tagIncest/TabooMy Cousin's Dirty Vagina

My Cousin's Dirty Vagina


Note: This story was narrated to me by my girlfriend over the phone. When she was younger, she had a fantasy for her older cousin who used to sleep over at her place.


It was an early Sunday morning. Jenna woke up with a hangover. The previous night she went out with her college friends and they had quite a lot to drink.

She recalled how painful it was to watch her ex-boyfriend flirt with his new girlfriend right in front of her. She broke up with him a few months ago, it was actually him who left, and she could not blame him for that; she knew just how dysfunctional and obsessive a girlfriend she was.

Thinking of him kissing and touching the new girl, Jenna felt the warmth escalate between her thighs. She closed her eyes and allowed her imagination to wander, fuelled by her lust.

She had not had sex in months; she had been quite depressed since the break-up with her ex. She was still wearing the clothes she had on last night. When she came back home, she passed out on the bed right away, too drunk and exhausted to shower and change.

Her hands slowly moved over her abdomen down to her thighs, and reaching the edge of her night dress, she pulled the dark cloth up and gently stroked her pussy across the fabric of her black lycra panties. She pushed the material aside and dipped her fingers into her wet juices.

Her pussy was harrier than usual. She was usually neatly shaved, especially before a Saturday night out, but recently she had been neglecting herself; also, she knew there was no chances of her having sex the previous night, so she did not make an effort to groom her lady bush.

Jenna brought her index finger to her clitoris, lubricating it with her juices, and started circling the area around it. She uttered a soft moan while she felt her vagina flooding her panties. She could not remember ever being so horny.

She retrieved her sticky fingers and brought it to her face. She smelt so badly. After a night of drinking, pissing, dancing and sweating her pussy was a real mess. The smell made her feel dirtier, hornier. She licked her fingers clean, tasting the salty and bitter aroma of her smelly pussy.

She decided to uncover herself while she masturbated so she would not dirty the quilt. Tossing the latter aside, she spread her legs wide on her bed, and resumed stimulating her clit.

Just when she was about to up the pace of her stroking to drive herself to climax, she heard her bedroom door creak and saw the head of her cousin pop in.

"Hey, do you have cigarettes?" he whispered, taking into account his interruption. He did not wait for a reply before quickly vanishing behind the door, leaving Jenna in utter embarrassment.

She quickly got up to lock her door then sat on the bed. She was too exasperated and pissed off to resume her masturbation session. Instead, she found herself craving for a smoke.

Dan was Jenna's cousin. He was 5 years older than her. He often hanged out with Jenna's older brother, who was sleeping in the room next to hers. Dan did not have a car and would sometimes crash in her brother's room after a boys' night out.

Dan used to live in the country; he was, like most peasants, an early-riser. Jenna had never found him attractive; he was a plain guy, somewhat skinny and had quite an awkward demeanour, very quiet and reserved.

Jenna fumbled into her bag for her pack of Marlboro Lights and her lighter. She then carefully opened her door, to prevent it from creaking, and tip-toed to her brother's room. She had to be careful not to wake her parents up.

She found Dan sitting on the bean bag next to the bed; her brother was sound asleep and she knew he would not be waking up anytime soon. She stood on the threshold and signalled to him.

"Since when do you smoke?" she whispered to Dan, showing him the pack of cigarettes in her hand. "I don't. I just wanted some tobacco for the joint."

Jenna admired his impassiveness. He was pretending he did not see anything earlier.

"Do you wanna share it?" she asked.

"Sure thing."

"Wait, not here." She moved closer to him, so she could speak more softly. "Unlike my brother, I'm not allowed to smoke pot in the house. Let's go to the bathroom downstairs."

They both stealthily climbed down the stairs and made it to the bathroom. Jenna handed the cigarettes to Dan, and while he rolled the joint, she went to open the bathroom windows. Once he was done, he dangled the joint before her and handed it to her along with the lighter. Jenna positioned herself by the window while she lit the joint up, expelling the smoke out.

They smoked in silence. The high hit them easily for they both had just woken up. Jenna felt his body brush against hers as they both leaned on the window sill. His proximity was making her wet herself again. The thought that he had just seen her masturbate was making her very horny.

"I need to pee," she finally said, breaking the silence and handing him the joint.

"Ok," he replied, indifferent as ever.

She moved to the toilet and turned around, looking at him in the eyes, casting a faint but naughty smile. She then pulled her dress up and pulled down her panties while she squat down on the toilet seat.

His eyes were glued to her hairy vagina; she knew her hirsuteness would surprise him. He stood motionless, while the joint burned away in his hand. She felt victorious for finally breaking through his indifference.

"Did you like what you saw earlier?" she inquired teasingly, while the piss gushed out of her pussy, making a dripping sound.

He took a last drag off his joint before flicking it out of the window. He did not bother replying, but acknowledged his desire to see more of her by assuming a stance by the window and staring directly between her legs.

Jenna felt her heart pound in her chest, her mind drizzling inside her head; she felt like her sanity was being held by a thin line, which she willingly snapped. She bit her lips and slowly spread her legs wider for him.

She waited for the last drop of piss to drip off her pussy, before she brought her hand down and started playing with herself. Her half-closed eyes locked with his. Dan moved closer to her. He gently touched her by the shoulders and pulled her up on her feet.

Her panties dropped down to her ankles. He knelt down before her, removed the panties, grabbed one of her leg and placed it on his shoulder. He then buried his face between her legs, into her hairy bush and started eating her dirty pussy, full-mouth.

She tried to stop him, ashamed of her own dirtiness, but just then she felt his tongue part her pussy lips and plunge into her juicy vagina, spiralling inside her, as he brought it up to her clit, circling it with the tip of his tongue.

Jenna grabbed his head by the hair and pulled his face harder on her, suffocating him between her legs, squeezing his head with her thighs. He started moving his tongue wildly over her clit, pressing harder over it.

Jenna soon spasmed into orgasm. She tried hard to contain her moans so as not to wake any one up. She grabbed his head harder and when she felt her heart calming down a bit, she looked at the face between her legs.

Dan removed his head from between her thighs and stood. He held his cousin into his arms for a moment, before his hands moved to her breasts, He squeezed them out of her bra and clothing and started pinching her nipples. Jenna was overly sensitive after her orgasm, she quivered on his touch, discouraging his from further breast exploration.

After cumming, her libido had dropped down, but she wanted to do something nice for him, for accepting to lick that pitiable pussy of hers. She broke away from his embrace, moved to the window and leaned on the sill. Looking outside, she pulled her dress all the way up to her waist, revealing her naked ass to him, inviting him.

Her pussy was glistening with her juices and piss, and his saliva. A white liquid was dripping down her lips, disappearing inside her dark bush. Her tight asshole stared at him while he removed his cock and rubbed it along her pussy lips.

Jenna felt the naked head of his cock press against the entrance of her vagina. It felt thick as it drilled inside her. She held firmly to the window sill, as he started fucking her from behind, his balls and thighs slapping hard on her ass cheeks.

Dan grabbed her by the waist and started pounding her even harder. Pulling his cock all the way out and diving all the way in with vigour, shaking her ass. Jenna felt a mixture of pain and pleasure with each forceful thrust. He then picked up the pace, pounding her faster and harder before he exploded his load inside her.

They both remained still and panting for a moment. Dan then removed his cock out and pulled up his pants. Jenna felt the hot cum dripped down her pussy and thighs while she went to fetch her panties and pull it back up. Then she looked around the bathroom to check if they left any evidence of what just happened, while Dan went back to the window and lit a cigarette.

Jenna quickly checked herself in the mirror, before she smiled shyly at his cousin.

"Well, that was fun, Danny," she said, taking back her pack of cigarettes and lighter, and made her way out of the bathroom.

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by dirtyfish11/30/17

Sounds Fishy

Really looking forward to part 2. If Danny is anything like me, I'm sure he was hoping so more dirty fun. And I mean DIRTY.

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