My Niece Angel is a Slutty Tease


I was getting pretty close to cumming after a few songs. My cock was throbbing and pulsating I'm sure she felt it moving. I think she was starting to feel it too as her face was a little flush. Right before I was about to explode she stopped grinding on me and moved back a bit off my cock. She said she was cold and unfolded the blanket. They asked in the front seat if she wanted them to roll the windows up. She responded that everyone else would get warm then and she had the blanket. Angel rolled up our window in the back and her hair stopped flying around. She put the blanket around us and tucked it in behind me. My weight back against the seat kept it up in place.

With her not directly on me anymore and the other stuff going on I came down from the edge. My heart rate slowed and my cock started to get a little softer even. My legs were up against the seat in front of us. With the blanket draped down between my legs and the floor you couldn't see any movement under the blanket. We spent another few minutes getting comfortable and situated again. She leaned back against me on my right shoulder. It put our heads close to each other. There wasn't a good place to set my arms or hers either. After moving them to many different places she took hold of them. Angel wrapped my arms around her stomach and set hers on top of mine.

We were comfortable again and she put her weight back down on me. We were snug in tight with the blanket and pressed firmly together with my arms around her. She whispered into my ear how nice this felt and she liked being close to me. She kissed me innocently on the cheek. I was getting hard again at the closeness of us and the feeling of my hands against her bare stomach. Her kiss on my cheek did the rest. She giggled a little and said there we go thats what I've been looking for. She whispered into my ear again and said the following.

"Uncle I love to tease you. I let the other men fuck me but you can't have this. I'm your dirty eighteen your old niece you can look but you can't touch. I know you masturbate thinking about me. You want to bury that big cock of yours into my tiny pussy. If you start to buy me clothes I'll wear it for you. If you buy me what I want I may even show you my tits. I have a slutty mouth made for sucking dick but you only get to imagine what it feels like."

With that she kissed me again and put a finger suggestively up to her mouth. Is that ok with you uncle she asked in that pouty face and voice of hers. I shuddered and a chill went up and down my body. My mouth was totally dry and I couldn't speak but I managed to nod. She gave me a devlish smile and laughed a little. With that done she moved her hands down to my thighs. Slowly her hands went up my legs until she got to my balls. She gently rolled her fingers around them with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other. I bet that feels good she said.

Angel gave my cock a few strokes over my swim trunks and then sat up off me. She told me to take my shorts down so I did. She sat back down on me just like before. Angel took her hand and put it around my throbbing cock. She whispered over about how warm it was. She told me it was so hard and big. She told me how it was one of the best cocks she had ever felt. Angel squeezed the shaft a bit harder though and said its my cock now. She repeated its my cock now and looked at me like I was to respond. I managed with my dry mouth to say yes its yours barely audible. She laughed pretty loud then and they turned from the front to see what was going on. She said oh uncles really funny and began to stroke my cock again under the blanket.

When they turned around and went back to talking she stopped. Angel pulled her hand up to her mouth and licked some of the pre-cum off of her fingers. She made tasty noises and smacked her lips in enjoyment. Overly dramatic for sure to add effect and said how good my cock tasted. She said it was a shame since it was the best she had ever tasted. With that she took a bunch of saliva from her mouth and drooled it onto her hand. She put her hand back under the blanket and let her warm saliva drip down my shaft. She rubbed it all over my cock and balls. She was stroking my cock ever so slowly and rubbing my balls. She would periodically stop to prevent me from reaching orgasm.

After a while her spit had dried out and she put her hand back toward her mouth for more. Her pussy was resting against my cock with only her thin bikini bottom between us. It was so hot and wet I couldn't believe it. She was really into this and teasing me. When she put her hand back down this time I noticed she kept getting her pussy closer to it. She was really starting to grind against my dick again and liking it. I could feel her breathing changing and her face was flush. I could feel her pussy juices flowing now onto me. I started to realize that she was really into it. Like really into so much that I thought she was going to cum even. She continued to stroke me and push herself against my cock. Finally I thought she would let me come I was on the brink. She stopped suddenly again my hips moving on their own and she grabbed hardly around the head and prevented me from coming again.

At this latest denial I was getting mad now. I thought not again no fucking way. I almost took my own hand and finished myself off. Ignore the consequences of what was happening. I was really seeing how much she was into it. I began to rationalize about what a slut she really was. She always dresses like one, she is being one right now for sure, and I know shes had sex a lot. She was on the verge of making herself cum right now and was really enjoying my cock. I thought to myself fuck it. I knew from the massages that I gave her she liked it rough. She loved when I was firm with her moving my arms all around her lower body.

She was smiling at me and giggling after her latest denial. Up till then I had been like a motionless doll not doing anything. When I smiled back at her it took her by surprise a little. I took my right hand off of her stomach and moved it slowly up her side and back. I got the back of her head and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled tightly. Her eyes widened and she said what are you doing. I put my lips up to her ear and softly said.

"Sweet Angel my sexy little eighteen year old niece. You have teased me for the last time. I realize now what a dirty fucking slut you truely are. Even now I can still feel your dirty cunt juice dripping down onto me. I think it is you who rams her fingers deep inside pretending it is my cock. Yes I will buy you stuff like you said to me earlier. Not so that you can tease me but so that you can look slutty for me. You are right this cock is your cock from now on. I will give it to you and you will have no other. I will be the one taking your pussy you dirty slut. Angel I'm going to fuck you so hard and so long that you won't be able to walk straight. I'm going to do things to you that you didn't know were possible."

I took a great big deep breath of her hair and exhaled a long hot breath on the back of her neck. She shook on top of me and nodded when I asked if she understood. With my hand still holding her hair tight I turned her head and began to nibble on her neck. I bit the lobe of her ear gently and kissed it. Then I quickly kissed her deeply on the lips. After letting go of her hair she continued to look at me in disbelief. In one quick pull I undid the top of her bikini and it fell down onto the floor. I then told her to take off her panties and she did so willingly. She sat back down and now the outter lips of her soaking wet pussy were against my pulsating member.

I took both of my hands and placed one on each of her breasts. I was finally cupping a handful of her perfect melons. Her nipples were so hard and apparently very sensitive. With my hands around her breasts I used my index and middle finger to pinch her nipples. I then used my thumb and index finger to grab them tighter and twirl them. She let out a little whimper of both pleasure and pain. As I did that for a while I went back to kissing her neck and around her ear. She was really getting into it and grinding on my cock with her pussy lips. I think she was trying to get me inside her but I told her to stop moving.

She did as I said very reluctantly. I then put one hand on each of her knees. Very painfully slow I dug my fingers into her legs and move up them. At first on the outside of her thighs moving all the way down to her hips and giving her ass a little slap. Again I put my hands on her knees and very slowly dug my fingers spread apart into her thighs. When I got all the way up this time I went up her stomach with both of my hands. I grabbed her nipples again and twirled them roughly in my fingers. She couldn't help but move her hips helplessly. She said please fuck me I need it so bad. I ignored her and put my hands back on her knees. This time I went slowly up her inner thighs. Not scratching her but digging my fingers and scraping up slowly her inner thigh.

I got up to where her leg connects on the inside of her thigh but didn't touch her vag. I went around it again connecting my hands and rubbing her lower stomach. I then slowly moved my hands in a pattern. From connecting together above her clit on her lower stomach around her inner thighs and back up. I made slow firm moves around her outter lips. She was grinding furiously against my hands needing release. She suddenly took her own hand and put it on her clit rubbing furiously. I grabbed her hand back immediately. With that I kept one hand rubbing her thighs and moved my other hand up toward her neck. I firmly placed my hand around her throat not choking her or cutting off breathing in anyway. Just around her neck above her tits and pulled her close.

I moved my other hand over her pussy just quickly enough to grab some flowing juices. While keeping my hand near her neck I put my other hand in her mouth.

"Angel, Angel, Angel what a fucking slut you are. Here you are grinding on your uncles lap crying to get fucked. Taste that pussy juice it is oh so sweet. Pretend it is my cock and suck on it. Use your tongue slurp on my fingers and roll it around. If you want me to let you cum you have to beg for it. Tell me how much you want it. Tell me how much you need it. If you can convince me I'll give you what you want."

I kept my right hand around her throat and pulled my left hand out of her mouth. I went back making sure to grab each breast and pinch both of her nipples fairly roughly. I slowly continued down past her stomach with my fingers spread wide. I left my ring finger go to the left of her lips and my middle finger go to the right. I dug my fingers back into her pelvis and moved them slowly into her. I made sure not to directly push onto her lips but against the area around them. I breathed heavily down her neck again and said well.

"Uncle I am sorry. I was a dirty slutty tease. I am yours now and won't do that again. I need your big, hard, fucking cock now. Put it deep inside me and rip me open. I need you to fuck your niece Angel so bad. Stick that cock inside my eighteen year old pussy and let me cum now. Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me now please so bad I need it."

She was practically drooling at that point. I gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek and told her everything would be fine. I knew we were getting close to the convenience store near the beach. We always stopped there so I had to move things along. I took my hand off her neck and again grabbed a handful of hair. With my left hand I pushed her pussy lips together. I pulled them away from her body and let them go. I teased her outer lips a few times then peeled them back. I let her pussy sit down on my cock while it was spread open.

I didn't put my cock in her but I let it rub up and down on her opened lips and clit. I gave her clit a little flick and she tensed up every muscle in her body. She loosened up and I started to make some quick small circles on her clit. Rubbing her and pinching her she was getting close. Her hips were bucking hard against me uncontrollably. Its time I whispered into her ear. With my right hand pulling her head back tightly I began sucking on her neck again. I took my left hand and grabbed my cock. I moved it toward her wet soaking pussy hole. Once I felt the opening I slowly moved the tip against it. Even after all of this I felt resistance she really has a tight cunt. Then quickly and unexpectedly I thrust my hard cock deep inside her.

She instantly spasmed on top of me. She was making all kinds of noises of pure extacy. She had to bury her head into the blanket and she was drooling. I thought she had let go of herself and I felt a huge rush of liquid. She came so hard and so much the whole area was soaked. Her pussy walls were contracting and squeezing my cock I thought it was going to break off. She shuddered and shook for what seemed like minutes before collapsing back into me drained of all her strength.

She laid on my motionless unable to move for minutes. When she started to stir again I put both my hands on her tits again. I pinched her nipples again and seen a tear slowly run down her face. She begged me no they are so sensitive I can't take it. I whispered into her ear now its my turn. I put my hand back on her clit and started to pull at it again. Small circles, pinching, flicking, and rubbing she cried out for me to stop. I'm going to pass out I feel very dizzy she said. I ignored her complaints and led my dick back toward her pussy lips.

Again quickly without warning I thrust my cock deep inside her and kept it in. She tried to get off me and another tear went down her face.

"Please uncle stop it feels too good I can't take it."

I had only managed to move in and out of her a few times when I realized we had pulled into the parking lot. The parking lot was in the back behind the convenience store. There was no other cars around. Everyone jumped at the opportunity to get out of the car but I slowly continued to fuck her. Slow steady deep strokes in and out of her wet pussy. The kids ran to the store but the people in the front said Angel looked ill. She said weakly that she was fine she just needed a drink. I told them I'd stay out in the car with her and they all left.

With that I threw her down onto the back seat of the car. She was laying down her back into the cushion with a dazed look up at me. I was finally able to see her naked she was perfect. Her legs spread so wide the sweat smell of sex erupted from under the blanket. I wasted no time burying my cock into her pussy again. I left it in and leaned over to suck on each of her beautiful nipples. With no one around she was finally free to cry out and scream. I put my weight down on top of her and began to move my hips.

I put my right arm behind her head and my left arm on the outside of her leg. I furiously moved my hips to fuck her. I deeply and sloppily kissed her. Forcing my tongue inside her mouth to dance with hers. With short quick strokes I made sloppy pounding sex noises. My balls slapped against her ass. She was grinding back against me and I could feel her starting to contract again. She yelled out so loud.


I had to pull out so I wouldn't come in that instant. I was really close but I wanted to cum in her mouth and make her swallow it. I got off her and grabbed the back of her head. She had little energy left with no fight in her. If I didn't make her suck my cock she wouldn't have been able to do it.

"Angel you little slut. I am going to fuck the shit out of your face right now. I want you to take the whole thing down your throat. You will swallow all of my hot seed or you will be punished."

I sat back down on the backseat and she leaned over me. I made her get on all fours and pulled her hair back. No hands I made sure she understood. Before I let her suck it I made sure to slap her on the side of the face a few times with my dick. I told her to start kissing it. She began to kiss the tip of my cock and slowly put it into her mouth. Her tongue was amazing unlike anything I've ever felt before. That tongue ring and her technique was sooo good. I said we will save that for another time I'm here to fuck that face. I put both hands through her hair and made her look at me.

I roughly poked my cock on the inside of her cheek and gave her face a few soft slaps with my hand. I told her to remember to swallow it all. Finally with both my hands grabbing her long thick hair I began to move her head up and down. Her mouth was open as wide as she could make it and drool was slobbering down my shaft and all over my balls. I told her to play with my balls while I fuck her face. I moved her head up and down faster and faster. Then I held her head up a bit getting close to cumming. Again making sure she looked those dirty green eyes right at me I started to thrust my hips. Faster and faster I bucked my hips into the back of her throat. At the same time I pulled hard on her head and pushed her down onto my cock. Her eyes were watering and tears were falling down her cheeks.

"Angel your mouth is amazing. You are the best cocksucker in the world. My niece the whore. swallow it all bitch here it comes."

I felt the rush of liquid move inside my body. My body convulsed in pleasure with the strongest and longest orgasm ever. She coughed and choked on the white sticky cum that came out. I continued to pull her up and down my cock as loads of hot semen shot from the head of my cock. I swear there was so much cum that I seen some come out her nose. I couldn't move but knew I had to. We both struggled to get dressed and got out of the car just in time for everyone to comeback. I thought to myself this was only the car ride up we still had the whole weekend together.

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