tagIncest/TabooMy Mom or a Bitch in Heat

My Mom or a Bitch in Heat


It is since two years I have started reading incest stuffs. After gone through these stories I had started to observe my mom with lustful fucking stares. Ohhh! It is really unbearable to hold the feelings to myself this much time and also unable to express my feelings to my mom.

It's my friend, Sohail, who pushes me to the reality of this fantasy so far by constant praising of my mom in my presence. It's also interesting story.

Before moving further in this episode, let me describe the anatomy of my mom. She is around fifty having medium height and wheatish complexion, beautiful luscious puffy lips which are especially intended for sucking big cocks, big jugs crowned by pointed long tits on dollar-sized areola, tapered belly, nice-n-smooth rounded ass and shapely thighs. More of these assets, she has got perfect pussy and puckered but hole.

To start with the story, close friend of mine happened to visit my house and I had invited him for a cup of coffee. While sitting in my room and chatting on general topic, he suddenly asked me by pointing a portrait of a lady "who is she?"

Instead of replying him I asked him "why are you asking?"

He replied at once that she is very stunning, sexy and gorgeous woman.

I wanted to be rude with him because that portrait was of my mom, but due to my curiosity, I had not reacted and just stayed calm. Further he explained that the lady is very sexy and a perfect for fucking. He also explained his wild fantasy of fucking such older woman. Again he inquired about that lady in the portrait. Due to embarrassment, I could just reply "She is my mom".

At first he caught dumb found but still he further ask me about had I got any chance to fuck my own mom! I turned bit red but it was my secret fantasy. So, I don't react harshly and just replied "It is not possible for me, Sohail" He told me to just invite him for such coffee breaks and the rest will be taken care by him.

As per our planned, I had invited Sohail for coffee after couple of days. While we were having a chat my mom came with Coffee. Sohail stood up and offered her a seat beside us. She sat next to me. Sohail signal me to go outside the room. So, I went out with making an excuse to go to fresh room. Meanwhile, Sohail started to chat with my mom. I had provide them thirty minutes of chatting and God knows what had Sohail told her but I was bit shocked to see both of them kissing eagerly. On seeing me, my mom felt ashamed and show reluctance but three cheers for Sohail who intelligently handled the situation and let me kiss my own mom. I just felt heaven in front of myself. Then we made a deal and agreed to enjoy sex.

On the following night, we (me and my mom) went to Sohail's home which was at him only. After a while we all moved in his bedroom equipped with Large Queen size bed. My mom was wearing black dress with pink bra and panties. She was looking fucking gorgeous. My mom was still feeling bad about the entire situation so Sohail decided to make her comfortable first. So he asked me about the best ever part of my mom I like most and I immediately replied "Big breasts" Then he told me that he liked her luscious lips. We kept describing our favorite parts and eventually she felt relaxed.

Then I moved towards my confused mom and asked her to remove her shirt. Without replying a single word she proceeded to removed her shirt. We stared at her fingers unbuttoning her shirt one by one button. The same effect reflected at our proud dicks. Now, we could see my mom wearing sexy pink bra only on the top following by matching panty down there. Sohail told me that now it is enough and slapped my mom and told her not to behave like innocent lady and abused her by calling her as a bitch. My mom had reluctantly agreed to follow our orders. I also liked this new name for my mom "bitch". I slowly unhooked the bra of fucking bitch and suddenly the big boobs got free air and started to shacking violently. We don't loose single opportunity to reach to her nipple and got hold of her pebble like hard nipples and started sucking one in each mouth with Sohail. We sucked her until they got stiffened and consumed. We undressed to our last bit of cloth and showed our fully hard dicks pointing to her face directly. My mom was looking to each monster and without notice enveloped my dick with her sexy mouth and to my surprise she started to deep throat it. After meanwhile she repeated with Sohail also. We both were floating in the tidal waves after waves till our monster got hard like baseball bat.

We then ordered our sexy bitch to remove each and every bit of clothing and ordered her to lay naked on the bed between us. She happily obeyed us and what a shot! Mind-blowing her cunt is. Her cunt was already wet with anticipation and her pubic hair was totally damp. I inserted my finger in hot pussy and heard a sound of soft sigh from the bitch. Meanwhile Sohail placed got hold of her rounded but chicks and then slowly started kneading and invading her ass hole with his index finger till his second knuckle without notice. Mom arched by the sudden trasspassing in her private passage.

What was the scene! My own fucking beautiful mom was laying with a finger of her son in cunt and finger of her sons friend in ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhh great feeling it was!

after a session of fingering in both holes she got on her all four in doggy style and without missing opportunity we both started fucking her in all the holes. After first session of fucking we switch our position and I lied on the bed on my back. My mom rode me and took my dick in her waiting pussy and she rested on my abdomen in one shot. Sohail push her on my chest and inserted his dick in her fucking hot puckered anal passage. My hand was busy with her big breasts and it got stained red with my pulling and kneading. i fucked her pussy, her ass and her mouth. When I was about to come I grasped the hair of bitch and told her to open her mouth and with a big roar, I ejaculated in her waiting mouth of bitch in the heat. In meantime Sohail also came up with a big sound and ejaculated on her big breasts.

After our spurting, we lay there on bed cuddling with each other for a while and then dressed up.

While driving back my mom told me to keep this a secret between us otherwise things would get worst. I assured her that this will always remain a secret between mom and son..

Since then Sohail and myself often fuck her.....

I should thanks to Sohail for his great help which leads to this great episode. My mom now has become found of rough fucking at least thrice a week... to keep us satisfy.

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