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My Feminist Husband


My husband, Don, considers himself a feminist. But I prefer to think of him as a theoretical feminist - the kind of guy who espouses equality, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of actions, isn't quite ready to go full feminist. This story tells how I took the inconsistency between his words and his deeds and reconciled them in a fun and sexy way.

Don and I married young - we were both eighteen and I'm not sure if either one of us had ever had another sexual partner. So it was unsurprising that Don, like a lot of men, had a fantasy to engage in a threesome - with another woman, I should add. "That sounds good to me, but on one condition," I told him.

His eyes lit up, but at the mention of my caveat, his smile dissipated. "I think you should be a gentleman AND treat this in an equal manner. So I propose we do a threesome with a guy first."

His eyes darted back and forth and he began to put forward arguments about why a threesome with a guy was different and we shouldn't do it. I interrupted him. "And in your threesome, how far would you want this to go? Would you want me to make out with the other woman? To eat her pussy? To have us both give you a blowjob at the same time?"

I could see a bulge forming in his pants. "Well, yeah, that sounds pretty hot," he told me.

"Maybe you could cum in her mouth and then she could pass your semen into my open, awaiting mouth?"

"You'd do that?" Don asked me.

"Well, yeah - if you wanted me to," I told him. "But I'd expect you to do the same."

He looked at the floor and shuffled his feet. "Well, what does that mean, exactly?" he asked.

"Well, I'd want to see you kiss a man, suck his cock and, after he's come in my mouth, I'd want to kiss you and pass his semen into your mouth. Or we could do it the other way around, if you wanted to."

"Laura, that's being unreasonable," he told me. "I mean I'm not gay!"

"I'm not either," I told him. "But if acting gay with another woman and sharing you with her turned you on, I'd do it. I just think you should be willing to do the same."

"I don't know," he told me. "I mean, women seem pretty open to the whole threesome concept, but where would we even find a guy who is into that stuff?"

"First of all," I corrected him, "You seem way more into it than me, as you're the one who brought it up. Secondly, are you unaware that I have several gay friends that would love nothing more than to do this kind of thing?"

"Really!" he said in surprise. "And your female friends?"

"I could probably find one for us," I told him.

"Like who?" he asked.

"Does it matter?" I asked him.

"Well, it probably shouldn't, but, yeah, it does."

I thought about my female friends who would be open to a threesome - sometimes when we were out dancing, we'd be affectionate with one another to tease the guys. And some of my friends really liked to take it pretty far - they'd grind on my leg when we were dancing, or they'd kiss me with tongue. Then I thought about which of my friends Don would find hot. I knew he had a thing for Asian women and I instantly thought of Miko. She had beautiful pale skin and plump breasts. Hell, Don would probably take it up the ass if he thought he could get a piece of Miko."

"I'm not promising anything, but I'm pretty sure I could get Miko to join in." It was all he could do to keep from drooling.

We ended the conversation as we needed to head to dinner. Don was pretty distracted during dinner and I could tell his mind was frantically thinking about the possibilities.

As we drove home, he raised the subject again. "Look, I really want to do this, but how far would I have to go to make this work for you?"

I felt powerful - I liked negotiating with my husband - he always came around to my way of thinking. "Well, we already talked about it, didn't we - oh, I guess not, I mean, obviously, this guy will fuck me and I'll suck his cock. We didn't decide if he would fuck your ass or not, though - or if you'd fuck his ass. I guess it depends on what the guy wants."

Don was silent. Then he broke the silence, "Man, I think I could suck cock and I think I could fuck a guy in the ass. I could probably even let a guy cum in my mouth. But I don't think I could tolerate having a guy fuck me in the ass."

"Look," I told him. "I don't really want to negotiate this with you and then turn around and negotiate it with whoever is going to join in. If the guy wants to fuck your ass, you're going to get your ass fucked."

"Are you sure you can get Miko to agree?" he asked me. I smiled.

We made the date for the following Friday with my friend, Ben, and, on Don's insistence, the date with Miko the Friday after that. "The only way I can get through this," he told me, "is to know what's waiting for me on the other side."

On Friday, we got dressed and met Ben and the three of us went to dinner. Ben and I talked like old friends, while Don sat silently for the most part, like a man about to meet the executioner. "God, lighten up," I told him. I began ordering drinks for Don and he silently drank while Ben and I caught up.

"Don't worry," Ben told Don, as we went back to the car, "I'll be gentle."

We put on some music and dimmed the lights in our bedroom and I poured the men glasses of whiskey and myself a glass of wine. I began to sway to the music and then began to dance. The men sat - Don on the bed, Ben on a chair - and watched me.

I finished my glass of wine and performed a slow strip tease. I was proud of my body - I had 34D breasts that were full, with large areolae and long nipples. As a runner, my legs were athletic and lean. But what I was most proud of was my ass. I often found men following me down the street, lost in their original navigation, captivated by the sway of my full, athletic ass.

I lowered my dress to my waist and slowly removed my bra, my breasts tumbling out. I could see an erection forming a tent in Don's pants. I pinched my nipples, extending them further, and pressed my breasts together. Lifting my breasts up and toward my mouth, I extended my tongue - in this manner, I could just reach the ends of my nipples with my tongue.

I shimmied out of my dress and lowered my panties, showing my full, light red bush. The men remained sitting. "What are you waiting for?" I asked.

Don and Ben looked at one another and stood up, almost in unison. They stepped out of their clothing and as Ben removed his boxers, I marveled at his thick, long cock, his tightly trimmed pubic hair and his six pack abs.

"Whoever gets to me first gets the first blowjob," I told them. Don had his pants around his ankles and Ben stepped free and approached me. I trailed kisses down his stomach and kissed all around his cock before taking it deep into my mouth. I could feel his cock expand beyond its already huge state and it literally felt like a large tree branch was lifting me off the ground.

Gripping his athletic ass, I did my best to engulf his cock with my mouth. Failing that, I pressed my lips around his cock and raced up and down the length of his shaft. I motioned Don over to me and he sat next to me. I soulfully kissed him and then, taking Ben's cock in my hand, guided it into Don's mouth. He closed his eyes and Ben penetrated Don's mouth with his cock. Holding Ben by the ass and Don by the back of his head, I guided Ben's cock into and out of Don. Seeing the two men in a steady rhythm of cocksucking turned me on. I placed myself under Ben and began to furiously tongue his balls as he fucked Don in the mouth. Ben groaned in pleasure and began to buck his hips, driving his cock more forcefully into Don. Don grabbed Ben's hips to steady himself and stifled his gag reflex as Ben pummeled his cock deeper and deeper into Don's mouth.

I looked down at Don's cock and saw that it was more rigid than I'd ever seen it before. "Oh baby," I whispered in Don's ear, "this is really turning me on and I think it's turning you on, too."

Don only grunted as Ben continued to fuck his mouth. Finally, Ben stopped his thrusts and pulled out from Don's mouth. "What would you like, now?" Ben asked me.

I felt like a princess, having my needs attended to. "I want you to fuck me, Ben, while Don eats my pussy." I got on all fours, straddling Don so he could eat my pussy. Ben then came up behind me and gently inserted his massive cock in stages so that I could accommodate him. "My god," I told the men, "I feel like I'm going to burst!"

Don concentrated on eating my pussy while Ben pumped in and out of me, his athletic body slamming against my ass. I felt pleasure spiralling within me and after several minutes, my body shook with a powerful, sustained orgasm. Unconsciously, I began to grind my pussy against Don's face, even as Ben's cock continued to drive into me.

I fell forward and Ben's cock fell out of my pussy and I guess it must have fell onto Don's face, because when I regained my balance and got up, I could see that Ben had replaced my pussy with Don's mouth. He was positioned in a sixty-nine and driving his cock into and out of Don. I positioned myself so that I could suck Don's cock while Ben fucked his face. Then, wanting a second round of cock, I sat astride Don's cock and began to ride him, cowgirl. Feeling Don's cock inside me felt great, even though I could tell how much smaller he was than Ben. Watching Ben's cock thrusting in and out of Don was turning me on and I knew I had to have both men's cocks inside of me at the same time. My first thought was there was no way I could take Ben's cock in my ass, but my second thought was that I wanted to see Ben fuck Don in the ass and if I wanted that, it would only be fair for me to take Ben's cock in my ass.

"Come fuck my ass," I begged Ben. He gave a final, deep thrust into Don's mouth, and then pulled out, a thin stream of saliva trailing away as he removed his cock. I motioned to a bottle of lotion on the end table and Ben generously lathered lotion on my asshole before slowly pressing the head of his cock into my ass. Don held still as Ben gently worked his way further and further into my ass. I felt a mix of pleasure and pain, my ass and pussy engorged with cock. Ben gently thrust in and out of me and Don gradually moved in counter-sync.

"Oh God!" I cried out, as the two men thrust in and out of me. I felt such intense pleasure, but I also felt I could take no more. I fell flat against Don's chest and he slowed his thrusts. Ben moved forward and continued to penetrate my ass deeply. "I want you to fuck Don," I told Ben between gasps. Ben withdrew and I positioned myself off of Don. I motioned Don to stand over me and, leaning back, I spread his ass cheeks and tongued his asshole, preparing him to be anally penetrated. I motioned Ben over and directed him to suck Don's cock as I stroked it.

Don writhed in pleasure as I worked my tongue deep into his ass. I couldn't see Ben, but I assumed he must have been giving Don a fantastic blowjob, given the intensity of Don's moans. "Don't blow just yet, honey," I told him. "I've got at least one more thing planned for you." Don just groaned in response.

I extricated myself from underneath Don and briefly joined Ben in giving Don a blowjob. I then stopped the action and positioned Don so he was leaning against the dresser, his ass sticking out. "Are you ready to have your ass fucked?" I asked Don. He looked helplessly at me as Ben approached him with a gob of lotion.

I watched Ben press his cock against Don's ass. Don squinted hard and groaned as Ben's cock gradually entered his ass. "I can't do this!" Don gasped, as Ben began to thrust in and out, his cock penetrating more deeply with each thrust. "God!" Don cried out.

Feeling sympathy for my husband, I sat against the wall so that I could give him a blowjob. I was surprised to find Don's cock rigid - as hard as I'd ever experienced it. "You like it," I told Don. "You like being fucked in the ass." Don didn't respond, other than to let out a low groan.

"You've got a nice, tight ass," Ben told Don, and he began to slam into him more aggressively. With each thrust, Don's cock slammed into my mouth. Holding my hands on Ben's hips, I did my best to hold on. Ben hammered away at Don's ass and, by extension, my mouth.

Don let out a primal groan and I felt his cock erupt in my mouth. I often let Don ejaculate in my mouth but I had never felt this much sperm flood into my mouth at one time. His cock continued to thrust into me even as it sprayed and it was all I could do to keep from choking. My mouth sputtered open and semen sprayed onto my chin and breasts. Finally, Ben stopped his thrusting, so I could concentrate on sucking out every last drop of Don's cum.

Ben wiped sweat from his brow and patted Don gently on the ass. "What now?"he asked me.

"Are you willing to do anything for me?" I asked Don.

He rolled his eyes and laughed. "I've pretty much done everything at this point, right?" he asked.

I looked into his eyes and felt such love for him. "I want to watch you suck Ben's cock and then I want to see Ben cum on your face."

"Oh, only that," Don laughed. "I thought you wanted me to get fucked in the ass by two guys at once!" Don positioned himself in front of Ben and, clasping Ben's ass tightly in his hands, began to suck Ben's cock. I masterbated while I watched Ben's long, elegant cock thrust in and out of my husband's mouth. Ben held Don's head in his hands and began to deepen his strokes. Don's eyes were watering and he was trying not to gag on Ben's cock. Finally, Ben let out a stifled groan and withdrew, leaving his cockhead inches from Don's face. Without even touching his cock, Ben stood still as spurts of cum flew out from his penis. The first rope splashed diagonally across Don's face. There was a slight pause and then a second and third stream jetted out, hitting Don on the forehead and the cheek. Ben then grabbed his cock and began to stroke, sending three more spurts of cum onto Don's mouth and chin. Just as this eruption began, I erupted in orgasm, my fingers moving rapidly up and down the hood of my clit.

I took Ben's cock in my mouth and retrieved the remaining bits of semen and then I kissed Don fully on the lips, Ben's cum intermingled with our kiss. Cradling Don's head, I licked Ben's ejaculate off of his face and into his mouth. After I had retrieved nearly all of the cum, I placed my hands gently on Don's cheeks and turned him toward me. I kissed him fully and pushed Ben's cum out of my mouth into Don's. I drove my tongue into Don's mouth and kissed him. Withdrawing from my kiss, I instructed Don, "Swallow it." I saw his adam's apple rise up and down as he ingested another man's sperm.

Ben gave Don a hug. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked. Don shook his head no, smiling at me.

"Miko better not break our date," Don told me.

"Don't worry," I told him, "if she does, we can just invite Ben over."

My husband gave me a worried look. "I'm just joking," I reassured him. And the evening with Miko went very well - but that's another story.

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