tagMatureMonica Ch. 3

Monica Ch. 3


When the alarm woke me on Monday morning I awoke to find Monica draped across my chest, the way we had fallen asleep the night before. As I lay there staring at the ceiling the first waves of guilt rolled over me. What was I doing with a girl that was the age of my children? Then with Monica's first stirrings the sent of her hair filled my nostrils and my hand gently moves across her smooth, tight, flawless skin and my thoughts move from guilt to pure lust. My cock grew hard as I took in the youthfulness of the body that was there for my taking. The reality was that my feelings of sexual lust were greater then the thoughts of guilt that tried to enter my thoughts. When Monica turned her face towards mine, we kissed and exchanged good mornings.

Like any typical school or work morning, time was tight and we knew that we needed to get moving. We both got up and went to the bathroom across the hall. While Monica sat and peed I started the water for our shared shower. It had been years since I had shared a shower, but like fresh lovers we needed to explorer each other bodies in every way. When the water was right we both stepped into the shower stall. We immediately locked in an embrace, allowing the warm water to slip down between us. My erect cock was pushed between Monica's thighs just under her pubic area and I wanted to fuck her right there, but I didn't want her to go to school leaking sperm and displaying the radiant glow of having just had sex. I humped her thighs for a minute before we pushed ourselves apart and shared a washcloth by lathering and cleaning each other's bodies. When I got Monica's pubic area, I knelt down and used my tongue for the initial clean, and then I used the soaps cloth to finish.

When the shower was finished we dried each other's bodies, kissing and caressing, to ensure each area was dry. Then we each returned to our rooms, Monica to hers and myself to her mother's room where my cloths were. We dressed quickly and I left for work agreeing to pick Monica up after her school study-group. My day dragged as my thought continued to drift back to Monica and the anticipation of the events waiting for me when I returned to her house. By the end of the day my desires were at their peak and I rushed to private catholic school where Monica was a senior. I found her sitting on the steps out front waiting for my arrival, dressed in her school uniform, consisting of a blue plaid, white blouse, and knee high socks with black shoes.

The sight of her made me feel the quilt that had attacked me early that morning, but the innocent sexiness of her school uniform quickly changed my feels to lustful desire. As she saw me stop, she quickly jumped up and ran to the car, slid in and kissed me like a child should never a parent. When our mouths moved apart my hand slip over her breasts and down to her crotch. Quickly I pulled away from her, not wanting to make a seen in front of her school. The ride home was uneventful except for my hand placed between her thighs, against the moist crotch of her sexy silk panties, caressing her tight vagina. When we arrived home Monica popped out of the car, revealing the patterned bikini panties she had on. Quickly she bent forward flipped the back of her uniform skirt in the air and smiled back at me as an invitation for me to join her inside.

When we got into the living room I sat on the edge of the sofa as Monica dropped her books and approached me. She grabbed my head and pushed my face into her abdomen. "I've been thinking about you all day," she said. With that I reached up under her dress and pulled her panties, completely off of her. I spun her around and sat her on my lap. Starting with her top button I open her blouse and slid it off her shoulders revealing white lacey 34B cupped bra. Reaching around I cupped her firm young breast in my hands, pushing her bra up and off her breasts. As I massaged her nipples, I kissed the nape of her neck pulling her youthful body firmly back against mine.

Monica slipped off my lap, kneeing on the floor in front of me. As I unbuttoned and remove my shirt she opened my pants and started to pull them off. I lifted my butt off the sofa so she could pulled my pants and underpants off with one quick jerk, leaving my erection pointing straight up at her face. Without any hesitation she started flicking the head of my penis with her tongue. I pulled her up from her knees, turning her around so her back was toward me; then I lifted her school uniform dress and sat her down on my lap, impaling my hard cock deep inside her. The idea of fucking her in her uniform aroused me even more. I could picture her in school and now she was sitting on my erection, taking it in her like a slut. The dramatic difference between the two images force me to pump her harder and faster then even before.

Within minutes I was shooting another load of sperm filled semen into her convulsing vagina. Monica screamed with her climax and then asked me if I wanted to taste our cum from her cunt. Without a word I twisted and lay back on the sofa allowing her to move her vaginal opening up over my mouth. Monica contracted her vaginal mussels and a stream of my sperm and her vaginal fluids started dribbling from her freshly fuck opening. I opened my mouth and the warm milky fluid dropped into it. After several table spoons of the fluid collected in my mouth, Monica moved off the sofa and pressed her tongue into my mouth. "I want to share the results of our love with you," she said, as she sucked the cum from my mouth. We lay there enjoying the slimy seminal fluidly rolling between our tongues like children at play.

Before we had a chance to clean ourselves Marie, Monica mother and my girlfriend, call to see how things were going at home. I stood in the kitchen, speaking with Marie, naked next to Monica, who was clad only in her school uniform dress and her bra, which was pushed up above her breasts. My fresh semen coated both of our lips and faces as we spoke into the speakerphone with her unsuspecting mother on the other end. After the usual conversation covering the daily events Monica told her mother how much she wanted her to marry me, " I want Bill to be my dad," she added, "I really enjoy having him here." After that Marie asked me to take the phone off the speaker so we could talk. Picking up the handset, I pushed the button and started with Marie in private.

We started discussing our future and how mush we loved and missed each other. While I was speaking with Marie, Monica dropped to her knees and took my soft cock into her mouth. Within minutes it was hard and pressing against the back of her throat as she worked her talented mouth and tongue along its shaft, cupping my balls in her warm hands. I told Marie that I loved her and need to start cooking diner, so Monica could get her schoolwork done before bed. With the end of the conversation, I hung up the phone and Monica promptly brought me to an oral climax sucking and swallowed my resultant sperm as it shot from my cock. As she smiled up at me still holding my cock and balls in her hands, she told, "It will be great when you're my dad. Then we can share this all the time."

The rest of the went smoothly, Monica did her school work and called her boyfriend, while I prepared our evening meal.

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