My First Time With Mom


After several moments, I started sucking on her huge nipples like a little baby boy breastfeeding. I sucked hard as I gently rubbed her belly. My mom's nipples were hard as rocks and she thrusted her chest outward, hoping to get more of her huge tit in my mouth. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back. She was completely lost with passion as she called out, "Oh son, suck my titties, that's it baby, suck momma, suck me."

As much as I enjoyed those heavy hangers, I knew I needed my mom's pussy. I made my way down her stomach, licking and kissing her slightly bulging belly. Her underwear were now soaked. Years of being without sex had taken its toll, just by sucking her titties, I had caused my mom's pussy to explode. I took her underwear off. She had to lift herself off the bed to enable me to pull them out from her ass crack. I had never seen such a hairy pussy. My girlfriend would go weeks without trimming and I thought she'd get hairy but it was nothing compared to this. My mom had more pubic hair than most people have on their head. It drove me nuts. She leaned back, her titties drooping all the way down to the top of her cunt and spread her legs. I had easy access to that pussy and I did not disappoint.

I dove right into my mom's twat. Greedily licking and sucking. Her juices smelled so good. Within moments, my mom began to slowly lift her hips off the bed and grind them into my face. She slammed her bulging belly into my face as her tits swayed back and forth. This turned me on even more and I thrashed my head around some more. I wanted to make my mom explode and I did just that. I ate that pussy like I've never eaten pussy before and after a few more minutes, my mom lost all control. She raised her ass up completely off the bed and fucked my face hard. You could hear her belly and tits slamming against my face. She called out in delight, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's good." My face was covered with her juices. I had never known a girl to literally ejaculate but my mom had just shot a load into my face.

I wasn't done with my mom, in fact, the fun was just starting. I pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs further apart. I looked at her. Her pubic hair dripping with juices and her milky tits hanging oh so low. She was perfect. She looked back at me and smiled. She wanted me to fuck her. I took my dick and pressed it up against her twat. It had been sufficiently lubricated now and had no problems engorging my big dick. You could literally hear my cock as it sloshed through her wealth of pubics. My mom called out as my dick entered her and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She had never been filled like this before. She grabbed hold of her humungous orbs as I slowly began to fuck her. After several moments, my mother began to moan louder and more frequently, she picked her tit up and licked her nipples. Her eyes had completely rolled to the back of her and she was lifting her wide hips up off the bed. I lost all control. I started to pick up my pace and fucked her quite hard, harder than I have ever fucked my girlfriend. I soon began to shoot my load into my mom's pussy, I was approaching an orgasm and yelled out in pleasure. My mom's mouth was wide open and her tits were flooping all over the place as she took my seed, "Oh shit son, oh, oh, fuck me, fuck your momma!"

After I shot my load, I fell down on my mom, pressed up against her tits. We were both covered in sweat and exhaused but I was not done. I needed her to straddle me. I rolled over and laid on my back, "Mom, ride me, please, ride me. Make my fantasy come true."

My mom could not resist, not when I asked like that. She stood over me and grabbed hold of my cock. She slowly guided it into her massively hairy vagina. She lowered her ass and wide hips on my dick. Her ass was magnificent, at least I thought so. Picture Jennifer Lopez's ass but with more cellulite and even wider. When she finally sat down on me, I nearly shot a load right there.

My mom placed her hands on my chest to steady herself and she then began to grind her big hips and ass against my cock. I called out, never feeling anything so good before. I closed my eyes and grabbed her fat titties, which were scraping my chest and stomach. My mother was fucking me like a pro, I couldn't believe how good she was at it. Her pussy completely swallowed my dick and she just kept grinding back and forth. Her head was tossed back and she kept licking her lips. Her belly, covered with stretch marks, made a slapping noise against my stomach as she fucked me.

After a couple of minutes, neither me nor my mother could take anymore. I shot load, after load, after load into her cunt. By far, this was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. My mom lost all control, "AHHHHHHHHHH, oh god, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhh."

She collapsed onto my body, her tits crushed against me. Our bodies were covered with sweat and our juices. I had done, I had fucked my own mom. She looked at me and started to kiss me passionately and said, "Son, I guess you are not my little baby anymore."

From that day on, my mother and I continued to express our feelings for one another. While we have not yet fucked one another since that day, I continue to suck on her tits at least once a week. We don't look at it as incest but rather a bonding experience between mother and son. While I will not pressure her, I long for the day when my mom rides my cock one more time. But until then, I'll continue to enjoy those mammaries.

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