tagIncest/TabooMy Dad, My Hero, My Lover Ch. 02

My Dad, My Hero, My Lover Ch. 02


Nick's Point of view

Lilly and I had moved into our new condo about two weeks ago. Unfortunately I hadn't been able to find a job yet but Lilly had. This particular day I wanted to surprise her. It was her birthday. She turned twenty one today. I lit up some scented candles in the bathroom and with her favourite bath foam I ran her a bath. When I was just about finished I heard the front door slam and her yelling.

"Dad are you home?"

"In here sweetness," I yelled in answer, smiling as I knew she could not help herself and still called me dad instead of Nick.

"Nick is in here," I jested as she appeared in the doorway.

"What is this?"

"What?" I reacted in a mocking hurt way.

"You don't want a hug?"

"Of course I do," my beautiful daughter reacted. She walked over to me and I held my arms wide. She stepped in my embrace and we kissed each other passionately. I had indeed missed her today. Our tongues duelled before she ended the kiss.

"What is this?" she repeated.

"Your surprise. The first part of it anyway. Now get out of those clothes and in you get," I cheekily commanded her.

"A surprise for what?" my ever curious sweetness asked.

"Oh I don't know. We've officially moved in. I hung up our picture this morning. Or maybe your birthday. Happy Birthday sweetness," I wished her as she held me tight before she stepped out of my embrace so she could undress. I watched as she quickly did just that and I held out my hand to help her into the bath. I took my seat on a stool next to it. I couldn't count the many times I had done this before. I rubbed some soap on a cloth and washed her back. I shouldn't have been surprised that it felt nothing like when I used to bathe her when she was a little girl. My baby girl had certainly grown into a beautiful young woman.

"Make your hair wet baby girl," I suggested and saw her smile at the term of endearment I hadn't used in ages. She did and I took some shampoo and massaged it in her beautiful auburn hair. She moaned softly.

"You like that sweetness? Did you have a hard day today?" I asked using my soothing paternal tone.

"Burning bridges isn't easy dad. I knew that," she said with a heavy sigh.

"That's okay sweetness. I'll take good care of you," I countered as I started massaging her clamped up shoulders.

"Oh you always do dad. This feels so good. I love you," After I felt her shoulders loosen up a bit I took the cloth again and started on Lilly's front. My body reacted immediately. I got hard. Really uncomfortable in my pants hard. I watched my sweet daughter closing her eyes and leaning back a little to give me more room.

"Enjoying this, are you, sweetness?" I asked but I already knew the answer of course.

"You know I love it dad. What's the other part of my surprise?" She asked while I ran the cloth under her perky breasts. I decided to ignore her question. For now.

"Looks like you're in trouble," she laughed and looked pointedly at my bulge. I can't hide it anymore and certainly not from my delicious daughter, my sexy lover.

"Let my help you with that," she suggested, but I didn't want her to. Not yet.

"Not yet Lilly. Later. I'm not finished with you yet," I told her in a faux stern voice. I moved the cloth along the perfect skin on her belly and stopped at her navel. I skipped the rest and moved my chair back and washed her left foot and then concentrated on her right one. Slowly. Very slowly I moved the cloth over her long and beautifully shaped leg to just near her centre. I heard her moan softly and I knew it was turning her on big time. I went up her other leg but this time I didn't stop. I let the cloth go and used my fingers to touch her sweet soft pussy lips. Lilly tried to move and make me slip my finger inside her. She moaned softly and I realised it was difficult for her because the bath wasn't big enough.

"Patience sweetness. I've got this," I assured her as I finally slipped a finger inside her. I didn't like it that it was difficult for her so I took my finger out and stood up to pick up a towel from the rack.

"Out you get sweetness. Our bed is much more comfy," I commanded lovingly.

"You still haven't told me what the surprise is," she grumbled.

"Okay, sit here a minute while I dry your hair," I conceded.

"You remember I've always told you that you would never have been an only child if I had anything to say about it," I started hesitantly.

"I want you to have our babies if you want that too," I explained.

"No dad, that would be dangerous," she said her eyes turning big with fear.

"Not if we talked it through with a doctor first," I tried to assure her.

"There's a doctor coming to have dinner with us tonight," I clarified.

"Come on. I'm going to come so hard for you Lily," I promised as I took her hand and lead her into our bedroom. We laid down for our 69 and I sighed with relief when she took my throbbing cock out. She didn't hesitate and put it between her moist lips going down agonizingly slow. I concentrated on her beautiful pussy still a bit moist from her bath.

'Now where was I?" I murmured as I slid two fingers inside her and with my thumb circled her little clit. I felt her soft hands going over my length and they went faster and faster. I knew that meant that she was close and I circled my thumb faster. Her cry of pleasure as she orgasmed drove me over the edge and I squirted thick hot strands of my cum in her loving mouth while I licked the juices from her sweet pussy.

"Thank you sweetness. That was amazing," I said as I crawled over her, took her in my arms and kissed her. Mixing her cum with mine always felt so good. I could never get enough of that. With my free hand I slapped her behind. She gave a surprised yelp but smiled her sexy smile at me.

"Go and get ready. Mark will be here soon," I said but didn't let her go right away.

"Think about it. No condoms, no pills. Maybe a little brother or sister. How amazing would that be." I told her painting a picture of my dream.

"That would be awesome dad. I'd love to have your babies. Let's do this." She answered as she wormed out of my hold to get ready. I let her go not being able to wipe the smile of my face.

The evening was the strangest and best evening I've ever had. Mark was a lot younger than I had imagined. He asked us some questions and took samples of our blood for testing. Those necessities out of the way we had diner. Mark was also very good-looking. Blond hair, a lean body he could very well be one of those surfers there were so much of here. I warmed to him immediately. I had never thought of being touched intimately by a man. It was a whole new concept for me. He also looked very interested in Lily. He produced a leaflet right before we sat down to eat.

"This is a leaflet of a club for people with your lifestyle. If you ever want to meet likeminded people maybe you could visit one evening," Mark explained as he handed the leaflet to Lily. I let her read it first and when she handed it to me I took a quick look. It seemed interesting enough but I put it aside for after diner. We chatted amicably until Mark threw out:

"I would like to have sex with Lily," I nearly chocked on my wine at his audacity.

"I'm not sharing her. I want her to have my babies," I threw at him.

"What if I use a condom?" Mark kept trying.

"That would be rule number one," I stated, like for the record. Then I made the mistake of looking at the woman who would always be my little girl. She wanted this. She wanted this badly.

"Okay but rule number two is that I'm watching you two," I stated again.

"And I do mean that literally. I want to be sure he's treating you right," I said as I looked at Lilly sternly and almost ignored Mark. He could take it or leave it as far as I was concerned. They both nodded that they were okay with it.

I stood up and took my little girls hand and walked to the bedroom. Lilly in turn took Marks.

"Are you sure about this sweetness?" I tried one last time.

"Sweetness? I love it. You are," Mark reacted making me change my mind completely. He wasn't so bad after all. Lilly and Mark got on the bed and started kissing. I pulled up a chair. Mark carefully took off Lilly's dress. Very quickly it really started to turn me on to see another man taking such sweet loving care of my baby girl. I felt it in my groin making my trousers too tight. I saw that my girl felt the same. She was so wet. Mark's trousers were bulging too and Lilly slid them off with his briefs in one hurried gesture.

"You too dad," she encouraged.

"You look like you're about to explode," she said with a cheeky smile.

"Hush, cheeky girl," Mark said as he slapped Lilly on her butt. Not hard but just enough to turn her on even more. She gave a delightful girlish yelp. This was just too much. I took off my trousers and briefs quickly and freed my erection. I copied Mark as he stroked his impressive manhood. He made it harder still and slid a condom over it.

"Come over here dad so I can help you with that," my sweet baby girl suggested.

"Oh my fault," I jested.

"I turned you into a brazen woman. My mistake," We all laughed as I watched Mark spreading Lilly's legs to have better access. He entered his condom clad massive cock lovingly in my sweet girls pussy. It was almost as lovingly as I would have done and the last bit of my apprehension vanished. If Lilly wanted this I would not be a spoilsport. Still stroking myself I walked over the bed and let Lilly take me into her mouth. Mark and I quickly set up a rhythm. When he was almost out of her now sodden pussy I was deep in her mouth and vice versa. Lilly was moaning and writhing beneath us. I knew she was close to having an amazing orgasm. Mark and I started to breath faster and faster. I could see her pussy clamping around Mark's cock. It was beautiful too watch. I knew she was close. So was I. So was Mark.

"Ah Lilly," he groaned as he climaxed and I quickly followed shivering as I filled her mouth with my cum. This was too much for Lilly

"Oh I'm coming," She gasped. Mark let her spasms subside before he took his still throbbing member out. He slid two fingers inside my daughters pussy filled with his cum. He took them out again and held them up for me to taste. I didn't know what possessed me but I took them into my mouth and tasted the juices of my little girl. I licked his fingers clean.

"Good?" Mark asked still a little out of breath. I was too so I nodded yes. Lilly started laughing blushing a delicious pink after her climax.

"You two are hilarious,"

"Behave," Mark and I said in unison making her laugh even more. Mark leaned over and kissed her. I'm sure he could still taste my cum.

"That was absolutely amazing," Mark said as he stood up and gathered his clothes.

"I'll work on your samples tonight. I'll see you tomorrow in the evening is that alright?"

"Yes," Lilly and I said in unison although I thought I sounded a bit too eager. After he finished getting dressed he kissed Lilly once more and we both walked him to the door in nothing but our birthday suits. Closing the door I took Lilly's hand and only had to take one look at her to know that she was looking forward to tomorrow just as much as I was.

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