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Note: Some of you have asked for another story along the lines of Where's Waldo and I get a lot of requests for the soft swing type stories. This story attempts to cover both types. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


"Mr. Thompson your wife is here," Pam announced on his intercom.

Jack moved back from his computer monitor and responded, "Uh...OK send her in." He was surprised Cindy came downtown unannounced. She had told him that morning that she had a tennis tournament at the country club that afternoon. He knew something was wrong as soon as she walked in. "What's wrong?"

Cindy closed the door behind her and with shaky legs walked up to his desk. "We got this in the mail this morning." She tossed a brown envelope on his desk.

Jack quickly opened it and looked inside to see two movie tickets and a letter. "Movie tickets. That's a good thing right?"

"Read the letter," Cindy said before sitting down on the black leather chair across from his desk.

Jack opened the letter and read it out loud. "To Cindy and Jack. You have been selected by another couple to join the Movie Madness Club." He looked up at her. "So?"

"Keep reading," she said biting her right thumbnail.

"Your free movie tickets with the date and time are included in this envelope. The movie selected is one that has been out for a while and attendance is expected to be very low. This privacy will be needed since we will have foreplay with you until you both climax."

"WHAT?" Jack said loudly before reading the last sentence again silently to make sure he was reading it correctly. "This must be a joke from one of our friends."

"I don't think so," Cindy said. "Read the rest."

Jack picked up the letter again. "One or both of you will recognize one or both of us. After we have pleased you you will have the opportunity to choose another couple for you to please at a future movie. Sunday nights are the best since the movie turnout is usually low. All you have to do is purchase the tickets and prepare a letter like the one you are reading."

"Shit this is real," he whispered before finishing it.

"The only rules are that it is foreplay only and cannot include intercourse and the couple being pleased cannot return the favor. If you do not want to participate simply do not attend the movie and you will not hear from the Movie Madness Club again. If you agree please arrive before the movie starts and please sit in the last row."

Jack laughed and crumbled up the letter. "Why would someone think that we would even consider this?" He expected Cindy to smile but she only stared back. "Cindy? Oh God don't even say that you might be considering this."

Cindy snapped from her trance. "No...of course not." She looked at the digital clock on his wall. "Does Pam go to lunch at noon?"

"Yes why?"

Cindy didn't answer and stood up and walked over to lock the door. "Make sure that she has gone."

Jack lifted his shoulders acting confused until she grabbed the bottom of her tennis shirt and quickly lifted it over her white sports bra and blonde hair. "Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?"

Cindy only smiled before unsnapping her tennis skirt and pushing it down over her tennis panties and tanned thighs. "Don't say anything."

Jack would be quiet because his wife had never done anything this wild and uncontrolled before. He paged Pam but she didn't answer which meant she was gone. His fingers jerked off his tie and quickly released his shirt buttons. As he pulled off the shirt she removed her bra showing her petite titties and small nipples. As her panties moved down over her neatly trimmed blonde bush he pushed off his slacks and boxers and stood with a huge hard-on.

Cindy looked at his cock and wondered how it would be to touch another man's penis. Jack was the only man she had been intimate with and until now never really considered touching and kissing someone else. "I'm so hot," she whispered before sitting on the edge of his desk and moving backwards. As he moved up to her knees she opened them and wrapped them around his hips while pulling him down to her.

"Do it Jack...fuck me," Cindy whispered as his cock head pierced her dripping pussy lips. Her hands held onto his shoulders as he moved deeper and deeper.

"Oh God," Jack moaned. "You want to do this don't you? You want another couple to satisfy us during a movie."

"Ohhh.....Jack...I...uh...I want to...yes...yes...yes."

Jack was glad that Pam was out to lunch because when his wife screamed he knew that she would have heard it. His lips quickly covered hers to hold the pleasure inside. Seconds later he came as well. "AHHHHH!"


Sex was even better the next week for Cindy and Jack as the movie date approached. It was on Sunday night as Cindy walked out of the bathroom that they both realized that it was going to happen. "Are those new panties?" He asked seeing the black mesh almost sheer covering.

"Yes," she giggled. "Do you like them?'

"Yes but they aren't for me are they?" Jack said not so sure he wanted another man to be fingering his wife's pussy.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked seeing his concern. "If you don't I'm ok with it." She picked up the thin yellow sundress and stepped into it while looking up at him.

Jack too had no experience with anyone but his spouse because they had dated since middle school. "We must do it or we will forever wonder what if. But if you want to stop it just say something and we will stop it."

"Ok," she smiled pulling the dress up over her braless boobs. "Do you think I should wear a bra?"

"That's up to you. How hard do you want to make it for him." After he said it he realized the double meeting and laughed.

Cindy giggled. "I want to make it really hard. I've been wondering who it can be. The letter said that they know us."

"I've been wondering too. It could be our friends, people we work with or maybe even family."

"Family! I don't think so. Yuck."

He laughed. "Not immediate family but I wouldn't mind it being your niece Amy."

Cindy adjusted the elastic top that cut across the top of her titties. "You've always had a thing for her but she's only been married for a year."

Jack thought about the hunk Brian that Amy had married. "I'm sure you wouldn't mind a couple of hours of foreplay with Brian."

"He's almost half my age," Cindy said blushing. She pulled on her slip on shoes and stood erect. "I'm ready."

"Me too," Jack said trying to look confident but he was as nervous as she was. "If we leave now we will get to the movie early."

"Good maybe we will recognize them or their car."

"And kill the suspense," Jack said taking a deep breath. They moved downstairs and into the garage. When Cindy got into the car her dress rose up to mid thigh. She didn't push it down.

Jack ran a red light hurrying to the theater but was told to slow down by his wife. Cindy knew her panties were already damp when they walked up to the door. She held Jack's hand as they walked inside. A few minutes later they slowly walked into theater number 4 and saw that it was empty. "Good," Jack whispered. "We are supposed to go to the back row."

Cindy sat down but this time pushed down her skirt. It was then she saw Jack's hard bulge. "God, you are hard already."

"I wonder why," he whispered. They heard the door to the theater open up and grabbed each other's hands but it was an older couple that walked in and sat six rows below them. "Whew," Cindy gasped. "I thought it was them."

Jack suddenly realized it could be an older or even a real young couple. It could even be a black or Asian couple. When the lights dimmed and the opening announcements came on Cindy hooked her arm around his for security. "Don't worry."

Waiting was the worst part Cindy thought. The anticipation of wanting to know who selected them was causing both of them to sit forward to see if anyone walked into the dark room. The movie finally was about to begin when they heard the door open again and saw the shapes of a tall man and shorter woman walk into the room. They were too far away to recognize them but saw that they were heading their way. It wasn't until the women turned into the row that Jack realized who it was. "Pam?"

"Hi Jack," Pam whispered as she walked by Cindy and sat on the other side of her boss. "Surprise."

"Hi Cindy," Pam's husband Mark whispered before sitting next to her. This left Jack and Cindy between the other two.

"I'm glad you came," Pam whispered as she glanced over at Cindy. "From now on we cannot talk."

Cindy continued to hold her husband's hand as the movie started. She had met Mark a couple of times at the Company functions and had enjoyed his company. Now she realized that she was going to take the enjoyment to a lot higher level. Nothing happened for the first ten minutes so Cindy and Jack relaxed and let go of their hands. Her hands were folded on her lap when she felt Mark's fingertips brush against her left elbow. She jerked it away at first but a few seconds later moved it back on the armrest between them.

Pam's hand too moved over and landed on top of Jack's. They too had recently been the receivers of pleasure from another couple they knew but it was Pam who pressured Mark to choose her boss and his wife. Her fingers rubbed over his until he turned his hand over and their fingers mixed together.

Cindy's body was already excited but now feeling another man's touches were quickly lighting hotter fires inside. His rubbing and light caressing moved from her elbow to her wrist and then back up to her shoulder. Since she was sitting next to Jack she glanced over and saw him holding hands with Pam.

Pam didn't want to go so fast that it would spook them so she waited about five more minutes before dropping their hands down onto his right thigh. Seconds later she pulled her fingers free and grabbed down onto his muscular leg. The heel of her hand was only about four inches from the covered crown of his cock.

Cindy's eyes closed feeling softer fingers than what she was used to touching her hot flesh. She heard him move next to her and peeked out to see him turn his body towards her. On the next trip his fingers made up her arm to her shoulder they moved over to the nape of her sensitive neck and caressed before rising to play with her earlobe. "Oh god," she whispered knowing that her ears were always her most sensitive G-spot. As he rubbed and toyed she leaned her head away from him to give him more room.

Mark didn't complain at all when Pam suggested they chose her boss because he was turned on by Cindy's petite innocence. He really didn't think she would do it until they entered the theater and saw them sitting on the back row. Now he was touching her soft neck and ears. Across Cindy's body he saw Pam's fingers squeezing and roaming up and down Jack's leg.

They still had a long time so Pam didn't want to touch his cock just yet. As the movie became darker she turned facing him and pulled his face down to hers. When their lips touched her tongue dashed into his closed lips. She had wanted to do this to him since she started working for him a year ago.

Cindy heard movement on her right and opened her eyes to see Pam's mouth open on top of Jack's. She felt a tinge of jealously but it quickly went away when Mark's lips moved to her neck. "Ahhh," she moaned softly feeling him nibble and licking up to her earlobe.

Jack forgot all about his wife as his secretary's fingers walked up his leg until they pushed into his hidden shaft. He wanted to touch her nice round breasts but knew that he was her toy tonight.

Cindy's head was fully back against the wall behind the seat. His hot kisses moved under her chin and then down her windpipe until they moved lower to the elastic band stretch above her perky breasts. She felt the cooler air on her chest as his fingers pulled down on the elastic. She looked over his head to make sure the older couple was not looking back when she felt the dress pull down over her left nipple. Seconds later a man she had only met twice was sucking on her bare tip. "Oh God!"

Jack heard his wife and pulled his tongue from Pam's lips. He turned and saw Mark's head over Cindy's breast and knew that he was sucking on it. "Cin..." he started to say until Pam's fingers curled around his bulge and squeezed. "OH SHIT!"

Mark's mouth was widely open enough to engulf her whole breast. He flicked his tongue over the hard bud while his left hand pulled the elastic off her right breast. Seconds later he was giving that boob and nip equal time. As me moved back and forth from tit to tit his fingers pulled down the dress until it was bunched around her navel. Her whole top half was now naked.

Pam chuckled when she saw that Cindy was half naked. When Mark kisses moved up to Cindy's lips for the first time she saw the tiny breasts and pink buttons and knew that Jack would love hers. She moved her lips to Jack's ear and whispered, "Touch my breasts."


"You can't make me cum," Pam whispered. She moved back to give his hand room to rise and rub over her 34C orbs. She glanced at her watch and knew the movie was half over.

Cindy was so mesmerized by Mark's tongue in her throat that she didn't feel his hand on her left knee until it started moving upward to the bottom of her dress. His kisses were so much more forceful than Jack's but his fingers were so tender.

Jack turned his hand over to cup and fondled one of the breasts he had admired for so long as Pam measured his hard six inches of cock through his slacks. He turned to see how far his wife was along and saw Mark's fingers disappear up under her dress. As the fingers moved north Cindy's legs moved both east and west.

Cindy's lips moved to the side when the fingers approached her damp crotch. She realized that she was close to cuming and he had not even touched her pussy yet. When he touched the elastic edge her legs opened more but he didn't proceed.

"Take them off," he whispered.

"Please...touch under them," she whispered back. She was already topless and if her panties were gone she would be pretty much naked.

But Mark teased around them and lightly over the moist triangle.

"Please...touch me," Cindy begged. She was so close and needed relief.

"Take them off so I can see you," Mark whispered.

Cindy's pulled her dress up to her waist and pinched her panty's waistband. She was about to show her pussy to only the second man ever. As her hips lifted she pushed the panties downward over her small blonde bush and very wet pink glistening pussy lips. When her pussy was exposed she stopped. "Touch me."

But Mark wanted them off. "All the way."

Jack heard them whispering and turned in time to see her push the panties over her knees. "Cindy what the fuck are you doing?" He turned and looked into her passion-filled eyes and knew she was lost in lust. After kicking the panties off her feet she leaned back and looked down at the dress that was bunched around her waist. She was now naked under it and over it.

"Jesus," Jack gasped.

"Forget about them," Pam whispered before finding the zipper of his slacks and pushing it down. She quickly fished into the fly and into his boxers until she felt his hard hot throbbing prick. After pulling it out she gathered the pre-cum from the tip into her palm before starting a slow strokes up and down. Before he closed his eyes and leaned back he saw his wife's legs open wide again and watched as Mark's middle finger rubbed into her lips until it disappeared.

"That feels so...so good," Cindy moaned. She could easily see Pam jerking off her husband next to her and noticed that Pam's motion up and down matched Mark's finger going in and out.

For the next five minutes Cindy's pussy was fingered and Jack's cock was stroked. Both were about ready to cum when Mark pulled his finger out. "Please don't stop," Cindy begged.

But Mark's hands moved to her waist and turned her body onto its side facing away from him. "Watch Pam and Jack."

Cindy looked into Pam's eyes before the woman leaned over and licked the tip of Jack's cock. She had never given Jack a blowjob so when half of it disappeared into her throat she knew that Jack wouldn't last much longer. As Pam's head moved up and down she felt her buttocks being pried open and Mark's finger moving towards her tight and tiny anus. "No...not that," she gasped. She tried to squeeze him out but his middle finger pushed inside to the second knuckle. Not even Jack had invaded her back hole. "OHH!"

"Are you OK...baby?" Jack asked through half-closed eyes.

Cindy realized that he was not going to hurt her and it was so nasty allowing him to touch her back there. "Yes...Oh god..I'm so hot..." She leaned forward and kissed his lips as Pam gave him a blowjob and Mark finger-fucked her ass.

Jack moved back a few seconds later. "I'm going to cum Pam," he said to give her a warning but when her lips didn't move away he let it all go.

Mark heard Jack's warning and knew the movie was almost over. His finger dislodged from her rear and after turning her back over started finger-fucking Cindy's pussy again. This time he concentrated on her clitty and knew it wouldn't take long.

Luckily the end of the movie was loud with explosions because Cindy was crying out every time Mark's finger pushed all the way inside.


"ME TOO!" Jack screamed next to her as his spunk filled Pam's mouth until she swallowed once and twice more.

Both Cindy and Jack had their eyes closed when they felt the other couple quietly get up and leave the theater. Both were so spent that they were exhausted so when the lights came on they quickly sat up. Luckily the theater was empty but they heard a cart being rolled in which meant the clean up crew was seconds away.

"Fix your dress!" Jack commanded to his wife. Now in the light he could see how close to naked she was. Mark had left red marks on her breasts and neck areas and he could see her pussy still dripping. As she pulled up her dress he pushed his spent shaft back into his pants and zipped up.

Cindy pushed her dress over her bare stomach and looked for her panties but couldn't find them. They saw the young teen boy roll in the trash container and glance their way.

"Help me," Cindy whispered to Jack as she stood up and leaned over to look under her chair.

"What? What are you looking for?"

"My panties," she gasped.

"Shit," Jack said as the young lad walked up to their row.

"Did you lose something?" he asked.

"Yes, but we will look for it," Cindy answered embarrassed.

The boy started to turn but saw something in the seat in front of her. He walked over and picked up the rolled up black undies. "Are these yours?"

"Yes, thank you," Cindy blushed taking them from his hand.


Nothing was said on the way home and once inside Cindy moved quickly to the bathroom. Jack heard the shower come on and stripped to his boxers. His first blowjob was one to remember but he was now concerned about his wife's attitude since then. He was sitting on the bed when the door opened and she walked out naked. "Are you OK?"

Cindy didn't answer while walking to the dresser and pulling out a thin light blue nightgown. She pulled it over her head and sat next to him on the bed. "You answer first."

Jack didn't want to say how great it was. "I'm not sure. I mean seeing another man touching and kissing you like that was weird."

"Did you like Pam sucking on you?" Cindy whispered. "How come we don't do it?"

"I didn't think you wanted to," he answered. "On our honeymoon you kissed it but didn't put it in your mouth. So I didn't think you liked doing it."

"I didn't know what to do," she said reaching into his underwear and pulling out his hard member. Without saying another word she leaned over and took the whole head of his penis in her lips. She remembered how Pam had locked her lips and had just moved her head up and down.

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