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My Dad's Dad


"Good Morning Class" I am Professor Justin Graves. I'll be leading your fresh young minds through Ethics 101. I know for some of you college has been stressful but hopefully we can make college life easier. Remember, college is just the beginning, there's a whole world out there just waiting for you to make it yours.

This was the same speech I gave on the first day of class for the last 22 years. It was true. I believed that the world was made to be conquered by me or someone like me. When I started out, I just knew I was going to be the best teacher on the planet. I came in first in my class at UT Martin with a 3.97 GPA. I had already received 24 offers to be an Associate Professor from different schools around the country.

I was on top of the world. But like most men I was side tracked by some legs that went on for days and rest wasn't bad either, in my case it was a 5'9" 129 pound, 38-24-36 head chemist name Jean. Jean had my nose wide open, if she took a crap. It smelled fresh bread or summer flowers instead of the foul stench it really was. Jean had me hooked from day one and she knew it. From such a great beginning to our lives who would believe it could end so badly.

As I said life started great, Jean and I got married in the summer of 1989. It was the best year of my life or so I thought. It was beaten only by the birth of my twin daughters, Callie and Casey. That was matched by the birth of my son Paul or "Paully the Frog", is what we call him. Paul loved the movie, "The Godfather" so much he gave himself a mob name. Where "the Frog" came from I'll never know but that what he wanted to be called.

Life was great and getting better all the time, there wasn't anything Jean wouldn't do in bed except for anal. Anal scared her to death, if I got close to her asshole she would stop all sex till she made it clear it was not happening. I'm a smart man so I let it go, if I could have all kinds of sex just not anal. "Oh Well" maybe I could talk her in to a threesome with me and Pam Anderson or Megan Fox. Maybe both of them and Jean could film it. LOL, like that's ever going to happen. Jean gets jealous of my daughters all the time. So I knew a threesome was out of the question. She tells our daughters that she is the queen bee in this hive.

After it was settled, my babies gave up their spots as the head ladies of the house that my marriage took a nose dive. I came home early from a seminar just after our 20th anniversary for a little alone time with Jean. So I parked in the alley behind our house. I had just closed the patio door when I overheard my girls talking to their mom.

"Mom" you have to tell Justin sooner or later. He's our dad in our hearts but he isn't our real father. He keeps calling us his babies and it kills us to know the true and keep it from him said Callie. It was mistake to telling you two the truth but after you came home and caught me in bed with your dad it, it all came out said Jean.

Mom, how can you sit there and sleep with both men and act like it "OK" said Casey? Justin deserves better than you. He's my dad and has always been my dad even if we don't share the same DNA said Casey. "Mom", you're going to have to tell Paully sooner or later that Justin isn't his dad either said Callie.

My head was spinning it was about to explode. Then Jean said I will tell him after he becomes a tenured professor that way he won't leave me because he'll have too much to lose. Then he'll just have to let me keep seeing Rick said Jean.

The only person I knew named Rick was my grandfather, surely that can't be talking about him. I quietly left the house. I went to see my brother Kenny, he was older, wiser and been through more in life than I had. I told Kenny everything I had heard them say. Kenny helped me plan a course of action. First I called our Dr. Miles, he had been the family doctor for more than 40 years. I asked him if there had ever been a DNA test done on my kids. He answered by telling me he could only give that information to the biological parents of the kids then apologized and hung up. So it was right there in my face, they all knew except Paully.

I then called the best divorce attorney I knew. Proffessor Max Price. The sound of his name made divorce attorneys tremble in fear. Max was the one person an attorney would call to get ideas on how to screw over the other spouse. Then my last call was to my parents. I asked them if they knew the Rick had been having an affair with Jean since he lives with them. The both tried to change the subject, "Really" both of my proud parents knew the truth and said nothing. My mom wanted me to come home and talk to them. "Mrs. Graves", I will never set foot in your house again. You both just died to me. "Oh" and you can tell Rick, I hope he finds someone who cares enough to save him.

That was the first step in my opening the gates to hell. I figure that when this was over I would be in hell so I might as well take a few of them with me. Max got started right away; he called in a few favors and got me an apartment in about an hour. Max had also gotten an emergency meeting with a Judge to freeze all assets. He told me to go the bank and removed half the money. Because once he the injunction to freeze the accounts, I wouldn't have access to any of the money. Jean would have to wait for the court hearing to get any money out. Max was all so having Jean served at church this afternoon. Jean would be pissed, but "oh well".

Now for Rick, I was going to hit him where it hurt. Right in the kidneys, Rick had on the waiting list for a couple of years. Then I was tested and was proven a match. So you know what that meant, you got it "fuck him." While was taking my name off the "Save the bastard Rick" sweepstakes. The Dr. asked me what changed my mind about saving my father's life. I told him he wasn't my father he was my grandfather. The Dr. showed me the test. I was Rick's son, not my father's son. "SO" now my mom was a tramp also. What a fucking mess this was going to be.

My phone was ringing. I looked at the display and it was Jean.

"Yes Hon"!.

Where are you and what is this divorce shit asked Jean?

Jean what does the paper work state?

A divorce on the grounds of adultery and it has court ordered DNA," OH MY GOD" said Jean. Justin please don't do this; please don't do this screamed Jean.

Jean I know already the results, but don't worry, you and your daughter don't have to worry about me finding out anymore I told Jean then I closed hung up my cell phone with Jean screaming please talk to me. In my eyes, they all had betrayed me, except Paully and Kenny.

I was at the hospital when my phone rang again it was my ex-mom. What do you want Mrs. Graves?

Jean just call, where are you Justin, so we all can talk before things go too far said Mrs. Graves.

Well I'm at the hospital having myself taken off the surgical list for "GOOD OLE RICK". And speaking of Rick, Mrs. Graves when were you going to tell me about dear ole dad? But that's okay Mrs. Graves, Mr. Graves will find out soon enough.

"Gotta go Mrs. Graves", the Dr. is walking in. BBBYYYYYYEEEEE, Mrs. Graves. That was the second time today someone was asking me not to hang up. After I had my name removed from the donor list, I also left orders not to call me if Rick died. It was getting late so I headed back to Max's office.

He drove me to my new apartment, it was furnished and the bar was stocked. I sat on the couch and had a Captain and coke.

My phone rang it was Jean so I didn't answer. Then next time it rang it was Paul.

Dad I don't care what that slut says you're my dad and you always will be said Paul. I asked him where he was at and he said he was crashing with so friends. I told him I loved him and to keep safe. All those years of caring for your only son only to have it all destroyed because that whore couldn't keep her legs closed. And to make matters worse, he isn't my son but my fucking brother. Fuck that whore, she should burn in hell.

The next call was, Mr. Graves. "Hello Mr. Graves", what can I do for you I asked?

Son cut out the non sense and come talk to us, "Please" don't destroy the family over this said my dad. Then it hit me, he wasn't my dad he also was my brother. Jacob you've always been there for me so I will tell let you in on Sarah's little secret. Jacob just so you know, the only reason I was a match for Rick is because I'm his son. Your wife has been lying to you for over 45 years. She knew Jacob, she knew, they all knew it and I don't give a fuck what happens to him or them. I'll always think of you as my dad. Jacob must have had a heart attack, because he dropped the phone and I heard a scream.

Later the police came by my apartment to ask me if I had seen my father. I hadn't so I told them no. Then I asked why they were looking him. The officer said Jacob had slapped his wife and pissed in her face. Then he broke his dad's ribs with a kick to the back. He was going for Rick's kidneys. I asked how they knew where I lived. The officer said Max had told them.

Jean tried everything she could to talk to me. Paul wasn't speaking to her or his sisters. They knew and didn't tell him so Paully said "FUCK YOU AND THEM"! And they hadn't heard from him since. This was another reason for me to hate Jean. She had made my whole life a lie.

I needed a drink and a little fresh air so I left the apartment and dropped in at a local pub. While there I ran in to an old school friend named Sam. We sat and talked about old days. Sam went on to tell me about his marriage and how he was racked over the coals by his ex-wife in their divorce. Sam told me how he went at work at McDonalds to decrease his alimony. The Judge threw Sam in jail for 60 days, Sam told me it was the most rest he had gotten in 20 years. When Sam was brought back before the Judge, Sam asked the Judge if he could hurry up and send him back because he was miss Divorce Court. The Judge got pissed and sent Sam back to his cell only to call him back the next day and release him. The Judge cut Sam's alimony at 200.00 a month for 1 year. Mary, Sam's ex-wife was pissed. She had been given $3000 a month earlier. Ma'am you're the one who wanted him in jail. He lost his job and you're the cause, so you'll just have to live with the loss. Sam is the fry guy at McDonalds, well on paper anyway. Sam does online web design on the side and has the money go to his mom so Mary gets nothing. Mary ended up living with her parents. The kids are in college and grandma pays for their education via Sam. Mary tried to take Sam's mom to court to find out where the money was coming from but the Judge threw it out before a court was set. As I sat there and listened I knew my divorce would become a long drawn out war.

The next morning I received a call for Max, he told me to go bail out my father. I sighed and went to carry out the task at hand. When I walked into the court house, I saw the woman that I once call mom with her head down in on her lap asleep. I walked by her only to run into Jean. Jean looked up and saw me, she tried to run a hug me but I held my hand up to stop her and walked by as if she didn't exist. I went to the window and let them know I was bailing out Jacob Graves.

Justin you're going to have to talk to me at some point said Jean. I sat there looking at my watch. I guess mom heard Jean talking to me and looked up. She ran over to me and slapped me in the face.

You just had to mess up everything, didn't you screamed Mrs. Graves. I got up walked over to the window and asked for the desk sergeant. When the Sgt. Jenkins came to the counter, I said;"Sir" would you look at the security tape? You'll see this woman, Mrs. Sarah Graves assaulted me and I'm pressing charges. Jean and Sarah couldn't believe that I was being so hateful. When Jacob walked out, he looked a Sarah like she dirt and walked out with me.

In the car on the way home Jacob shed a few tears and I could see Jacob's love was turning to hate. Jacob asked me to stop at the bank. Jacob closed his accounts. Jacob had 3 cashier checks totaling $975,000.00 dollars. They drove to another bank and Jacob closed the accounts there. He had four checks totaling $1.45 million. Then Jacob did something unexpected. He called Paul and told him to meet us at the airport in an hour. Paul, Jacob and I, sat there looking at each other. Then Jacob said Justin you're going to get fucked in your divorce as I will and Max knows it. His job is to keep you from losing everything. I have managed to put away a little of 10 million dollars into different accounts in the Sweden. If you two agree we are going to move there. In a year Sarah and Jean will grant divorces for abandonment. They'll only get what's left. Which won't be much, but we can't come back to the US for at least 10 years. So guys what do you say? Paul and I were confused, Jacob said I'm asking you to come with me to Sweden and live. We have an 18 room villa and we will live just fine.

They all left that day, and life didn't go as expected it was even better. Just after the divorces where final. I met and married a 30 old ex model named Jamie. Paul married a very hot blond named Marisol and they travel the world as one of the privileged brat crowd. Callie and Casey flew over and made up with us after all they are our sisters, even Paully got over his anger. Jacob met and married a 45 year old secretary. They have 2 kids and they both will be 90 before the kids leave home but life couldn't be better for them.

I finally did as I always planned. The world belongs to me, well the world of DNA anyway. I invented new type of DNA test. The test can tell if your spouse has had sex with someone other than their spouse by swabbing clothing. It also detects spermicidal fluids. With the sales alone from his home test version we made millions. Jacob, Paul and I along with siblings sit on the board of directors.

"Oh" and what happened to Jean you ask? She thought that after having Rick's kids that he would take care of her and Sarah. Wrong, Rick managed to find a kidney match. He was the same old bastard he had always been. Later on we found out that Rick had at least six more kids.

About 11 years after we had left, Rick was back in the hospital. He was on his death bed. He asked Jean and Sarah to find us. So the hired a PI to deliver the message to Jacob and me.

Jacob and I only came because we wanted to watch the bastard die and put an end to this mess.

Rick apologized to the both Jacob and I. Rick asked us to forgive him. Then with his last act he gave us his will. Rick left us everything including homes he had all over the world. Rick passed away, Jacob and I we're happy he was dead. Jacob started laughing and we turned too walked out.

Jean ran and stopped in front of me while Sarah tried to talk to Jacob. Before either woman could say anything 5 little kids ran up and jumped all over us.

Sarah and Jean just stood with their mouths wide out. Then 2 of the most beautiful women either of them had ever seen walked up.

I said Jean I would like you to meet my wife Jamie. Jamie was about 5'11'', 125 pounds and was all women, curves, beauty and brains to match.

Jacob introduced his wife Amber, she wasn't as young and tight as Jamie but she was what Jamie wanted to look when she got older. The kids looked just like their moms. Jamie told the kids to come with her, Justin talk to her please. Put a finish to this, so we can go on with our lives and never look back said Jamie. Amber told Jacob basically the same thing. Jean and I went into the waiting room.

Justin how could you do that to us, after all that we meant to each other, you just turned your back and walked away said Jean.

Justin you never gave me a chance to explain. For my part, I didn't say anything.

I looked at Jean like she had been dropped on her head.

Jean how would you explain fucking Rick and giving him three kids. My son is my fucking brother you moron, are you really this stupid.

You fucked him for over 20 years Jean, OMG are you this fucking stupid. You think just because you lied about the kids I helped raised being mine, makes them mine. In some ways maybe it does, because I still love them but they aren't my fucking kids! You fucked that asshole for over 20 years. You lied, cheated and smile in my face every fucking day.

I found out why you never gave me anal or tried some of the things I wanted, it's because Rick was there first. You and that whore Sarah make me want to fucking hurl. You two sluts give whore a bad fucking name.

I had DNA test done on my kids with Jamie and you know what she understood that I was damaged by a fucking slut that I made a mistake and married.

Jean had never heard Justin talk to her like this, what happened to make him the mean. I kept on with his assault.

Do you know how hard it is to look Paully in the eyes and know that they didn't come from me, or to know Callie is caring my father's bloodline, are you really that fucking blind.

At the same time in the other room Jacob looked at Sarah and sigh, what do you want Sarah asked Jacob?

Jacob you cheated me out my life with you, you cheated on me with Amber and destroyed any chance we had to be a family again said Sarah.

Jacob said Sarah that is the dumbest shit I have ever fucking heard laughed Jacob. You fucked my father and my son is really my brother and you sit here and try to blame me.

Jacob got up laughing and walked out. He told Amber what Sarah said.

Amber looked at him like he was lying and the both walked out laughing. Sarah sat there and cried, she would never get what she had done to Jacob but he didn't care and his life would only get better.

Jean on the other hand was trying to get me to leave Jamie and come back to her. I didn't laugh but I wasn't hearing Jean.

While she was talking I was thinking about the first time Jamie wrapped her legs around me in the hot tub. I also thought about the time Jamie told me to treat her like my slut. Jamie had once told me marriage is about change and it was time to change her position because she was going fuck the shit out of me. Jean noticed I was smiling and she thought she was getting thru to me. But just like she didn't have me on her mind when she was fucking Rick, what she was saying wasn't on my mind.

When I snapped back to the present, I stood up and told Jean to get a grip, it's been 10 years you slut. Why would I want some whore that fucked me over, gave me someone else's kids to raise as my own. Why would I want a whore that fuck my a bastard like back?

When Jean couldn't answer it me, I said have a wonderful life. You and the other slut have 30 days to get out the house. Unless of course you can talk Paully or the girls in to letting you stay with one of them. Jean I really think you should talk to the girls first, Paully still thinks you the biggest slut on the planet.

We let the other siblings live in Rick's home. Rick's money was split between the younger of his kids. The last six of Rick's kids all were having a hard time do to Rick breaking up their parents marriages. Rick destroyed more marriages than Divorce Court.

I walked out of the waiting room and back to my life. Jean and Sarah share the guest house at Callie's. She was always a softy.

I was going to tell you what Paully said when Jean and Sarah asked if they could stay in the Rick's old house. But it's against the law in 10 countries to repeat it and every time I think about it gives me a little shiver.

I still haven't figured out where he learned to curse like that.

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Some questions about this story I got caught up in..

Why did Justin let his long-supposed father off the hook? Jacob wanted it to let it go that his father was sex with his supposed son's wife. When Jacob found out that his father had sex with his wife,more...

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