tagGroup SexMore The Merrier Ch. 02

More The Merrier Ch. 02


More the Merrier 2: Pool Party

Alice had heard about the little get together that happened at Melissa's place just a little while back. As turned on as she was to hear the details from each participant, she was indeed a bit jealous that she hadn't been there. Out of town that weekend, she had missed the festivities, and now was suffering the consequences having to hear everyone brag and boast about how wonderful it was. This gave her a great idea. It was time to throw a little festivity of her own. A devilish grin came across her seductive lips as she began plotting just how everything would go down.

After making some calls and arranging schedules, the time was narrowed down to an upcoming weekend and the guest list included the following: Melissa, Shannon, Jessie, Tammy, Rachel, and Jimmy. She hadn't yet met Jimmy, but the general consensus among the other girls was that he added something new to things and that always made it more fun.

In the week leading up to her party, Alice was getting herself quite worked up for what could transpire. She wasn't the only one, however. It seemed as if everyone included was getting quite anxious as they awaited that weekend to arrive on the calendar.


Jessie hadn't been at Melissa's orgy either, but like every other girl in their network, had heard about it a million times already. She could almost recite verbatim what happened to whom and when. She wasn't necessarily getting tired of the story, though, and rather let it get to her on a few occasions as she pondered the possibilities of the coming weekend. It had been a little while since she had gotten to play with more than one person, and she intended to make the very most of it in every way possible.

A spunky snowboarder, Jessie's fit and toned frame stood 5'10" with a lovely mane of dark chocolate hair and matching eyes. Her smile could have won awards, and she was quite aware of her good looks. In fact, she had even had her favorite toy made custom to match the color of her hair. She decided to put that very dildo away for the last few days before the party just so that she could let herself build up even more sexual frustration to unleash on the group. It was a very difficult task, but she was a well disciplined girl who always got her way, and she had the willpower to do it.


After what seemed forever, the fateful day of the party arrived, and Shannon was ecstatic. Her things were already thrown into her backpack and ready to go long before Melissa came to pick her up. The hands on the clock were moving in slow motion today, and her thoughts definitely were not. Finally Melissa pulled up out front and blared her horn annoyingly even as it was obvious Shannon was on her way. Apparently they were both quite eager to get going.

Jimmy had made it a point to arrange another meeting with the girls after his first orgy encounter at Melissa's house left him speechless. His luck seemed to be amazing lately, though, as Melissa had given him a call soon enough and told him of an upcoming pool party at a girl named Alice's house. Missa had sent him a picture of Alice online also, and there was no question as to whether or not he was going to show up. He wasn't about to miss this for the world.

Tammy carpooled with Rachel and they were both quite giddy the entire trip to Alice's house. They worked each other into a frenzy talking dirty about who was going to do what to whom and with what toys. By the time they reached Alice's front door, both were more than ready to pounce and had a hungry look in their eyes. Both agreed not to start anything until everyone got there, but now each was having second thoughts as Alice opened the door wearing a white bikini over her gorgeous figure.


Melissa and Shannon were the final two to arrive, with both Jessie and Jimmy rolling up almost simultaneously just after Rachel and Tammy. Everyone was sitting on the back porch enjoying a few drinks and chatting somewhat nervously when they rang the doorbell. It seemed a bit akward right at first, as Melissa was the initial connection to Jimmy, and the other girls were trying not to leave him out of the conversation. Once everyone was there, however, the atmosphere changed, and it was definitely time to party. Melissa poured herself some vodka and cranberry juice, then plopped down on Jimmy's lap in the lawn chair.

"Well, hello there!" he said, attempting not to spill his drink as he shifted his weight. Melissa just giggled, turned, and pulled his face into her exposed cleavage. When she let go, he stated (while looking at her boobs) "And hello to you, too!" This helped break the last remaining ice among the group, and finally all at once it seemed everyone could stand the waiting no longer.


Clothing flew as everyone helped each other out of their respective garments. Jessie had snuck up on Alice and snatched at her bikini strings, dropping the entire suit in one fell swoop. A bit astonished, but nowhere near embarassed, Alice just turned around with a succinct "Bitch" and began disrobing her playful companion. Melissa was vigorously working at yanking Jimmy's shorts from him while he was pulling her top over her well endowed chest. Together they decided it couldn't be done at the same time, and coordinated a quick fix with a laugh. Tammy and Rachel opted for feeling each other up while they moved and so took a little longer getting undressed, while Shannon was a latecomer due to being in the kitchen grabbing a drink.

After a good make-out session and some tit massaging with Rachel, Tammy moved over toward Jimmy. She had missed out on playing with him last time, and wasn't going to let him get away so fast this time. Snatching him from Melissa, who only put up a fight until Shannon showed up behind her, Tammy led Jimmy toward the nearby jacuzzi, which was attached to the pool. Her golden red hair, which hung to her mid back, looked soft as silk shining in the bright sun as they walked to the jacuzzi. Jimmy admired her hourglass figure as it strode gently in front of him, and soon had a full hard-on just from the sight. "Sit down here." She instructed, patting the edge of the hot tub, getting in herself as well.

Rachel had joined up instantly with Alice and Jessie near the house, in a twist of bodies groping, licking, sucking and rubbing. Jessie's hand was in Alice's crotch, gliding up and down, while Alice was pinching a nipple of each of the other two. Kisses were traded off in no particular order, but governed only by who wanted it more. As they all were craving sexual attention greatly by this point, it made for quite a tangle of who could do more to one another.


Alice broke from her group and lithely slipped to the ground just in front of Melissa, who was being serviced orally by Shannon. "Eat me, bitch!" she said as she placed her cunt in front of Melissa's waiting mouth. Instantly she was groaning and moaning with delight, turning her body so as to get at Shannon's pussy too. Soon they had formed a triangle of licking and sucking, each moaning into the other's wet folds with delight.

Tammy probed Jimmy's mouth with her tongue, and decided that she rather liked his kisses. Therefore a little reward was in store. She kissed a line from his chin, trailing down his toned stomach, to find his dick twitching with anticipation for her mouth. She engulfed the head of it and began hungrily devouring his manhood. Jimmy sighed and said "Oh, fuck that's good", leaning backward to rest his arms further out. Upon doing so, his left hand landed on the jacuzzi controls, and accidentally pressed the jets button. Instantly the jets popped on with a bubbling sound. Tammy was kneeled on the jacuzzi's built-in seat in front of him, and a jet was perfectly at the height to hit her directly between the legs. Everyone turned to see what had happened as she screamed in pleasure and surprise at the new stimulus.

After the screaming at the jacuzzi, Rachel and Jessie decided to split up and join the two different groups. Rachel headed for the triangular train nearby, stopping at her bag for reinforcements. Jessie wanted in on the jacuzzi jet action, though, and made her way toward Jimmy and Tammy.


With a little coordination on Melissa and Rachel's parts, the four girls were arranged upon the smooth concrete with beach towels beneath them. Alice was placed on her back first. Rachel handed her a vibrator and told her "That one's for Shannon, babe" as she placed Shannon straddling Alice's midsection. While Rachel placed the other two, Melissa was strapping into a strap-on, taking her place between Alice's spread legs. She could see Alice's juices glistening in the sun, and slid the dildo into her lubricated cunt with ease. Her large breasts were then pressed into Shannon's back, and she slowly began to rock her hips, moving all three of them in unison.

Satisfied with their positioning, Rachel lowered herself over Alice's face, completing the human canopy over her slender body. Alice lapped eagerly at Rachel's pussy as she thrust the dildo into Shannon's pussy and massaged Shannon's clit with her other hand. Shannon began slapping Rachel's ass in front of her and soon the mass of bodies was rocking harder and faster, with a flurry of cussing and slapping noises emanating from it. Orgasms were handed out like meals at a soup kitchen and there was no sign of slowing down.


Jessie was ready to have her pussy licked nice and thoroughly and saw her opportunity waiting at the jacuzzi. "Fuck her from behind, I want some of this!" She stated to Jimmy in an energetic way. He slid around Tammy, who was still being massaged by the jet and loving every second of it. Jessie assumed Jimmy's previous position on the ledge of the jacuzzi and grabbed Tammy's hair roughly, forcing her face into the awaiting pink. Jimmy had no trouble locating Tammy's open flower, as it was being rocketed by the jet. Placing a hand on either of her hips, he thrust himself within her, and she again screamed with pleasure. This time, however, nobody looked over, because they were all a bit preoccupied.

He could feel the pressure of the jacuzzi jet pressing in on Tammy, it surged into his own cock, creating a wild new sensation. He reached around and began massaging her perfectly shaped 32C breasts while he plunged in and out of her. Jessie was above, holding tightly to a handful of Tammy's hair and moaning. Leaning her other hand back to brace herself, she landed on the button. Tammy looked up longingly at Jessie and began to whimper with the loss of the jet. Jessie had an evil idea. She began to intermittently turn the jets on and off for short periods of time. Both girls became lost in orgasmic delight, and Jimmy was in a world of his own watching this spectacle in front of him and stroking his cock in and out of this amazing redhead.


Melissa had an extra dildo nearby and easily at her disposal. The question was who to give it to now. When Alice lifted her legs in orgasm, Melissa had her answer. She had been sucking on the dildo simply to have something in her mouth, and so it was already lubed up with spit. A quick 'pop!' and the end was inserted into Alice's ass. Alice would've cried out at the sudden intrusion, but Rachel was in the middle of a body-shaking orgasm herself, and had nearly smothered Alice beneath her pussy. All she was left with was taking the new dildo and letting the shockwave roll through her entire body.

Inspired by Melissa's act, Shannon removed herself for a second from the dildo in Alice's hand and retrieved one of her own. Lubing it up in a flash, she was back atop Alice in no time, sliding the rod into Rachel's ass. Rachel moved forward to avoid taking the dildo quite so quickly, but Shannon kept up. With a few more thrusts, the medium-sized dildo was buried to the hilt in Rachel. With that, Rachel spun her position around to face Shannon, leaving her pussy for Alice to lick at. "You fucking whore! What'd you do that for?" she said, grabbing Shannon's hair. "It was for your own good, you fucking bitch!" Shannon shot back, grabbing a fistful of Rachel's hair also. They met in an intensely passionate kiss, and their erect nipples began rubbing together very pleasurably.


Jimmy pulled out from Tammy's pussy, and spread her ass cheeks with one hand. He couldn't see below the water line with the bubbles that the jets were making, so he had to feel his way to her asshole with his finger. Once he placed the head of his engorged cock at her ring, he grabbed each cheek and parted them fully to allow for a better entrance. "Oh shit!" Tammy exclaimed when she realized what he was doing behind her. When she turned her head from tongue-fucking Jessie, he popped the head of his dick past the barrier and her eyes went wide. Her hands gripped the side of the jacuzzi so tight that her fingers began to lose color.

Jessie pulled Tammy's head back to her awaiting slit. "Don't you fucking stop, dirty whore! Take that dick, and keep eating my pussy." Jimmy reached around and helped to expose her overly sensative clit to the streaming jet. In no time she was screaming in pleasure and pain, her ass clenching down on his dick. "Oh, Tammy, I'm gonna fuckin explode in your ass!" Jimmy announced as he clenched tightly to her ass cheeks with both hands. The constriction of her orgasm was too much for him. With a loud grunt he shot his cum deep into her ass.


All three got up and out of the jacuzzi slowly and on shaky legs, making their way to the collapsed dogpile of bodies on the towels.

"Oh shit, it's dripping out..." Tammy said, placing a finger at her mouth in an innocent, childish way. "Who wants some?" She added with a wicked grin. The white streams of cum were oozing from her used ass and beginning to trail down her inner thigh as she stood there. She was surprised a bit when Jessie was suddenly between her legs lapping at the cum and sucking it in. She had been behind Tammy, so Tammy didn't see her slide beneath her. The others were slow in reactions, anyhow, all of them simply trying to catch their breath from countless orgasms.


Sitting once again around the outside table afterward, everyone agreed that another party would have to be planned with as many people as possible. The list of phone numbers was produced, and the planning was on.

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