tagInterracial LoveMore Than Wife Can Handle

More Than Wife Can Handle


This story is just a story. It comes from my inner self. Agree with it or don’t, its just a story. Nothing is real.

Linda is a very beautiful lady. She is a Red head of 50, 5’3” tall and 123 lbs. She has a 38C chest and is built to last. The only thing is she is getting bored with life. Not really wanting a permanent change, just something to make life spicier. She is married to a nice man for 25 years. He has always made sex and life interesting to her, but lately he has been in a rut himself.

Shelby, I’m bored with things. Lets go somewhere and do something!

Like what Lin? I’m tired and really didn’t want to go anywhere.

I know, how about playing around a little, she says? I’m really not in the mood babe. Maybe later. Are you tired of me? Is that it Shelby?

No. Babe just bored with life I guess. You remember a few years ago when I wanted you to play like you were out on the town, alone and looking for some action?

Yea I remember I dressed up and didn’t wear any panties with that short dress.

It didn’t work out because of the security guy from work was there and talked to me forever. Yea, babe but those 2 guys were trying to get you to sit down, until super cop made them leave you alone.

Might have been fun if he hadn’t stepped in. Want to try it again? I don’t know, you are so jealous. You’d just get mad and start a fight. No I wouldn’t. I promise.

Well if you promise to be good, I wouldn’t mind dancing and having a few drinks. Lets do it. Where do you want to go?

Lets take two cars and our cells. I’ll follow you to Sherlock’s bar and let you go in first, no I’ll go in first and watch you come in. I like to watch all the guys watching you.

Ok, what should I wear? I know I’ll surprise you. By the way, what will we do if things get out of hand?

They won’t, just call me or I’ll call you if I see something going down. Ok?

Sure, you go on and get ready; I’ll be there in an hour or so.

I went to the bar and had a few and my phone rang. Hello! Hey where are you? Coming in the door in 3 minutes. Are you ready? Hell yea, I said. How many Horne guys are there inside? Oh a few are here, but I’m sure more will follow. Well ok here I come, ready or not.

God was she smashing. Red dress, about ankle high and split up the side to the upper thigh. The back was open and the front was down real low. No panty lines and no bra. Wow was she hot, her red hair was mid- back in length and black high heels. Wow.

As she came in and looked around, men were looking at her like she was dinner. And dinner was hot tonight. She walked in and sits down at a table in the corner, alone and looking so hot. The waitress went over and got her drink order and left. She hadn’t even had a chance to get settled when two guys at the other table started talking to her. She was smiling and shaking her head yes about something. The waitress returned with her drink, and the man at the table paid for it. Next thing I know they are setting at her table. It appeared they were just talking, but were getting really friendly. Rubbing her arms and holding on to her hands. I decided to call her.

What is going on babe, I asked? Nothing, just having a few drinks with some new friends! Are you ok? Oh yes I’m in good hands, thanks and call back later, ok? She hung up.

What the hell, I didn’t think she’d like talking to black guys. Oh well what ever, as long as she has fun and we can have some good sex thinking about this night.

After about an hour the band started and they asked her to dance, I moved closer so I could here and see more, and that I did.

They were dancing real close and feeling real low on her back. The dude setting at the table was rubbing himself. He got up and went to the bathroom; I followed and started talking to him inside. What’s going on man? Nothing, just trying to make some time with that hot lady out there. Yea I seen her; real nice. What’s her story? Don’t know, just lonely and looking for some fun. And fun is what I have in mind. He chuckled and left the room. I walked out side and called her again.

Hey babe, these two are planning on fucking your brains out. You had better leave and go somewhere else. Why? Isn’t this what you wanted? You want me happy don’t you?

Well this will make me happy. I want you to tell them you’re my husband and you want to watch them fuck me. But babe I didn’t want you to have sex with them. Oh yes you do, all you have teased about is seeing me with a black dude. So now you’re going to.

I went back inside and walked over the their table, I introduced myself and set down. I told Jerry and Calvin what we had on our minds. They were more than happy to agree. I told them I would rent a room, but Calvin had a better idea. His place.

We arrived at their place and went inside. They started playing with Linda pulling on her big nipples through her dress and running there hands down inside her dress and squeezing her ass. About 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. Jerry let two more guys in. I started protesting when they pulled out a gun and told me to strip down to nothing and set in the chair. They tied me up and left me there. Linda was starting to get worried but Calvin said this is what they wanted. That way I wouldn’t change my mind. She said she didn’t want 4 men just him and Jerry was all she agreed to. But after a few minutes she started acting funny. They had drugged her.

She was feeling real good, laughing and carrying on. Then they took her dress off, she was really sexy. Her big tits and nicely trimmed bush were all they needed to see. Off came their pants and shirts. When they took off their shorts she became real quiet. Wow is all she could say. They were all at least 8” and Calvin was at least 12, he was huge. Jerry was starting to grow even bigger until he was nearly as large as Calvin. She was really going to get fucked tonight. They started climbing all over her. Stroking her hair, kissing her and licking her pussy. She was hot, real hot. Calvin’s friend was tonguing her real fast. She was starting to move all over and begging for him to not stop. He didn’t. She came so hard she nearly screamed. But for the large cock in her mouth she couldn’t. This other guy was fucking her mouth; I could see his cock sliding down her throat. I didn’t know she could deep throat.

The guy licking her pussy was putting his cock on her pussy, rubbing it up and down until she started begging him to put it in. He asked her to beg and she did. Please fuck me, fuck me now.

He shoved his cock, at least 8”, all the way in with one stroke. She gasped and nearly chocked again as Jerry shoved his cock in her mouth. All she could get in was the head and a little bit more. She was getting fucked so hard and fast she couldn’t stand it. She started cuming over and over. Her large tits were bouncing like never before. Jerry came in her mouth making her choke. He shot wad after wad on her face and into her mouth.

The guy fucking her started slowing until he shoved his cock all the way in and washed her inside with his jiz. She came with him moaning an moaning. Calvin was next; he didn’t give her a break. He shoved his 12” in to the hilt. She screamed with joy. FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME. And fuck her he did. He got tired of that position and made her get on her hands and knees. He shoved his cock in her pussy and really went to town. He fucked her so hard that his balls were slapping her stomach with each stroke. About 30 seconds into this his balls started to draw up. She was screaming with each stroke. Jerry stuck his huge cock in her mouth, but she was still screaming around it.

Calvin told her to get ready, because he was going to fill her pussy with cum so full that it would run out for a week. She didn’t care. He screamed he was Cumming, and he did. My god he must have pumped at least a pint of cum in her pussy. I run out around his cock and down her legs, dripping on the sheets. He was spent. He got up and walked over to me. Sticking his cock in my face. Lick your wife’s cum off my cock. I said no.

But he told me if I didn’t he would call some more brothers and they would all fuck her.

I still said no.

About 30 minutes later, 4 more guys showed up. They all stripped and started fucking Linda. She was so out of it, it didn’t matter. She was still coming and sucking just like before. They were all hung very well.

By morning she was very well fucked. Cum running from all holes and caked in her hair. She was very sore and very hung over. I was still in the chair. Cum was on the floor where I shot at least 2 loads watching her get fucked.

There were men all over the house. 8 to be exact, and all very well cum out. When she awoke, she was real drowse. She seen all these men and me tied to a chair. She walked over to me and asked me if I was ok. Sure I’m fine, how are you? Sore, she said. She untied me and started to take a shower. Calvin awoke to see her and I in the shower. He came over and got in with us. She washed us down and we washed her. After giving her a good washing we carried her to the bed and started licking and kissing her all over again. Calvin licked her pussy and she started to respond by pushing her pussy into his tongue. I got up and stuck my cock into her mouth. Calvin placed his cock at her pussy. She arched her back up until Calvin shoved his cock in. She nearly came instantly. He fucked her slowly until she removed my cock and asked him to fuck her faster. Her lips were going in with each stroke and grasping his cock with each pull out. She was cuming again and again. Moaning and Moaning until he said he was cuming in her. She begged him to fill her up and this he did. I never saw a cock grow so big. His cock must have swelled another size larger right before he cum.

He filled her with cum and filled her. After he was through she still held him inside her with her legs around him. He started to grow again, and started fucking her slow again. I couldn’t believe it. I was urging him on. Come on Calvin fuck her fuck her man come on.

Jerry heard us and came into the room. He placed his cock in her face and she sucked it until he shot his load into her mouth. God he came a lot.

The others came in and watched Calvin dump another load in her red pussy. Each man ended up fucking her again. I too joined in dumping my load in about 2 strokes.

The doorbell rang. Calvin said what the fuck and went to the door. He came back in with the biggest man I have ever seen. At least 7’ tall and 300 lbs easy. This is Tyrone; this here is Linda, and her old man. Tyrone wants to play Linda can he join in. She said she was through and wanted no more. But Calvin and the others said she wasn’t. I started to protest, but was told Tyrone didn’t care if he fucked her or me. I thought she could handle him better.

He stripped down and revealed the largest cock I have ever seen. 12” long and at least 8” around. His balls were as large as plumbs and hung down to his mid thigh. Linda gasped. No way she said. But the others held her down. Her pussy, still running cum out like a river. Tyrone’s cock grew and grew until it was even bigger than I thought. It was 14” long and nearly 10” around. It was huge. He forced his cock in and started fucking Linda until she nearly passed out. She screamed and screamed but she also came and came. She was panting like a racehorse when he suddenly grew rigid and started to cum. She said she could feel it filling her insides, gush after gush. He came for at least 30 seconds. Cum was running out of her with each spasm. She was completely full and the bed was completely soaked with cum. The smell was over powering. She was latterly fucked silly.

After that we all bathed again and got dressed. Linda went over to Calvin and thanked him and his friends for the best fucking she had ever had. But when she went to Tyrone she told him that she wanted him again. Later though, much later. And if he had a friend like himself to bring him.

We went home and talked about it. She loved it and so did I. Now we have sex every day again. But she still wants to fuck Tyrone again. I don’t mind and long as I can watch. What the hell, it makes me happy and she loves it.

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