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My Hot Next Door Neighbor


I was out in the backyard working with my shirt off when I saw my hot next door neighbor Tiffany Chambers out in her backyard checking out my muscular body with the sweat on it from working and my normal big bulge in my shorts.

Tiffany was looking pretty hot herself with her big FF's almost popping out of her tank top and her tight little shorts hardly covering her ass cheeks. Boy would I like to fuck HER sometime I thought!!!

"Hi Tiffany how are you doing?" I said.

"Well Lance my husband Jim is away fishing as usual so would you like to come over and have a beer with me?" Tiffany asked.

"Why sure Tiffany" I said and I walked over to her yard.

"Why dont we go in the kitchen for that beer Lance?" Tiffany asked.

"OK" I said and we went into her kitchen and she opened a couple of frosty's and gave me one . . .

"So Tiffany how are you doing" I asked trying not to look at her nice melon tits with the nipples poking through her tank top right there in front of me.

"Oh Lance I feel so lonely, Jim is never home and I get so horny because we do not have sex very often" Tiffany said with a girlish blush.

"Well Tiffany Jim is a fool then because if I had a wife like you I would have sex with her three times a day!" I exclaimed.

"Oh Lance that is such a nice thing to say, do you think I am attractive? Since Jim does not want to have sex with me I am not sure anymore" Tiffany said.

I decided to take a chance that I would not make her mad. "Well Tiffany if you were not attractive I would not have this boner right now!" and I pointed to my bulging shorts that were bigger than before.

"Golly Lance that is a big one, may I touch it?" asked Tiffany.

"OK!" I said. Maybe I was going to get to fuck her after all!

Tiffany reached in and pulled my enormous love sausage out of my shorts. "Wow Lance that is much bigger than Jims'!'' she said. "It has gotten my pussy so wet I think we should go to the bedroom!"

Pretty soon we took off our clothes and I was looking at Tiffanys lucious boobs and her nice pussy and she was admiring my 14 inch rod. "I want to suck such a big cock Lance" moaned Tiffany. She got down on her knees and started to suck me good at least the part which could fit in her mouth.

It felt pretty nice fucking her mouth but soon it was time for me to try her hot pussy. "I have been wanting to fuck you for a long time Tiffany" I said. "Get up on the bed and spread your legs and I will fuck you better than your husband Jim!"

"Oh yes do it Lance stick that big thing of yours into my wet passion hole!" Tiffany said.

I got up on the bed between her legs and put my huge knob right at the start of her love tunnel. "I am going to give it to you now Tiffany!" I said then I sunk my throbbing fuck stick into her up to the hilt.

"Oh oh that feels so big it fills me up so do not stop!" Tiffany cried.

I could tell Tiffany liked being fucked by my enormous dick from all the sounds she was making plus the squishing noise of her honey jar. "Tiffany I am sure you are the best I ever fucked!" I said sincerely.

"So are you Lance because it has never been this good with my husband Jim!" said Tiffany who was now breathing fast.

We fucked harder and harder for 10 minutes until we both felt a climax begin at the same time. Tiffany said "Oh Lance I am going to come now please spurt your hot man juice inside of me!"

Tiffany's exciting words made me gush and fill her womb over and over with my dense load then I layed down next to her on the bed and gave her a kiss. "I sure liked this Tiffany when can we do it again?" I asked.

Tiffany gave a little laugh and joked "well Lance how about in a few minutes after we have caught our breath."

"Thats my girl, I sure hope Fishing Season does not end very soon!" I said to Tiffany causing us both to have a big laugh.

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Bad dialogue
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Unrealistic boob and dick sizes

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