tagBDSMMoving Day

Moving Day


I had promised to help Carmen move. I don't know why - I always seem to get sucked into these things. But she and I were all we had left of our family - at least here in Denver. She's my 2nd cousin once removed or something. Legal to marry in all fifty states - as she'd repeatedly pointed out when we were teenagers.

"Gene, I'm going to get you to marry me one of these days. What's it gonna take? Do I have to take you out to the barn and let you do anything - and I mean ANYTHING - you want to do to me? You can even pretend it's someone else if you want..." Carmen had told me repeatedly at my Uncle's farm on the eastern Colorado plains. He lost it in the 80's, but that's life.

Carmen had always been very needy. When she was young, her Mom married a real bastard who sexually abused her for years. I think (and hope) he's still doing time in the Oklahoma prison system for it. So Carmen hugged alot more than was necessary, made sexual innuendos every chance she got, showed alot more skin than was necessary, was always the first to go skinny dipping, etc. Most of the family, being real conservative church goers, just freaked out and kept their distance from her. I just loved her wild side, and we got along famously.

"Gene, baby, I need some love." Carmen pleaded on the phone.

"Carmen, baby, you know I love you." I soothed.

"Not in the way it counts." Carmen pouted.

"Tell me what you need and I'll be there for you. You know that." I reminded her sternly.

"Gene, I finally got that corner apartment above the pool. No more exposing myself to nobody in the alley. Now I can go starkers in front of twenty people at the pool." Carmen bragged.

"So you need help moving?" I offered warily.

"You betcha. How's 2:00 Saturday afternoon?" Carmen countered.

"Deal. Be there with a housewarming gift." I promised.

"You're all the gift I need to keep my cozy nook warm. Strike that, make it hot. Thirty years of rubbing off to your picture, can't you spare some real wood to stoke my fires?" Carmen pleaded in a husky voice.

"I'll bring some firewood, too. See you Saturday." I laughed as I dodged her offer.

"I keep telling you you're all the wood I'll ever need." Carmen laughed as we said our goodbyes.

So I stood there that Saturday afternoon, in her hallway to her old apartment, a bundle of wood and a bottle of Bailey's, waiting for about five minutes. Carmen came flying down the hall, in just a sheer white bikini, dripping wet, beige beach towel trailing like a flag behind her. I sucked in my breath. Carmen still had the hardbody of a twenty year old although she was in her forties. Carmen is built with Latina sassiness on a Pat Benatar frame, maybe 5'2", but with curves - all natural - that could stop a clock. Her 34C yabos tried to burst out of the bikini top, which didn't conceal her dark - and stiff - fifty cent piece sized nipples. I swear her nipples stuck out at least an inch. She'd done her hair in a pixie cut, not bad, but far from the long auburn hair I used to stroke every chance I could, when we were younger. I could see every detail of her sweet, tight little pussy through the wet bikini, wide, thick, pink lips on either side, and her red bush trimmed to a triangle pointing down at her slit, like it was saying "Insert coin here".

"Gene! You came! Oh, baby, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting! I was down at the pool showing off, getting wet, getting dry, getting wet, and I lost track of time. Please, Please, forgive me. I'll do anything!" Carmen pleaded as she wrapped herself around me, in one of her famous long hugs.

"Carmen, you're all wet." I noted.

"In more ways than one, baby. Now let me unlock the door - " Carmen said as she reached into her bikini and pulled out her key, which had a tiny dildo and vibrator on the keyring. She had to squat down a little to pull it out, then the fragrance of hot pussy filled the hall as she slipped the key in the slot, saying "Cum inside. Mi casa, mi su puta (My house, I'm your whore)."

We blocked open the door and started carrying boxes down the hall and around the corner to her new spot. It had views of the mountain on one side and and the pool on the other. Two bedrooms, one obviously set up as an office, the other a bit more floral than most guys can stand, obviously her bedroom. She'd already mounted a big mirror on the wall at the headboard, another on the wall at the foot of the bed, and yet another on the ceiling! You could see out into the parking lot beside the pool, and they could see in, as the blinds were completely raised.

"I see you already got the heavy lifting done." I puzzled, as all the major furniture was already in place.

"Pretty sweet deal. Let out the contract on my old furniture rental - started a new contract with another company. Didn't want you too worn out to be of any use to me." Carmen teased.

"Honey, don't make promises you won't keep." I retorted, slightly annoyed.

"Here's one promise you can take to the bank. The day you say Carmen, let's fuck, I'm gonna do you in every way, in every hole. You got that, Mister?" Carmen shot back defiantly.

"Got it, Carmen, clear as your bikini." I taunted. Carmen blushed, and gushed, with the real heavy odor of hot pussy again.

"I forgot...from the pool...and you've been looking... Oh, what the hell is wrong with me? Why don't you want me?" Carmen broke down, began sobbing. I rushed to hold her as she cried, just soothing her for several minutes until she regained her composure.

"There's nothing wrong with you. It's been me. I've had all those screwed up ideas about relationships my folks taught me, and every woman I've ever had has cheated on me. 'Til I learned that that's the way of the world, I couldn't be at peace with that, or pursue any interest in you. I'm so sorry we lost thirty years over some stupid ideals that have nothing to do with the real world. I'm sorry if I hurt you and want to let you know you're still one of the hottest women I've ever known." I soothed her as I stroked her hair.

"Do you really mean that?" Carmen looked up at me, her eyes all red from crying, puffy and wet, tears still wetting her cheeks.

"I do. Now we will start over. You will let me be the one to start talking about sex, and I will let you determine how far our relationship goes, deal?" I offered.

"Deal. Now let's finish those boxes. You know how lonely a box can get...Oops, sorry, I'm supposed to let you do that." Carmen suggested with a coy giggle.

When we got back to her old apartment, there were just two boxes left. I reached for one and Carmen said "Hey! Let me get that one!" I just looked at her strangely, and picked up the other box. When we got back to her new spot, she forgot that there was a rug by the kitchen on the way to her bedroom, and tripped over it. The box came apart and spilled it's contents all over the kitchen floor. It was the hottest collection of porn I'd ever laid my eyes on! "Boxlicker Magazine", "Dildos Unlimited" catalogues, "Bob on my Knob" cum shot magazines, "Gang Bangs for Good Girls" magazines, "Swingers XXX Digest" magazines, a "Literotica" book, half a dozen different vibrators, a double ended dildo, and then the big treasure trove - Polaroids. She'd taken probably two four inch stacks of pictures of her having sex with twosomes, threesomes (both King and Queen), foursomes, and even a few moresomes (gang bangs and orgies). All she could do was look up at me, with the guilty look of someone doing something they know they shouldn't, but getting caught anyway.

Something shifted in our relationship, right then. I don't know if it was the "Spank Me" magazines (there were dozens), the "Bondage Babes Monthly" magazines (also dozens), or the thirty years of foreplay between us. Maybe I was thinking if everybody else can fuck her, why not me? Maybe it was the six month dry spell I'd had with getting laid, or the smell of buttered fish, or the dry bikini top with the drenched (at least where her slit was) bikini bottoms.

"You've been a very naughty girl, Carmen." I said sternly.

"I know." she said in reply, lowering her gaze in submission.

"You know what happens to naughty girls, don't you?" I demanded firmly.

"No, Master, I don't know what you do to naughty girls." Carmen played the slave part perfectly.

"Well, Carmen, naughty girls get spanked. Then they have to apologize. An oral apology is only the beginning. You must give me enough pleasure so that I can forget your transgressions. Do you understand completely?" I demanded of her, still frozen in the position she fell on the floor.

"No, Master, I don't. Please explain it to me. I don't know what you want. I'll do anything..." Carmen said submissively as I interrupted her.

"No, you don't know. And it's not for me to explain myself to you. You are right, you will do anything, and you will do everything. Nothing of what you have documented here..." I waved my arm over the porn spilled on the floor, "... will be denied to me. You will do it all with me, you will tell me every detail, you will document every liaison, and then we're going to publish it all, for everyone who want to see it, to know it, to feel it. Do you accept those terms and conditions, or do I walk out that door RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!" I demanded of Carmen. There was a moment's hesitation before she hissed her answer through clenched teeth "Yes, Master."

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear that clearly. You will deny me nothing that you've done, or anything pictured here in your collection of porn, or anything described in your erotic stories?" I stated more evenly.

"Yes, Master. I will not deny you anything." Carmen said with a bright expression, like that of a child getting the Christmas gift they've been begging for thirty years to get.

"You will do it all with me, you will tell me every detail of your past adventures, and we will photograph it all for posterity?" I said in a cool but still controlling voice.

"Yes, Master. I will do anything with you, tell everything to you, take pictures of everything we do." Carmen said with glee in her voice.

"This is serious business, Carmen. We are going to publish all of this. Everyone who sees your pictures will know what a slut you are. Everybody who reads your stories is going to wonder if there can be a real woman who does this. We are going to prove that you are a slut to the whole world. The only compensation for you will be that you are MY slut. Do you agree to these terms and conditions?" I demanded firmly.

"Yes, Master. I am your slut, to do with as you please." Carmen said in the tone of a catholic schoolgirl who has just been chastised by a nun.

"Let the punishment begin. Come over here." I said as I made my way to her living room and the green overstuffed velor chair, with the wide arms that curl. I sat down in it.

"Put your tits between my left leg and the left arm of the chair. Good. Now stand on your tiptoes. Very good." I said as I pulled the strings of her bikini bottom. But I did not pull it off as she was expecting me to do.

Slap! Slap! Slap! my right hand came crashing down onto her round rump, on the left cheek, as she yelped in surprise. I didn't hit her anywhere near as hard as I really could have, but my hand still stung from giving what must have really been something on the receiving end.

"You didn't count. As a result, the punishment doesn't count. We'll have to start over, at a little more pressure for your insolence." I instructed.

"Yes, Master. How many strokes do I get?" Carmen said meekly.

"As many as I want to give." I said sharply, as I landed three more slaps on her right cheek of her tight little rear.

"One. Two. Three." Carmen counted.

"Let's see what we've achieved." I said as I pulled down her limp bikini bottom. "I can't tell..." I said as I spread her legs apart with my hands, as Carmen let out a long moan and another gush of wetness, "... Oh, you like this, do you?" I demanded of Carmen, as I tugged on her red pussy hairs.

"Yes, Master. I love everything you do to me." Carmen nearly swooned as she replied in a very husky voice.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! I evenly spaced out the blows on her ass, now turned red from the previous blows. "Four. Five. Six. Seven." Carmen said as her body twitched with each impact.

"Let's see what we've accomplished." I said as my hands opened up her puffy lips, already fully engorged, as the petals of her most personal flower were revealed to me. Her clit was as big as the tip of my thumb, which certainly explained her erotic temperament. I lightly dabbed a fingertip back and forth across the tip of her bud, with a fiendishly light pressure, to which she responded with a howl and the bucking of her hips. I slipped two of my fingers inside her slick channel, which was very tight, and frantically spasming, nearly crushing my fingers in the process. I slipped my fingers out, replacing them with my thumb, as I used my index finger just like pulling the trigger of a gun to just lightly brush the hood and helmet of the glans of her clitoris, firing off cum shot shot after cum shot, until Carmen could barely breathe.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! No response, as Carmen's ragged breathing told me I better play elsewhere for a little while.

"No counting. That means there is no count, and punishment starts over." I taunted.

"Shit!" Carmen cursed at herself.

"Cursing at your master, or speaking when not spoken to doubles punishment." I warned her sternly.

"But you haven't told me how many strokes I'm getting!" Carmen complained.

"Questioning punishment gets an additional ten strokes. Failure to believe your Master knows hows many strokes you should be punished is also ten strokes. Do you want to stay at forty strokes, or would you like to try double or nothing?!?" I demanded in a sarcastic voice.

"No, Master. I trust you. Punish me as you see fit." Carmen begged.

"Oh, I'm so very glad that you approve of my punishing you. Let's say I give you eighty strokes." I offered.

"But I didn't do anything!" Carmen complained.

"Oh, really? Didn't DO anything? Didn't fuck and suck anybody and everybody? Didn't lick every pussy spread before you? Didn't keep a box of porn to rub your nub to? Didn't try to expose yourself to everybody just to get a reaction? Didn't just question your Master knowing how many strokes you should get? Didn't DO anything?" I ranted.

"I'm sorry, Master, I was wrong. I did do many, many, very naughty things. I can't wait to confess them all to you. I know your punishment will be fair and firm." Carmen apologized.

"We'll give you your chance to make a full and complete oral apology later. In the mean time, remove the bra of your bikini." I ordered.

"Yes, Master, at once." Carmen replied, tossing it on the floor.

I slipped my hands down between the velor arms of the couch and the cushion, grabbing onto the softest breasts I've ever felt. How could they be so firm, yet so soft? Not even saggy?

"What are these? 34C's?" I asked absentmindedly.

"Yes, Master. You are correct." Carmen agreed.

"I'm correct even if I'm wrong. Remember that." I instructed.

"Yes, Master." Carmen gushed as I toyed with her long, stiff nipples. I could roll them between my fingers like cigarettes made out of rubber. I had to remind myself to suck them later.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! My hands crashed down onto her firm butt. "Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven." Carmen counted.

"Wrong again. You missed four when you were cumming your brains out earlier. Since you missed counts, count started over. You get an extra ten strokes for trying to cheat with the count." I instructed.

"Yes, Master." Carmen said surly, as she bit her lip to keep from saying what she was obviously thinking (You bastard! Why don't you try counting when your jizz is squirting and we'll see how well you'll do! Bastard! Motherfucker! Why can't you just give me credit for it instead of adding more fucking swats on my bruised butt?).

"Do you have any peanut oil, Carmen?" I asked gently.

"Yes, Master, in the box in the kitchen." Carmen replied warily.

"Then get it at once." I demanded, and she shot off like a rocket, digging frantically through boxes, as her pert little butt and full globes jiggled for my delight.

"Here is is Master, as you ordered." Carmen knelt before me, offering it out with both her hands, head bent in submission. I decided I liked that pose alot.

"I have a new requirement of you. When we are alone - or whenever I instruct you that you are to act as if we are in private, you are to be naked and kneeling in front of me within exactly 60 seconds. And no more living like a slob, clothes neatly folded. Do you understand?" I instructed.

"Yes, Master, as you wish." Carmen was nearly overcome with joy at my new demand she be naked.

"Then it is time to complete punishment. Or are you trying to escape what is due to you?" I tried to trap Carmen in her own little game.

"No Master! Please give me all the punishment you think I deserve." Carmen pleaded.

"Even if it is eighty strokes?" I taunted.

"Even if it is one hundred and eighty strokes." Carmen looked up at me, eyes gleaming, as she squirmed on my lap trying to determine how turned on I was, if my cock was hard.

"You will get to know my prick soon enough. Now stay still." I ordered.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! "One. Two. Three. Four." Carmen called out clearly. I rubbed the oil into her red rump, then over onto her mons, into her slit, and down into her tight channel. Her breathing came faster and I knew it was time to move on. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! "Five. Six. Seven. Eight." I thrust my thumb into her, using the cum shot grip again to extract just as many orgasms as slaps. "Oh, God, that's addictive." Carmen muttered under her breath.

"What did you say?" I demanded full well knowing what she'd just said.

"Nothing, Master." Carmen lied, looking away from me.

"You will NOT lie to me. I heard what you said. Even if I didn't, you promised to tell me everything. How am I to believe your promises? You have no secrets from me, no deceptions. You must surrender fully and completely. Tell me what you said, WORD FOR WORD." I raged.

"I said Oh, God, that's addictive, Master. Please forgive me." Carmen begged.

"Pleasing and forgiving cum later. Now it's punishment. What is a punishment harsh enough for breaking one of your vows to me?" I asked her to close the box on her own fate.

I could see Carmen mentally squirming, trying not to go too far, trying not to go not far enough.

"I ... have a paddle ... a ping-pong paddle ..." Carmen muttered, not sure if that would be enough.

"Get it, at once!" I hissed.

"Here it is, Master." Carmen knelt and presented it to me, after five long minutes of digging in boxes.

"You kept me waiting long enough. I lost my erection. You will remove my pants and shorts, then service my shaft back to hardness, using only your mouth." I demanded to Carmen's surprise. She clearly hadn't thought I'd been that turned on. Hell, I'd been hard since the moment I saw her tight little box through her bikini out in the hall.

"Yes, Master, at once." Carmen said gleefully. Carmen then unzipped my baggy blue jeans, undid my belt, then as as afterthought untied my shoes, removing them and my socks. I stepped out of my pants and white briefs, which she pulled off in one smooth motion. Then she moved to touch my cock.

"No. No. No.", I chastised her, wriggling my finger, "Put the clothes up, then come back to the chair. I'll be waiting for you." I said as I slapped my left hand with the paddle.

I'd never seen her butt move that fast. Then I remembered I'd given her a sixty second clock to deal with clothes, and smiled with self satisfaction. It sure was nice watching her jiggle around all frantic and worried about the paddle.

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