My Lucky Night


I just had to take a moment to write about a recent experience. My name is Bill and my girlfriends name is Julie. I am an average looking 26 year old, nothing spectacular but I try my best. Julie is devilishly hot and works hard on her 24 year old frame. We get compliments everywhere we go but I know they are aimed at her.

We were invited to a gathering of some of my coworkers at a local bar. No big occasion, just celebrating making it to another weekend in the banking field. I knew everyone there but Julie had only met a couple of them in passing.

The night went on pleasantly up to closing time. Some had already left our group of ten already but five of us still remained. We were having a great time and did not want it to end. I looked at Julie and mentioned that we could all go hang out at our apartment so the fun did not have to stop. She agreed stating that we had nothing to do in the morning.

I invited everyone back and got a mixture of answers. George, one of the tellers, stated he was going to call it a night and proceeded out into the darkness. Kyle, an account manager, said he was going to pass and he was going to head to a strip club. I did not mind that at all due to him being kind of a jerk.

That left Kate, she was the newest teller at the bank. We sat silent for a moment and then she chimed in that she would love to come to our place but understood if the offer was no longer available. I looked to Julie and she nodded with approval so we all grabbed our coats and headed that way. I was really surprised Kate decided to join us. She seems some what shy, did not say more than a few words at the bar.

I noticed Kate the first day she started working at the bank. Very cute, couldn't be more than 5ft 4 and 110 lbs soaking wet. You would never know she was 30 years old by her build. Medium length blond hair and rich blue eyes that just put you in a trance if you caught them. She is very attractive but still no Julie.

My Julie is a beautiful goddess at 5ft 5 and perfect c cup tits that fit so perfectly on my lips. Dark brown hair that always wraps her perfect face. I could get lost in her brown eyes. She is just perfect, what else can I say.

We arrived at our apartment and enter, ladies first. I have to admit I glimpsed at both of their asses as they walked past me. I could not help myself. We led Kate to the living room and the girls sat down on the couch. I excused myself into the kitchen to pour the girls some wine and grab myself a beer.

I returned to the living room and found the girls gabbing away about whatever crossed their minds. Mostly each others outfits but the conversation eventually turned to Kate as neither of us really knew anything about her.

She proceeded to tell us that she had just got out of a marriage to a man that seemed to think a ladies place was in the kitchen. He seemed like a real winner. We did not spend a bunch of time on that due to it seemed to bring her down.

We quickly changed the subject and she started to pry into us. We told all about us, how long we have been together, how we met, our goals and ambitions. The usual couple talk. She asked if we had intentions on marrying and we both answered that in time we do. I was sitting next to Julie and she reached over and grabbed my hand when we talked of marriage.

I proceeded to compliment Julie to Kate about how lucky I was to find such a beautiful woman to spend my life with. Kate then quipped that we were both lucky to have true love and that we were both very good looking and made a sexy couple. The wine was flowing now and I could tell that Kate was loosening up, as was Julie.

They both had taken off their heels and were sitting with their legs tucked up under them on the couch facing each other with me behind Julie and my arm draped across her chest. Kate continued on about how beautiful we were and that she was having a nice time.

She then opened up about how she was a bit frustrated with her situation. She was newly single and had not been with anyone in well over two years. I thought Julie would be a little put off but she just cooed "you poor thing, no one should have to go that long with out it."

I was shocked at what just came out of her mouth. Julies hand was now soflty stroking the inside of my leg. I could feel her slowly working up to my crotch. I started to bulge in my jeans from her attention. Kate could clearly tell what was happening and was starting to blush.

Julie then asked Kate if she would like to stay over. We were all a little too tipsy and worked up to get Kate back to her car. She quickly replied that she would love to stay if it was okay. She stated that it was hard to go home to an empty apartment.

We got her a pillow and blanket and told her she would have to sleep on the couch as that was the only place we had available. Julie and I retired to our bedroom where Julie proceeded to undress herself in front of me. She then walked over to me as I sat on the edge of our bed. She leaned into me pressing my face to her chest.

Reaching down for the bottom of my shirt. She raises up pulling my shirt off my torso. Julie then slides her hands down my chest to my jean button. She plunges her tongue in my mouth as she works my jeans down my legs. She steps back to get them completely off my legs.

I sat in admiration of her standing in front of me in all her luster. Julie presses her body to mine pushing me back onto the bed. I shiver at the touch of her lips on my chest, her hair tickling my nipples. She slowly works her way down my abs to my aching cock. Her breath on my skin is tantalizing. Her hands skillfully massaging my engorged cock and balls.

I notice the door behind her is still partially open. Afraid to say anything to stop her but I do mention it. Julie looks up at me and says "we will just have to be quiet because you are not getting out of my grasp." Nearing eruption I manage to quell my desire. We work our way further up on the bed while Julie still has me in her grasp.

She brings her head to my now aching cock. Her tongue finds the tip of my manhood. My entire body shakes as she slowly takes me completely into her mouth. She slowly starts working me into a heated mess, constantly fighting the urge to release in her mouth. My eyes clinched by pleasure.

I open my eyes to witness this but I catch something else. Kate had made her way down the hall and to our door where she stood watching us. Afraid of Julie stopping her magic I pretend to not notice. Honestly, I was incredibly turned on by the thought of her watching us.

Julie brings her lips to mine. She slips her tongue into my awaiting mouth. I can taste the saltiness of my cock on her lips. Julie straddles me pressing herself to my moist member. We hold the position as we roll over. My cock now perfectly positioned at the entrance to her warmth. Desperately needing what lays in front of me.

I pull back, fighting the urge to just plunge deep into her. Knowing that I would not last long when I did. My lips meet hers with passion. Tracing my path down her neck with my tongue. I arrive at her breasts. I give each of her nipples the proper attention they deserve.

Julie loves having her nipples attended to so I always make sure to spend a little extra time on them. I kiss my way down her body. Meeting her moist mound. My tongue slips between her perfect lips without hesitation. I love the way she tastes and can never hold back from devouring her completely. Her hand on my head, pressing me to her.

"Enjoying the show?" She asks. I know who she is asking but act surprised to see Kate at our door. "Why don't you come a little closer?" Julie asks. Kate is now approaching us with lust in her eyes. Kate lies on our bed next to Julie. Her eyes locked on to us. Her skirt was pulled up exposing her moist panties. Her hand slides into her waistline and onto her pussy. She begins to work herself with sensual tenderness.

My attention returns to Julies honey pot. Licking and sucking her sweetness. My hands mind to her nipples for added stimulation. Julie notices how much Kate is enjoying our show. Julies hand presses on mine guiding as I gently squeeze her breast. She lifts my hand off her breast pulling it to her mouth. Licks and seductively sucks my finger.

Julie pulls my finger from her mouth. Then guides my hand to meet Kate's hand still working her swelling clit. This surprises both Kate and myself. I go with it as does Kate. Kate is soaking wet with excitement. My finger slides down between Kate's lips to gather some of her juices. I notice that she is very tight. My excitement builds at the thought of fucking her.

I do not know how far Julie is wanting to go with this but I have a burning desire to be inside Kate's tight hole. I bring myself up to rest on top of Julie as our eyes meet. I rest my cock on her clit and playfully tease it with my movements. I slowly bring the tip of me to Julies throbbing woman hood. Leaving it there to build her anticipation of my girth. I gently ease myself into her. I feel her pulsing around me as she releases her orgasm onto me.

My hand is still working Kate to a fever. I look at Julie and ask if it is okay if I taste Kate. Julie nods her head with approval. I lean over to meet Kate's lips. With my cock still buried deep inside Julie my tongue reaches out for Kate's pussy. I find Kate's clit with the tip of my tongue and she lets out a moan as I proceed to tease it into my mouth. My finger is now sliding inside Kate's tight hole as her breath quickens.

Julie can tell I am excited by the swelling of my cock still buried in her. Julie pulls me back to her. She puts her palms to my chest and pushes me back. Julie puts her arm around Kate urging her over on top of her. Julie grabs my cock. Slides it out of her still pulsing pussy. She lovingly strokes me as she places me at Kate's waiting pussy.

Kate is shaking with anticipation. I gently press myself into her. I am very gentle with her. I could tell it had been awhile for her. I press myself completely into her. I keep myself buried deep in her. I slowly start to work myself in and out of Kate. Feeling her loosen up around me as my pace quickens.

I can feel Kate building as I pump in and out of her. Her moans are muffled by Julies tongue in her mouth as she explodes onto my swelling cock. I can not hold back any longer. I quickly pull out of Kate and plunge deep into Julie. I erupt deep inside Julie bringing her to another climax. This one muted by Kate's tongue. We collapse onto the bed in sexual bliss. Each of us drifting into a slumber of passion.

I awake to find both girls resting in my arms. Julie and Kate are still in peaceful sleep. The feel of their naked bodies against mine is heaven. I feel Julie stir and turn so that her perfect ass is now facing me. Mesmerizing me with its perfection. I am awestruck with the images of last night in my head.

I feel Kate stir as well. Although she does not turn away from me. She instead she moves closer to me. I feel her hand reaching for my cock now hard from the images of last night. I can not resist her as she starts to stroke me softly with a purpose. Coaxing me to want to bury my aching cock deep in her once again.

Kate gently positions herself on top of me. I can not fight it. I know it is wrong but I have to fuck her one more time. Kate places me just outside her tight pussy. Holding me there as I desperately try to get myself inside her. She presses her lips onto mine as she slowly lowers herself onto me. Her tongue muffles my moans to keep Julie in peaceful sleep.

Kate slowly yet fiercely grinds on me. Quickly bringing me to swell inside her wet little hole. Kate keeps working her pussy onto my now exploding cock. I release my cum deep inside her. She continues riding me with her cum filled pussy. She buries her tongue in my mouth in an attempt to hide her orgasm. I feel her pulsing around my sensitive cock as she succumbs to her ecstasy.

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