'll have play it by ear," I told her. She smiled in agreement and told me, "You now have two women to satisfy and it's my turn."

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