tagErotic CouplingsMontana in Oz Ch. 01

Montana in Oz Ch. 01


Dressed in black that for centuries had been the preferred dress for executioners, Martha Reynolds entered the living room where her husband Ralph and only child Montana (27) waited patiently, each playing a game or puzzle on their smart phone.

"Right phones off," said the majority stockholder of Fluffy Blossom Bathroom Tissues who according to an asset-guessing leading national financial magazine was worth $190 million.

Drinks were served, dark beer for Ralph, low alcohol beer for Montana and sparkling water from France to one of New Jersey's most influential citizens.

"Montana this pre-dinner meeting will, I hope, determine your immediate future to our mutual satisfaction. You went over the top emotional yesterday when I expressed my wish that you dump that long-haired guitar-playing lout Lancelot. Your plea that he was a musician of note was simply a waste of breath."

"Mom I apologise for behaving so rudely to you yesterday."

Martha said, "I thank you for that and that melt-down now belongs to the past."

"I rule as follows, either you renounce that scoundrel or I'll have Lionel and Roy annihilate him."

"No you can't do that mother," Montana said desperately. "That would be murder."

"Oh darling you are so naive. My two minders would simply pursue that diabolical young man in his vehicle aggressively until the simpleton choses to drive beyond his capabilities and fuelled on drugs would drive himself off the road and into oblivion. My guys will ensure privacy to ensure there are no witnesses and are unlikely to admit being ordered to play road raging with your ferret-looking scumbag."

"You bitch, I dislike you interfering with my private life. However in the interest of family peace I hereby renounce my association with Lancelot Edward Truman and promise not to associate with him ever again?"

"That assurance partly convinces me of your intent darling but for absolute closure you must agree to gain internship experience as an attorney working beyond America."

"Very well mother, I agree subject to father agreeing to release me from my contract in order to achieve your wishes."

"That's an excellent attitude Montana," said her father. "Your mother and I are very pleased you're being cooperative about this as the issue had potential to rip us apart."

"Well said Ralph," Martha smiled.

"Montana your father has kindly consented to involve you in a paid law abroad internship under an international agreement convention that will result in you working in Australia on a year-long contract for a law firm in the town of Red Ridge. The significance of this placement is your late maternal grandfather, to whom we all owe so such much, as a young man first began to practice law in that firm in partnership with two other graduates from his class."

"Mother you can't do this; Australia is at the end of the world. This is inhuman and I refused to go."

"Darling if you refused to go you will say goodbye to your monthly allowance of $18,000. You will be on a good salary down there of course; it's all arranged."

"No way am I going anywhere," Montana screamed and threw her beer bottle at her goading mother who stayed absolutely still to ensure the missile missed; it flew by only an inch from her left ear.

* * *

During the last leg of the long flight, the guy sitting next to Montana went to the toilet and his female companion moved over to sit alongside Montana.

"Hi I'm Leslie. I heard you talking to my husband; you sound East Coast American I believe?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm from New Jersey which is..."'

"It borders New York City. Although I'm Australian I did my doctorate in New York and sometimes stayed with one of my roommates at her family home across the North River in Jersey City."

They chatted about Manhattan including their likes and dislikes and near the end of the flight they exchanged cards.

"Omigod Dr Harrington, you are a professor of law at the University of Sydney, How many students does it have?"

"About 52,000. Montana you may call me Alison."

"Wow that many students makes it a big college um university but then Australia is big although most people live on the east coast."

"You are well informed Montana. I spend part of a summer with a girlfriend riding through part of Montana when I was young. Do you like Montana?"

"I've never been east of Kansas City until I flew to LA on the first leg of my journey yesterday."

"Well you are well east of Kansas City now. What do you work at?"

"I'm a year out of law school and am heading for Red Ridge that is south-east of Sydney."

"I've never heard of it."

"It's a small service town and difficult to find on any map I understand. My maternal grandfather began a law firm there last century and I'm to work there on special visa provision made possible under an international law convention because the firm has a vacancy that it has been unable to fill in eight months of trying."

"Well don't get lost out there as Australia is a big place dear."

"I believe it's larger than Texas."

"Yes by 11 times in fact and it's about the same size as Continental USA."

"Omigod, I have much to learn."

* * *

Montana knew that Red Ridge Law was a small firm but was surprised to find the three partners were its only lawyers.

"No one young wants to work out here," Reg Day the managing partner said.

Reg was 59, Bert Saddler was 58 and Wendy Flynn was 51. None was related to an original partner.

Montana was introduced to the support staff of seven at a special morning tea break on her first day at work.

Wendy handed her a brief and said not to worry about appearing in court without being fully qualified under Australian law and licensed to practice.

"I'll work with applications to get you properly accredited when you get back. It's only a drunk and disorderly appearance and I had a chat with Judge Mercer. He approved of your representing the defendant especially when I said you would regard this as your pro bono service."

"Oh he was impressed?"

"He just laughed and said Clancy Stone has a string of convictions and although hiring lawyers, not one of them has managed to secure payment."

Montana couldn't believe such a small Courthouse existed anywhere else except perhaps in a most isolated community in um Montana.

The police prosecutor said Clancy Stephenson Stone, 38, lived by the river in a caravan that had had the wheels stolen which meant the defendant could consider to have a fixed abode. Yesterday evening the defendant became abusive to two young fencing contractors who refused to fight him because Clancy was drunk. One of them called the police and the accused spent the night in jail.

"Stone are you in agreement with the facts relating to the charge?"

"Yes Harry."

Judge Mercer smiled tolerantly and said, "Judge Mercer is quite sufficient thank you."

"The bastards wouldn't give me their names otherwise I could have handed that information to the court, if it pleases your Honour to know that."

"Miss Reynolds, the defendant is yours to question and to make representation for clemency on his behalf."

Montana thought Christ was the maximum sentence for being drunk and disorderly in Australia execution? Surely that was unlikely.

She began a little nervously.

"Mr Stone, why try to pick a fight with men who have no interest in fighting? Why not teach interested boys and perhaps girls how to defend themselves if attacked?"

"Eh what I do or don't do is none of your business and so keep your nose and your foreign accent out of my face lady and tell me this, why the hell is my lawyer a useless female?"

"Mr Stone if you displayed a social conscience and indicated your wiliness to do something good for the benefit of even part of the community, the court might consider you had become worthy of being treated leniently."

"You don't say. Oh yeah I'm sorry for getting pissed and making a bit of a nuisance of myself by my slight misdemeanour was nothing compared with Armageddon."

"You made that statement in your defence sound very contrite Mr Stone and if you fail to make good on your promise I'll kick your butt, do you hear?"

"Yes Miss."

"The defence rests your Honour."

"Sergeant Rivers."

"The prosecution has nothing to add your Honour."

"Will the defendant please stand," intoned the court clerk.

"Stone you have just been involved in probably the most screwball defence in Australian Court history. Now Stone I too am relying on you making good your promise. Case suspended on the signing of a good behaviour bond but the defendant will be recalled to this court in respect of any breach of that bond before it's expiry in three months from today.

"Stand down Stone."

"Thanks Harry."

Outside the Courthouse Montana approached Stone and said, "Clancy?"


"Call me Montana."

"Why, what's your name?"

"Montana which is named after the State above Wyoming in the USA. My father's favourite film when he was young was called 'The Montana Kid' and he used to ride his pony pretending to be that gunman cowboy. Later he resolved to call his son Montana but alas along came me and guess what?"


Montana sighed.

Clancy grinned.

"I was kidding. You know I've had the experience to teach boxing. My boxing record includes lightweight titles and I really honed my skills on in-close techniques because that's where one wears down the opponent making him think oh no not another thump over the heart or a sneaky illegal one into a kidney. They stick out their chin tiredly and that's when I whack the chin and it's all over Rover; um usually."

'I understand. Because my father had wished for a boy I had to mow the lawns, sweep the outdoor paths, go to ball games with him and learn self-defence."

"Ah self-defence eh. Were you any good?"

"My record includes four weight-for-age championship titles."

"Is that so; then stop this," Clancy said, crouching a little an unleashing a slap at Montana's face.

"Whaaaat," he yelled because in a blur Montana had caught the wrist of that hand, swung that arm behind Clancy's back and pushed him away accompanied by a kick with the flat sole of her shoe that sent him on his way. He only just managing to stop sprawling on the roadway and scouring his face on the hard surface.

"Jesus Christ Montana and he was I thinking you were as useless as a pussy cat."

A police SUV had stopped just short of Clancy and after a tiny blast of the siren Sergeant Rivers stepped out and said, "Hello, hello what do we have here? Methinks it's Clancy Stephenson Stone brawling on the good streets of Red Ridge again. Oh has the burly shearer that you were trying to knock the crap out of scampered?"

"No it was her," Clancy said, pointing at Montana.

"Now look here Clancy I think you know lying to the Police is a series offence and..."

"Serg the truth is I was moving away at speed from Miss Montana as she began talking fees and I slipped on a banana skin and was sent flying."

"A banana skin eh. Well let's find the evidence."

"Oh the skin shot into the air and a stray starving dog caught it and raced down into the railway cutting. I suggest you call for reinforcements and begin the search to the banana skin."

"That's enough of this rubbish Stone. I saw the whole thing. You lost your temper, took a swing at Miss Reynolds and she sent you packing with a flea in your ear. Do you wish to lay a complaint Miss Reynolds?"

"No thanks Serg. Mr Stone and I were talking about the formation of his boxing club and he asked could I take a punch. Naturally I said try me. I ducked under his swing and booted him in the ass playfully and his momentum took him flying forward. It was just innocent play stuff Serg."

"Hmmm I don't know which story to believe."

"Believe Montana's explanation Serg; it was so good I almost believe it myself."

Everyone laughed and that was it.

"I'll see you around," said the sergeant, returning to his vehicle and he drove off still grinning.

Clancy was clued up sufficiently to identify his two primary needs to Montana.

"Monty to get..."

"Clancy my name is Montana and that's not about to change."

"Um Montana to get started I need premises and I need publicity to advise I'm in business."

"I agree and you cannot expect to be up and running overnight. I'm to be interviewed by the chief reporter as a new lawyer in town this afternoon at the Red Ridge Informer.

"What that rag."

"Does the town have another newspaper?"

"Um no."

"Well them?"

"Aw get on with it Montana."

She smiled and said they should try the council to find if any disused council building was available rent-free for the establishment of a boxing club.

* * *

Gerry Perkins the builder looked at Montana and Clancy and took Montana aside.

"Look Miss Reynolds I feel it's my civic duty to advise you not to attempt to lift Clancy to the ranks of normal citizens because he's descended to become the town's drunk and a pathetic would-be brawler."

"Okay Gerry, call me Montana. How do you think Clancy might respond to a little friendship and a little encouragement to regain his respectability and find new purpose in life?"

Gerry wiped the sneer from totally invading his face and he said, glancing at Montana's rather impressive chest and catching the glint in her eye, "Well I reckon you could be in with a chance better than Hell freezing over."

"Thanks Gerry. As you know this building was originally planned by the Colonial Masters in England in the 1830s to be built in local stone to house horses and their snow ploughs but the fact if it's never snowed within in this locality and never will. It was used for storage until the last replacement roof collapsed."

"As your contribution to the youth of this town what is your estimate to replace the doors, windows, add a new roof, new flooring, new doors for just the cost of materials and to pull in your civic-minded plumber, electricians and painter and decorators to do their bit in the rebuilt and fit-out for cost of materials only. I'll supply the beer."

"How much beer," he said warily.

"How many crates will be required?"

He grinned and said he'd take a couple of minutes to recalculate his quote.

"Montana darling, we could bring the work in for a tad under 34,000 bucks."

Clancy growled, "Watch who you call darling buster."

"Leave him Clancy; he's only being civic-minded. Let my make the call."

"Hi mom it's Montana," she said.

"No I'm okay. Oh it's 3 am where you are, I had no idea. Mom I need the equivalent of $34,000 in Australian dollars placed in my account for funding a project for young Aussies."

"What? No Aussies is short for Australians, not mosquitoes. It's an investment in charity mom, to allow street kids to experience self-worth."

"Ah good, within 12 hours you say. And how's dad?"

"Mom you didn't; you should lock that skillet away and allow dad a little rope in his amorous desires with your girlfriends. Gee mom have a heart, your girlfriends are entitled to have dad sniffing around them."

Completing the call Montana said, "Gerry the funding will be in place sometime this afternoon. Off you go and order materials... oh wait, give me a modest kiss darling and don't dribble."

"And keep your hands to yourself buster," Clancy said, imitating a Dobermann Pinscher tone in his growl.

One evening two weeks away from the official opening of 'Clancy Stone's Boxing Training Gym for Under 20-year Olds, the building contractor for the conversion project Gerry Perkins was escorting Montana around the site on a client's inspection tour.

"Excellent progress has been made," she said.

"Montana," Gerry gasped, he face somewhat puce in colour, as he caught the sight of the perkiness of her breasts side-on against the background of a fiery sunset,

Several hundred years of hereditary experience had prepared Montana for such a moment. The tenting of Gerry's shorts couldn't be missed and she seized the moment to instinctively deal with Gerry's problem.

She dropped to her knees and unzipped him and cooed, "I'll get your off this way but no carnal insertion of me will follow because I'm ethically restrained as a young lawyer making her way and knowing ethically I cannot fuck a married man even if he is my cherished contract builder."

"Cherished, oh god, Gerry gasped as thick cool lips encircled his rigid penis and a juicy tongue began titivating the shaft, sending the 43-year old into mounting raptures. With great timing Montana pulled clear of successive firing of streams of hot semen that thickly splattered the immediate environment.

Almost two weeks later Gerry's three sub-contractors ended their work on the project and greeted Montana with silly looks on their faces when she arrived to thank each of them with two crates of beer.

"Oh Gerry's been talking to you," she giggled.

"Oh Montana," they chorused.

They returned after taking their beer to their pickups and she stood them in a line and first unzipped Eli the painter and after leaving him in a swoon moved on to Dusty the electrician and then finished with Banjo the plumber who had to be assisted to his vehicle.

That evening Montana stood with Clancy viewing the now finished restoration that was ready to be fitted out.

"The lads did a great job, up with their best work I reckon," said the reformed no-hoper who now showered each day, shaved each morning and had been led protesting by Montana to have his hair cut for the first time in nine years."

"Um Montana?"

"Yes Clancy."

"Um the lads..."

"Come on, out with it."

Clancy, shaking a little, pointed to his zip.

"You are invited to my place for dinner at 7:00 this evening," his benefactor said.

Clancy's face dropped but he bravely held the door open for Montana and locked the premises as she drove off.

He took the apparent rejection on the chin and turned up smiling at 7:00 with mismatched flowers he'd picked presumably from someone's garden and wearing a suit and white shirt he'd borrowed from a hand-me-down Opportunity Shop.

Clancy took a swig from his bottle of beer and looked at the table that was set at the far end instead of the middle.

"What's it with the layout of the table?"

Montana just smiled.

She lay on her back on the table and Clancy's eyes bulged a she calmly pulled out great looking tits and then waved a condom at him.

"I've completed my rescue mission with you my sweet man and now you're on your own by make a success of your boxing gym. Full details of how parents can enrol their lads and daughters aged 12 to 20 for the District Council-subsidised facility will appear in the newspaper in the morning."

"I've also arranged with the council to providing you with two female social services assistants during the opening hours of the club from 3:30 to 6:30 Tuesday to Saturday. The council's local manager sent out a mailer and already has received forty-three applications from parents for club membership of their children."

"Bloody hell," Clancy said, his eyes misting.

Montana waved the condom more vigorously.

"Um what do I do with that?"

She sighed and pulled up her hem and Clancy eyed a bald peach.

"You were the only male on the project who wasn't married Clancy and so you get the full works. You move the condom from the pack, sniff my pussy and by then your dick will be in great shape for you to roll on the condom and you'll then be primed to have a big piece of me."

The teaser grinned and said, "Front or back?"

Montana rolled her eyes and said, "Oh I hadn't thought of that; it's your choice sweetie."

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