tagLoving WivesMy Girlfriend's Married Sister Pt. 01

My Girlfriend's Married Sister Pt. 01


A true story of unexpected sex with my girlfriend's married sister. – Part 1

Part 1

I met Dotty in Myrtle Beach while she was on spring break. We screwed the first night we met. She was a sophomore cheerleader at a college in western North Carolina and I was senior and close to graduating from my university. Even thought Dotty had an 'on again, off again' boyfriend, she invited me to come visit her and two weeks after our Myrtle Beach hook up, I found myself driving the 6 hours to get my hands on that hot little body one more time.

Dotty had arranged for me to stay with her older sister and her husband and I arrived on a Thursday afternoon. From the start, Dotty's sister Peg was cold to me. I met her and her husband Mike as soon as I arrived. Peg grudgingly gave me the once over and Mike went about his business as if I was not even there. Dotty and I had a couple of beers with them before heading out to dinner and a club. At dinner, Dotty told me her sister had gotten pregnant her freshman year of college and married Mike. She said they were together more for their son than anything else. That night, Dotty and I got loaded and after watching a band we rolled home around 2am for a night of fucking and sucking.

The following morning Dotty drove the 45 minutes to her campus for classes and cheerleading practice and I stayed behind at her sister's house with nothing much to do. Around 10am I got up, showered and walked to the kitchen for a quick breakfast. I poured myself a bowl and sat down to eat. No one was home so I made myself comfortable at their kitchen table. Within minutes Peg drove up, walked in and said a cursory good morning to me.

"Morning. " I said feeling a little self conscious about sitting at her table eating her food. "I hope it is alright that I poured myself a bowl of cereal?"

"No problem." She replied without even looking at me. "Do what you want."

I was feeling really uncomfortable as she moved around the kitchen cleaning up. Peg had just come from working out and was wearing a thin white t-shirt and black workout tights that came down to just below the knee. She was a little meatier version of Dotty with the same full tits.

"Peg, I get the feeling that I am really not welcome here and if that is the case then I have no problem heading out." I said.

Peg stopped what she was doing and looked right at me. "It isn't you Jim. I just don't really like what Dotty is doing."

"What do you mean?" I said.

Peg put her hands on the kitchen counter with her back to me and it appeared as if she might start crying. "Did Dotty tell you that she had a boyfriend?" Peg asked.

"She told me that the first night that we met but said they were on again off again." I replied.

Still with her back to me Peg said, "It is a lot more on again than off again. One of the reasons she has you staying here is so he won't see you. I just don't like being a part of all of this." Peg paused for a few seconds and then asked, "Are you and Dotty having sex?"

I was a little stunned by the question but I had the feeling Peg already knew the answer. "Yes." I replied.

"Figured." Peg said with more than a little disgust.

I was really not enjoying the grilling I was getting so I stood up and carried my bowl to the counter she was leaning against. I placed my bowl in her kitchen sink and said, "Look, this is obviously something that is really bothering you so I am going to pack my stuff and get out of here. Sorry I am making things miserable around here." I said with a hint of anger creeping into my voice.

With that Peg started sobbing. I am sucker for a girl that cries so my backtracking started immediately. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Peg, I am sorry to have offended you. It really is not fair for me and Dotty to barge into your house and interrupt your family life and I think it is great you are looking out for your little sister."

Peg did not respond but continued to cry softly. I grabbed a couple of tissues and handed them to her and asked her again to please stop.

"I will be alright and you don't have to go." She responded.

"It is not a problem." I said and without really thinking I began to rub her shoulders. It was truly an instinctive response to her tears and she responded to my touch as I felt the tension rush from her body.

Peg dropped her head and slightly hunched her shoulders in response to my shoulder rub and so I continued. While my intent was purely innocent at first, as soon as she responded I was instantly aroused. Just the idea of my hands on Dotty's married sister in her own house caused my mind to race.

"Does that feel better?" I asked.

"It feels great." She mumbled in response.

I took her reply as a cue to continue the massage down to her upper arms and the middle of her back. I carefully avoided the bra strap as I kneaded her muscles. Peg bent over slightly at the waist to give me more leverage to push on her back and in the process her t-shirt rode up slightly revealing her backside with the workout tights stretched tightly over ass cheeks.

I continued to move my hands in ever widening circles and was now massaging her sides and lower back. I was careful to avoid the sides of her tits as I harbored little hope that she would let this go much farther.

"Do you want me to keep rubbing you?" I asked again.

"Yes." She responded. "It feels really good."

I decided to get a little bolder and began rubbing the very lower part of her back. She offered no resistance. I studied her backside and could see through the taut material of her workout tights that she was wearing white panties. Even after the night I had just shared with Dotty I was getting very horny and had to subtly reposition my cock into an upright position.

"Mmmmm." She murmured clearly loving my touch.

I began lifting the hem of her shirt up and rubbing the bare skin of her lower back and still she did nothing. I continued to lift her shirt until her bra strap was exposed. I expected her to protest but she did not say a word. Things had reached the moment of truth and I weighed my options. On the one hand I was worried that I was misreading the situation and if I pushed it she would scream 'rape' and throw me out of her house. On the other, I knew I had to keep going.

It occurred to me that one question would solve the riddle. "Where is Mike?" I asked.

Her response sent shivers of anticipation through me. "Mike won't be home until six. Where is Dotty?"

"She won't be back until after cheerleading practice." I said as I unhooked her bra.

I pushed her shirt all the way up and began running my hands up the length of her back. At the same time I place a wet kiss on the back of her neck I moved my hands up under her bra and cupped her tits. Her nipples were fully erect and she moaned as I pinched and squeezed them. I wasted no time in running my right hand down between her legs and began rubbing her slit through her tights. She threw her head back in pleasure and reached around to find my cock with her own hands.

Things moved almost violently from there. She grabbed my hand and quickly led me back to the bedroom where hours earlier I had been fucking her sister. Once inside, she turned and kissed me forcefully on the mouth. "I want you to fuck me." She gasped.

I had her t-shirt over her head and off in seconds and while still standing I took her nipple in my mouth as I roughly massaged her pussy through her tights. Peg grabbed her tights and began pulling them down revealing a beautiful dark bush surrounded by her meaty but well shaped thighs. My fingers were in her instantly.

Peg's breathing was nearly out of control as I plunged my middle and ring finger inside her. I paused every few seconds to rub my thumb over her clit even as I sucked on her ample tit. She was nearing orgasm.

Peg broke away long enough to step out of her tights and panties while I dropped my shorts. I pushed her back and positioned her ass on the edge of the bed. "Put it in me." She demanded.

As I stood beside the bed I rubbed my cock the length of her slit to get her juices all over my cock. She was grasping at my cock trying to pull it inside her but I made her wait until I was sufficiently lubricated with her own juices. I began pushing the head of my cock inside her. I grabbed her behind the knees and pushed her legs back towards her sides and began pumping into her. Peg's right hand came down instantly and began furiously rubbing her clit. The sight of her meaty, hairy pussy wrapped around my cock while she pleasured herself was more than I could stand. We came together in a massive orgasm.

When she regained her composure she finally spoke. "My God", she said. "That was unbelievable."

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