tagIncest/TabooMother's Helper Ch. 01

Mother's Helper Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - A very personal goodnight

High school graduation was one of the main events in Janice's town. She was proud that Matthew, her son, was graduating, and proud about how well he'd turned out – even after she'd divorced. She knew how much the girls were attracted to him. He had a cute face, a great body and he was smart and sweet. If she were a young girl, she'd want him herself. The thought of his impending departure for college in the fall made her unsettled.

At eighteen, Matthew was the man of the house, since Janice felt uncomfortable as the household authority, and since Matt was so mature. At 5'8", he wasn't tall, nor was he big-shouldered, but like his mother, he was exceptionally well proportioned. He had strong shoulders and arms, smooth amber skin, gorgeous green eyes, light brown curly hair, and a wide, firm mouth.

At 36, Janice's straight, black hair was cut short, giving her a tomboy look. But the tomboy did not extend to her overlarge hazel eyes or wide, sensuous mouth and naturally red, generous lips. Men who first saw her usually imagined her mouth wrapped around and stuffed with their hard prick.

At 5'7", her legs were long, her complexion Mediterranean. Because of her workouts at the gym 3–4 days a week and yoga classes 2–3 days a week, she was exceptionally tight and toned. She was hot, naturally exuding sensuousness without meaning to be suggestive or provocative. When she was at Matt's school campus, the heads of every male student and teacher would swivel as she walked past. Off-campus, it was the same. Most men could not avoid staring at her. When she walked by, their heads would swivel to examine her from the back as well. With her satin skin, her hot body, and short black hair and large eyes like Winona or a younger Halle, she was dripping with natural, unforced sensuality, like a young Sophia Loren. Matt had been increasingly fantasizing about her for the past two years.

Contradictorily, although Janice was proud of her son, she was also ashamed of herself. Although smart as a whip, she was also a bit absentminded and while athletic and toned, was something of a butterfingers. Like many single parents and Catholics, she was riddled with guilt. Even though Matt turned out to be a great teenager, nonetheless she believed herself to be seriously remiss in his upbringing. She couldn't attend his every soccer game. She forgot some parent-teacher conferences. When he was younger, she could afford to send him to summer camp only four weeks instead of eight. His car and computer were not nearly as new as some of his friends' gear. Therefore, she was convinced she deserved punishment, and because of years of bad parenthood, a lot of it. Only punishment would provide relief from the burden she carried.

On a warm Monday night before graduation, the moon a couple of days from full, Janice was feeling restless, increasingly unfulfilled. Matt had already turned off his light to go to sleep when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Wearing her new, pale blue baby doll, made of the lightest rayon, she opened the door and stood in the doorway. The baby doll was short and gauzy, leaving her body backlit by the hall light. "What is it, Mother?" He sat up in bed, the sheet falling to his waist, baring his chest. He supposed she was unaware how the light silhouetted her hot body. He could see every curve of her. Janice did not think of the lighting, but she knew it was risqué to be wearing her lingerie without a robe. She felt driven to be a little naughty, a bit provocative. What harm could it do?

Matt took this sight of his mother to be a one-time stroke of luck. He had been born when Janice was sixteen, so she not only still looked great, she was by far the hottest of any mother in town.

"I just. . . just wanted to say goodnight," she stammered, noting his handsome bare chest, the way his eyes flicked from her face to her breasts and groin and ass. Feeling weird and confused, she turned to the side and leaned on the doorframe, her large breasts perfectly defined, feeling alluring and desirable.

"Oh. . . goodnight, Mom . . . ." he said, his voice trailing off, not wanting her to go.

Fortunately, she lingered in the doorway, shifting from one foot to another, unable to leave. Why not prolong this little tease? After tonight, it would be over soon enough. To Matt, she still looked young and very sexy.

Matt remembered the scene at poolside that same Friday afternoon. His mother had asked him to apply sun block as she lounged, lying face down in a chaise with the top unfastened. He had straddled her hips and squirted the white lotion over her thighs and back from a large bottle. "Mmmm," she moaned as he worked the lotion into her smooth skin, "feels so good, Matthew." Rubbing her body, the muscled calves and tight thighs, he quickly got a boner.

When he finished her back, she tied the top and turned over, eyes shut against the sun. He squirted the lotion over her legs and belly and massaged it in, his hardon growing at the sight of her gorgeous breasts and flat stomach. When finished, she thanked him. "That felt wonderful, Matthew. Thank you."

He had left to mow the front lawn, walking with difficulty. Unknown to Matt, Janice had then left the pool and stood behind the drapes in the darkened living room, watching him mow the grass. He was bare-chested, the sun glistening off his tanned chest and strong, perspiring back. He was a looker, all right. She remembered how great he looked when she watched his team play soccer in the spring. He'd kicked such a perfect pass to a teammate that it was an easy goal shot score. The grin on Matt's face had been memorable.

And he had been paying more attention to her the last couple of months. Perhaps it was because he knew he'd be leaving soon for college. Once fall arrived, these precious days together would be gone forever. She had thought that she'd have to make them count.

Both mother and son returned from the memories of their poolside and soccer experiences to the present sultry night, Janice lingering in the doorway. Matt remembered that women always like comments about their clothing. "Mother, is that a new nightie?"

"Why yes, it's called a 'baby doll.' Nice of you to notice it . . . Do you like it?"

"Sure, you look great in it!" he said, noting the outlines of her hips and beautiful breasts.

"You're just saying that," she demurred.

"No, I really mean it. You look incredibly hot in it."

"Thanks, Matthew. You've made a big difference in my wardrobe." Several months ago, he'd started advising her on a makeover. She was so buff from the gym, pool and yoga, he said, and she looked so much younger than her actual age, that she ought to dress younger. He exerted increasing control over her clothing choices, beginning with veto power and increasing to the point where he was directing her into tighter, shorter, sexier outfits—eventually including lingerie.

Still, she lingered in the doorway, Matt's compliment having increased her restlessness. He needed time to think. "Will you be sunbathing again tomorrow?"

"Yes. It's supposed to be quite hot again."

"Would you like me to apply sun block again?"

"Sure," she said, her face reddening slightly. "I'd like that a lot."

"And if I do, will you come say goodnight to me again tomorrow night?"

"Of course, if you say so." She turned slowly, reluctantly, and left.

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