tagErotic CouplingsMr. Bigwig Ch. 02

Mr. Bigwig Ch. 02


They would have liked to tell their children and grandchildren the story of their courtship. A long romantic courtship that made them blush in the telling. They would include all the glossy details of long dates and phone conversations and shy, stuttering declarations of love. They would paint the picture of two people meant to be and discovering it through days of togetherness and nights of dreams.

In reality, the kiss in the airport started everything. They kissed as starving people, their mouths fitting together so perfectly. As soon as the kiss began, Kari and Duncan were lost. They finally broke apart, holding each other close, knowing. They gathered his luggage and went to her car. Duncan drove, pulling Kari next to him, needing to feel her warmth. Her hand rested lightly on his thigh, but he felt it burning his flesh. He was never more aware of another being. Her breathing ignited him, her scent filled him. They drove through the night, heading to his compound, to his house, to his bed.

Leaving the luggage in the car, they walked hurriedly into the house. As soon as they entered, he pulled her against him again. Their mouths met, as if coming home. Kari's tongue shyly touched his lips, which opened for her. She slid into him, tasting him, learning him. They began teasing each other, thrusting, retreating, slowly tantalizing. Duncan could hear tiny moans from Kari, as if she couldn't get enough.

Kari just kept thinking of his hands, his capable hands, touching her, finding her. Her eyes were closed and explosions of excitement filled her head. His hands cupped her face, held her near him. As if she could be anywhere else! She didn't know there were so many ways to kiss a man. Standing with him, in the darkened house, Kari could have kissed him forever. Except. Except she needed more. Her body was alive in a way it never had been. Her dress might have melted away, so conscious was she of every inch of his body touching hers. Finally, he kissed her nose lightly and stepped back.

Kari was barely able to stand alone. She swayed slightly as she lost his support. His hands reached out to steady her. His hands. His hands on her shoulders, imprinting themselves forever on her flesh. She turned her head and kissed his hand on her left shoulder. Her eyes were half-closed in passion. Her lips opened, finding his finger and slowly sucking it into her mouth. His skin tasted so wonderful. She inhaled him as she nursed on his fingertip. Her lips moved up and down, gently drawing him deep into her hot mouth. His breath caught. It was so incredibly sensual, watching this, feeling this. His body ached with longing and need, yet he wanted to prolong the agony for as long as possible.

She turned to look at him, a fire burning in her eyes, passion that she wanted to share with this man. They kissed again. His mouth was restless and began finding new places to kiss Kari. Softly, he trailed kisses on her nose, forehead, cheeks. He fit his lips in the tiny curved place under her lower lip, feasting there. He captured her lower lip, sucking it into his own mouth, pulling on the sensitive flesh repeatedly, setting the rhythm of love.

His hands moved to her back, holding her upright and securely. He felt the fabric of her thin dress, the lacy bra, and finally, her trembling body. His hands continued to caress her, making small circles on her lower back, tracing her spine. They had not spoken since meeting in the airport. Words hadn't seemed necessary. Now, Kari spoke, her voice soft and trembling.

"Yes, Duncan. Please. I want you. I have thought of you this entire week and I am so sure. Yes, love. Please." she whispered.

Her words inflamed him. His fingers found the tab and slowly pulled the zipper down her back. The dress separated and he was able to fondle the smooth flesh there. With a small movement of his hand, the fabric fell away from her body and slid to the floor. She stood before him, in the lacy blue undergarments she had worn just for him. Her breasts were full and firm, nearly spilling from the bra, her nipples almost peeking out at him. He could see the pretty pinkness of them, teasing him, inviting him. He bent down and began placing tiny butterfly kisses on her soft breasts and engorged nipples. She moaned and leaned into him, her fingers sliding into his hair, holding him in place. His breath was hot through the sheer fabric as he made love to her breasts. She could feel his tongue, sliding over the fabric, the sensation made even more erotic by the fragile barrier.

Kari arched her back, encouraging his exploration. Her fingers raked his hair, wanting to touch him everywhere, longing to touch him there. But, she too wanted this to last forever. Her mind disengaged, she went to that place of only feelings and needs, no longer sane or sensible. She felt each tiny breath on her skin, she traced each fingertip as it trailed up and down her spine, she heard each sigh and moan from Duncan's heart. She stood before him, bent to him, shaped by him, his doll to play with as he chose. Her own heart pounded, her breath was gasping. She said his name out loud, loving the sound of it, the strength of it. Looking down, she saw his face nuzzled between her breasts, heard his mouth, wetting her skin, felt herself engorge with his touch. If it weren't for the fire burning inside her, she might have been content. As it was, she knew she needed more, wanted more, wanted it all. This man had invaded her mind and senses a week ago and his presence had grown and spread until he consumed her. There was no waiting tonight. Tonight, she wanted everything he could offer.

As if sensing this, Duncan lightly kissed her breasts, then straightened. He looked at her with his mesmerizing blue eyes, drawing her into his soul. She stepped forward, the aggressor now. She began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing and loving each inch of flesh she exposed. Nearly singing aloud, "One button, a kiss. Next button, a nibble. Another, a tiny nip." So it went until the shirt was opened and his bare chest was before her. She stepped closer, resting her cheek on his skin, feeling his heat and hearing his heart pound. She liked the soft furriness of him, the fullness of him. Her arms circled his waist, under the shirt tails, her fingers grazing lightly along the waistband of his jeans. They stood together, just feeling each other. Her lacy bra scraped him lightly, her protruding nipples pressed into him.

But new lovers can't stay still. Soon, her fingers were busily working at his jeans, unsnapping and unzipping, pulling them down. He stepped from them, kicking them away. Now, they were nearly twins. She gave him permission with her eyes, asking him to undress her completely, offering herself to him. His fingers moved to the tiny clasp of her bra. When it was open, he slid one finger up and down the valley between her breasts, the softly scented skin that was incredibly silky. Kari closed her eyes, lost in the sensations of a lover's touch. Then Duncan took both hands and slipped them over her breasts, caressing them and pushing the bra away. She shrugged it off, wanting to be naked before him, wanting his touch on every part of her.

Duncan marveled at her beauty. Her breasts were full and lush, the nipples a beautiful rose, even in the darkened room. His fingers reached for her, wonderously touching and teasing them. She moaned again, her back arching toward him, needing to feel his fingertips and then more. Always more. Like a blind man, he touched her carefully, memorizing every wrinkle and bump. When he leaned down to suckle a nipple, she cried out with joy. She held his face to her chest, offering herself to him. He turned his head, back and forth, taking first one, then the other nipple into his questing mouth. Kari felt the electric charges shooting through her body, felt herself growing wet and ready.

They moved together toward the couch. It was deep and soft and full of pillows. They fell into the softness, molding their bodies together, knowing how perfectly they fit. Their chests rubbed together, nipples bumping. Hands explored and grasped, skimmed and probed. Only her tiny blue panties and his briefs separated them. They wrapped their legs around each other, trying to get closer and closer. She could feel his hard cock nestled against her, he felt her dampness on his thighs. He held her to his body, enjoying the feel of her completing him. Her arms wrapped around him, her cheek settled on his chest. He could feel her soft breath as she nestled there, content for the moment. Duncan ran his fingers up and down her spine, as if memorizing the feel. He kissed her head, her face, anywhere he could reach. She had entered his mind and heart so fully it amazed him.

Duncan had been content to live alone, work alone, be alone. He had even convinced himself that he needed no one, that love was an overrated emotion and he was better off without it. Then Kari walked into his life. From the moment he opened his office door to her, he knew he was lost. He couldn't have said why she was different, she just was. Everything about her appealed to him, and he didn't want to fight it. When she emailed that first night, he was thrilled. As the letters were exchanged, one after another, he was enthralled. She was fantastic. She made him happy, from the very first minutes. She filled his long week with joy, spending time with him, sharing her thoughts and wishes. All he could think about was making her life complete, sharing his days and nights with her. Now, here she was, in his home, in his arms. It was a dream come true. He bent to kiss her, to nibble on her lips and her soft neck. He loved the way she sighed and moaned, including him in her excitement. Now, she opened her thighs and wrapped them around his hips, moving even closer to him. He could feel her dampness, her excitement, as she snuggled even closer.

Duncan wanted more. He began kissing his way down her body, enjoying her scents and textures as he moved to the prize he knew awaited him. She giggled, ticklish, as he moved down her tummy. He could feel her holding her breath, almost as if she forgot to breathe. He clamped his mouth over her pussy, the fragile silk panties pulled taut on her curls. He inhaled deeply, then began to lap at her slit, feeling it through the full bush and the fabric. Somehow, having panties there was even more erotic. He pushed with his tongue, the fabric caught in her pussy, soaking wet now. Duncan brought his hands to her thighs, pulling the crotch aside and slipping his tongue through the curls. He found her slit and was rewarded by her surprised moan. He couldn't stand it any longer, and pulled the panties down her legs. He held them to his face for a moment, inhaling her excited scent, then put them aside. He pushed her thighs further apart and then buried his face in her pussy. Kari was so wet, so swollen, his entire face felt embraced by her pinkness. He lapped at her lips, his tongue busily moving up and down the entire length. She seemed to enjoy everything, but when he flicked lightly over her clit, she jumped in delight. He loved the way she moaned and talked to him, asking for what she wanted.

"Duncan, yes, that. Lick my pussy, lick my clit. Pull it between your lips, use your teeth. Yes, be a little rough, I like it. Your face, use your face, rub me with your face! Are you getting wet? Am I soaking your face with my juices. I am an excited woman, I am excited by you. I dreamed of you doing this, of you kissing me and licking me. Use your tongue. Yes, that! Push it inside me, use me, fill me. Duncan, I need you. Please, darling......" Then she erupted. It was most unexpected. He thought she would need more to reach a climax, that it would take much longer. Instead, here she was, her thighs holding his face, her sweet pussy throbbing against him, wetting him even further. He loved the sounds she made, the cries and moans, the throb of her body as she orgasmed.

Finally, she relaxed, her legs loosening around him. He could look into her beautiful pussy, see the swollen bright pinkness, inhale her fragrance. The scent of a satisfied woman.

When she finally opened her eyes, she giggled self-consciously. Then she reached to him, taking his hands and pulling him up her body. With her legs still spread open, she invited him into her. Kari took his waistband into her hands and pulled at it impatiently. He helped her remove them, his cock springing straight out from his body. She watched him with hunger, wanting him inside her now. She held his hips, pulling him closer to her. She reached down, placing her hands on her slit, spreading it, holding it open for him. He placed the wet head right at the entrance and looked again into her face. She nodded and he plunged. Deep. Hard. Fast. His cock slid home, quickly and completely. Even while inviting it, Kari was surprised. Duncan remained still for the longest second, allowing her to get used to him. Then he picked up her legs and wrapped them around his waist and began to move in and out, steadily and with some force. She nearly grunted with pleasure. Her hips joined the dance, matching stroke for stroke, thrust for thrust. She wanted him deeper. She wanted him harder. She wanted him. His cock slid into her silky pinkness, caressing her sensitive clit with each stroke. She could feel her excitement building, knew that she was getting close to orgasm again. She looked up into his eyes, losing herself in the blue depths.

Over and over, deeper and deeper, he thrust. They began a rhythm, a dance. His hands were on her hips, holding her up against him. Her hands covered his, gripping him tightly as he ravaged her softness. Even now, he knew her well enough to know she was close to coming. He continued his thrusts, his balls tight and full. He watched her face, fascinated by the expressions passing over her. He saw her lose control, lose focus, begin to go into herself, where only pleasure matters. Then he felt the spasms gripping his cock, pulling it deeper, tighter. He maintained control until she began crying his name, her voice deepened in passion and need. Then, he had to let go. He filled her depths with streams of come, thick and creamy. It seemed to go on forever. Her muscles clenched him, milked him, giving him an orgasm like no other he had ever experienced. Their bodies throbbed together, pulsed in unison, and finally, relaxed. Lying over her, he kept his cock inside her welcoming depths. His head rested near hers, their breaths mingled.

Their lives started that night.


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