tagInterracial LoveMother's Used Condom

Mother's Used Condom


My mother and father had just gotten a divorce, I was feeling pretty low. I was 18 and was just about to start college. All summer long I kept hoping mom and dad would get back together. That night I heard them fighting on the phone and I knew that their marriage was over. My mothers name was Judy, she was a young looking 42 years old with long black hair and brown eyes, she was fit and trim and not bad looking. For a few weeks after my dad left she would stayed home each night. Then one night she told me to be good and that she was going out for the night. I guess she just couldn't take it anymore and needed to get out of the house. She had dressed in a nice green dress with matching pumps, she patted my head as she walked out he door. I had no idea that my life was about to change forever.

I watched TV, then I went to bed. I woke to a strange sound, I didn't know what it was at first, but it was a strange thudding noise. I realized I had heard that thudding sound before when mom and dad were making love. My mind raced as I laid there thud, thud, thud. Maybe mom and dad are back together again! Thud, thud, thud came the noise, this was great! I just had to know for sure. I got up and opened the window to the back yard, as quietly as I could I slipped out. If I could see inside of my mom and dads room just long enough to see dad everything would be fine.

I crawled out and moved towards my mothers and dads window. The curtains we open just enough for me to look inside. I crawled down behind the bush and looked into the brightly lit room. I was not sure what I saw for a few seconds. The headboard was right next to the window and it was banging against the wall bang, bang, bang. The bed was positioned so that I was looking down its length. I couldn't see to much, just my mothers leg sticking up into the air and moving back and forth to the sound of the banging. I tried to see more, that's when I noticed that I could see the bed clearly thou the mirror on the closet door. I could see both of my moms legs now sticking up into the air but where I excepted to see my dads butt was a huge black man hammering down over and over again between my mothers open legs.

I was shocked! He was holding her legs up over his large black muscular arms. God, my mother was fucking a black guy and not just some black guy. This guy was huge and from the force that he was fucking into mom he was a powerful black man as well. The headboard was hitting the wall so hard I was afraid it was going to break off. That's when I realized that my cock was rock hard and pushing up against my shorts. I pulled it out into the night air and started to jack off as I watched. I stared at my mother getting pounded by this strange black guy in her bedroom. The wall was moving so much the glass was hitting me in the forehead as I tried to see more.

This black guy was lifting up like he was doing pushups over my mothers opened legs. I could see a huge condom covered black cock slapping into my mothers pussy. His huge balls slapping around on her white ass as he came down with all his weight. I could hear my mother every once in while beg for more. She was saying stuff like faster and harder, but I couldn't hear very well over all the banging. My cock was so hard. I had never seen a naked women before. I never thought that the first pussy I was see would be my mothers and filled full of black cock at that.

How could my prim and proper mother be letting this black man fucker her like this. Then without warning he stopped. He got up and pulled his cock out of my mothers cunt, rolled her over and pulled her up on her knees. It was the first time I had seen her face. Her hair and face was all covered with sweat and her lipstick was smeared. That's when I saw his cock for the first time. It had to be 11 inch long and fat as my mother's wrist, a large condom covered its head and shaft. Then he forced her head down into the bed with one large hand. She turned gasping for air. This put her face just a few feet from the window where I was watching. I jumped back not sure if she could see me there or not.

I could hear my mother much better now.

"Fuck me! Devon, fuck me good!" She pleaded pathetically.

With this the black guy started working his condom covered dick into her again. I froze, had they seen me? My dick was so swollen in my hand it felt like it was going to exploded, pre-cum made the head look wet in the light from the window. I waited there not moving until I heard the headboard banging the wall again. I was sure at this point that they had not seen me in my hiding place.

I inched forwards again and peeped inside, moms face was twisted in pleasure.

"Fuck me Devon!" She begged.

"You want it bitch. I'll fuck you like your no good husband couldn't."

I couldn't really see the black guys face anymore but I sure could see my mothers. She was biting her lower lip and hanging onto the edge of the bed to keep from falling off.

"Oh yes work that pussy." She hissed.

The big black man picked up speed again. He grabbed mom by the hip with both hands. Then with both hands holding her butt tight he drove his black manhood home into her cunt. "This would be much better for both of us if you would let me take this damn rubber off." He complained.

"I told you not till I'm on the pill." She said between his thrusts. "It's your pussy I will be messing up. I can't feel nothing with this damn rubber on."

The black man worked up speed, his balls were swinging back and forth in the mirror. I worked my cock at the same pace.

"I'll get pregnant if you cum in me. Just be happy I let you fuck me at all." She spit over her teeth.

The black guy started fucking her so hard that her head hit the window just above mine.

"I picked your sorry ass up in that bar, bitch! You were crying about how your man left you and said that you wanted a real man, well here I am!"

He slapped her ass hard with one big hand. I could hear mom grunting from his attack on her open cunt.

"I'm going to cum for you anyways women rubber or not!" He yelled. "I don't care how long it takes."

He worked her over for an hour, he stayed behind her the whole time. I guess he liked it that way and it gave me a great view of my moms face. I was working on my cock and I was having a hard time not shooting off when I noticed my moms face twisting. I slowed down and wait for them to finish . I wanted to cum at the same time this strange black man unloaded into my mothers pussy. I wanted to watch the whole thing and after about 10 more hard fucking minutes. I noticed my mothers hand in the mirror, she was rubbing this black guys balls sack and it was all tight and drawn up, he was just about to cum. My mother worked his balls and I knew he couldn't hold out much longer.

"I'm Cumming bitch." He hissed.

The back guy was fucking my mom so hard that her head hit the window again.

"Yes, yes give me that cum." She begged.

I came just as the black guy unloaded his cum into my moms waiting cunt. I looked at her lewd twisted face, as my cum splashed all over the window. I was still trembling when I saw the black guy pull his cock out of mom. He stood up with his cock sticking out in front of him. The used rubber was all stretched out and hanging down from his cock. The large tip was full of the cum. He pulled the rubber off with one hand and flung it into the trash can.

"You can at least clean my cock off." He said moving towards my mothers head.

That's when I first really saw this black guys cock. It was uncut and huge. Large veins ran down the shaft. The head of the thing was just peeking out of the cum covered foreskin and was so black it looked purple. It looked a lot bigger now that it was not covered by that rubber. The pee slit was so large it looked like I could stick my finger inside of it, a large drop of cum hung there. He pushed his cum covered cock up to my moms lips. She looked at it for a second and then quickly sucked the dick into her mouth. Big veins, foreskin and all disappeared into her lips. I sit there watching as she lay on the edge of the bed, working over this large black cock. She cleaned it off just a few feet from my face. He pulled his clean cock from her mouth with a pop. "I got to get home! My wife will be looking for me soon." He said pulling up his shorts and getting into his pants.

"We wouldn't want your wife to know you've been balling a white women." Mom said with a smile.

He just grinned as he opened the door to leave.

"Hell no, and don't worry, I'll be quite so that your boy will never know that anyone had been here at all. By the way what is your name again?"

Mom rolled over onto her back, I looked into the mirror. She laid there with her legs open and I could see that her cunt was stretched wide open.

"Judy." She said.

"Good to know you Judy. See you again soon at your office." He said as he left.

I tucked my dick back into my shorts. I quickly climbed back into my window. Without making a sound I crawled into bed still not believing what I had seen.

In the morning I walked into the kitchen. I still did not know what I would do when I saw mom after last night. Mom was up already, dressed in a nice business suit, she was a social worker for the government and had to dress nice. She was drinking a hot cup of coffee as she headed to the door with her car keys in her hand. She was smiling and half singing to herself, she seemed happy again for the first time since dad had left. It was good to see her that way again.

"Hi sweetie, did my young man sleep well?" She asked.

"Yes," was all I could say.

All I could think of was seeing her on her knees with that black guy fucking her from behind. Pictures of her sucking his uncut cock and playing with his balls, visions of her with her legs up in the air, all flooded my mind in a sea of lewd thoughts.

"Wish I was still your age so I could stay home all summer."

She kissed me on the cheek, all I could think of was, these are the same lips that I saw cleaning up a black cock last night.

"I'll be home later on." She said as she left.

"OK." I stammered.

That's when I noticed just how hot my mom was, dressed in a short business suit with her hair up. For a moment, I was almost mad at her. How would she and dad ever get back together, when she's out fucking black guys she picks up in bars? I remembered her under that black man, all covered with sweat. What was that black mans name again, Devon? My cock sprang back to life again just thinking of mom fucking him. That's when I remembered he was wearing a condom when he fucked her last night. He really didn't get to cum in her pussy after all, he was only fucking a condom, his black dick didn't touch her pussy. She had said that she had to get on the pill first before he could fuck her without a rubber on. That was good I guess, I didn't want a half black brother or sister running around. That used condom hanging from Devon's cock came back to my mind.

I went to my mothers room and opened the door. The room had been cleaned up, the bed was made and I could only smell my mothers perfume in the air. I walked over to look into the trash can where I had seen that black guy throw away his rubber after he fucked mom. I was so excited I had to pull my cock out again. I started to play with it as I looked down into the trash can. All I saw was tissue paper. I guessed mom had flushed it away or something. I moved the tissue paper aside and saw the rubber laying there at the bottom of the can. I stopped jacking off just long enough to reach down with trembling fingers. I pulled the well used condom from the trash. It was all stretched like my moms pussy had been. I held it up, I could see all the cum was still trapped at the tip of the thing. It was heavy and there was about 3 times the loads of cum that I could shoot still inside. The rubber had a strong odor to it. I held it up looking at the thick white load of black mans cum inside when it hit me. The smell made me think, just last night this rubber had been inside my moms cunt. I had never even seen a cunt before and now I had seen one and could smell one to. The fact that it was my mothers cunt for some reason just made it more exciting. I pulled my cock harder as I held the used condom up to my nose. I wondered what my mother's pussy juices tasted like. If I licked the rubber it would be like licking my own mothers cunt, Right? I didn't want to tasted the black guy and his smelly cum was just on the inside, so if I just licked the outside, I could taste my mothers cunt.

I reached out with my tongue and licked it. The musky smell and taste of my mothers cunt juices came into my mouth and made my head spin. My cock jumped and I jacked off for all I was worth. I licked up and down the used rubber, that just the night before was in my mothers wet well fucked cunt. I licked it all over. Then I let the heavy cum filled condom slip between my lips so that I could really taste my mothers cunt juices. It was great, the smell of my moms cunt was in my nose and the taste of her sweet pussy in my mouth. I was soon sucking on the used rubber like a pacifier. My cock was so hot I was not going to last much longer.

That's when it happened, the condom I was sucking on so hard broke and exploded into my mouth. The black guys cum rushed into my mouth making me gag. I tried to pull away but the cum just followed me. A thick splash went into my mouth. With a plop, more landed on my chin and then the rest of it when all over my unprotected cock. The condom seemed to just keep spilling cum all me even and over my hard dick. I suddenly realized, that I had a big thick mouth full of black mans cum in my mouth. My body froze in place, all except for my hand, that kept pumping up and down on my dick, which was now covered in another mans cum. The cum of a big black man. The load that was meant for my mother was now all over me, that's when I started to cum. I had been pumping the black cum up and down my dick. My body began to shake, my cum lubed dick shot cum all over the rug. I looked into the same mirror on the door that I had watched mom in last night. There I was, holding an empty condom over my face, pumping my spent dick all covered with sticking black guys spunk. I also realized my mouth was empty. I had just swallowed that large deposit of cum that had fallen into my mouth.

I went into the bathroom and washed off my cum covered hands and cock. I looked up at the cum still hanging from my chin. I pulled off a heavy line of cum and slipped it into my mouth. It was musky and just as exciting as the taste of my moms sweet cunt had been. I rolled the black mans cum around in my mouth, taking my time before I swallowed it down. I got up and could still smell my moms and her black lovers juices on my face. I left for my room but couldn't bring myself to throw the condom away. When I opened the door I was surprised by my mother coming down the hallway.

"I forgot to take out the trash." She said as she walked by me.

I was almost caught. I quickly stuffed the broken condom into my shorts and went into the kitchen. Mom was right behind me carrying the small bag from the trash can in her hand. "I'm sorry, I had to take out the trash." She held up the bag and without saying anything kissed me on the cheek.

"See ya soon." She said as she started for the door. Then she stopped for just a second, she started to say something, then she opened the door and was gone. I grabbed a zip lock bag and put the condom inside. I hurried to my room and hid the bag in one of my best hiding places. I don't think she knew what I had been up to, as I watched her get into her car, I could still taste her and her black lovers juices in my mouth.

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I Liked Your Story,Can You Write A Third follow-up Where Judy Gets Pregnant By Devon & Has A Beautiful Dark Gold Caramel Mocha Brown Mahogany Skinned Mulatto Baby Girl?

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