tagGay MaleMy Girlfriend's Dad Pt. 05

My Girlfriend's Dad Pt. 05


When I got home it was still only 4 in the afternoon. Had all that happened in just two hours, my fucking Dan and then getting fucked by him as I fucked his wife? Had it happened at all?

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. Was it really possible that I, a pretty ordinary 18-year-old kid about to head off to college, having what I thought was a pretty ordinary sex life, had become sexually involved with my girlfriend's father and then, through him, her mother as well?

How does such a thing happen?

I needed time to think. Fortunately the house was empty. I didn't know where everyone had gone, but I was glad to be alone. I got a beer and went out on the back porch, pulled a lawn chair into a sunny spot and sat down.

It was hard to think straight, agitated as I was. One minute I would think about how wrong this was, what I was doing, betraying Jenny's trust in the worst possible way, and I would be wracked by guilt. The next minute I would remember some detail of the encounters I'd just had -- the feel of my cock in Dan's tight ass, the feeling of his cock in mine, the sight, smell and taste of Tina's dripping pussy -- and I would forget all about Jenny and guilt and find myself getting hard once again.

Just then I got a text. It was from Dan.

"Click this link," it said.

I didn't want to, but of course I clicked.

When the page opened up, I was looking at a feed from the webcam in Dan and Tina's cabana. Dan and Tina were fucking on the air mattress -- the spot where I had fucked Dan a couple of hours earlier. He was pounding away, and while I couldn't hear anything I knew Tina was whimpering like a kitten.

These people are insatiable, I thought, but I felt my dick starting to harden again.

I looked up. Our back yard is fenced on one side and tall hedges grow on the other two, so it was pretty sure no one could see me. I propped up the phone on the arm of the chair so I could see the screen. Tina had wrapped her legs and arms around Dan, and he was really giving it to her.

I slipped off my shorts and started stroking. As I watched Dan rolled to one side, his cock still deep in Tina's cunt. They both turned and looked at the camera. They clearly hoped -- or knew -- I was watching.

At that moment I came -- not much, given that I'd already come several times at their place, but I practically doubled over in the chair, knocking the phone to the ground in the process.

I picked up the phone and turned it off without looking again at the screen.

"That was something," a voice said behind me.

I whirled around. My best friend, Gil, was standing in the open doorway of the house.

"The fuck," I said. "Where'd you come from?"

"I'm picking you up, remember? We're going to Ben's for the barbecue."

"I completely forgot," I said. "You just let yourself in?"

"Your car was out front, I knocked but you didn't answer. Thought you might be asleep, so I tried the door and it was open."

"How long were you watching me?"

"Just about the time you took your pants off. Dude, you masturbate hard."

"Did you enjoy watching?"

A pause.

"It was hot," Gil said.

Only then did I notice the bulge in his shorts.

I don't know what came over me.

"Come over here," I said.

He hesitated for a moment, then walked over and stopped a foot or two away.

"Stand right here," I said, pointing the spot directly in front of me.

He hesitated again, but moved to where I had indicated.

Before he could react, I reached up and pulled down his shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear, and his half-hard cock tumbled out, barely a foot in front of my face.

Gil didn't flinch. I looked up at him. He didn't say anything, but I could tell by the look on his face he wasn't going to stop me, whatever I did.

We were best friends, and I had seen his cock before, mostly in the locker room, but never this close. It was shorter but thicker than mine, nestled in a tuft of blondish hair. He had big, low-hanging balls with very little hair on them.

I reached up and took them both in my hand. Gil took in a sharp breath, but quickly relaxed. I massaged them for a minute, then moved my hand to his cock, which was rapidly hardening and now pointed straight at my face.

Gil gasped when I touched it and I thought he might be about to pull away. But before he could move I stuck out my tongue and gave the head a quick lick. He gasped again, but I knew he wasn't going anywhere.

I looked up again. The look in his eyes was unmistakeable: More, it said.

I leaned forward again and put my lips against the tip of his cock, now totally hard. I had never done this before, but having had Dan suck me several times by now I knew what to do.

I opened my lips slightly and took in the first two inches, backed off, and moved in again. Back once more and in again, this time taking in a little more. I tasted something salty, and realized Gil was leaking precum. I pulled back to look, stroked him a few times, and a big drop oozed out of the slit.

I licked it off, savoring the taste on my tongue, and swallowed him again, almost gagging in the process. But soon I got a rhythm going, and I could feel him swelling in my mouth. I reached up with my hand and tugged on his balls, which made him moan again, and then began probing behind them toward his ass.

He must have known -- and wanted -- what was coming because he shifted slightly so he could move his legs apart.

I moved back for a moment, moistened a finger with the mix of saliva and precum in my mouth and, while moving in to suck him again, slowly but steadily slipped the finger into his hole. I felt him swell again, so I pushed the finger in deeper.

I felt his cock swell even more, a shudder ran through his body, and with another gasp he came, his ass clenching around my finger and his cum flooding my mouth. Three, four, five thrusts and he still wasn't done. I swallowed what I could, his dick still in my mouth, but some of it dribbled through my lips and down my chin.

We were both still for a moment. I swallowed again, and drew back.

Gil looked at me. He brought his hand to my face, wiped some of the cum from my chin with one and stuck it in his mouth, watching me as he did so.

"I love the taste of cum," he said.

"Just yours?" I asked.

I couldn't be sure, but I think he blushed.

I sat back in the chair. He bent over and pulled up his shorts, then got another chair and sat down next to me.

"What is going on with you?" he asked. "You've been preoccupied a lot lately, and now this -- not that I'm complaining. That was an awesome blow job."

For a long moment I looked around the yard, trying to clear my head. Then I looked at Gil. The look on his face said, I'm not going to badger you to talk, but if you want to I'll listen.

I got up, went inside, got a couple of beers from the fridge, came back out and gave one to him.

Then I told him the whole story, from that first encounter with Dan -- what, two months ago? Three? -- to the fuckfest with Tina that afternoon.

I had forgotten no details of those encounters, but everything else was all a blur, really. The fact that I had graduated from high school during that time was almost forgotten, as was the fact that I"d soon be going off to college.

When I finished Gil was quiet for a long time.

"Wow," he finally said.

"Wow is right," I said.

"Did you like doing all that?"

I had to think about the answer to this.

"I'm not sure," I said. "I mean, when it was happening I was totally into it, but afterward I'm not exactly happy. Exhausted, maybe, but not happy, like I always felt after sex before. I guess what it is, I'm feeling used."

"I wish someone would use me like that," Gil said.

"That's my point," I said. "It sounds great, doesn't it? We're normal horny guys, we basically want to fuck everything that moves, we go around with hardons nearly all the time. And then it happens, you get a chance to have lots of wild sex, and, well ....."

"It still doesn't sound so bad to me," Gil said, out of the corner of my eye I could seem him rubbing his cock through his shorts.

I turned to look at him. I had been so fixated on my own situation that I hadn't even thought to ask what his was. Not a good way to treat your best friend.

"So what is up with you?" I asked. "I take it that wasn't your first time with a guy?"

He blushed again.

"No," he finally said. "I've had almost as much sex with guys as I have with girls."

This was a surprise. Gil hadn't seemed the type -- although I suddenly realized I wasn't sure what the "type" was anymore, or even if there was a type.

"Anyone I know?"

"Yes, actually," and he named two guys, one in our class and one who had graduated a year earlier.

The first guy I didn't know very well, but the second I had known for years, and he had always had had a steady girlfriend.

"He loves sucking cock," Gil said.

"Wow," I said. "What about you?"

"I don't mind it," he said, smiling. "Not at all."

He put his hand on the front of my shorts and felt for my cock.

"Dude, I already came three times today."

"So maybe you can do it four."

He got out of the chair, kneeled in front of me and started tugging at the hem of my shorts.

"Dude," I said.

Of course I gave in. For the next five minutes Gil sucked me like no one ever had, not Dan, not Jenny, nobody.

"Holy shit you are good at this," I said.

When I came it wasn't much -- at least I don't think it was, because Gil never took his mouth off my cock before swallowing -- but it was still intense. I was so spent I sat there a full 10 minutes with my shorts around my ankles before I could focus again.

When I looked at Gil he was smiling.

"Well?" he said.

"Dude, I think I love you."

Gil threw back his head and laughed.

"I love you, too," he said.

For a minute, neither of us said anything. Finally Gil spoke.

"Could I go with you next time?"

"Go where?"

"To Dan's."

I thought about this. Dan had certainly surprised me more than once; why shouldn't I surprise him?

"Ok," I said. "When he's ready to go, he texts me. Next time I'll text you as soon as I hear from him."

"Great," Gil said, and took a long pull on his beer.

During the week that followed, Dan texted me a couple of times, telling me to open the webcam link, which by now I had bookmarked. Each time it showed him and Tina fucking, and each time I got hard instantly.

The first time I was at home in bed, so it was an easy matter to whip off my shorts and jack off while I watched him fuck Tina in the ass.

The second time was during the afternoon, and I was at the mall. This time Dan was with a guy -- hard to say who, because all I saw was his backside as he gave Dan a good fucking. Dan had his legs splayed out to the side, and he was looking straight at the camera. At me.

Luckily I was close to a department store bathroom, so I went into one of the stalls, dropped my pants and started fapping.

Only when I was close to coming did i realize there was someone in the stall next to me. When I stopped briefly to listen, I could hear unmistakeable jacking sounds on the other side of the partition.

Well, I thought, I guess it's a party.

I turned back to the phone and resumed jerking, but a seconds later I heard some bumping sounds and an enormous cock appeared under the partition. I mean, it wasn't even fully hard, but it was easily the biggest cock I'd ever seen, a good nine inches long and as big around as a beer can. A long string of pre-cum dangled from the tip.

I let go of my own cock and reached for the monster. It felt great in my hand, warm and smooth and rapidly hardening. On the other side of the partition I heard a whispered, "Yes," so I started jerking it.

The guy must have been really primed, because after no more than a dozen strokes I felt his cock swelling in my hand and a burst of jizz shot across the stall and hit the tiled wall on the other side. Four or five more shots followed, coating my arm in his thick milky juice.

The guy abruptly pulled back, and after a few more bumping and zipping sounds I heard his stall door open and a gentle knocking on mine. I laid my phone on top of the toilet paper dispenser -- I had forgotten all about Dan and his visitor -- and slid back the bolt.

The door opened and a tall, well-built guy about 30 slipped in. He turned briefly to slide back the bolt, then turned back to me. Seeing the cum all over my hand he smiled, then placed his hands on my arms, pulled me to my feet and moved me so that he could sit while I stood.

As soon as he was settled on the seat he used his feet to nudge my legs apart, scooped some of his cum off my hand, took my still-hard cock in his mouth and jammed two cum-covered fingers into my ass.

I came almost immediately, so hard I thought I might black out. With every spurt he swallowed more deeply, until with the last surge of cum his nose was buried in my pubes.

For half a minute neither of us moved. Finally he backed off my cock, stood up, slid back the bolt, gave me a bright smile -- he was an amazingly handsome guy, I saw for the first time -- put a folded piece of paper in my hand and walked out.

While I stood there, pants around my ankles and cum still dripping from my cock, I heard the water running in the sink, a brief burst of the air dryer and the sound of the bathroom door swinging shut.

I don't know how long I stood there before shaking myself back to lucidity. I cleaned up as best I could with toilet paper, pulled my pants back up and went to the sink to wash off.

As I walked from the bathroom through the store and into the mall, I glanced at a bench against the wall on one side. There sat my bathroom friend with his family, including a striking blonde wife and three lively kids. As I walked by he looked up, caught my eye and gave me just the slightest trace of that dazzling smile.

It wasn't until I got home that I remembered the slip of paper he had given me. I had put in my pocket without thinking about it.

On it was a phone number and the message, "Text me sometime."

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