tagErotic CouplingsMy Bubble Bath

My Bubble Bath


You walk into the bedroom with a long face after a hard day at the office.

I tell you that I know just how to make everything all better, so I take you by the hand and lead you into the bathroom where all the lights were out and about a dozen candles were lit.

You can smell the flowery scent in the air and already you feel the blood flowing to your pussy in anticipation. I tell you that you don't have to do a thing and to just relax. As I lean over and give you a passionate kiss, I start to undo your blouse, then roll it past your shoulders and down your arms. Then I put my arms around you so I can get to your bra strap as I steal another passionate kiss. Then I bring your bra around front and let it roll off your shoulders as it drops to the floor. Now I would gaze at your luscious breasts (I hope you don't mind me gazing) I start to undress and take off my shirt, then I hold you close because I really love that skin to skin contact.

Then I reach down to unzip your slacks and let them drop to the floor. Now the only thing left, are your panties. I run my hands around your hips and I slip my hand inside them where your butt is and move my hands around the sides. I tell you again, that you don't have to do a thing because this is your night... You'll see, just sit back and enjoy... your turn will cum.. I mean come.

With my hands inside your panties, I lower them to the floor as I get a look at your Pussy. You smile and open your legs a little while I slide my hand up your leg to your crotch and give a little rub then, give a little kiss there. Then I take your hand and guide you to the bath of bubbles. As you slip beneath the bubbles, I reach over to give you another passionate kiss and slip a chocolate kiss into your mouth.

Then taking the bar of soap I would take each arm and wash so gently. Then your neck... Then moving down to your breasts where I would spend no less then 20 minutes making sure you were well cared for in that dept. Then moving toward your tummy and as I just brush by your crotch and down to your legs a rush of excitement runs through your body.

Then lifting the right leg... I would wash your leg then down to your foot. I would spend a lot of time on the foot area because we spend most of time on them (and it can also be very sensual) I would kneed and kneed each toe and the sole and the ankle and the heel and back to the toes again.

Then after I would do the other leg, then ask that you lean forward to wash your back this would be so soothing that you would almost fall asleep. I would wash your neck and back then slip my hands around to caress your breasts. I would kneed and kneed and kneed (I like the feeling of soft supple breasts) then as you lay back again, I would feed you another Chocolate Kiss.

Now I would run my hand down your tummy to your crotch, which has been aching for attention all this time where I purposely ignored to let the climax build. Then rubbing back and forth with the bar of soap then the bar slips away and now you just feel my naked hand then I slip my middle finger inside of you as you let out a big sigh and smile!

So I swirl my finger around like I am stirring a drink and then going in and out, in and out as you start to spread your legs apart to give me more room. Then I stick my finger in as far as I could go and hook it back toward your belly button. I start the swirling motion again and you start rocking with rhythm then you start the feeling for the urge to want to go pee, but I assure you that you don't and it is a natural feeling.

But stay with me on this... I keep on swirling as I pick up speed.

Then all at once your whole body feels like a big rush and a possible muscle spasm starts to come. Then letting out a big sigh you pulled me into the tub.

Hopefully, I hit your G-Spot!

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