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My Friend Mary


My friend Mary from back in college dropped by unexpectedly and this was the beginning of some very wild happenings. She and her husband Mark where traveling through our area and decided to stop by. I asked them to stay over so they could meet my husband. After a little tugging, they agreed to postpone their travel plans. Once my husband David got home from work, we settled down with some drinks and conversation. David suggested we go out and enjoy the hot tub.

Once everyone changed, we all met on the deck. I was surprised to see that Mark was very well built and I noticed the distinct bulge showing through his swim trunks. I had a hard time not thinking about it. David and I had talked about trying some swinging, but never really did anything about it. Pretty soon, we were all getting pretty loaded, when the subject of sex came up.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too long before the guys had convinced Mary and I to remove our bikini tops. We both did at the same time and got some oohs and ahhs from the guys. That’s when Mary said that it was only fair if the guys returned the favor and took off their trunks. It wasn’t long before we were all in the buff. I got a good glimpse of Mark’s manhood and he was well hung as I had thought.

Then Mary started a word game. The loser would grant the winner a special favor. The first time around, Mary won and I lost, so Mary asked me to massage Mark. I did so willingly after looking at my husband for approval. When he just smiled, I massaged Marks’s shoulder and was quite excited.

The game continued this way until Mary won over Mark. This time, she asked Mark to pleasure me in any way I wanted. He began to rub my shoulders and seeing that my husband was still smiling at me, I got braver and slid my hand along Mark’s thigh and soon was rubbing his cock and his balls. When Mary saw what I was doing, she slid over to David and began to suck his cock. This went on for several minutes with me also sucking Mark’s cock. Finally we decided to break it up and continue with the game after refreshing our drinks.

Mary and I went to get refills. While in the kitchen, she and I could only grin at each other when she said she really liked my husband. I just said that I’m sure he enjoyed the blow job because David loves cock sucking. I told her I know this because it is always his favorite part in the adult movies we occasionally rented.

Mary smiled at me and said that Mark loves it more than fucking I think. She went on to say that they had partied with a swing couple they know, and Mark even let the guy suck his cock. She said it was a real turn on to watch her husband get sucked off by another guy.

My face must have turned red because she then asked me if I thought that was weird or something. That’s when I told her that David had asked me if I would ever consider a threesome with another woman and would I maybe even enjoy a little girl/girl sex. I told her that the last time he brought this up, I told David that I would also like to have a man join us and that I wondered if he could get into some guy/guy sex.

I went on to tell her that we both got so worked up talking about this, that we got really wild in bed that night. I told her the thought of watching David sucking off another guy was a very big fantasy of mine. That’s when the guys yelled into the kitchen to see what was taking so long. Mary just kind of winked at me and then we went back out to the patio.

We got back into the game and this time, I won over David. I couldn’t help but look over at Mary as though I was debating whether to go for it or not. Mary smiled and nodding her head up and down, said “Yes, yes, do it!” So, I kind of shyly looked over to David and said, “I want so see you suck that beautiful cock of Mark’s.” David’s face flushed crimson as he said, “So is that what you girls were cooking up in there?”

Mark just kind of grinned at Mary and I as he got up and went over to David who had a somewhat puzzled look in his face. Mark began to stroke himself right in front of David and I could see that my husband was staring at Mark’s cock. Also, David’s cock was hard as ever which I think meant he was turned on by the idea as well.

That’s when Mary went over and began to stroke and lick her husband’s cock as if to show David what to do. Then she let it slip from her mouth and pointed it at David saying, “Now it’s your turn.”

To my surprise, that was all the encouragement my David must have needed because he scooted forward and began to lick the head with his tongue. He seemed to be testing the taste and feel and then let Mark’s cock slip between his lips.

I was so turned on now that I realized I would finally get my fantasy to come true. I wanted to watch up close, so I moved over next to David as Mary stayed on the other side watching as well. At first, David just slowly slid his lips up and down the shaft and I could see his saliva coating what remained outside his lips. I was really getting hot seeing a cock in my husband’s mouth. I couldn’t help but to rub my pussy and I noticed Mary was doing the same thing.

Pretty soon, Mark began to get into it and was arching his hips back and forth and with each pitch forward, more and more of his hard shaft disappeared into David’s mouth. It was such a sight to watch as more that half of Mark’s seven inches was now pumping in and out of my husband’s mouth.

Soon the rhythm increased and Mary encouraged her husband, “Oh Mark, honey, yes, fuck his mouth baby, give it to him.”

I joined her chant, “Oh David, I love it, suck him, suck his cock, oh yes, suck it.”

The pace quickened rapidly and I figured that nothing was going to stop Mark from coming now. Mary must have realized this too as she told Mark, “Yeah baby, fuck his mouth, going to cum in his mouth now baby, shoot your load in his mouth, oh yes, cum in his mouth.”

I started to have an orgasm as soon as I heard her mouth the works “cum in his mouth.” I really wanted to see David take Mark’s cum. I was moaning, “Oh yes, David, suck him harder, make him cum, I want to see him cum in your mouth.”

Mark then arched his back and he groaned, so I knew he was cumming. David’s mouth opened and Mark’s now purplish tip spurted a flood of cum and I could hear it actually splash into his mouth. Then David, tasting Mark’s cum, his first taste of another man’s cum, began licking and lapping at the spurting cock. Mark’s cum was now drooling down his chin and covered his lips. This was better than any of those adult video cum scenes because I was right here to see the real thing and it was my husband who was taking this load of cum. I shuddered to another climax I watched Mark finish off in David’s mouth.

After that, we played more games and after a while everyone was pretty well fucked out. But, the highlight of the evening was watching my husband get his mouth fucked by Mark and taking his whole load. David says it will not be the last time he sucks a cock, that is for sure.

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by Anonymous

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by LarryInSeattle11/16/18

My first time

It was almost the same. The differenced being it was just a guy and not a couple. She and I had been watching gay porn for a while and it turned her on big time. So...when this dude was fucking her, hemore...

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by VBAlan07/21/18

My girl friend wanted to see me suck my best friend

When I was in my 20's I told my girlfriend that I had jacked off my best friend, in his basement when we were in our teens.....(.truth was, when he took his penis out he was really hard.....and I gotmore...

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by Easypeter05/24/18


I love it when couples enjoy a night out. I love it when I get to suck cock for my wife. She gets off watching me make them cum in my willing mouth. Married men are so easy to get them to use my mouthmore...

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by Anonymous04/28/18

The perfect couple

Goodly story. Once had a chick who got her husband to help her suck me off. I came all over that little bitch boys face. After that we dropped acid and decapitated a bunch of stuffed animals.

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by Anonymous01/08/18

Omg me too!!!

One time me and my uncle had sex with a monkey.

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