tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy New Pet Elf Ch. 02

My New Pet Elf Ch. 02


Emilliae spent the entire two hour drive back to my house sitting on my lap with my cock up her ass. She didn't bounce or grind, she just sat there, moaning and occasionally screaming as the vibrations of the car and the bumps in the road were enough to make her cum every so often. Thankfully, while her ass was tight and felt amazing around my dick, the motion of the car alone was not enough to bring me to climax, as I needed to focus on the road. Visibility wasn't an issue, as her head only reached my lower chest. About half way back I couldn't take it anymore, and pulled over.

I pushed her tiny body against the steering wheel and went to town on her ass. "YES!" she screamed. "Ravage my tiny elven asshole! I'm your little anal elf slut and I just can't get enough of your GIANT HUMAN COCK!" I only lasted four minutes inside her, as the previous hour of my cock buried in her ass had me worked up. Even so, she came six times within that period. I know because I had a couple fingers in her pussy and I counted every time I felt her clench like she was trying to break the bones in my fingers.

I pulled out of her ass and sat back as she panted, clinging to the steering wheel. I was about to put the car into drive when she slid off the steering wheel and ducked under it, kneeling between my legs. Without hesitation, she took my softening dick, which only moments before had been buried in her ass, into her mouth. She looked up at me with her enchanting little green eyes as she slowly bobbed her head up and down. This was not the rough, aggressive cock gobbling blowjob she had performed hours before, just after we had met. She was gently, lovingly sucking me back to erection. She popped her mouth off my cock and lowered her head to lick my balls, deliberately placing my semi-erect dick across her face as she did so. It covered the entire right side of her face. She continued to look up at me with her left eye, which beamed. Her look conveyed not only lust, but also happiness. As if there was nowhere else in the world she would rather be then on her knees, licking my balls. My cock rapidly, painfully stiffened. How many loads had I shot today? Nine? Ten?

With my cock fully erect she climbed up my leg into my lap and lined it up with her asshole once again. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MY GOOOODDD" She moaned as inch after inch of my rod slowly slid into her rear. When she reached the base she gave a little yip as she came once again. I grinned and put the car back in drive as she clung to my shirt with her hands, breathing heavily.

"I still don't quite understand this 'pact' of yours. Why do you elves make yourselves slaves to human men? Can't you just go up to a human man and say 'Hey, wanna fuck?' No warm blooded male would turn you down."

"Its payment," she gasped. "The relationship between a human male and an elf female is fundamentally unequal. No matter how you use- GAAAAAAH" Her explanation cut off as we hit a pothole. She panted for a few seconds and then continued. "No matter how you use me, I will always receive more pleasure from you than you get from me. To pay for the difference, I become your slave for life."

"How many human masters have you had, besides me?"

"Seven," She grunted

"Tell me about them."

Her voice took on a wistful tone as she began to reminisce. After each recounting she would wiggle her hips a little to tease my cock. "The first one was a two thousand years ago in Greece. My friends back in Faeton were always talking about human men and I finally decided to try a pact for myself. He was a shepherd. I was so nervous. I had never even seen a human man before and I didn't know what to say or how to act to seduce him. I needn't have worried, he attacked me as soon as I lowered my invisibility spell. He was a big, strong man but he was well into his middle years when he took me. Still, I had never been fucked even one tenth so well by an elf, or one tenth as often. I served him for fifteen years before he died in an accident.

"After that I had to spend a hundred and fifty years in Faeton as per the terms of the pact. When I returned to the human world I met a young upper class Roman lad. He took me hard every single night, even the night he got married to a human woman. His wife never found out about me. In time he became a great general. I was his secret weapon; I used my magic to make his men bold and his enemies afraid. This went on for about thirty years. When the old emperor died he raised his army in rebellion against the new emperor. Unfortunately, he lost, and was executed."

"Three hundred years later, I met a peasant boy in lower Germany. When I appeared in front of him, naked, beckoning, he almost ran away. He made the sign of the cross and cried, 'Back, succubus!' For the first time, I actually had to try to seduce a human. Back in the good old days, human men who saw a beautiful girl alone wouldn't even think twice about grabbing and fucking her, even if she was three feet tall with pointy ears. Honestly, I blame Christianity. Anyway, he lived to be eighty and never had another woman but me as long as he lived. Sweet guy. I spent sixty five years with him.

"During my required time in Faeton I heard that it was becoming more and more difficult to seduce men due to the spread of religious extremism, so when my time was up I went to puritan New England, the most sexually repressed place in the world, to perfect my seduction technique. That was where I created my 'haughty elf' act. You know, the one I used on you when we first met? Anyway, I practiced until I succeded in seducing a Puritan pastor. Unfortunately after just one time he was so guilty that he hauled me in front of his wife and confessed. The pact was broken, I disappeared back to Faeton and his wife's memory of me was erased. That was a total bust.

"When I got back to Faeton, one of my girlfriends was raving to anyone who would listen about this thing called 'bukkake'. So when my time was up I went to Japan, where I was captured by a mighty samurai. He loved to share me with his comrades after each victory. I don't think most human women have as many orgasms in their entire lives as I did the night after the battle of Sekigahara, when he shared me with all fifty men under his command. And every single one of those men came on my face. What a night that was.

"After that I served a slave on a cotton plantation in the deep south. He had a miserable life, picking cotton all day, but I like to think I made his life a little better. He once told me that without my tight little holes to plunge himself into every night, he couldn't make it through the day. One day he got drunk and fondled his master's wife. He was beaten to death the next morning. I spent eight years with him.

"The last one was an Appache brave. He hated the white men for driving him off his land, and he fantasized about stealing their women away and raping them, but the days where the Apache had the might to resist the American government were long gone. Apart from my pointy ears, I look just like a miniature Caucasian woman, so he and I played a game. I'd dress and talk like a proper white lady, and he would tear my clothes off, beat me, and fuck me for hours. He was by far the roughest man I've ever had, but I loved every minute. He had me for fifteen years."

"And now, I'm all yours! Mmmmmmm" She ground her hips into me. We were pulling into my driveway. I parked.

"Yes. You're mine. I grabbed her waist and pulled her up off my cock and kissed her for the first time. She moaned and hungrily kissed me back. I set her on the passenger seat and opened my door.

As I started to stand, I realized just how much of a mess the two of us had made in my car. My cum and her juices were all over the upholstery, the dashboard, my pants, and her. "We sure made a big mess." I sighed. "Oh well, it was worth it."

"Oh, let me get that for you," Emilliiae said happily. She held out one hand and closed her eyes. The fluids seemed to leap out of the fabric of my pants and the upholstery toward her hand, swirling into a white sphere the size of a tennis ball which floated above her palm. Both my pants and the inside of my car were now dry and completely free of stains. She tilted her head back, and held the sphere above her mouth. The orb of cum began losing cohesion, pouring onto her waiting tongue. She began to swallow loudly. *GULP, GULP GULP GULP*. Finally she had downed the entire thing. She smiled and winked at me. "Waste not, want not."

"That's amazing," I said in wonder.

"Cleaning is possibly the easiest task to accomplish by magic. It's simple."

I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder. I felt like an ogre carrying off a virgin to devour. I hauled her to my front door and began fumbling with my keys.

"Your cock is what's amazing," She continued. "Do me a favor and try not to die for a while. I want to spend as many years worshipping it as possible before I have to go back to my husband."

"Hold on. "You're married?"

"Did I forget to mention that?" she said, innocently. I opened the door.

The glitter of steel was the only warning I had. I barely got my hand up in time to catch the arm that was swinging a knife at my throat. I dropped Emilliae unceremoniously on the carpet as I desperately tried to fend off the attacker. He jumped back, and for the first time I got a good look at him. He was three feet tall with pointy ears. An elf! He wore what looked like a tiny but very expensive suit and dress pants. His hair was neatly styled and he held the knife out wearily, slowly circling to the left.

He spoke up. "If you think I'm going to let some ape have my wife, you're sorely mistaken, human." He began to fade from vision until he completely disappeared. Invisibility magic! As I tried to detect where the elf had gone a bolt of electricity shot out from behind me, striking the air a few feet from where the mysterious assailant had disappeared. He fell back on his ass suddenly very visible, the knife flying from his hand. I turned to see Emilliae, now fully clothed (and quite a bit more conservatively then when we first met) arms crossed and clearly angry. But she wasn't looking at me.

"Elrigo!" She shouted. She marched right up to the mystery elf and poked him in the chest. "I can't believe you! Didn't we talk about this? No more trying to kill my human masters!"

"I couldn't just leave you! Emilliea!" he shouted back. "You're my WIFE, how come you need to dally with this ape?"

"Because he can satisfy me, an YOU can't!"

"All I ever wanted was to make you happy. I spent a thousand years learning the art of cunnilingus so I could make you cum. Whenever you're home, I spend an hour every night with my face buried between your legs."

Emilliae sighed. "Yes, and I'm duly grateful for your dedication. I love you, Elrigo, I really do, but my lust for humans is too great. I can't control the urge. Just wait, ok! I have to spend ten years with you for every one I spend in the human world."

"No. I won't wait." Elrigo climbed to his feet, balling his hands into fists. "I'm going to kill this ape and take you back with me."

"Please don't try it!" Emilliea's voice was frantic. Elrigo, you're out of magic. I'm bound by pact, I can't help you even if he kills you. Remember what happened last time, with the Apache? Please, I just don't want you to die!" She was close to tears.

"I don't care, even if I die!" He charged across the room, fists raised.

I put a hand on his head, holding him out of reach. His arms flailed uselessly as he swung them in a jealous frenzy. I had to admire the little guy's courage. He charged right at someone twice his size with no fear whatsoever. Nevertheless, he had no chance. I gave him a shove, and he landed on his ass again. I sat down. On the floor, legs crossed.

" Elrigo, is it?" I said. "Look, I know you think we humans are a barbaric and violent people, but we've evolved. We have ways to settle disputes, without violence."

"What do you propose?" Elrigo mumlbed, morose after being so easily defeated in front of his wife.

"A contest." I stood up, and walked over to my closet. I rummaged around for a few seconds. I took out the stop watch that I still had from track in high school. I tossed it to Emilliae. "You said you spent a thousand years perfecting the art of cunnilingus, right? You must be pretty good at it. Here is are the rules. Emilliae, strip."

"Yes master." Her conservative dress just fell off, like there was suddenly nothing holding it up. The dress was magic, I assume. There was nothing underneath but hot elf.

I turned back to Elrigo. "You are going to do whatever you can to make your wife orgasm as quickly as possible. Use your fingers, your tongue, your cock, I don't care. Use every trick you know. She will time you. Emilliae, press the start button as soon as he touches you and the stop button the second you start to cum. Understood?

"Yes master," she replied. She lay down on the floor, spreading her legs.

"After you make her cum, I'll have a go. If I can't beat your time, I'll take her next door and introduce her to my neighbor, Jill. The pact will be broken, and she'll return to you. But, if I beat your time, you will leave your wife here, go back to elf town and never bother me again. Do we have an agreement?"

"What if I refuse?" Elrigo said wearily.

"Then we're back to violence."

He paled "I accept."

I gestured to Emilliae. "Whenever you're ready."

Elrigo bent to his task. His fingers spread his wife's pussy and his tongue shot out to carress her clit and to flick over her labia. He really was a master at this. Emilliae twined her fingers through his hair and moaned quietly as she watched him, her breathing becoming heavier by the second. Finally, she gasped and hit the stop button. She handed me the stopwatch.

"Sixty two seconds! That's gonna be hard to beat." I unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. My boxers followed. My cock had gone soft during the fight and subsequent argument, but it was recovering rapidly as I took in Emilliae's naked form.

They eyes of both elves were glued to my crotch. Emilliae stared with unabashed lust, Elrigo with shock. "That's not fair," he whimpered.

"Hey, I gave you the choice to use your tool, but you chose not to. Don't blame me," I replied, shrugging. I picked Emilliae up, turned her so she faced her husband, and spread her legs. Elrigo watched in horror as I lowered her slowly, penetrating her in one slow continuous motion until I hit her cervix.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned. I noticed that she wasn't being as loud as she was at the river and on the ride back. She was trying to control herself so she didn't embarrass her husband. Cute. I raised and lowered her again, and with that it was done.

"OH fuck fuck fuck," she gasped, desperately trying to keep her voice down as her pussy spasmed around me. I grabbed the stop watch out of her hands and tossed it to her husband.

"Four seconds. Looks like you're out of luck my pointy eared friend. Your wife belongs to me now." I reached around and squeezed her tits for emphasis.

"More," she groaned.

Elrigo's head fell. "I will take my leave then," he said stiffly.

"Leaving so soon?" I asked.

"I thought you wanted me gone."

"Well actually I think you're dedication to your wife is admirable. You charged right at a human twice your size with no weapons and no magic. That takes some serious stones. Metaphorically speaking."

"Thank you for the compliment," he said bitterly. "Anything else?"

"I just think your wife ought to show a little more appreciation for your efforts, that's all." I pulled Emilliae off my dick and set her gently on the floor. "Slave," I commanded, "Go give your husband some head."

"Yes master." She knelt in front of Elrigo, hands unbuckling his belt.

"Emilliae... are you s-sure?" he stammered.

"He gave the order. I'm bound by the pact," She replied. She reached into his pants and pulled out his dick. Unsurprisingly he was already hard from watching his wife get fucked. He was about three inches long. Emilliae easily took the entire thing into her mouth and began to suck.

"Oh, Gods, Emilliae. Oh." He began to moan. "OH. EMILLIAE!" He shouted, and keeled over backwards. He had lasted about two minutes. Emilliae swallowed, her task complete. Elrigo wasn't getting up.

"Is he OK?" I asked.

"Yeah. Elf men pass out when they cum. He won't wake up for twelve hours at least, and he won't be able to get it up again for another day after that." She replied. "The sad thing is, Elrigo is actually above average for an elven guy."

"He sure seemed happy. How often do you give him blowjobs?"

She looked away, embarrassed. Finnally, she mumbled "Never."

"And you've been married for?"

"About three thousand years."

"Don't you think he deserves better than that?"

She nodded reluctantly.

"After I die and you go back to him, you will give him a blowjob once a week." I commanded.

"The pact is not binding after you die."

I looked her in the eye. "You will do it anyway."

She sighed. "Yes master."

"You can suck my dick now, if you'd like," I offered.

Her face brightened. And she fell to her knees, staring at my cock hungrily. "Yes master. Thank you for letting me worship your huge human cock, master!"

"You're welcome," I said as I sat down in my recliner. My pet elf looked up at me, happy as can be as the head of my cock entered her throat.

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