tagLoving WivesMutual Satisfaction Ch. 1

Mutual Satisfaction Ch. 1


This happened back a few years ago, but it is one of my wife's favorite stories and she has encouraged me to write it and post it. I have changed names to protect everyone. We share our fantasies, and having married late in life we each have our own stories of various sexual experiences. Being a 'typical' male I always enjoy the fantasy of watching two women.

Pat, my wife, can't understand why men don't see this as the women being gay, but if it is suggested that two men enjoy each other then they are considered gay. Myself I have always felt that if a sexual experience is agreeable among all involved then enjoy. Many women I have been with over the years have known this and it has made for many enjoyable evenings...weekends...and weeks! If you don't find stories of bi-sexual men erotic then this story isn't for you.

Linda and I had been living together for a couple years and one of our greatest pleasures was to get online and have cybersex with some unknown person on the other end. She would cyber with another guy or girl while I played with her clit and stroked my cock, or it would be me online with a girl or guy and Linda would do herself and me. One morning she had left for work and I was online and met this guy. He was married but bi-curious. We chatted for a little while and before logging off had both jacked off talking about what we would like to do to each other's cocks.

This went on for a couple weeks; I had told Linda about it and kept the chat log so she could read them at her leisure. Chatting with Larry one day we found that we lived only about 30 miles from each other. He was curious but nervous about meeting. There was a rest area off the Interstate about half way between us and I suggested we meet there and get acquainted. That evening as Linda read the log she sat in front of the computer her hand busy inside her panties.

"Jon are you really going to meet him?" She knew I was sitting watching her and I could tell her excitement. Braless under an oversize T-shirt the nipples on her 38D breasts pushed against the material, and her fingers moved faster inside her panties. Through the sheer material I could see the swollen lips of her shaved pussy. I knew that her clit was hard, even with her finger hiding it. The more excited she would get the harder it would get and the pink knob would expose itself outside those beautiful lips.

I was sitting in my boxers with my cock pulled out, stroking the length of the shaft. "Yes, we're going to meet tomorrow." The thought of what might happen and watching Linda my cock had grown to its full 8". Precum glistened around the tip and my middle finger and thumb barely touched as I worked the lubrication down the shaft.

"ohhhhhhhh..." Her fingers worked faster and she turned in the chair facing me. "And you'll tell me everything that happens!" I could see her finger pushing in and out of her wet slit.

I smiled, "If anything does happen, I will." My balls were beginning to fill watching her finger her pussy. She walked towards me pushing her panties off; straddling my legs she lowered herself onto my shaft. Her finger rubbing her clit as she took the length of my cock in her.

"I would love to watch you with him." She moved faster on my shaft, her fingers busy at the top of her slit. "ohhhhdamnnn..." The muscles grabbed my cock as she brought herself off.

"I'd like that toooooo...ahhhhhhhHHHHH..." My cum shot deep inside her and she bucked against my thighs taking my entire load.

The next morning I was just stepping out of the shower when Linda walked in. "My pussy is going to be wet all day thinking of what you are doing, and I want to know everything tonight." Giving me a quick kiss she headed off for the office.

It was almost 9 and I sat in my truck at the rest area. My cock half hard in my shorts as I waited wondering if Larry was going to show up. Glancing in the rear view mirror I saw the car he described moving slowly through the parking area. I had parked in a secluded spot purposely. Stepping out of the truck I waved at him and he pulled in and parked next to me.

We stood and talked for a few minutes. I could tell he was nervous, but could also tell he was excited from the slight bulge pressing against his shorts. "Let's sit in the truck, we'll have a little more privacy."

Larry smiled nervously and chuckled, "Sounds good, then we might see what comes up." His face slightly reddened as he spoke.

Giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder, hoping to ease his nervousness I smiled, "By the looks something is already up." I turned and walked around the truck and climbed into the drivers seat. Larry was getting settled when I spoke again. "I know you are nervous so if you don't want to do this there are no hard feelings. I understand."

"No...no I want to and am curious. I thought about it all day yesterday and last night I told Jackie, my wife, that a fantasy of mine was going to come true."

I laughed, "I told Linda and she got so excited reading our log she sat right at the computer and masturbated...and when she gets home tonight wants to know everything that happened." I could see the outline of his cock pressing against his shorts. Figuring this was a good time as any I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. Reaching inside my boxers I pulled my hard cock and balls out and began running my fingers over the head and down the shaft.

Larry, never taking his eyes off my cock, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was my turn to stare. His cock was only six or seven inches long and just as thick. What really caught my eye was the foreskin that covered the head. He wasn't circumcised and as he took it in his fist he pulled the foreskin over the head exposing the purple knob that glistened from his precum.

"That's funny Jackie wants me to...damn-n-n-n..." I had reached over and held his full length in my fist. "...to...to...tell her everything also...ummmmmgawddd..." I continued to stroke him, pulling the foreskin tight over the tip then pulling skin taut down against the base.

"Hahaha...maybe we should have invited them to watch. Ohhhh... that feels good!" He had reached over and was jacking my cock off. I increased the grip on his cock and moved my fist faster.

"I'm...going to...DAMN...cummmMMMMMM." His hand stopped its motion on my cock and he squeezed tightly as I sped up the tempo of my fist on his cock. "OhhhhgawdddDDDDD..." The first three loads shot up in the air and landed on his belly, then it began oozing from the tip and covered my hand. Looking down at his spent cock then over to mine he jacked me in ernest. I could feel my own load beginning its rampage down the shaft.

"Yesss...YESSSSSS...do me!...stroke my cock!" Cum shot onto the steering wheel and I watched his fist continue jacking me off, completely emptying my balls. "Damn that feels good..." I sat back in the seat as his stroking continued up and down the shaft of my empty deflating cock.

"That was almost to quick, but I really enjoyed it."

"So did I!" Picking a handtowel up off the seat I handed it to Larry and taking the other one began cleaning up my cum. "Next time...if you want to meet again...we'll last a little longer."

Larry paused wiping up with his towel, "I hope there is a next time...hey, you said Linda wanted to know everything just like Jackie does. Why don't you two come over this weekend? We can barbeque and the ladies can get to know each other..."

"That sounds great!" The thought was interesting. "Depending on the girls maybe they will get a chance to watch."

We made plans for the upcoming weekend and as it was Thursday the wait wouldn't be long. That evening when I told Linda what had happened and what Larry and I planned she was excited but nervous at the same time.

"Jonathan, I'm really nervous about this. You've been talking with Larry for quite a while, but I don't even know his wife."

I thought for a few minutes about her concern. "Why don't you give her a call and maybe meet for lunch."

"Good idea! I'll do that first thing in the morning. Now..." She had been playing with my cock and holding it firmly she moved and straddled my hips. Lowering her wet pussy down the length, "... tell me again what you did today..." ------------------------------------------------

I had just left a job site after talking with one of my construction crews when my cell phone rang. "Hi Honey! I just talked with Jackie. Matter of fact we talked for about an hour... anyway we're going to meet today for lunch."

"Hey that's great! An hour! You must have had lots to talk about." I gave an evil little laugh.

I could hear her smile, "Actually we had a nice conversation, and she is easy to talk to. Although she is as nervous as me, so I think lunch is a good idea...see you tonight." I hung up the phone and my cock began to get hard as I wondered, and fantasized about what they had talked about and what the conversation would be at lunch...

I was in the kitchen fixing dinner when I heard her car pull in. As she walked in I asked, "Well how was lunch?"

"Lunch was good, we went to that little Italian place you like so well. The first few minutes were rather difficult but she has such a great personality we gabbed like long lost sisters. She's only two years younger than me. Hell, it was almost 4 when I got back to the office!"

"Great! What does she look like?"

She laughed and stepping up behind me reached around and began rubbing the front of my shorts. "I figured that would be your first question...well let's see...she's a couple inches shorter than me, about 5'4" and maybe 140 pounds... shoulder length light brown hair..." Finding the tab on my zipper her fingers searched and found my semi-flaccid cock and pulled it out. "Her breasts are big like mine only they are a 40DD..." My cock began to harden and I could feel her nipples pressing into my back. "...dark aeroles the size of silver dollars and large nipples that outlined her blouse..." Linda began pumping my cock. "Blue eyes and full pouty lips..."

"Oh...ohhhh..." I had to grab the countertop. Her fingers moved around the head of my cock, then stroke my cockshaft.

"Did I mention..." she stroked faster, "...that she doesn't shave her pussy, and she likes to finger herself..."

"She does-s-s-s-s..." I stammered

"Yes, she gets really wet too..." Taking my hand she slid it up under her short skirt. "...just like me after I cum..."

"Where...where...are your panties?" My fingers touched her wet naked slit.

"Oh them. I gave them to Jackie to take home..." I looked down and she had covered my cock with a pale blue pair of silk panties. "These are hers...and I would imagine she is doing the same thing to Larry right now with my pair..."

"Wh...what-t-t-t..." My cock began to throb. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"We were sitting in that back corner booth, and we both masturbated. Talking about you and Larry and seeing you together this weekend...Oh Jon, we got so horny, we just had to." Her fingers completed the task and my load shot into the panties wrapped around my prick.


Releasing her grip she headed upstairs and spoke as she walked away. "Don't lose those panties, Jackie wants them back tomorrow." She stopped in the doorway and looked back, smiling, "I'm going to lay down and use the dildo and jack off...want to watch?"

I held the cum soaked panties around my cock and looked towards her. Turning off the oven I moved towards the bedroom...

To Be Continued...

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