tagMatureMy Neighbor Doris Ch. 02

My Neighbor Doris Ch. 02


It has been two weeks since Doris and I had our first sexual encounter. I am Luke, a 28 year old unemployed accountant who just moved with my wife into a new neighborhood. Doris is our older married neighbor who hadn't had sex for years.

My wife was going to be out of town from Friday to Monday for work, so I decided to invite Doris and her husband over for cocktails on Friday. Doris also informed me that her husband would also going out of town on Saturday and they couldn't stay very long.

They arrived around 8 o'clock. Doris looked spectacular. She was wearing a black skirt that went to right above the knee, black stockings and a white silk blouse. We went into the family room where I had some snacks. We sat and talked and had cocktails for a few hours. Doris was sitting across for me and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. My cock was getting hard just watching her. It was starting to get late and I looked over and her husband was asleep.

Doris said, "I guess we should be going my husband has to get up early for his flight. I'll help you clean up."

So picked up the dishes and glasses and headed for the kitchen. Doris was standing facing the sink and I couldn't keep my hands off of her.

I said, "Doris you were really turning me on." I started hugging her from behind as my cock pressed against her ass and my hands caressed her breasts. "I wanted to do this all night." I proceeded to kiss her on the neck and she began to moan.

"I have been dreaming of this for the past 2 weeks. I was purposely trying to seduce you in the family room."

"You did a great job. I want to fuck you right here with your husband in the other room."

"Please do, my husband will be out till I wake him."

I put my hands on her thighs moved them up to her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties. "Your legs feel so good." I put my fingers inside her pussy and moved them in and out. She was so wet. I my fingers out put them to her mouth and said, "Please taste how wet you are for me." She placed her tongue on my fingers and started licking them and moaned.

"This is what you do to me."

I unzipped my pants and lifted her skirt. "I want to fuck you right here doggie style. Bend over babe."

She bent over and I shoved my cock into her cunt. As I was pumping her I rubbed her breasts. "Take all of my cock you slut. I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll want more. This is just the start of a beautiful weekend."


I pumped harder and harder. "I'm going to cum sweetheart. Cum with me."

"Cum inside me Luke."

I couldn't hold back, I shoot a big wad of cum into her pussy, and moaned "that was so great honey."

She turned around, kissed me and said, "That was one of the best fucks I ever had. I am so looking forward to this weekend."

"Me too Doris, I have one request is that you dress sexy for me."

"I will babe, I will."

Doris went to wake her husband to get him home. As they were leaving Doris said to me, "Thank you for everything Luke. If you need anything this weekend give me a call."

"I will Doris."

I woke up the next morning relaxed and happy. I was looking forward to the rest of the weekend. I called Doris and said, "Hello Doris, I want to take you up on your offer, 'If I needed anything to call you.' Well I'm calling.

"What did you need?"

"I need to be loved by a very mature retired school teacher. A Private Tutor."

"You can come over anytime for your Private Lessons."

"It won't be till this afternoon; I have to run some errands. Just be ready for me because I'll be there this afternoon."

"I can't wait Luke and I know you will be very pleased."

I left the house to do my errands and also wanted to make sure I stopped to buy some silk boxers and bottles of champagne.

I arrived home around 2 o'clock and took a shower and shaved. I put on my new black silk boxers, khaki pants and a tight sports shirt. I wanted to Doris to be turned on looking at my muscles.

I went over to Doris's house. She greeted me at the door wearing a long silk robe. I could see she had on stockings and high heels. She looked great!! I gave her a big hug and kissed her and said, "I want to make these next two days the best of your life. I am going to give loving you never experienced before."

"I can hardly wait Luke. I hope I can live up to your expectations."

"Don't worry Doris, after last night, you already have. Let's get comfortable and have some champagne."

We went to the kitchen and Doris got a couple of glasses and I open the bottle of champagne. I gave a little toast. "Here's to a weekend of loving and deceitfulness."

We went to the living room and sat down of the sofa. Doris sat close to me and put her head on my shoulders. She began rubbing my chest and said, "Your chest and arms are so hard. I have always wanted to be with a man that's in great shape. Unlike me, where I could lose a few pounds."

"I like the way you look, especially your legs and thighs." I put my arm around her and kissed her. Our tongues were darting inside our mouths. I placed my hand under robe and began squeezing her breast through her silky bra. The nipple was very hard.

Doris was moaning and said, "That feels so good. Before I met you I hadn't been touched for over ten years. I want you to know this body is only for you. I don't want anybody else. I hope we can keep this relationship discreet. I want to remain married. It just makes it more exciting."

"We will keep that way Doris. You and I are on the same wavelength. My cock will always be for you."

We kissed harder and I took the palm of my hand and used a circular motion on her hard nipple. "Your nipple is so hard."

We continued to kiss and I put my hand under her robe and caressed her thick nyloned covered thigh. "I love feeling your thigh with the silky black stockings." I slowly moved my hand up to her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties and she was really wet. "You really are excited for me."

"Not only you turn me on, but it gets me more excited when I can dress in sexy lingerie for you. I love wearing these clothes and knowing how excited you get. My little secret is that I love how stockings and pantyhose feel on my legs. As I was getting dressed today; I sat in front of the mirror slowly putting them on my legs. As I was doing that I was thinking about how excited you would get looking at me."

"Oh Doris, let's go to the bedroom. I want to give some different loving today. There will be more room there."

We got to the doorway of the bedroom and I kissed Doris and lifted her in my arms and carried her into the room. I put her down and said, "I want to watch you take off your robe and pose for me on the bed."

Doris slowly took off her robe and let it drop to the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She was wearing a black see-through negligee and lacy bra and a garter belt with black stockings. "Look at me Luke, this pussy is all for you." She crossed her legs and said, "These legs are for you." Then she rubbed her breast and said, "These tits are for you." She lay back on the bed and pointed her legs up in the air and said, "Come here and ravish me Luke."

I took my clothes off until I was naked. I pointed to my cock and said, "Doris look how hard you have made my 7 inch cock. This baby is all for and nobody else."

I went over and bent down over her and started kissing her very passionately. "Oh Doris you are doing everything I wanted a woman to do for me."

I got up on the bed and straddled Doris so my cock was on her breasts. I put the tip of my cock on her nipples and made circles around them. "My cock loves to feel hard nipples." I slowing took my cock and rubbed it up her chest and neck, then reached her mouth. "SUCK MY COCK DORIS!!!"

She started licking the tip of my cock. Her beautiful eyes were looking up at me and she says, "It tastes so good." Her tongue moved up and down my shaft. Finally I put it into her mouth and moved it in and out.

"I love fucking your mouth Doris. Suck it!! You little slut!! You are mine from now on. I don't want your husband to have you."

"Don't worry Luke you can have me anytime. I won't let my husband have me."

Doris continued to suck on my cock as I turned around and put my head between her legs. I began to lick her thighs and squeezed them with his hands. "Your thighs are so loveable with these stockings. I have a hard time keeping my hands off them."

I licked my way up to her cunt and parted her lips. My tongue entered her pussy and my face was rubbing her pubic hair. It felt so good. Doris thrusted her hips and moaned, "Oh my God Luke, you are driving me crazy!!! My pussy is so wet I am ready to explode."

At the same time I was trying to hold back my explosion as she kept sucking my throbbing dick. I mumbled, "Doris, Please cum in my mouth. I want to taste your sweet juices."

She screamed, "I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!!!" Her juices flowed right into my mouth. "That was incredible!!!" she moaned.

I moved my position so I was lying next to her. "I want to look at you and give a long awaited kiss. Let's caress a while, before I explode my juices in your beautiful love canal."

Our mouths couldn't get enough of our tongues. I put my hand on her lacy bra and slowly rubbed her breasts as her hand was rubbing my chest at the same time. Doris removed her mouth from lips and said, "Your chest is so hard my love, I just can't get enough of your body. Your wife has been so lucky to have this body. I am jealous."

"There's no need to be jealous, because it is yours now. You really know how to get this body to respond to you. You are incredible. I can't believe your husband wasted all your loving all these years."

We continued kissing. I began kissing her cheeks and neck. Then I licked my way down her chest to her firm breasts. I rotated my tongue over her nipples while I grabbed her thigh. Doris put her hand around my balls and slowly rubbed them. "Ohhhhhhh Luke I love this and I love you! I have never felt this way before. Your cock is so hard for me." She took the shaft and began rubbing against her stockings.

"Doris, can you feel how my cock throbs when you do that?"

"Yes I can. Now I want you to fuck me hard with dick of yours! I want it in my cheating pussy." Then I want you to shoot your cum inside me until it hits the back of my cunt."

"I will babe, I will."

I took my cock and place next her pussy and started to rotate it around her pubic hair. I put the tip of the head just inside her and pulled it out. I did this a few times before she screamed, "DON'T TEASE ME LOVER. PUT IT INSIDE MY CUNT!!!!!"

"Beg me you cheating whore."


I put my cock inside her and rotated my hips so she could feel all of it.


I slowly pushed it in and out of her and kissed her mouth. Our tongues danced inside our mouths. At the same time my chest was rubbing against her hard nipples. She cried, "You feel so good inside me. I don't want you ever to take it out."

I pushed in and out hard and harder as she lifted her ass off the bed.

"Did your husband ever feel this good Doris?"

"No way, Luke. He couldn't last 5 minutes. You are so incredible with how long you last and how many times you make me cum."



I exploded inside her and screamed, "I AM CUMMMMMMMMMMING!!"

I collapsed on top of her and said, "Oh babe that was so incredible. Let me stay inside you for a while."

"Yes, Luke I would love that."

I held Doris in my arms and began kissing her. We stayed that way for 30 minutes as our juices dripped onto the bed.

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