tagSci-Fi & FantasyMonstergirls, Heroes and You Ch. 01

Monstergirls, Heroes and You Ch. 01


You were always a lucky student; the instructors at the Heroes' Academy had said as much when you graduated. Your sparring partners always slipped, your salve ingredients always combined the right way, your sword always seemed to end up at your opponent's weak spot. Some said you had the Goddess watching over you. Most just thought you were an undeservingly jammy sod. When you sauntered out of the Academy for the last time there weren't many people sad to see you go.

Your first task as a fully-fledged Hero was to find something heroic to do. Unfortunately, whether or not you found it was entirely up to chance. The path of the Hero is a winding one, but the grace of the Goddess will lead you to where you are needed. The instructors had drummed that platitude into you for the last three years. Of course, it was just code for A Hero wanders around aimlessly until the Goddess finds something for him to do, but if anyone heard you mutter it under your breath then it would be bread and water for a week.

So, with your trusty sword at your hip and a tune on your lips, you set off for the forest. Perhaps this left path would have something for you to solve, perhaps a couple of rabble-rousing bandits, or even a goblin den... your imagination wanders almost as much as you do for the next few hours, so when the sun sets and you stumble upon a small village at the foot of Mount Madhollow, you sigh.

You enter the quiet tavern, taking in the aroma of smoke and old beer, slamming down a gold piece on the wooden counter for an ale and a bed for the night. The bartender looks warily at you, her piercing blue eyes giving you a cursory once-over, gaze lingering on your sword. Evidently you don't seem like the sort to cause trouble, as she grunts, taking the coin and pointing at the furthest room with one hand as she deftly fills a battered pewter mug for you. Taking a seat at the bar, you gingerly sip at the ale. After a pause you take a deeper draught, deciding you rather like it.

Finishing your ale, your eyes dart around the room. Too many women, you decide; there are four men in the room out of about thirty, all of them elderly. Strange. You'd heard tales of villages like this, and none of them ended well. You decide maybe you don't want to stay here after all, so as you thank the barkeep for her hospitality, you get up to leave, when-

"A Hero, are you?"

You turn to see a pretty girl beaming at you. In a waitress uniform, with those eyes... the barkeeper's daughter. Putting on your most heroic voice, you say, "Y-yes. Graduated today, in fact."

"Really? Hmhm, that's lucky..." she smiles. She looks even nicer when she smiles. "I'm sure you've noticed the lack of men. Something's taking them."

You blanch. "Taking your men!?"

She nods. "It started two months ago. Every week, two or three of our men would vanish. We petitioned for help from the Hero's College but they never responded... it's the Goddess at work, you turning up like this."

Dear Goddess, why!? Many Heroes take years to find the deed that makes their names, but you can't even get a whole day? Well, as a Hero you can't turn a cry for help down...

"How were your men taken?"

"No idea. They'd go off farming for the day, or mining and... gone. Like something had just plucked them from the face of the earth."

Hmm... interesting. You'd heard tales of monsters doing something like this, whether a predator snatching unaware prey, or females in heat capturing mates.

"No prints? Just... gone?"

"No prints," she nods.

"Must be something that can fly," you say, mostly to yourself. What kind of monsters fly? Dragons, harpies, a lot of animal-based monsters... this isn't helping much.

"Probably," she says. "We have no idea where they come from, or why they're being taken, you've got to help!" She ends the sentence pleadingly. Even if you weren't duty-bound to never deny a call for help, you'd do it in an instant for the expression on her face.

You sigh, pushing the mug back towards the barkeep. "I'll begin tomorrow. Tonight, I need some sleep."

"Fair enough," she says while stepping away, "I'll let you get some rest. If you want any more drink or some food, it's on the house for you."

"Thanks for the offer, but it's getting late. Don't worry, I'll get your men back," you say with a smile. She returns it, turning around to wait on a couple of ladies at a table near the back.

Well, the road has been long, but you have ale in your belly, a bed to lie on, and a pretty damsel to help. So far, the Hero life is good. You unbuckle your sword and climb under the covers, dreaming of the waitress, and all the things she could do if she was thankful enough...

You wake up to a knock on the door. "It's morning," says the waitress from the other side. "I've got a hot breakfast for you at the bar so don't take too long!"

Throwing off the covers, you get your sword and bag of belongings, blinking the sleep out of your eyes. Opening the door and scarfing down a sweet spiced porridge, the bar's much emptier than it was last night. "Since most of the men are gone, the women have to do the menial work. It's not an ideal situation, but whatever it is, it isn't going after us."

That seemed to be as much helpful information as could be gotten out of anyone, so after saying some goodbyes you head out.

Standing just outside the village, you scan the horizon. Something that flies... it stands to reason that a flying monster would live in the mountains. Then again, harpies form human-like settlements on the ground, not even counting the insect-based monsters that lived deeper in the forests... ugh, this wasn't going to be easy, was it? Hm. Maybe it was a long shot, but...

Monsters, being unholy creatures, gave off dark magic. Even if the monster had no overtly magical abilities, she could still leave traces wherever she went... and the Heroes had found a way to exploit it.

Reaching into your bag, you bring out a pouch of Magic Powder. An unimaginative name, but it meant that a Hero could find out what kind of monster he was dealing with, without resorting to detective work.

Grabbing a pinch of the powder, you throw it through the air, watching the colour change. It turns bright pink instantly, without even hitting the ground. Lust magic... and lots of it.

Succubae. Powerful ones. Oh crap.

These monsters were infamous for their voracious appetites and killing power. A succubus was one of the greatest challenges a Hero could face. And you've got some serious succubae, too -- for the powder to react like this is unheard of. However, it is your duty to clear them out... or die trying.

The succubae tended to live in close proximity to human settlements that they then preyed upon. They'd obviously settled two months ago, which wouldn't give them time to properly settle, and they'd probably live up high, in something like mountain caves.

Mountain caves, like there were on Mount Madhollow. You look up at the craggy mountain, squinting as your gaze meets the sunlight Wait... did something just fly out of it? Like some sort of great big bird that was soaring right towards you... oh. You unsheathe your sword and sink into a defensive stance, eyes trained on the succubus as it hurtles towards you. Your body tenses in preparation, focusing entirely on the threat in front of you, which is why the arms wrapping around you from behind take you completely by surprise.

A pair of boobs squishes against your back. You can feel the hard nipples poking you just as a pair of lips sensuously kisses your neck.

You almost collapse in her arms, assailed by the unexpected pleasure. You can barely keep yourself from moaning, and all she's done is kissed you.

"Hmhm... it feels good, doesn't it?" she whispers in your ear, tickling it with hot breath. "Just submit and you can feel like this for the rest of your life..."

The offer is tempting. It seems to go beyond the flesh, speaking directly to your soul. You try to answer, but the rational part of your mind puts up enough resistance to shake off the embrace, and you leap away, pointing your sword at her. "Stay back!" you proclaim in your best Hero's voice.

"Heh... I might be convinced if you weren't pointing your *other* sword at me too..."

Wait, what? You look down and sure enough you're hard. Unsurprising, but still embarrassing-

Crap. You fell for the oldest trick in the book. While you were distracted, the succubus rushes forward faster than you can imagine, but your instincts kick in, managing to twist away from a far more inescapable embrace. The Goddess is watching me, you realise.

For a moment, you feel hopeful that you can get out of this alive, and then the other succubus lands with a thump.

They are without a doubt the most gorgeous creatures you've ever seen. Superficially resembling human women, they sport mauve skin and golden hair, with sinister red eyes, black bat-wings, and thin black tails, ending in arrowheads. Along with stunning faces, they sported perky, large breasts, thin waists and wide hips. The classic idea of beauty, purposely designed to win a man's heart at first sight. And they're identical.

You force any thoughts of how their supple skin would feel out of your mind, focusing on staying alive. Settling into a fighting stance, you proclaim "I'll never yield. I'm a Hero!"

"Hmhm... they all say that," one sister says, her hand settling on the other's waist.

"So much defiance," the second sister says, licking her lips while looking at you.

"So much backbone... all the more to break, dear sister," the first rejoins, giving her sister's bottom an affectionate squeeze.

"So, 'Hero', will you submit willingly, or will we have to take you by force? Either way, you'll be begging on your knees."

"Mmh... he would look so good down on his knees, sister..." says the first, her fingers slipping under her sister's ass to touch her pussy from behind.

The second grinned. "Kneel for us, honey. It'll be so much easier, won't it?"

You resist the temptation to nod, and the rational part of your mind thankfully rescues you again. You take a step backward, still holding your sword to protect yourself.

The first pouted. "Oh dear, that is quite a shame. It seems... that we're doing things the hard way."

You aren't comfortable with the way she emphasises words, or the way your cock twitched when she said "hard."

The twins rush you in unison, covering the distance between you in a heartbeat. You take another step back, swinging your sword in wide arcs to keep them from getting close. Unfortunately, they're much faster than you, evading the strikes easily and advancing from two angles at once, seeking to cut off your escape routes. Step by step they drive you back, and it's all you can do just to stop them from laying their hands on you. Your muscles burn with exertion and the intensity of the onslaught soon saps your energy and leaves you panting and sweating. Finally, the succubae let up, allowing you to stumble backwards into a tree while catching your breath.

"My my, he is a skilled one, isn't he? Not many can contest against two succubae, especially with a toothpick like that."

"Oh yes, sister. He knows how to *handle* it very well."

"But that's only the tip of this iceberg, 'Hero'. You seem rather young, so I'm not surprised if you haven't heard much about our race."

"Succubae have renowned physical abilities, but it's our lust magic that makes us strong. If we so wanted, you could be begging us to fuck you right now. For instance...!"

A flash of instinct. You bring your sword up again, not to protect your body, but to cover your eyes. You see the beginnings of a spell in the eyes of one of the succubae, and you just about bring the sword up in time to avoid it.

"You see, human? Our eyes can arouse supernatural lusts in you, amplifying your sex drive a thousandfold, filling your mind with nothing but the desire to breed, the *need* to fuck... now, you're ours. Kneel, and we'll let you sample the greatest pleasures we can bring to a man..." one sister bragged.

"No..." you say. You raise the sword again, ready for another attack.

"W-what? How can you resist the spell!? Is it a Heroic technique? Tell me!" she shouts, panicking.

"I-I don't...!" you splutter.

"S-sister..." the other murmurs, knees quaking.

"W-what is it?"

"So... horny..." she manages to force out. Her thighs are pressed tightly together, and she's trembling all over now.

"Wha... how!?"

"Wait, what's going on-" you try to interject.

"You stay out of this! What's happened, Helena?"

"Saw... your eyes..." whispers Helena, unable to stop her hand dipping between her legs.

"What are you on about!?"

"Run... I just... want to fu...uuhuuuck..." Helena moans as she deftly fingered herself.

"You... you tricked her, didn't you?" the other succubus rounds on you, her voice shaking with barely concealed rage. "You let her see the reflection with your sword... you hurt my sister. Now you're a dead man, 'Hero.'"

With an angry cry, the other succubus soars forward, but Helena intercepts her sister, burying her face into the other's groin. The apoplectic howl turns into an indignant squawk, but quickly devolves into lusty moans as Helena works her magic. You can see the way Helena roughly abuses her sopping pussy, using the other hand to grip her sister's ass to keep her head wedged between her sister's long, luscious legs, her thin tail curling into the shape of a heart.

The other succubus seems to utterly forget you, all thoughts of attack washed away in a sea of lust. Now she paws her perky breasts as she pleadingly whines to her sister; you're unsure whether she's trying to beg Helena to stop, or to keep going. Passing her perfect nipples through her fingers, she groans and swears, rising to a crescendo of screams as Helena's skilful tongue drives her towards an earth-shattering orgasm. Her legs wrapped around Helena's head, her hips buck against her sister's tongue as she comes down from the dizzying climax.

"N-nooooo... we have to get the Hero..." she begs her sister, tears in her eyes. Any reply Helena offered was muffled by her pussy. Now she'd made her sister cum, she could afford to be more playful. Making eye contact with her sister, Helena changes tactics, making little, rapid sucky-kisses on her sister's delicious hard clit.

"No please I'm so sensitivethereohfuckyespleasekeepgoingyesyes" the sister groans as she cums again.

Keeping her gaze locked on her sister's watering eyes, Helena's own eyes flashed.

You watch the erotic scene play out in horrified astonishment, utterly transfixed. As the sisters fuck, you realise you should get away while you still can, and so you sprint away as fast as your boner will allow, the lustful moans and screams of the sisters echoing in your ears. To the mountains you go!

Hello! While this isn't my first story, it's my first posting here, and my first proper excursion into the realm of erotic literature. Any corrections and criticisms are welcome. Thanks!


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Please and thank you

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one hell of a start

this was dam good. i cant wait to read more!!

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A good start. Keep it up and you will go far. ;)

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It was interesting

A new way of starting this kind of story. You did a real decent job with what you have posted. Lets see how the story develops before I give my opinion.

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