tagRomanceMy Little Secret

My Little Secret


"Is it true?" I asked, feeling myself blush as I finished my question, "What your father said about your hands?"

He looked at me, surprised for a moment, before gathering his composure.

"Would you like to find out?" he asked, his face moving to a suggestive smirk that sent goosebumps running across my skin.

I was almost frozen, thinking of the consequences of my actions. Could I really do this to Nick? I knew it was wrong, but I'd had these fantasies for so long...I could barely get the word out, but with my face flushed, I locked eyes with him and breathed, "...yes."

From this moment on, I couldn't believe that he ever had a problem touching or being touched. He initiated, gently pulling my face toward his and kissing me ever so sweetly. As soon as our lips touched, I felt a fire overcome my body, and I knew that sweetness was certainly not going to be enough.

I pulled him closer to me, placing his hands firmly onto my breasts before running my own fingers through his hair as we kissed. He began running his hands over and over my breasts, teasing my nipples with his thumbs as he moved.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to touch these beautiful breasts," he whispered, "I know why you never wear a bra around me, and why you always wear those thin shirts."

He was right, of course. I had been teasing him from the moment I discovered his interest in me. Always wearing seductive clothing with no bra and no panties, dancing like a slut right in front of his eyes, getting him to drink a little too much with me..I even made a point to be all over Nick while he was around. I loved to see him watch us, knowing that he couldn't stop the jealousy.

"It's about time that I get to see them, don't you think?"

He straddled me and pulled my shirt off. As he did, I could feel his cock pulse against me, and the look of pure lust in his eyes gave me a confidence like never before.

I pulled him by the shirt until his lips once again met mine, and bit his bottom lip as I began to pull off his shirt. I knew he had confidence issues when it came to his body, but with the moan I let out as his bare skin touched mine, I made it obvious that he had nothing to worry about. At this moment, I reached for his belt, wanting so badly to see what the night had in store for me, but he grabbed my wrist to stop me.

"Ah ah, little girl. This is about you right now, remember?"

"You mean...you're not going to let me have it, Alexander?"

"No, no, I didn't say that...I am, however, going to wait until you're dripping all over my fingers."

At this point, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 'Little girl'?! How did he know my deepest fantasy, that he would call me that? And he was putting my pleasure before his own! I'd never felt so...worshipped. I knew being with someone 10 years my senior would be well worth it.

My body quivered as he kissed down my chest, taking his time swirling his tongue around my hard nipples. As he sucked and nibbled, he began to trace his fingers down further, stopping just above my waistband. He tucked his fingers underneath it and began to tug, slowly pulling my slutty little shorts down over my ass. I writhed under his touch. Unable to handle the anticipation, I reached to quickly pull off my shorts, but he grabbed both of my wrists together with just one of his large, strong hands.

"I don't think so," he said, with a small laugh and an unbelievably sexy smirk, "You're going to wait, like a good little girl."

"Please, I...I'm already so wet," I said meekly.

"Oh? I think I'll be the judge of that."

He continued pulling my shorts off, slowly tracing his tongue down with them, down my stomach, stopping just above my swollen clit. I bucked with pleasure, trying to get his tongue to meet it, but he grabbed my hips and held them down as he began tracing his tongue around my moist lips. He stopped, and still holding my hips down with one hand, used the other to slide a finger down over my opening. I gasped in anticipation as he brought the finger to his lips, and watched with pure lust as he sucked my wetness off of it.

"Well, I suppose you weren't lying, but I think we can do better than that."

A shock rushed through my body as he slid his tongue from the bottom of my slit to my aching pleasure center at the top. I writhed under his tongue as it danced circles over and around my clit. Finally I got to feel the magic of his fingers as he inserted one, then two into me, pushing them slowly in and out.

"Oh, fuck...it's so good!" I squealed. He didn't even take the time to respond, just kept his perfect pressure and rhythm. It usually takes me awhile to cum with a partner, but under his control, I was ready in what couldn't have been more than a minute.

"Fuck, Alex, you're going to make me cum!" I exclaimed as the waves began to flow through me. I moaned in ecstasy, gripping the bed sheets under me so tightly that I was sure they were going to rip.

The pace and pressure of his tongue began to ease as the last of the waves poured through me. Without even catching my breath, I pulled him up to me, tasting myself on his lips as we passionately kissed. Once again, I reached for his belt, only to be stopped once more.

"What did I tell you? Not until you're dripping onto my fingers."

I didn't understand what more he could want until I felt his fingers on my clit. No man had ever bothered to make me cum twice, even though I could do it in less than thirty seconds on my own. How is it that he seemed to know every secret of my body? I found myself entranced in pleasure, as he rubbed me faster and faster, side to side. I grabbed onto his warm body and nearly screamed into his shoulder as my second orgasm hit. The waves scorched every inch of my body for what must've been an entire minute of pure ecstasy. He slowed as I came down, teasing me with short little bursts before finally moving his fingers to my opening. My wetness flowed over them. I knew he had to be satisfied with the result when he grabbed my hands and pulled them toward his belt. Finally, I'd get to see what he'd been hiding. Finally, I'd get to be fucked by this amazing, magical lover.

"Oh my goodness..." I whispered as I finally saw it, "I've never...it's so big." He laughed softly, but stopped as soon as I grabbed it. He moaned, and I smiled knowing that he had no idea what was coming for him. I pushed him onto his back and ran my tongue from the base to the tip of his hard cock. He writhed and I took him into my mouth, sucking him as if I were a goddess of sex. When I couldn't take it any longer, I stopped and straddled him, letting my wet slit slide back and forth on his cock.

"I need to fuck you, Alexander," I moaned.

"Yes...please," he said, grabbing my hips and pushing his cock into me. When I felt it enter, I couldn't help but let out a gasp of pleasure. I'd never cum twice before even being fucked. The feeling was unbelievable, as if I were having mini orgasms with each stroke. Not to mention that his cock filled me like no other had before.

We fucked into the night, and I couldn't believe how attentive of a lover he was. He rubbed me and fucked me until I lost count on how many times I came. When he finally came, I held him close, not letting his cock exit my body. I love to be filled with cum, and by the look on his face, I could tell that it was the best orgasm he'd ever had. He plopped down next to me, and to my pleasure and surprise, he pulled me close to cuddle.

"That was amazing," we sighed in unison. We laughed at the similarity, and laughed even harder when I said, "We're definitely going to need to clean the sheets now."

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