tagMatureMy Absolutely True GILF Encounter

My Absolutely True GILF Encounter


This story is absolutely true. I know many post stories here reputed to be true, but they're usually so embellished it's hard to believe them. But they're fun to read nonetheless.

And this story, I swear, is absolutely true, completely unembellished, just the facts, pure, simple and sexy.

Truth is, I love older women, their look, their texture, their sexuality, their experience. Now at 57, I realize anyone in the "older woman" category will have to be seriously up there in age.

But every so often, I find one who is and also delightfully sexy and sexual. I've had lots of sex with women in my age range, 50s, late 40s, and a couple in their early 60s, all of whom are the most sexual creatures I've ever had the honor of sharing bed space with. Mercy, can they do things that younger woman cannot.

Fact is, if you put a hot 60-year-old next to a hot 20-year-old and gave me the choice, I'd go with granny every time...

Most recently, I was in Miami at a festival at a posh hotel when I spotted this gal, Ellie (not her real first name, the real one is most unique and though I doubt she reads this site, why take chances?), getting on an elevator with her equally hot daughter (and no, no daughter-mother sex ensued, let's nip that in the bud, though believe me, I thought about it). We chatted and instantly made the emotional, sexual connection that sometimes blissfully happens.

She was extraordinary, about 5-6, 130 pounds, incredibly fit, beautiful face, the most shimmering silver hair cut short. We were at a party, we drank, we chatted, flirted heavily, Ellie crossing her magnificent legs, the skirt riding high to expose supple, freckled thighs and down below, superbly muscled calves for someone her age.

Which was 71, she told me. I was stunned.

Honestly, she could've passed for 60 at best, she was that well preserved and lovely.

"Well, I work out about 12 hours a week," she said proudly, extending her legs to show me those meaty, firm calves. "I have great legs for someone my age, don't I?"

"Oh, God yes, do you ever," I gushed enthusiastically, looking at the firm flesh, the sexy freckles on them, her lovely feet in stylish pumps.

I could not stop staring at her amazing legs, nor that neck. I'm a guy who loves women's necks, older necks, wrinkled sure, but sexy, creased, fleshy folds of warm, suckable skin. And Ellie's neck was divine.

I have another fantasy, that of older women having their way with young men, and told her. Turns out the youngest she'd had was in his early 40s. Close enough for me. I asked if she liked dating and bedding men in her own age range.

"No," she sighed. "They can't keep up to me, frankly, they all have ED."

I had to laugh. I'm 57, I almost NEVER have a problem getting it up but just in case, always carry Viagra. With Ellie, it wouldn't be needed, she's visual Viagra.

It was not to be that night, but we parted knowing we'd see each other at another festival event at my hotel two nights later. She showed up and stole the show, I'm not kidding, this gorgeous older gal in a clinging red mini-dress (she purposely wore it to showcase those legs, she proudly told me), and a big, stylishly floppy red hat. She looked so alluring, I can't tell you how many men – of all ages – stopped to tell her how fantastic she looked, women, too. She was charming throughout, a quintessential, coquettish southern belle, working the room, collecting longing looks – mostly from me.

We chatted, drank, flirted and then sat in the lobby for a spell, continuing the flirtatious conversation. Emboldened by a little too much rum, perhaps, but it worked. I told her of my fantasies, my love for legs, strong, powerful legs that can playfully squeeze a man, of my love for necks.

"Oh, I don't like my neck," she teased, turning to show me. "Too many wrinkles."

"I want to lick and suck your beautiful neck all night long, my dear," I said, nuzzling it.

She giggled, we continued talking and she pulled her skirt up higher to reveal the most sexy thighs I had ever seen on a woman her age.

"I can't pull it up too high," she laughed, eyes flashing mischievously. "I never wear panties!"

She laughed. I asked if she liked giving or receiving oral sex better

"Honestly, a man can't be with me unless he's good at oral sex," she said confidently. "I love getting it, but not many men are really good at it."

This was making me nuts. I had to have her, right there on the couch, and turned up the heat, telling her how I wanted to lick her luscious legs all the way up to wear there were no panties. She smiled demurely.

"Let's have dinner first," she said.

That was tough, enduring the next few hours, with other people, her daughter and other friends included, us sitting together on a bench seat in the restaurant, me surreptitiously running my hand up her solid thigh and caressing the unbelievably smooth flesh.

Later, we went to a couple of South Beach hot spots, flirting all the more, kissing in the dark, fondling each other. By the time we got back to my hotel room, it was pushing midnight, way past my usual bedtime.

But my usual bedtime is never as exciting as this one.

She went to the bathroom, and I lay in bed, naked, waiting. She came out, silhouetted in the hall light, her body gleaming in the glow, her figure outlined, firm, girlish almost, supple, full, warm.

She came to me and we kissed, ever so gently at first, then more fervently, and I attacked that neck with everything I had.

"I can't believe you love my neck, it's too wrinkled!" she protested weakly as I devoured it.

I couldn't stop, pressing my eight-inches into her supple thigh, I licked those wrinkles, suckling the sweet folds, lapping the warm flesh until I thought I'd cum on her thigh. I sucked her fairly small boobs, the nipples thick, brown, begging to be adored.

She was writhing by this point and gently pushed down on my shoulders, urging me between her thighs to the most perfectly shaven pussy I think I have ever seen.

There were no huge, floppy lips common to many women who've had a lifetime of sexual adventure, just this cute little smooth mound with a vertical slit, which I parted with my tongue and laved the flesh within, tasting her cleanliness, suckling and lapping those small lips, working my way to her clit. She tensed, moaned and gently closed those meaty thighs around my ears, squeezing me, urging me on. The more I ate, the more she writhed, eyes closed.

My hands cupped those phenomenal thighs, hinting she could squeeze me harder, but she wouldn't, later saying she feared hurting me in their crushing embrace! Silly woman, I told her, I can take a lot more...

I ate her for 20 minutes, easily, making her cum again and again, stopping between them to let her recover, but unable to stop, I just couldn't get enough of Ellie's superbly smooth, delectable old pussy. The last time I devoted attention to her asshole, working my tongue into it, using my nose to tickle her clit and occasionally slip it into her pussy hole, fucking her with it as I stabbed her tight butt ring with my tongue rapidly, like a fleshy sword.

It was sublime, it really was, I was in another world, as was Ellie, as I could not stop eating her pussy, fingering it as I swabbed her clit, or reaching up to tweak those gorgeous brown nipples. Finally, we did and she pulled me up, inside her. Until then, she had no idea I even had a cock, let alone how big it was, so caught up in my oralizing her was she.

"Wow," she gushed, eyes wide in the dark as I gently pushed into her sopping hole, inch by inch. "Jesus, you're huge, go easy!"

I did, working it in fully and then gently thrusting, over and over, picking up the pace. The fucking was almost secondary, really it was, as I was so intent on making her cum with my mouth, it's all I wanted to do. We fucked in all manner of positions, from behind, her atop me, on our sides, until she finally asked me to please come, she was tired! I love doing that, fucking a woman until they request a stoppage in play, I'm all about pleasing them before myself.

And I finally came, she on her belly, legs together, me behind her slipping it between those ridiculously well shaped ass cheeks to her pussy (I hinted at anal, she said "No way, buddy, not with that cock!" which frankly I get a lot and love hearing), her undulating those meaty buns on me in a fleshy cascade of quivering rump that quickly put me over the edge.

We slept peacefully and in the morning, repeated the performance, me eating her sweet, puffy slit over and over and over until I had her climb atop my face, gripping the headboard as she face sat me, smothering me in the smooth expanse of her luscious, creamy thighs, bathing my face with her juices. I looked up through her thighs and over her slightly distended sagging belly to that lovely neck, creased and wrinkled and warm, and those arms, muscular to be sure but showing signs of her age, with gentle folds of experienced flesh begging to be licked.

She finally slithered back atop me, taking my cock in her glorious pussy and riding me hard, me cupping that meaty, sexy ass, my mouth absolutely devouring those gorgeous neck wrinkles, puling the flesh into my mouth and suckling them as I blasted a load into her.

Later, we had breakfast, went to the beach for awhile were I couldn't take my eyes off that body in her sexy one piece. We talked about how hot the night and morning had been, and she said she felt bad that she never reciprocated oral sex.

"Maybe next time, if you get back down here again," she laughed.

Her daughter came later and picked her up and then we parted company with a longing kiss and warm hug. Just like that.

It was the experience of a lifetime, fucking a woman 14 years my senior, not quite old enough perhaps to be my mother but just knowing she was considerably older than me and one of the sexiest women I'd ever met is more than enough to make me hard just thinking about her.

I'm not sure I'll ever make love to anyone quite like her again, and certainly not any older, and most definitely no one in the youthful shape she was in for her age.

But that was one I will never forget and swear to you, all of it is absolutely true.

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